Mar 25 2014 2:29pm

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 11 Recap: Succubus and The Walking Fae

Bo and Kenzi in Lost Girl 4x11We're delighted to once again bring you recaps of Lost Girl, now airing its fourth season in the United States. Don't forget to check into all our Lost Girl coverage, but be warned there are discussion posts for later episodes (we've been talking about the show as it airs in Canada) that contain SPOILERS. Thanks, and please weigh in with your comments!

This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including last night’s 4x11, “End of a Line.”

Up in Kenzi’s Attic, Kenzi holds up the zombie flick options to Tamsin. “Zombies that sing the blues orrrr sexy vampire zombie goes back to college because he lost his way?” Moping, Tamsin asks if that’s it. “We also have Jerry McGuire,” Kenzi offers with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. “No, I mean with Bo and The Wanderer,” Tamsin sneers her correction. “Is that just…it?” Kenzi morosely admits she doesn’t know because Bo locked her out. “Four years I’ve been her best friend! I know everything about her!” Bo decides to remember someone besides herself and Rainer and tromps her way upstairs to hover behind Kenzi unnoticed. Tamsin’s gaze flickers toward her and then back to Kenzi. “Every heartbreak! Every tear and just like that, I’m out. Okay?!” Kenzi continues to grouse. “So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d just like to forget all about it and watch some zombie movies.”

“I like zombies,” Bo offers tentatively. “Taking a breath from shower sex post slaughtering the Una Mens?” Kenzi snarks as Bo comes to sit on her bed. She set down the tray of snacks she’s brought. Bo says she’s been meaning to talk to Kenzi. “Oh yeah? How ‘bout Dyson and (Doctor) Lauren?” Kenzi shoots back. Tamsin snatches a Twizzler from the tray and gnaws on it as she watches the show. Heh. Caught off guard, Bo says she’ll talk to those two “one day.” Unimpressed, Kenzi silently sneers at Bo, who asks what Kenzi wants her to say. “I want you to say you’re not brainwashed. I want you to say that I still have a best friend!” Bo insists no to the first and duh to the second. And then, because she can’t go two seconds with being called on her shit without attacking the people to whom she’s being a bitch, Bo goes on the offensive. “And as far as Dyson and (Doctor) Lauren are concerned, it’s not like it was ever perfect.” And that’s their fault, right? Oh wait, yes, Bo is about to tell us how it’s their fault. “Dyson gave his love away and then he became an A-hole like forever.” “We called him ‘Mopey Dick’,” Kenzi says to Tamsin. “And I broke his heart with (Doctor) Lauren and now she’s all buddy buddy with The Morrigan,” Bo adds. “All bad things,” Tamsin agrees casually. Heh.

First of all, Dyson “gave” nothing away, his love was brutally taken from him to save your life, bitch, and second, you’ve been an A-hole for most of the season and don’t even have the excuse of having lost your soul, so step off.  Also there is no way Kenzi ever called Dyson ‘Mopey Dick’ because she knows how empty he felt because she was in his body, which you would remember, show, if you bothered to check your facts via, say, a show Bible. Finally, you slam Dyson for not being a prince during the most devastating thing that’s ever happened to him in his long life, which was done for your benefit, and the most you can come up with for Doctor Lauren sins is that she’s now pals with The Morrigan? That conveniently dismisses the spybang, all the lying she’s done, the secret fugitive identity, the blowing up of innocent humans, the experimenting on Fae (cough Dyson cough). That is some stellar biased blindness you got going on there, show. Nifty. Look, you can complain that those relationships weren’t perfect because they weren’t. Perfect is boring. Just like Rainer. But don’t piss all over the big sacrifice of the one and not even mention the extreme offenses of the other to do it. Both Dyson and Doctor Lauren have legit offenses to gripe about as does Bo. Pick one of those. Except neither Bo nor the show’s BTS people are interested in anything beyond slamming Dyson and canonizing Doctor Lauren at every single opportunity. Which is also boring.

We’re two minutes into the cold open and I’m already on a rant. This does not bode well. Also? I hate this bullshit Rainer plotline with a passion. In case I was too subtle again.

Moving. On.

“But with Rainer,” Bo enthuses, “I finally feel like I’ve provided something to a relationship. I broke his curse. We want the same things! It’s bigger than love.” Oh no, you don’t have a savior complex at all. She apologizes for locking Kenzi out and insists she just needed some time. She holds up the Jerry McGuire DVD. “You complete me,” she quips. Kenzi, rightly, continues to glare at Bo. But newly softened Tamsin is won over. “Hale asked Kenzi to move in with him,” she reveals in a rush.  “What?!” Bo exclaims while Kenzi protests they don’t know that yet but that Hale only said they needed to talk and it was important. “Also known as terrifying,” she admits. But Bo is only interested in how this affects her. “You’re leaving me?” she says to Kenzi with hurt disbelief. “Sucks when it happens to you, huh,” Kenzi shoots back. Yes!

Her outrage lasts only a few seconds though. Typical. Bo gives her hurt puppy eyes and Kenzi reaches out to embrace her. “You had me at ‘A-hole’,” she says. I’d give that a “heh” if it wasn’t another indirect slam at Dyson. Bo chuckles with relief. Kenzi orders Bo to go back downstairs. “Snacks need drinks! Have I taught you nothing?” Bo gets misty-eyed. “So much,” she says softly. That deserves an “awww” but Bo has exhausted any good will as I’m sure in about 5 minutes she’s gonna forget the drinks and Kenzi and run off to save a stranger. Or Doctor Lauren. She promises Kenzi she’ll be right back.

Downstairs, Bo ducks into the fridge for the drinks, checking first the milk, then the juice boxes, and finally the cans of beer. The camera films her from inside the fridge looking out, which is cool and allows the audience to see shadowed figured who shuffle drags into view behind her. There’s a hoarse growl that anyone who watches The Walking Dead will recognize as code for “zombie.” That’s why Kenzi suddenly needed a zombie movie-marathon. It’s a theme. Bo hears the noise and spins around to confront the zombie. She stabs it but to no avail. The zombie growls again, but before it can attack, it’s stabbed again from behind and then neatly has its head chopped off while Bo watches. Acacia steps into Bo’s view frame. “And you,” she says as she sheaths her sword, “must be Bo.”


