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Scandal Season 3, Episode 13 Recap: Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Olivia Pope in Scandal 3x13Can't get enough Scandal? Join the club—really. Tune into H&H for weekly recaps from Kwana Minatee-Jackson and Nicole Leapheart. Need to catch up? Don't miss recaps of 3x06, 3x073x08, 3x09, 3x10, 3x11, and 3x12. And now, let's dive into H&H's recap of Season 3, episode 13, “No Sun on the Horizon.”

NOTE: This post may contain spoilers for all aired episodes of Scandal. Enjoy!

Hey, Gladiators! So when we last left off it was a big smooch all around. Harrison was getting cozy with Adnan Salif, while Liv was all up in Fitz’s business having angry sex and shouting matches in a hotel room, as her fake boyfriend and the secret service pretend not to listen outside the door. Meanwhile, David tells Abby he loves her after getting thrown in a trunk and Mellie has does her own lip smacking with Andrew in the hall of first ladies past, making the ghost of Lady Byrd Johnson blush.

But now it’s a new night and we’re starting out with Jake sitting in his office doing a darn good impersonation of Norman Bates. He’s talking and going on about having no family and how it’s best for the job when you have none and no light on the horizon and on and on with vacant scary eyes and we don’t know who he’s talking to, if anyone at all. He’s just talking about now being the property of the US government and coming to work at Acme Limited and fake selling fake paper.

Sally in Scandal 3x13Then it’s daylight again and we’re with Leo Bergen and he’s leading Sally’s preacher in to help Sally with her upcoming debate prep, which is confusing the reverend until he finally sees Sally as she going off the rails big time. She’s spouting Sally classics at her mock opponents like, “Time for the slaughter Piggy, Piggy…Yum yum crispy, Piggy. Yum yum!” Alrighty now. The poor reverend looks like he is about ready to call in a priest for back up. 

Next we see a slightly more civilized debate prep with Fitz and for his mock opponents Mellie and Andrew. Mellie’s looking like she’s right where she needs to be—holding court with the two most powerful men in the world and standing her own. Cy is there looking upon all this gleefully because Fitz looks fit and fighting ready, but Liv is nowhere to be found so he calls her to tell her how well Fitz is doing. 

Cut to Olivia who is at her place with David, Abby and Huck. David is spilling the beans on Sally, Cy and the whole Daniel Douglas murder fiasco. Whoops. Now Liv is in it and she’s not happy. She says if Cyrus wanted to cover up a murder he should have come to her. Kind of a funny line and reminds us of how confused Liv has become. David wants her to help bring Sally to justice and now she’s torn.

Liv goes to Cy’s office and tells him that she knows he covered for Sally and that he pimped out James. For some reason Cy doesn’t put that James is the informant together with this, but whatever. Cy tells Liv that he has it under control and to trust him. Liv starts to cry and then loses it and cracks up laughing saying how they all are murderers. Fitz, Sally, Reston all of them. She tells Cy that doing what he did with Daniel took away Fitz’s fresh start. Cy tells her to keep quiet and all will be well. But Liv doesn’t want to be dragged “back into the dark.” She doesn’t want another campaign for Fitz based on lies. “She wants to walk in the light and feel the sun on her face.” Don’t we all, Liv? It’s been a long winter. 

The Gladiators gather in Scandal 3x13Oh, so Quinn’s now got a job at Dunder Mifflin, I mean Acme Limited aka B613 which as far as fake names go could not sound any faker and she’s all miffed about not being able to shoot people, but Jake’s not hearing it but telling her she has to pay her dues first by answering the phone. Quinn looks like a teen not happy about working at the snack shop on her summer vacation.

Now we have Rowan, aka Daddy Pope, and Leo cruising around in a town car and Rowan is not happy about his ROI with Leo and ready to fire his butt. Time for Leo to produce. Because when Rowan talks fired he’s not talking the type that comes with a severance. You won’t be needing that. 

Abby is now passing notes to Liv on the Daniel Douglas murder. Everyone is calling it what it is since the cat’s out of the bag. Abby is worried about David and asks Liv if they are helping him. Liv locks up the files and says they are not getting involved this time. Hmm? Abby looks unhappy.

