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Six Anti-Heroes That Would Make Anybody’s Daddy Cry

Sex and the Single Vamp by Robin CovingtonToday we're welcoming Robin Covington to H&H. Robin's Sex and the Single Vamp is out today, featuring a vampire heroine who runs a dating agency and the centuries-old vampire who broke her heart—but gets another chance to rectify his mistake. Vampires feature high on the list of boys your dad wouldn't want you to date, and Robin offers a few of her picks for more of those really bad boys. Thanks, Robin!

I grew up in the South, smack dab in the middle of farms, pick-ups trucks and men who hunt. When I started dating, the joke was that any boy who treated me wrong did so at his own peril. We had acres—lots of acreage—and plenty of shovels. So my dates knew to walk the line or my Daddy (along with my State Trooper Uncle) would take of care of the problem and this made them behave themselves—at least as far as my Daddy knew. *grin*

But even my most reckless of dates were “bad boy lite” in comparison to some of the bad boy heroes I’ve found between the pages of a great romance. Here are my favorite anti-heroes:

1. Angelo Pagan, Pablo Castillo, and Syren Rua:
The three heroes in Avril Ashton’s male/male romance Brooklyn Sinners series (Love the Sinner; Sinner, Savior; and A Sinner Born) are all involved in organized crime. These guys aren’t playing mobster either as they alternately run gangs who move guns, drugs and people. They all end up making big changes in their lives when they fall in love but the way they made a living before that happened is the kind of stuff that gets you many, many years in prison—deservedly so. They don’t leave the life because they wake up and realize that it is wrong, they leave because they can’t have their man if they stay in a life of crime. Gritty and heartbreakingly erotic and romantic.

2. Christian Montcalm:
The Devil's Waltz by Anne StuartI do not read a ton of historical romance, but I read The Devil’s Waltz by Anne Stuart at the suggestion of a friend. The hero, Christian, is a despicable rake, knows it, and does not care. He needs to marry for money and decides to marry one woman and then when he is wed intends to pursue and seduce her companion because she is repelled by him. All of this is standard rake-ish fare except that Stuart doesn’t cut any corners with Christian—he isn’t playing at being selfish, cunning and deliberately evil—he IS all those things and he refuses to apologize for it.

3. Flynn:
The hero in Cara McKenna’sWilling Victim is an underground boxer who enjoys the dominance of acting out (consensual) attack and rape fantasies. He is very intense and at his core he has a great heart, but when he’s in a scene, he makes you wonder whether the lines of reality and role play are a little blurred. It is hard for me to put a finger on what was so appealing to me about him but I have as many friends who can’t stand him.He made my list because he’s the guy who can lead you down a path where you don’t want to go and that would make my Daddy very nervous.

4. Knight:
Ahhh…Kristen Ashley heroes are never easy, are they? They are dominating, arrogant, bossy and controlling as they run roughshod over the heroine’s lives and take their hearts. But they also are usually on the side of a right cause. But Knight… he was a hard nut to crack because he is a pimp and no intention of giving up his profession. This guy is the ultimate anti-hero and when you bring up his name, you get all kinds of opinions. I will admit that I had a hard time accepting Knight as he was but his character was vivid and he clearly lives by his own code.

So—that’s a few off my list. What heroes would make your Daddy cry?


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Robin Covington, who NYT Best Selling authors, Robyn Carr and Carly Phillips, said was their new “auto-buy author”, writes sizzling hot contemporary and paranormal romance. When she’s not exploring the theme of fooling around and falling in love, she’s collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Joe Manganiello.

Robin lives in Maryland with her hilarious husband, brilliant children, ginormous German Shepherd and adorable Corgi puppy. You can find Robin on her website (robincovingtonromance.com), Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (@RobinCovington).

She loves to hear from her readers—drop her a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Aline Azevedo
1. Aline Azevedo
Ok, this is me, adding every book in this post to my "to-read" list. I think the only anti-hero that really makes me unconfortable, but totally in love was Axel from Bella Jewel's "Angels In Leather". He has this fetish in hunting his girl, force them (not so much) to have sex. But in the end, he had a historic with sexual abuse and stuff. It was a good book, a good protagonist and made leave my confort zone and have some new adventures. My daddy would freak out if i had a guy like him.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Robin, thanks for sharing your bad boys with us! I love both Christian and Flynn, and haven't read the rest, so going to add them to the TBR pile.
4. Miller
Making note of all the titles; looks like I have some reading to do. :-)
Aline Azevedo
5. CL Swartz
Toni from Aleatha Romig's Consequences series. I have such a love - hate - love relationship with this character. My Daddy would never approve. To those of us who have read the book, what he does to her at the end of book 1 is just totally unforgivable. And yet, I love him! I have spent hours defending this character to my friends.
6. jovera
Barrons from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series tops MY list of bad boys. Ryodan too, although he's tougher to swallow. Pun unintended :)
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