Tamsin slams Acacia against one of Hilton Hovel’s pillars and screams into her face about how she’s supposed to be dead. Acacia jokes that she’s just a lucky girl. Tamsin jerks Acacia’s arm into the air and shoves the sleeve of her red jacket up to show the stitching where a new hand was re-attached to Acacia’s stub. Did Doctor Lauren Frankenstein more than just Vex’s chopped hand? “New?” Tamsin snarks. Acacia explains that Massimo grew it onto her stump. Bo asks how she lost the hand. Oh yeah, because she never met or heard of Acacia in season three. “The Wanderer had his crows cut it off because my protégée here didn’t deliver you as quickly as he wanted.” Would that be the same Wanderer Bo’s been balling and claiming to be her destiny? Awk-ward! Tamsin crosses her arms as Bo snits that Hugin and Munin betrayed Rainer. “They could’ve been acting alone!” Acacia tightly observes that Bo and Rainer are now on a first-name basis. “He’s her boyfriend,” Tamsin mutters. “Aaaaannd I’m out!” Acacia announces. Can we all go?

Tamsin asks her to wait and Acacia tells her she’s not there on a social call. “I’m a revenant hunter now. It’s just a lucky coincidence that someone was trying to kill your friend here.” When Bo snottily asks what a revenant is, Tamsin wearily explains they’re dead Fae who have risen from the dead to settle old scores. “Very effective,” she admits as she crouches down next to the dead revenant. “Acacia and I used to use them all the time.” She withdraws The Wanderer tarot card from the dead revenant’s clothes. “We need to talk to your boy toy,” Tamsin snarls at Bo. Pissed, she holds up the card. “Now.” Bo is taken aback for a moment and has to admit Rainer left late last night. Tamsin and Acacia exchange ‘of course he did’ looks. “He went to the battlefield!” Bo protests. He’s been on that train for centuries. The last battlefield he was on probably now lies under a condo complex in the middle of Europe! Did he fly Peggy Airlines or something?

Bo claims Rainer went to pay his respects to the dead. “Yeah, or to re-animate them,” Tamsin grouses. Bo insists there’s no chance of that. “What do you really know about Crazy Train?” Tamsin asks. HA! Typically, the first thing Bo thinks of is how it affects her. “I know that I broke his curse. And I know that he’s a good guy,” she adds as an afterthought. He kidnapped you and then, when you broke his curse, manipulated you into slaughtering the Una Mens. How again do you know he’s a “good” guy? “How?” Acacia asks. Oh thank God. Finally, someone with enough common sense to ask the right damn questions. As the succubus doth protest too much, Tamsin helps herself to the one lone tome lying around Hilton Hovel. “You don’t think that I would know if he wanted to kill me?” Bo asks, stepping up into Acacia’s space. Well, no, Bo, most people don’t let on to the fact that they want to kill you before they try to kill you. And it’s not like you have a great track record figuring those things out. But whatever. “I just know.” So there! Acacia’s gives her the greatest oh okay then look. I love Acacia.

Tamsin checks for Rainer under the “Rs” in the book, so I guess it’s an actual Faeopedia, and finds nothing. “These books have every moment of our history in them and he’s nowhere to be found! Why?! Where’s Rainer?” she asks Bo, a bit more gently. Acacia gives Bo a guess you don’t know him that well look while Bo shifts uncomfortably. Calling Tamsin and Acacia the experts, she decides they’re going to go find out who’s raising the dead. “Prove that Rainer isn’t behind this,” she sneers into Acacia’s face. For her part, Acacia really couldn’t give a shit one way or the other. Tamsin sticks the decapitated zombie’s head in a plastic bag before she and Acacia follow Bo out of Hilton Hovel. Party favor! Hey, did everyone forget Kenzi—again?! Kenzi enters the common room just as they exit. “Unbelievable! Guys! Seriously! Would I leave a dead body on the floor if her boyfriend was coming over?!” So Kenzi’s on body cleanup detail. Nifty.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair, Trick broods over his etching of the monster horse who breathes fire on all the poor peasants when Vex trots down the stairs and into the lair in response to Trick’s summons. Vex sneers that he supposed Trick would be out spreading the good word. “Ding dong! The Una Mens are dead!” Trick flatly returns that he’s still drafting his condolences. Vex admits that’s not the tune he was expecting to hear from the acting leader of the Light. “I used to be a king,” Trick shares with more than a shade of self-deprecation. “Didn’t do that well either, I’m afraid.” A flask can now be seen in his hand, so he’s had the drinking along with the brooding tonight. Vex laughs with derision. “Come on. Every kid from here to Albania knows the tales of your long and glorious reign.” I guess Trick’s true identity is now an open secret, yeah? “History is written by the victors,” Trick says. “History is written in blood,” Vex counters and goes on to demonstrate.

“And so he rode upon his noble valiant steed and cut down the vile insurgent thus ending the rebellion and bringing peace to the land,” he quotes. Trick takes a moment to remember the reality of those events. “No matter what I did, Rainer always had an answer. Always ten steps ahead of me. His gift is foresight. I had no choice but to use my blood. I wrote that his armies betrayed him.” Vex asserts that Rainer was evil, with the implication being that he was thus deserving of his fate. “Just defiant,” Trick counters. “Like my granddaughter,” he adds with fond frustration as he takes a sip from the flask. Chuckling, Vex admits he can’t argue with that.

Trick points out that there’s real evil in the world, “real terrors.” He name checks The Garuda and then lifts the etching. “The Pyrippus,” he sighs. “That’s real evil.” He hands the parchment over to Vex, who sneers down at it. “The Pyrippus?” he scoffs. “Come on. Bat-winged horse? Honestly. You’ve got a better chance of meeting Godzilla!” Trick muses that he should’ve been a better king. In a rare moment of commiseration, Vex wonders which amongst them has no regrets. “There’d be a fewer empty seats around the holiday roast if I hadn’t betrayed my own family to save my own hide,” he admits unhappily. Trick raises his brows, surprised a bit to hear this. “Your father,Clust, was one of the bravest men I’ve ever known,” he tells Vex. Vex scoffs that his father was a bloody fisherman. “How the hell would you know him?”