It’s now dusk and Liv is knocking on Jake’s door with wine and an actual takeout food bags. Seems she remembered his speech from the week before about popcorn not being a proper food group. He’s surprised she’s come (though guessing from the way he was just sitting there I’m suspecting he was watching her from about three block away or had her tailed). Jake wants to talk about why she’s there, but Liv just yells over him about drinking the whole bottle of wine and not wanting to talk. You see Jake spent a lot of time in holes so he doesn’t know booty call 101. The woman shows up at night with burgers and wine out of the blue. That’s a booty call. She doesn’t want to hear about your theories on life and all that. Liv finally yells at him to just be there with her and PRETEND. He does and starts in about how much paper he sold at Acme Limited. Jake is funny. But then he whispers about B613 and starts talking about how they could run away. In the end Liv asks him to take advantage of her. I’m totally side eyeing this. Since the words “take advantage of me” somehow put the responsibility on Jake when it’s clearly on Liv, and BTW weren’t you with Fitz not a hot minute ago. Have you two talked this open deal over? 

Cut to Sally’s place and the reverend leaving. He’s looking like he’s had a long and hard day with Sally. Leo goes into see her and she tells him that she confessed to the reverend and now she says she must confess to the world so that the Lord hears her. Leo is about ready to lose it. Cut to him rushing into Cyrus the next day to push or cancel the debate because Sally is off the rails.

We now see Quinn and Charlie in the front hall of Acme/B613 and Cy is calling Charlie to get rid of Sally, but Charlie has to tell him he’s no longer allowed to freelance due to the new Command’s orders. 

Cut to David and Abby mulling things over in bed and Abby is upset and scared for David safety. Something is going in in Abby’s head, this love thing has her all turned around. 

Cy is at work drinking his problems away and James comes to see him but Cy goes on to say whatever happens, remember the best part of me loves you. It’s all weird and scary but still James leaves and goes home to rest when he should go and pack but he doesn’t. 

We then see Cyrus meeting with Jake to ask him to take out Sally Langston. At the same time, James meets with David to tell him that something is up and they need to meet and go public because Cy is acting all shady. David says it’s still too early. Cut to Cy and Jake and Jake tells Cy no and this makes Cy quite angry sending him into a tizzy going on about how Rowan would have gotten the job done. But not to be outdone, Jake drops the bomb calling Cy just a mouse on a wheel and small. Jake walks away leaving Cy with his mouth hanging open. 

Cut to Jake coming into work and Lil’ Ms. Sunshine Quinn is at the front desk ready to let him have it. She goes in about equal rights and paying dues and how Charlie and Huck didn’t have to pay theirs by answering phones. She tells him that the phones is about Liv and saving their relationship. Quinn hits the nail on the head when she tells Jake I bet you think she cares about you. He was probably thinking about his sandwich booty call from the other night. Poor Jake. 

Now we have Cyrus coming to see Liv saying they need to cancel the debate because Sally is going to confess. He admits that he screwed up. We then have Liv coming to see Sally and by way of a greeting Sally says, “Olivia Pope, the devil at my doorstep.” This is rich, since out of the two, Sally is the murderer. Oh never change, you audacious broad. Liv goes on trying to talk kindly to Sally, but Sally is not hearing it. She compares herself to Jesus and says without a sign of hearing from God she is worse than dead. 

Seeing that Sally is a lost cause, Liv picks up bat phone and calls Fitz, who is enjoying a scotch in the oval office. They talk all low and sexy like they do but this time it’s all “Sally killed her husband and Cy and Mellie covered it up and I need you to throw the debate.” Oh that’s slick Liv, made sure to throw Mellie right under the bus with the rest of the crew. Pretty smooth. I can’t wait for you to just so let it happen to slip about Andrew too. 

Cut to poor fake boyfriend Jake coming over with dinner and sad for him it’s just minutes after love talk with Fitz. The Liv door has closed. Once again she only has eyes for Fitz and shuts Jake out. I can almost hear Quinn cackling over the background music. 

It’s now the next day and Quinn is getting an upgrade form the front desk. Jake has a job for her (BTW I can totally see these two getting together at some point. We all know where bickering leads to with this show). 

It’s now debate time and Sally is in prayer backstage with Leo trying to get her to pull it together at the same time Liz is trying to convince Fitz to stumble to give Sally a sign that God is talking to her so that she doesn’t confess on live TV and blow up the whole spot. Fitz is not in the mood to show mercy on anyone. The debate begins. 

We now see Quinn breaking into the safe in Olivia’s office to get all they have on Daniel’s murder she takes the file that Abby gave to Liv. Hmm again.

Back to the debate: Sally is asked a question and she steers it to morals while she stumbles and swills water like it’s going out of style. 

We now have Jake going over the files that Quinn stole and in comes Tom our favorite double Secret Service Agent. Jake gives Tom the job of taking Sally out if she starts to confess during the debate. What?! Talk about line of fire. Tom is in sniper position and Sally is just about to spill the beans when Fitz save the day and makes a huge debate stumble bringing up his personal failings and opening himself up during the debate. It was as if Sally snapped back to life. Her tip of the tongue confession forgotten. Her life spared by seconds. Once again, Sally is riding high. 

