Mar 14 2014 8:00am

March 14th is Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day, so named because it's March 14, or 3/14, or the beginning part of the Pi equation, which is 3.14159.


(And yes, we've featured Pi Day before, with mathematician heroes/heroines and our favorite type of pie)

And who doesn't love pie—not to mention the people who make pies, and cakes, and other delicious things? A few books featuring pastry chefs or bakers include Laura Florand's Chocolate Thief, Kristen Ashley's Wild Man, Lauren Dane's Tart, and Carla Kelly's Marriage of Mercy.

Who's your favorite pastry chef or baker in romance novels?

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1. Scarlettleigh
I am brain dead this morning - I have only had 1/2 cup of coffee so I am having problems thinking of romance book where pie is important.

Although, the movie the Waitress with Keri Russell immediately came to mind. I would love to be her pie tester.
Blitz Ink
2. BlitzInk
Scarlettleigh beat me to it to comment about Waitress - isn't it Captain Mal (Nathan Fillion)'s only romcom character? And what a delightful one at that.
3. Cate
Oh, it's got to be William & Tamsin from Cindy Lynn Speer's The Chocolatiere's Wife ..... so love that book.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
Then of course there's always the underappreciated, Pushing Daisies
Blitz Ink
7. BlitzInk
Well this has nothing to do with Pi Day... But I assume most ppl on this thread, being Lee Pace fans, are looking forward to seeing him play a 1980s "Don-Draper-esque entrepreneur" in his next TV show -
9. Kareni
I enjoyed Nora Roberts' Summer Desserts (one of her older books) which featured a world famous pastry chef who ate Oreos!
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