Mar 24 2014 11:49am

Mind. Blown. The Good Wife’s Heartbreaking Twist

Alicia in The Good Wife 5x15This post contains MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS for last night's episode of The Good Wife, Season 5's episode 15, “Dramatics, Your Honor.”

Do NOT read this post until you have caught up. You have been warned.

In a season already known for being a game-changer, The Good Wife somehow did it again, and no one saw this (shocking, devastating, horrifying) twist coming.

With absolutely zero warning this would be anything other than your average—if still terrific—episode of the delicious, morally ambiguous legal drama, the show in its final few minutes [highlight for spoilers]offed not only a major player but one-half of a fan-favorite couple.[/spoilers]

Suffice to say: If you're still're not alone.

Will and his client in The Good Wife Season 5 episode 15The worst part of it all is that we were lulled into thinking the case of the week was nothing special for Lockhart Gardner: Handsome college boy accused of murder insisted he was innocent and Will took up his defense with all his usual swagger. Evidence fell through a couple times, spurring Kalinda on to dig up more. Sure, it made you wonder whether the kid really could be innocent after all that, but again, that's not all that unusual and is in fact par for the course of this excellent show—you're doing it wrong if you never question your initial feelings about the client.

Yet this wasn't your average case of the week. Not at all. We weren't left just shaking our heads in wonder at the craziness of the American justice system. No, we were left gaping in horror and disbelief as events unfolded that would be shocking to see in a controversial series finale, let alone in the middle of a show's season at what's arguably the height of its run.

Because just when it seemed Will Gardner, Lockhart Gardner's top litigator, had finally gotten the evidence he needed to win the case and free his client, that very same client LOST HIS MIND, grabbed the gun of the court officer beside him, and fired several shots into the courtroom.

Will bleeds out in The Good Wife 5.15His exact target(s) is anyone's guess as viewers only heard the shots, but the aftermath left nothing to the imagination: Will Gardner was fatally injured, and Kalinda and Diane were left to find his lifeless body behind a curtain on a gurney in the hospital.

Then, Alicia—the show's star and half of the tumultuous, on-again off-again, beloved-by-fans Will/Alicia relationship—accepted a phone handed to her by a shaken Eli to take a call from Kalinda, and then...fade to black. End credits.


There's no question about it: The Good Wife as we knew it is gone. The fascinating push-pull between Alicia and Will was undoubtedly a huge part of the show's appeal, with many fans hoping they'd end up together again somehow, someday. Where will Alicia, and the show, go from here? Will the fans ever get over Will's loss?

I have to say, as crushing a blow as this was, I have to admire this gutsy move by the show's creators. For network TV to survive, shows are going to have to become event television, like The Walking Dead and Scandal, which regularly shake things up. And the only way you become event television is to take huge risks like this.

So I confess: I'll be in mourning next week, but I'll be watching. How about you?

In what state of grief has Will's death left you? free polls 

And here's the scene again, if you need a refresher and can bear to watch:

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Blitz Ink
1. BlitzInk
In the massive Depression stage, and I'm not sure I will ever recover. This is almost worse than when Katee Sackhoff's Starbuck flew into that frakking mandala storm on BSG... I feel like a member of my family has passed away suddenly. OTOH, I am not going to stop watching the show. At least, not yet.
Lege Artis
2. LegeArtis
Honestly, I don't know what to think.
Will was one of my favorite characters. It's not the ship thing- affair happened, feelings were there, she has children, that whole speach she gave him about what has he to offer to her if she walks away from Peter at the end of Season 1 was belieavable... but that tension, omg, was always there and it was what glued me to my seat every Sunday.
The facts is ... I just loved his character. Not Will-second man in love triangle. I liked Will with Diane so much, I liked Will with Kalinda and I really liked him in courtroom.
I read that it was Josh Charles' decision to leave the show.
If we look at the whole season...I can understand why he felt that way because frankly, I don't know what's even going on with the story. What happened to that dirty Irish lawyer who joined the firm? What happened to Will's tattooed girlfriend...? What was with judge who called Alicia for coffee?!
A lots of wtf moments in TGW, followed by loss of one me favorite character.
I will follow this show 'till the end of season, but with less enthusiasm, that's for sure.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I don't know what to think. I dislike Alicia and can't stand Peter and the kids at all. Without Will I just don't see any character I really care about in this series.
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