Mar 9 2014 11:00am

Shipping Sunday: Justified’s Raylan/Boyd

Boyd and Raylan in JustifiedThere’s nothing like a smooth talker. That guy who always knows the right thing to say and has a way of saying it that will make a girl lose any small shred of common sense that she’s still hanging on to. Oh sure, guys with movie star looks are all well and good—but a man who can turn a phrase? That’s the stuff of true love right there, and it’s what has turned millions of women on to Justified. Half the fun of watching the show is waiting for those few breathless moments when the writers are going to finally, mercifully, put villain Boyd Crowder, and U.S. Deputy Marshal, Raylan Givens on screen together. When that happens the dialogue is fantastic, the chemistry is electric, and you begin to wonder why these guys are even bothering with the women in their lives. Whatever they think they may have with their respective female partners, it’s a pale shadow of what happens when these two guys get into the same room together. C’mon Raylan and Boyd; just admit it to yourselves and the TV viewing public. You’ll never be as good with anybody else as you are with each other.

Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder in Justified

Justified's Raylan and Boyd

Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins as Raylan and Boyd in Justified

Boyd and Raylan in Justified

Raylan and Boyd in Justified

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1. SueS
I've seen interviews with Tim Olyphant and Walton Goggins and they are even awesome together when not backed by a room full of writers. They are two truly intelligent and insightful men who don't take themselves too seriously but obviously hold the work they are doing (and particularly Elmore Leonard) in very high regard. Plus, they are are pretty.....
2. Malvina
Oh mercy me yes. Love it when these two get together. So worth it.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
They certainly make it worthwile to tune in hoping for a glimpse of them together.
4. Justified Fan
Timothy and Walton have great chemistry on the screen. I love watching the two of them interact on the show.
Wendy the Super Librarian
5. SuperWendy
While I was *ahem* researching this post I totally "got" how the slash-fiction community came into being. I have seen the light! I totally "get" it now ;)
6. Justified Addict
Hey, I found your blog a moment ago, doing a random Google search. I'm still mourning the loss of the magnificent "Justified" series and pray they'll consider a sequel. It was one of the sharpest written shows on television, and yet it didn't have a pretentious bone in its body. It was slyly observant of human nature -- our foibles, dark sides, insecurities. I especially loved the dysfunctional family angles. "Use your words, Arlo!"

When Raylan drops that bullet on Duffy's chest and says, "Next one's coming faster." That one took my breath away. Best dialogue on TV.

I was also a mega-fan of "Mad Men," but the show was a little too "we're the cool kids on the block." And of course I still miss Roger Sterling's breathtaking one-liners.

With "Justified," I felt the characters looked straight at me, not down on me. Plus, I felt the men on the show acted like real guys, not idealized the way we romance authors can write 'em.

Watching AMC's "The American West," (courtesy of Robert Redford) and it's entertaining. They're including Wyatt Earp's journey, and whoo-boy, was 1993's "Tombstone" a knockout movie. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday! "I know -- let's have a spelling contest."
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