Mar 5 2014 8:23am

Reunited—Does it Feel So Good?

We've all broken up with an author or a series, and the reasons are myriad.

But have you ever been persuaded to get back together? For example, many readers broke up with Anne Bishop because of the ending for her Dark Jewels trilogy. But her The Others series has been getting accolades, so perhaps you want to try for a reconcilation.

If you've ever done it, how did it go? Why did you return? Or is it once you've broken up all you can be is just friends?

h/t to the Lady Lioness for the post idea

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1. Scarlettleigh
I have quit some authors and after a while gone back to reading their books, or at least trying them again, but usually the magical infatuation with their work is gone and so it never lasts. I tend to try them again, when I have nothing else to read.

There are some authors that I feel betrayed their reading audience, and I won't ever read those authors' works again.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
One of our FB community members mentioned she broke up with Stephen King awhile ago, but took him back.
And the Lady Lioness (who inspired the post) said she broke up with JR Ward, although she's gone on a few dates with her since, but it hasn't been the same kind of relationship.
3. wsl0612
I can't point to any one in particular, but I'm pretty stubborn about "going back". I can't think of any author I've broken up with that I've reunited with later.
Tori Benson
4. Torifl
Feehan is the only author I can think of that I have broke up with numorous times and went back to. It helps she has three series so I use that to justify my weakness.
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
While I've broken up with some authors forever, most of them devolve into a 'book-by-book' status: I peruse their new offerings and, if it sounds interesting I try to read it, if not I pass.
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