Trick reveals that Clust was his best general. “He was a hero.” Vex can’t process that. “No. My father believed that kids should be seen and not heard. He never liked my jokes. He never liked me at all. I never knew my father and that suited him just fine.” In sympathy, Trick leans forward and hands over the flask. “What do you want to know?” Vex takes the flask and pulls from it as he considers Trick.

Back at Hilton Hovel, Kenzi lovingly cleans Geraldine. Someone knocks. Who knocks at Hilton Hovel anymore? “Hey, hopefully not a dead dude but my ab-silicious sex machine!” Kenzi calls as she struts to the door. But when she opens it, rather than Hale, there’s a large, blonde Russian man on her threshold with a mobile to his ear. “Oh my God, Dmitri,” Kenzi exclaims. Dimitri is all casual about being there and when she asks why, tells Kenzi “we” came to see her. “Ah, ’69 Camaro, yellow. Yours?” Kenzi tells him it’s her roommate’s. “Call it off,” Dimitri tells whoever is on the other end of his mobile. Kenzi pings on the “we” part just as her mother tentatively inches around the corner into view. “Mom,” Kenzi gasps.

Acacia, Bo, and Tamsin in Lost Girl 4x11Over at Derelict Alley, Bo, Tamsin, and Acacia hunt for zombies. When she asks, Tamsin tells Bo this is where people go when they don’t want to be found. “Or to find someone to do their dirty work if they’re out of town,” Acacia adds pointedly. Bo again protests that Rainer didn’t do this. “Uh huh,” Acacia snarks. “Tell me, what’s the weather like in Rainer-land? Dark and stormy? Sunny and shady?” It’s usually cloudy with a side of self-delusional savior complex, actually. Bo warns Acacia to cut it out and Tamsin chides both women to focus. “This is where the Cult of the Dead hangs out,” she tells them. “If Rainer had remnants…or if he didn’t,” she adds at a sharp look from Bo, “these would be the guys he’d go to. We’ll know soon enough.” Something has caught Bo’s attention and people start to flee, screaming, as a zombie stumbles its way toward Bo. “Aw look,” Acacia snarks as she casually crosses her arms. “Your boyfriend sent a grunting telegram.” HA! “It’s not him,” Bo grits out…just before the zombie points its rotting finger at her.

Bo draws her knife and does a genuinely nifty flip of it in the air. “Heads it is,” she quips and prepares to charge. Instead, Dyson shows up out of nowhere. With a growl, he grabs the zombie by the throat and tears it out.  With a swipe of his arm, he knocks it head right off splattering blood everywhere—except on him. Let’s see Rainer do that with his amazing powers of…foresight. Huh. “Sorry I’m late,” Dyson quips to Bo in THAT VOICE. “Traffic was a bitch.” Nice entrance there, Wolfie. He looks Bo up and down in a decidedly unfriendly way, understandable being that this is the first time he’s seen her since her pretentious “he is my destiny” announcement.

At Hilton Hovel, Dmitri is still on the mobile as he offers to get Kenzi a good price on her vending machines if she needs a new fridge. Kenzi scurries around cleaning up as she tries to process the arrival of her mom and deadbeat cousin. She orders Dimitri to stop selling her stuff even as her mother chides that he’s just trying to help. “The last time he tried to help, he stole my identity!” Kenzi protests. Dimitri swears that was a total misunderstanding. “By the way, if police call about string of bad cheques, best just to leave town,” he advises. “What have you done now?!” Kenzi explodes, swatting him with her dish towel. Dimitri swears it’s another total misunderstanding while her mother scolds them all to stop all the yelling. “If I remember correctly, all we do in this family is yell,” Kenzi snits. She takes a breath and then, more calmly asks her mother where she’s been. “Hello, hello!” Hale calls cheerily, knocking on the door as he enters. Again with the knocking! “Heard if I’m looking for a fine Russian princess, this is the place.” Kenzi hurries over and tries to get him to leave, riffing that there’s a gas leak. He doesn’t believe her. “Killer rats?” she tries. Hale simply asks what’s going on. “My family is here. Just showed up. I’m nothing like them. She’s only my mother by birth,” Kenzi rattles off in a rush. Hale reassures her it’s okay because he invited them. Dmitri and Kenzi’s mom smile and wave from the kitchen and Hale grins back. Opa! “You did this to me?!” Kenzi accuses Hale. His grin falters at the edges.

Back in Derelict Alley, Acacia asks Tamsin if she thinks Harvey is going to be happy to see them. “Well,” Tamsin says with mock thoughtfulness, “I hunted down his mother like a dog and delivered her to Hecuba prison, so…” Acacia allows that maybe Tamsin should wait outside. They wander off as, behind them, Bo takes the opportunity to emotionally thank Dyson for coming. “Well, my partner called, so I came,” he says pointedly. Bo squeezes his arm. “Dyson, I…” she begins, but is interrupted when Tamsin returns and throws her arm around Dyson’s shoulders. “The D-man and I are gonna talk to the locals. You can go on with Acacia,” she tells Bo with a decidedly unfriendly tone and glare even as Bo and Dyson stare at one another. Dyson keeps his peace so that Bo takes the hit of you suck and we’re still pissed at you for being a selfish bitch from Tamsin with a side of I’m not your lap boy to come when you call from Dyson. Long overdue. Bo sighs—You guys just don’t understand—but agrees and heads off after Acacia. “Thanks, partner,” Dyson says quietly even as he tracks Bo’s departure. Tamsin grimaces up at him. “Yeah.” She leads the way off to canvass the locals. What? I watch Law & Order!