The next day, Leo comes in to see Cyrus happy as can be going on about his political woody. On his way out he mentions a buzzing sound. Uh oh. Cy looks for it and finds the recording devise that James put in the picture frame. Run, James, RUN! 

Fitz in Scandal 3x13Liv goes to see Fitz in the oval office and they argue about the debate and running clean and lying. Liv tells Fitz that, “there is no Vermont.” Which I’m sure is a shock to the people of Vermont, but what do I know I’ve only seen pictures of trees. Never any people. It all ends with them ever so smartly making out in front of the window where just anyone with a long range camera can get a good shot. 

Back at home, James gets a text from David to meet him at 10pm. He walks into the bedroom and there is Cyrus holding the empty frame. It’s quite scary and I think everyone collectively jumps, at home as well as on the screen. Cy tells James it was his fault for using him and apologizes. Saying he loved James no, loves him. James goes to meet David, the reporter, Vanessa, and the woman who got the initial recording at the meeting spot which was texted to him.

We then get the cut back to Jack from the very beginning of the show where he was taking to a mystery person about being in B613. 

Now we have James coming to David and saying he’s bailing on the plan. That he thought he wanted justice, but really he just wanted an apology. David says he won’t bury the story. Then James says he thought David called the meeting begrudgingly and David says huh? I didn’t call the meeting, I thought you called the meeting. It’s a bit of confusion while someone else walks onto the scene. Then wham! The reporter is shot. And wham again! The recordings woman is shot too. And now there is a man walking up to David and James pulling a gun out of his back and yikes, it’s Jake! And he fires! But wait. At who? Who got shot? 

And not just who got shot? But who did ALL the shooting?

Did Jake just shoot those two women and then shoot either James or David or both? Or is David somehow involved and it was James that just got it and Jake was talking to David bringing him into B613? Or Was Charlie the shooter, not able to follow orders. Taking money on the side and then Jake just and up and finished off Charlie before he could finish the job of killing James.

It’s all very twisty-turny and what is Abby’s involvement? She wasn’t shown for nothing. Quinn knew just where to get those files. It had to be Abby spilling the beans to save her man from getting himself killed. Remember in bed she said she wanted to stop him because she loved him? 

In the ultimate twist wouldn’t it be something if James was the mastermind? But no, this one is so farfetched I just can’t wrap my head around it. It’s easier to think it’s David, Charlie or the new girl Quinn, finally getting her field work in. What say you? Who do you think got shot and who do you think was the shooter or shooters?


Kwana Jackson—aka K.M. Jackson—is a writer of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her novel Bounce is one sale now. She can be found on most days at her blog and at any moment on Twitter talking about everything and nothing at all under the handle @kwanawrites.

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Nicole Leapheart
1. BoxyFrown
Awesome recap, awesome episode!
Jake was on fire this whole episode, and as soon as Liv used him up and spit him out, he shut completely down. I thought for sure he was giving Quinn the b613 pep talk, but it turns out he was hyping himself up to go do some work.

There was nobody dealing with a full deck last night. It was fantastic. I can't wait for next week. Who got shot? If I'm bg13 I'm taking out James and David (no witnesses) but I'm into the idea that one of them is in on something. My mind is still reeling, and I can't believe after all these years, Liv and Fitz are making out in front of the damn window. As soon as I saw that, I thought, that's tomorrow's headline!
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
@BoxyFrown yes to tomorrow's headline, so dingy. And why didn't I think of Jake talking to himself? He was totally going of the rails. The man is a loose cannon. I'm on edge right there with you. Till next week.
3. bell
I did think that Jake was talking to Quinn at first now I am not so sure. You know I love Liv , Fitz, and the gladiators, but occasionally I would like to see some of the other characters come out on top. I know that Quinn, Mellie, Jake, David, and ect may not always be likable or in the right but it can be hard just watching them be pawns in someone else's game. Well, actually I really like David and if I had to choose between him or James being alive....
4. Scoreda226
Theme song in my head Biggie Smalls. Who shot ya?
5. karmen
I know Jake fired a weapon at the end, but the bullets that ripped through the reporter and the Govt.employee were from a gun with a shooter somewhere...
Is it Abby protecting David or does Cy have James covered? Dying to find out. Great episode and wonderful recap, Kwana!
K.M. Jackson
6. kwanawrites
LOL Thanks Bell hard to choose between David & James. I'm guessing David though we may not have to choose.

@Scoreda226 now you have me singing Biggie. LOL

@karmen thanks so much. Great observation there. Hmm?
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