Mar 26 2014 7:10am

What Did You Splurge On?

Many people received word from Amazon yesterday that they were entitled to a credit for past e-book purchases, and that credit could only be used to purchase more e-books.

(Darn! You have to buy more books!)

How much credit did you get? And what did you splurge on?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I pre-ordered JR Ward's The King, plus got Jackie Barbosa's Behind the Red Door, a collection of erotic historical novellas. I got about $25, which was just thrilling--more books!
Kate Klebanski
2. kklebanski
I haven't done anything yet - I am sitting back rubbing my hands together with glee. I got about $60, and spending it should be NO problem. What a happy surprise!
3. JudyJ
Got notice of my $88 credit from Barnes & Noble, to be issued within next two days. Great! I have a wish list of things I developed since I got the credit notice and I am spreading it as far as it will go,on lesser-priced books, mostly $5.99 and under. Didn't expect my credit to be this big. Nice surprise.
4. Scarlettleigh
Wow, you guys scored. I only got $6.88.
Myretta Robens
5. Myretta
I got $56.12, which was a delightful surprise. I have no plans to splurge. I will surely spend that much on books in the next year (and way more). I'll just let it sit there and pay out.
6. ChelseaMueller
I'm here to make you feel better, @Scarlettleigh, I only got $0.73 from Amazon. (Though, I did get double digits from B&N.)

I think this just means I've been a frugal ebook shopper all along. Daily deals, you are my friends.
7. hrm
I got $163. I want to save mine mostly for print books for my kids.
(Holy frustrating captcha, Batman! There are old English letters in mine-- you know the s's that look like f's)
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
I got $89 and I've used about half of it to buy books that I've been on the fence about or catching up with series. Most notable Jaci Burton's play by play series and some Olivia Cunning
Rosemary Feil
9. rubyjuls
I got $331 (I buy a lot more ebooks than I realize obviously, lol). I'll be using the money for books on my wishlist and upcoming releases. It was like Christmas in March for me when I got that email. :D
11. Nuomega94
I got $83- I haven't spent anything yet. Was thinking of maybe finally pulling the trigger on Jaci Burton's series also or maybe JD Robb's In Death series.
12. ChunkyDlyte
I got $107 and I am going to hoard it like Scrooge McDuck! I am only spending it on my wish list authors for pre-order like Mary Balough, Illona Andrews and Anne Aguirre! Woo Hoo!!!
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