Acacia and Bo enter a rundown garage. “So you’re the one who convinced my Tamsin she could be more,” Acacia begins. Bo asks if there’s something wrong with that and Acacia vehemently agrees there isn’t. Bo acknowledges Tamsin really loves Acacia. “I can see it in her baby blues.” Acacia knows there’s a “but” coming. “You get on the wrong side of her again and I won’t leave you with enough chi to turn and cough,” Bo threatens. If she can be bothered to remember Tamsin’s existence, that is. With a belabored sigh, Acacia points out that all she did was side with The Wanderer because she had no choice. “Sound familiar?” You didn’t bang him, though, or choose him over all your friends and loved ones for no valid reason, so I’d say you’re still several steps ahead of Bo. Bo begins to challenge this, but the women are interrupted. “If it isn’t my favorite ball-busting, overly-accessorized Valkyrie.” This is Harvey and no, he’s not a giant white rabbit. Unfortunately. “So when did you trade in bitchy and blonde for brunette with bouncy Christmas hams?” Gross. Accurate, but gross. Acacia advances while she chides that Harvey can’t still be mad at Tamsin because she hog-tied his mother. “’Cause your mom was really fat. She kinda had no choice.” Harvey insists it’s all water under the bridge, “but if you see that little Nordic nut tease, you tell her she can make it up to me with a little spit and elbow grease.” He makes a disgusting gesture with his tongue. Charming. Smiling, Acacia sidles up behind him and slams Harvey down onto the table. She plunks the plastic-wrapped head next to him and pulls his arm up behind his back for good measure. “Oh yeah, baby. Make it good,” Harvey groans. Heh. Acacia demands to know to whom the head belongs. “Are you sure it ain’t one of yours?” Harvey gibes. “You two could be twins!” Heh.

Acacia goes to draw her sword, but Bo stops her. “I got this.” She strokes Harvey’s face and pours on the succujuice as she introduces herself and orders him to tell them what they want to know. “I’d do anything for you and I’d do everything to you,” he moans. She releases him to put the head before him again. As the women watch, Harvey pours blood juice from the bag into a shot glass. Gross. He holds it out to Bo. “Bottoms up.” She glares at him, but Harvey just smirks before he drinks down the blood juice. Seriously gross. He swishes it around in his mouth. “There’s a fruity bouquet. Hints of cherry. Manure. He must’ve been scared, but it’s hard to tell the terror from the terroir.” “You were that kid in school who would spit in the air and then catch it, weren’t you,” Bo says, unimpressed. Harvey explains that drinking blood is the only way to gain dominion over a revenant or find out who currently has it. He takes another swing and flutters the fluid between his teeth. “Quickly, before I vomit!” Bo demands. “Do you know who’s behind this?” Harvey holds up a hand as he swishes and then swallows before deciding it’s not one of his. “Who owns this dead?” Bo asks. “Ain’t that the kicker, succubus?” Harvey says and then reveals that the dead belongs to Acacia. This is news to Acacia, who turns a shocked face toward Bo.

Bo grabs Acacia up by the lapels. “This is your dead!” she accuses. Acacia breaks her hold easily. “Hands off the leather!” That’s usually Bo’s line. “That’s my line,” Bo objects. It’s official: I’ve watched too much of this show. Harvey gets aroused at the idea of the ensuing cat fight. He dances off to grab a camcorder from the shelf. Ignoring him, Acacia stalks Bo and snaps that she might have killed the zombie but she didn’t raise him. “Pull her hair!” Harvey calls. Snort. “You’re nothing but a hired killer!” Bo sneers. She slams Acacia back again. “This evil shit is right up your alley!” Pissed, Acacia throws Bo into a wall. “Don’t you even pretend to know a thing about me!” Bo struggles uselessly in her grip. “If I was here to kill anybody, they would be dead already. I’m that good!” Harvey complains that this is boring. “Rip her shirt open!” Bo glares at Acacia but can’t break loose.

Outside, Tamsin and Dyson stroll down Derelict Alley. She asks how he’s holding up. “Never better,” he says flatly. “Are you lying to me?” she asks with an arched look. Dyson raises his brows. Of course I’m lying to you. He dryly repeats “Never. Better.” Tamsin offers that if it’s any consolation, “I think she’s cra-a-zee!” she singsongs. WE KNOW! “I’m not crazy!” Random Crazy Guy shouts. Dyson looks up at the warehouse next to them where RCG is stumbling along and twitching. Dyson asks if they can help RCG with something. “Help me? Help me?! There can be no help for me. But there may be—there may be help for you.” Dyson and Tamsin stops as RCG crouches to tell them a story. “Long ago there were three sisters and they were all magic. But only one survived because she could control the dead!” Dyson’s head jerks toward Tamsin at these magic words. “She took her from me. She took her like a shirt from a clothesline. Dead and alive. Dead and alive,” he chants as he stumbles away. “She was dead and alive!” Dyson calls out for him to wait. “What did you say?!” But RCG is on a roll. “She can control the dead. She is dead and alive. She took her from me. She took her from me! Dead and alive. There was three and there’s one. And she’s dead and alive! She’s dead and alive!”

Tamsin enters the garage where Acacia and Bo are still fighting. Acacia has her arms around Bo from behind as they struggle for dominance. Harvey calls out directions as he films them…holding the camcorder at his groin as though he’s aiming his penis at them. Nifty. “Punch her in the tits!” Tamsin casually crosses her arms and leans against a stack of shelves. “What is going on?” she asks. Bo and Acacia freeze and look up at Tamsin. “Nothing!” they shout in unison. Caught, they break apart. “What’s up?!” Acacia chirps. “Dyson and I actually found a lead. Some woman named Laveau.” Acacia sighs and nods her head. Oh. Okay. She retrieves the head while Bo snatches the camcorder from Harvey and crushes it under her foot. “Send me the bill,” she drawls.

In Kenzi’s Attic, a morose Kenzi rifles through a bag of makeup. Her mother calls up the stairs. “MacKenzie?” She joins Kenzi and asks why she’s so mad. Kenzi scoffs that her mother is even asking such a question. Her mom scrambles to take out the earrings she brought with her that Kenzi loved so much when she was a little girl. They only seem to make Kenzi sad. “Your boyfriend ruined my life, Mom,” she says, getting up from the bed. Her mother allows that Bodgen is a complicated man. “I know his name!” Kenzi exclaims. She just doesn’t want to speak it or hear it ever again. Her mom goes for broke and admits she made a lot of mistakes. “I know I drink too much when you were a little baby! I should’ve protect you! But I was a little girl too!” Kenzi isn’t buying it. Her mom starts to cry. “I never believe I have the strength to stand on my own! I always believe that I need a man.” Wow, she really sounds like she’s been coached to hit all of Kenzi’s buttons. Kenzi can’t believe what she’s hearing.

