Mar 21 2014 7:09am

What Was Your Best Book Prediction?

It's March Madness time, with people attempting to predict who will win in a variety of contests: college basketball in the NCAAs, the fugliest fashion in Fug Madness, and romance novels released in 2013 in DABWAHA. And there are, of course, many more competitions happening now.

So in the spirit of predicting the winner, tell us—What book did you predict to be as huge as it got? What was your best book prediction?

Feel free to submit more than one of your most accurate predictions in comments!

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
All right, I'm gonna just jump in and answer my own question: Twilight. I first saw it at my son's book fair when it was first released, read the back, and thought it looked really compelling. Read the first page and was hooked. Devoured it over the course of a few days, then made my (then) book group read it. It reminded me of back when I'd obsessed over Jane Eyre--the same intense emotions, the desperate love, the mystery. I knew it was going to be huge.
Beth A
2. Beth A
My son picked up a copy of Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code at an airport book store way before it became a best seller and devoured all the subsequent stories and had his dad and others get on the bandwagon.
3. Kareni
I read and enjoyed J. D. Robb's first ... in Death book before the Nora Roberts connection was prominently advertised. I also read Sue Grafton's A is for Alibi when it was first published.

In the bad prediction category, I held an advanced reader's copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in my hand, read the first chapter, and decided it was not likely to hold my daughter's attention. A year later, she and several milllion others loved the story. (And that ARC would probably be worth a few dollars today!)
Karen McCoy
4. mcmahmen
I read my first Jack Reacher book years ago and knew it would become popular. I introduced my Book Club to the Harry Potter series. You'ld think it was a no brainer but...
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