Mar 10 2014 7:20am

What “Nice Guys” Really Aren’t?

Huffington Posts Books recently did a post rounding up a list of 'nice guy' characters who weren't really that nice (including Col. Brandon from Sense and Sensibility, Laurie from Little Women, and St. John from Jane Eyre—interesting list!), so we wanted to pose the same question as it relates to romance novels:

What 'nice guys' really aren't?

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Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I have Veronica Mars on the brain this week, so I'll embrace it and say:

This shows my bias in the love triangle, but it always bothered me that Piz was considered to be the "nice guy." I mean, he basically tried to orchestrate a group date with Veronica while she was still seeing someone else, and to me constantly hitting on someone, or even just mooning over them, when they're with someone else is not something a genuinely nice guy does.
romance reader
3. bookstorecat
Glad we're including TV because the only name that springs to mind for me is Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Such a prick most of the time.
4. stacymd2
None of these guys are "bad" but they have displayed selfish and jerk behaviors that make me think they are not so nice "nice guys":
Alcide (True Blood)
Kevin (Copper)
The Doctor (Dr. Who)

In general, "nice guys" are not sexist, racist, homophobic. They do not need a woman to make them feel like a man. Nice guys know the difference between being dominant and being an a$$hole.
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