She sits on the bed again. “I was a little girl, Mom. And I was living on the street because you chose that bastard over me. Do you know how long it took me to feel normal again?” Her mom sits beside her and claims to know. “No, you don’t know!” Kenzi exclaims. “And before I met Bo, I lived off what I could steal. And I—I was in some situations that not only am I ashamed of, but I just can’t believe that I even survived!” Aw. Poor babushka. Her mother gets a fierce expression on her face. “I kick him out,” she decides. Kenzi is shocked. “What?!” Her mom means it. “Oh yes. He’s gone. So long!” Kenzi wonders when this happened and her mother says it was six months ago but she didn’t know how to find Kenzi. “But when your nice man, Hale, call, I think, I have to come! I have to come and see my little solnushka.” She sniffles as she cups Kenzi’s cheeks in her hands. “You have the strength of your father. God rest his soul,” she cries. This is too much for Kenzi. She embraces her mother. “I’ve been really worried about you,” she tearfully admits. “I thought one day he would…” She sighs. Her mother kisses her cheek and Kenzi smiles. “You did the right thing. You did,” she praises. Her mother wipes her cheeks. Clapping her hands, she changes the tone. “It’s settled,” she decides. “Tonight, we celebrate.” She laughs wetly as she heads for the stairs. Turning back, she urges Kenzi to put on something nice. “Too much black. You could be a very pretty girl.” Ah moms. Sometimes, they give with one hand and twist the knife with the other. She blows Kenzi a kiss. Alone again, Kenzi picks up the earrings and thinks deep thoughts.

Back in Derelict Alley, Bo leads the way, head in hand. Guess Acacia passed it off at some point. She glances back over her shoulder as though making sure Dyson is still there. Someone hacks and coughs on the soundtrack. Acacia and Tamsin bring up the rear as Acacia tries to catch up. “Help me out here. The Wanderer gets off the train and suddenly starts playing house.” Yup. That’s pretty much it. Makes about as much sense to the rest of us. And by that, I mean no sense whatsoever. In pain, Tamsin puts her hand to her head. Concerned, Acacia asks what’s wrong. “Um, since he’s come back, since he got off the train, I’ve been remembering things,” Tamsin admits. “They’re very fuzzy.” Acacia wants to know what things. “Oh well I may have given Rainer’s soul to the Blood King after The Great Rebellion,” Tamsin tosses off. No big. “I didn’t take him to Valhalla,” she mutters. Shocked, Acacia stops and grabs her arm. “You put him on that train?!” Tamsin reluctantly admits that she helped make him The Wanderer. “We gotta take him out,” Acacia vows. Tamsin tells her to chill. “You know as much as I do that that man is bad news, “Acacia says. “Just because he’s boning sugar snatch up there doesn’t mean that he’s gonna leave you be! After what you’ve done?! Jesus, Tamsin!” she hisses. “Rainer’s revenants are after you!” By the look on her face, this already occurred to Tamsin long ago. She jerks her shoulder and heads off after Bo and Dyson. Acacia stares after her with real fear. Sugar snatch. Heeeee.

A man and a woman’s bloody decapitated bodies are displayed on fence posts in someone’s front yard. Wonder if you need a permit for that. Bo, Acacia, Tamsin, and Dyson enter the yard. “Charming place,” Bo snarks. “Who is this Laveau anyway?” The woman herself descends from the small trailer in the back of the yard. “She a voodoo priestess, chile,” she trills. “And my gifts are at your service, succubus.” Laveau is wearing an elaborate headdress and has tribal paint over the T-area of her face. It’s actually some beautiful work. Bo is surprised Laveau knows her. “Everybody knows you, girl. You took out the High Council of Hate. And are involved with a man of mystery.” I love how she savors the words as she speaks them. “What do you know of it?” Dyson asks. He’s keen for anything that explains Rainer and, more importantly, Bo’s totally out-of-character behavior toward the man. Bo’s chin jerks over her shoulder toward him. “I know that you’ve felt that crazy kind of love, wolf,” Laveau trills. “I’ve seen into your animal heart. But when you gonna see its prison is wholly of your own making?” Oh, so this is how they’re going to walk back Dyson’s mate-for-life-love for Bo, by making it a choice he makes (and thus can un-make if he wants to), not an unchangeable, instinctive part of his intrinsic nature. Sneaky show.

Bo isn’t interested in being reminded of what a bitch she’s being toward Dyson. She cuts off Laveau’s insights. “We got a head in the bag. And I’d like to find out who sent it to kill me.” “You want me to wake up da dead?” Laveau says. “I’ll wake up all da dead.” Her eyes roll back white and she cackles. The wind picks up. Acacia draws her sword. The others step back from her as Acacia struggles with her arm as it tries to slash the others. “Massimo told me he built this hand from scratch!” she grunts as she fights to contain her psycho hand. “That dirty lying grave-robbing son of a—watch out!” she yells as the psycho hand attacks Tamsin and Dyson with the sword while Laveau cackles merrily along.

Tamsin has managed to restrain Acacia’s Evil Hand (I feel like that’s a missed opportunity for a Harlequin title there) in a full body clench from the rear. Not like that! Acacia still twitches in her hold though. Bo realizes Laveau has been behind the revenants the whole while. “You have what I seek, succubus,” she says. “The Devil’s Horse. The Pyrippus is coming and I need to protect myself. When the Prize of the Five was all made dead, their powers was sewn into one. And I wants it.” She wants the preciousssssss. Bo has no idea what she’s talking about. “The seed!” Laveau snarls. This is when Dyson strolls up behind her unnoticed and knocks her out. Closed captions: thwack. grunt. thump. HA! There’s a moment when the three women all wear the same expression. Huh. Why didn’t I think of that? Immediately, Acacia’s Evil Hand goes limp. Tamsin releases her when she stops struggling. “Huh,” she murmurs with an unimpressed quirk of her mouth. Ha! Acacia nods. Yeah, that’ll work. Dyson shoots a frustrated look at Bo. You had to talk to the crazy voodoo queen, didn’t you? He quirks a brow at her. “I’ll get her feet,” he drawls, heavy with the wry. Bo sighs—Oh all right—and bends down to help Dyson with Laveau.

Back at Hilton Hovel, Hale rhapsodizes over the meal Kenzi’s mother, Galina, has made them. Probably the first real meal ever made there. I love how he flips his tie back into place post gorge. Subtle realistic character note, like his tea. I miss Hale’s tea. Galinda tosses off that of course the meal was great. “My little MacKenzie help.” Kenzi gently chides her mother to take baby steps with the reunited love-in. “Don’t overdue it.” Galina coos that Kenzi was always good at making oladyi. Kenzi sends Hale an embarrassed smile while her mother pinches Kenzi’s chin. It’s so normal and yet so awful ‘cause it’s only a short matter of time before it blows up in Kenzi’s face. “This one is going to make you a very good wife,” Galina tells Hale. Kenzi freaks while Hale looks…caught in the act. Galina stares at Hale with apologetic guilt. “Oof.” Kenzi apologizes to Hale without looking at him. “That’s embarrassing.” Dimitri watches them all with a smug, entertained smile. Kenzi clears her throat as Hale realizes his hand’s been forced by her mother. “Oh-kay. Good a time as any I guess,” he says to Galinda by way of forgiveness. She grins. “Okay,” she repeats softly. She gets out her phone as Hale gets to his feet. Kenzi finally realizes something important is going on.

Hale proposes to Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 11Hale holds out his hand to her. Kenzi slaps hers into his playfully, still not getting it until he clasps it tightly and she gets a good look at his face. Her smile fades. “I wouldn’t feel right doing this,” Hale begins, “without asking for your mother’s blessing.” Kenzi finally gets it. “Oh my God,” she whispers. Hale gets down on one knee. Darling man. So progressive in Fae political ideals; so traditional at heart. Galina films it all. Dimitri has shifted to a better view next to his aunt and now has cupped his hand in his chin as he gleefully watches. OhmigodHesactuallyaskingherIcantbelievewhatImseeingTheyresocutetogetherIcantstandit. Dimitri is clearly a fanboy.

Hale blocks out everyone but Kenzi. He places her hand on his chest under his own. “Just feel my heart, Kenzi. Whenever I’m around you, it loses control. The moment we met and I saw who you are through those ridiculously blue eyes I knew you were the one. Nobody makes me laugh like you do. Nobody makes me want to be a better man. Nobody does the exact opposite of everything I say like you do.” Kenzi’s eyes well up as she smiles. He kisses her hand and releases it. “Little Mama,” he says as he takes out the ring box. “Oh my God,” Kenzi gasps at the sight of it. Hale opens the box to display an ornate ring that’s perfect for Kenzi. “Will you marry me?” With her hands to her lips, Kenzi stares at Hale, surprised, touched, delighted…and unsure.

Into this pregnant pause comes the ringing of the phone, which Dimitri answers. “Dima!” Kenzi objects. “Seriously?!” So this is the Cousin Dima we’ve heard about since the first episode of the series from whom Kenzi gets stuff, like those Chinese cats. Thought so but wasn’t sure. Dima apologizes but doesn’t disconnect. Instead, he tells Hale the caller is Bodgen, Galina’s not-actually-kicked-out boyfriend. “He wants to know can he expect money tomorrow? Or will you wire tonight?” Ruh roh. “Dorrak” Galina growls at Dima. Kenzi side-eyes her mother. “I’m kinda in the middle of something here,” Hale points out to Dima. “What?!” Kenzi asks. Uncomfortable, Hale explains that Kenzi’s father wanted to borrow some start-up money. “That man is not my father,” Kenzi immediately discounts.

Kenzi finally gets what’s been going on…and why her mother is suddenly so keen to reconcile. “You lied to me?” she says to her mother. Galina ducks her accusing stare as Hale hurries to assure Kenzi it’s not a big deal. “It is a big deal!” Kenzi snaps. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay out of this.” She clasps his shoulder briefly so he knows it’s not her she’s mad at. Hale’s smile drops as he realizes he’s made a major mistake that might now jeopardize everything. “Get out,” Kenzi tells her mother flatly as she stalks out of the room. Galina begs Kenzi not to go. “No, solnushka. Baby don’t walk out!” But Kenzi is done. “LEAVE! Now!” she shouts and points to the door for added emphasis. Frozen in place, ring still in hand, his face a picture of misery, Hale slowly closes the ring box.

Back in Harvey’s garage, Bo and Dyson stand next to the table on which they’ve laid Laveau before Harvey. Bo tells him they’ve found out Laveau is the one who’s been controlling the revenants. “She’s also got Acacia doing a little Evil Dead routine.” Extra points for the self-aware reference there, show. “We need your help,” she tells Harvey. Harvey strokes Laveau’s cheek. Her eyes open and the voodoo queen smiles up at him. He helps her sit up. “Guess your boys didn’t get us what we need, huh baby?” he drawls to Laveau. He’s been conspiring with her all this time?! I did not see that comin—come on. A blind man saw that coming. And yet, Bo is surprised. Again. “We?” she repeats. But Harvey and Laveau are too busy making out to be bothered by Bo’s presence.

This is no problem as there are zombies at the door. And the window. “That’d be a ‘no’,” Bo quips. “Dyson?” she inquires without bother to look fully over his shoulder. Way to assume you can still freely deploy the guy you constantly claim not to need to protect you and over whom you recently chose a complete stranger. Such heroic behavior. Unfortunately, protect and defend is part of who Dyson is and he gets his battle face on. Yeah. Just once, I’d like him to say, “Hey, you’re the one who’s always so keen to take care of yourself unless it’s a woman who wants to protect you. Have at it, babe.” But that wouldn’t be him. Instead, Dyson takes point and sizes up the number of zombies keen to get inside and gnaw on various parts of him. Bo gapes at the undead crowd while behind her Harvey and Laveau go at it hot and heavy. “Even though you’re dead you are still the hottest bitch I’ve ever seen!” Harvey exclaims when he comes up for air. Bo finally clues in. “Dead?!” Harvey and Laveau canoodle as they look over at Bo. “There’s no way out, succubus,” he tells her. “Give us the Una Mens seed or die!” Laveau threatens.

Bo in 4.11A crash behind her spins Bo around to see the zombies have breached the perimeter. Dyson wolfs out. The zombies crawl toward him; a long line of blood or saliva drips from the mouth one in shadowed profile. Make-up team had a blast with these guys. Also, gross. Bo reaches over to grab the scarf from Laveau’s neck revealing the stitched up line where Harvey attached her head to the body. “Dead,” Bo finally concludes. She realizes the bodies in the front yard are Laveau’s next change of clothes. Waste not, want not. “You’re the ‘head’ revenant, aren’t you?” Laveau turns to run and Bo yanks her head back by her hair and slices it right off. Violently disgusted, Bo realizes the only way to get dominion over a revenant is to drink the blood from Laveau’s neck stalk. She does. It’s gross. Dyson squares off with the zombies as Bo lifts her hands. “Be at peace,” she commands as her eyes glow blue. As one, the zombies collapse to the ground. Closed captions read bodies clumping. Heh. Dyson twists around to look at Bo. How’d ya do that? Bo drops her arms. “Please tell me you have a mint.”

Kenzi kicks her Galina and Dima out of Hilton Hovel even as her mother begs to be allowed to explain. Kenzi slaps the earrings into Galina’s hand. “No. All the horrible shit he did to me and you did nothing.” Enraged, Galina snarls that it was because Kenzi was so defiant. She raises her hand to smack Kenzi, but Kenzi catches her wrist. “You know, I always thought you were a victim. I always thought you were scared, but you’re not scared. You’re just a coward who doesn’t value herself so how could she value her own children?” Kenzi strokes her mother’s face and says her final goodbyes. Before he follows, Dima tells Kenzi that Hale is a good man. “Don’t call it off.” In response, Kenzi pulls her stolen mobile out from his breast pocket. Dima offers a chagrined shrug and she shoves him out the door, and then sadly leans back against it.

At The Dal, Dyson is getting his drink on, same Black Label booze he and Doctor Lauren got lit on in Groundhog Fae. Bo enters the bar and offers to talk “about it” but Dyson’s not really in the mood anymore. With a soft smile, Bo urges him to be honest with her. “You want me to be honest, huh?” he drawls, pouring another shot. He admits that at least with Doctor Lauren, he knew she cared, but with The Wanderer. “Rainer,” Bo quickly corrects. She really doesn’t like people calling him The Wanderer. Dyson fervently points out that he knows nothing about The Wanderer and neither does Bo. “How do you know he’s not here just to get back at Trick for cursing him?!” Skirting that en pointe accusation, Bo acknowledges that Dyson has every right to be hurt. Big of you. Dyson takes a moment to regain control. “Bo, I will always be there for you. I will stand by you and help you fight the bad guy. But if this guy – if this Rainer turns out to be the bad guy…” He cuts off and jerks his chin. ‘Cause you know he will and it’ll be your own fault then. Dyson turns away from Bo and back to his drink. “I don’t think I can help you with that.” There’s a little mean in his voice too. Bo can’t believe that he would say such a thing after she dumped him for some stranger she met on a Death Train. “You can’t mean that.” Dyson pours another shot and doesn’t reply. I think he means it. “You and I were always more than just lovers,” Bo says with painful emotion. WE KNOW. “I know,” Dyson replies, equally emotional. “And what are we now?”

Bo dodges the question again. “Look, this whole destiny thing is hard to understand.” The man mates for life. I think he gets it. “And believe me, I am having trouble with it too.” “The man kidnapped you,” Dyson reminds her. Bo smiles and claims it wasn’t like that. Ah, I watched the episodes. It was exactly like that. “Then what was it like?” Dyson asks. He’s still there; he’s still trying to understand what’s happening with Bo, for her sake. Naturally, Bo dodges again, mostly because the writers couldn’t be bothered to work this out before they cobbled this ridiculous Rainer destiny bullshit together in the first place. “It is a long story,” she says. Dyson goes back to his drink without comment. Bo starts to feel guilty, so she goes for the low blow. “Look, I would have stood by you too when I was…” She trails off before she outright lies to his face. Sorry, when exactly did she stand by him? Was that when The Norn (Freaking Norn!) took his love and Bo went after it no matter what anyone else said to the contrary, including Dyson? Oh wait, no, she never did that. She must mean, then, that she stood by him after Perfect Ciara left and he spiraled ever deeper in depression due to the fact that he learned without his love for Bo, he would never love again. Oh wait, no, she called him an asshole and left him to his own devices. So she must mean she stood by him when she memory walked through his past in order to find out who framed him before the Una Mens. Oh wait, no, she just used that as an excuse to create her own threesome with Doctor Lauren and happened to solve his issue along the way. So, basically, she’s never stood by Dyson when he’s really needed it. Glad that’s all straight now.

“When you were what?” Dyson prompts. Bo ducks her head and sighs. Dyson closes his eyes. “Still in love with me?” he asks. He cants his head toward her again. Is that it? Yeah, this is total bullshit too. About two days ago she was swearing she loved him and Doctor Lauren and now suddenly she’s implying otherwise? Bite me, writers. Bo grimaces sadly. “You can’t always choose your path, Dyson.” Sorry, what’s the show’s mantra again? Oh yeah. I will live the life I choose. Bite me, Bo. “You seem to,” Dyson says flatly before he downs another shot. He refills the glass and Bo looks at it and then him. He turns back to her. Is that it? Realizing she’s not going to get the unwavering support she clearly thinks she deserves because after all, it’s her destiny, Bo sighs and leaves Dyson to get his drunk on. Dyson looks after her as she leaves and, for a moment, feels the weight of what just happened. He stares off into space, then flinches hard and goes back to his glass. Poor Wolfie.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair Trick and Vex are yucking it up over Clust’s exploits back in the day. Vex can barely believe his father’s heroics, but Trick promises it was legendary. Suddenly, a breeze blows Trick’s books up on end, sobering them both. Trick realizes that Rainer is literally being written back into history. Vex takes that as his cue. He thanks Trick sincerely for giving him the gift of his father. “As much as I love a good yarn, you know, like the March Hare, I’m late, I’m late, for a very important engagement.” But Trick calls him back and reveals someone’s taken the sixth Una Mens’ seed from him. “And of course you think I have something to do with that,” Vex realizes duly. Trick asks if he did, and Vex turns away to hide the fact that he does indeed know something. “It’s not too late, Vex,” Trick assures him. “I see the good in you. I see your father in you. Whoever has that seed has no idea what kind of power it can unleash. You can stop more suffering than anyone’s ever known.” A sober Vex turns back to Trick. “You see good in me, yeah? Well at least that makes one of us.” He scampers up the stairs without another word while Trick shouts after him.

Tamsin and Acacia say their goodbyes in Derelict Alley. Acacia has enjoyed working with her baby girl again and Tamsin agrees it was a real eye-opener. Acacia wants to know what she means. “I love you, ‘Cac, and we’ve been through a lot together, but we both know that no one hired you to track down the revenants, did they?” Acacia tries to bluff, but Tamsin knows her mentor needed a place to stash the tarot card, “so I’d get my team on side and we’d take The Wanderer out.” Acacia tries to dodge, but, unlike, say, Bo, when Tamsin calls her on her shit, Acacia owns up. “You know what he’s capable of,” she snarls. “You know what he’s done!” Tamsin shakes her head. “I’m just not a killer anymore.”

“He took my hand!” Acacia reminds her, holding up her dead replacement in emphasis. Tamsin swears if Rainer is who she thinks he is she’ll be the first one to slit his throat. “But I’m gonna do it right this time, I have to be sure.” Acacia gets a little nasty. “What are you gonna do, Tamsin? You gonna find yourself a little wolf? Settle down. Squeeze out a couple of puppies?” Yeah because she’s shown so much interest in a romantic relationship with Dyson only never. Whatever, show. Tamsin tries to blow Acacia off but the woman warns her to keep her wits about her as Massimo is up to something big. “Massimo’s dead,” Tamsin reminds her. Acacia smirks, satisfied. “And you and I both know that dead don’t always mean dead.” She pecks Tamsin’s cheek and leaves as a now worried Tamsin stares after her.

Bo paces the common room at Hilton Hovel. Tamsin arrives and Bo immediately lights into her about her own angst. “This whole Rainer thing, I know it makes me look insane, but…” Guess some of what Dyson said got through after all. “I have questions for him, I do!” she insists. “But I can’t ignore how I feel!” Why stop now? “Sometimes you just have to go for it, right?” Tamsin takes it in stride. “Right,” Bo agrees. Suddenly, the Big Book on the Bureau flops open. Bo and Tamsin approach it. As they watch, a sketch of Rainer appears on the previously blank page. “Hel-lo,” Tamsin calls, appreciative. “Who’s the historical hottie?” Bo is puzzled. “What do you mean? It’s Rainer. It’s your boss.” Tamsin sobers quickly. “That’s not my boss.” Dun dun DUN! Hey, who’s the guy on the facing page, huh?

In Kenzi’s Attic, a subdued Hale contemplates the ruby and diamond ring he didn’t quite get to finish giving Kenzi. Kenzi comes up the stairs. “Gotta hand it to ya, rich boy. Sure do know how to pick out the bling.” Hale leaps up and apologizes which handily displays his bare chest and abs beneath his opened shirt. “Whoa! Put those a-way, sir!” Kenzi teases, shielding her eyes. Hale shrugs. “It was worth a shot,” he says morosely. Kenzi crouches before him and gently suggests they slow down a bit. “Because we have so much time, Hale. We have all the time in the world. And I just…don’t want to be my mother. I don’t want to rush into things and feel trapped and lose…me. I promised myself that I would never do that.” Hale wants to make sure she’s not just letting him down easy. “Are you crazy?” Kenzi chides. “Do you really think that I would let the best, most amazing, wonderful man I have ever met slip through my stupid, stubborn fingers?” They smile at each other, she climbs onto his lap, and they kiss.

Downstairs, Bo disconnects a call on her mobile, presumably to Rainer, and smoothes her hand over the Rainer page in the Big Book. Kenzi enters the common room with a squeal, now barely dressed in only an oversized shirt. Despite her evident glee, Bo is most glad to find out that Kenzi is there—guess she didn’t check when she arrived—because that means she can again go on about her own issues without taking a breath to wonder if there is perhaps some small thing that Kenzi may have to relate herself. “Today has been just… I don’t even know what’s going on.” But Kenzi is ready and raring to fill her in. “I’m what’s going on!” she shouts as she practically dances in place. “SHAZAM!” She thrusts out her hand, which Bo grabs as soon as she pings on the ring bling Kenzi now sports. Bo is stunned. “I haven’t said yes yet,” Kenzi quickly caveats. “You said yet!” Bo cheers. Kenzi thinks it’s crazy she’s even considering it, but Bo assures her it’s not. It’s nice to see Bo think about somebody else for a change. “Is he upstairs?” she asks coyly and when Kenzi confirms, Bo hurries to jump on Hale with congratulations. “Oh no no!” Kenzi yells. “No pants! No pants!” Ha! They laugh and for a moment it’s just like old oh so much better times. Bo decides she’s going to go get some snacks, “and wine,” she adds slyly. “And candy!” Kenzi chimes after her. “Lots of candy. Okay.” She runs back upstairs to Hale. Sweetness.

Tamsin and Dyson in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 11Back at The Dal, Dyson is still working his way through the bottle, alone. Tamsin arrives. “How you doing there, champ?” she asks, not without sympathy. “I haven’t felt this alone in centuries,” he admits. He toasts Tamsin with the fresh shot. “Feels good,” he mocks and drinks. A little playful, Tamsin asks if he remembers the first day they met at the boxing ring. “I remember taking a few shots to the mouth, yeah,” Dyson chuckles. “That’s not all I did to that mouth,” Tamsin quips before downing her own shot. Dyson frowns slightly at her. Where are you going with this? Right into his lap, apparently, as without further ado, Tamsin climbs up onto the bar stool to straddle Dyson. “Tamsin, I can’t even think straight right now,” Dyson whispers, totally miserable. She grabs his jaw in one hand. “Stop thinking,” she whispers back. “You’re always thinking.” She kisses him deeply, though Dyson’s hands remain on the bar behind her, he doesn’t push her away. “Come on,” she urges and then kisses him again. “Come on!” she says again, more urgent, when he ducks his chin, one last attempt to resist. Finally, with a growl, he gives in. Nifty.

At Hilton Hovel, now in leopard print boy shorts and a white shirt, Kenzi stands in front of the fridge and calls snack choices up to Hale. She grabs the cheese and turns around, only to gasp at the sight of a crispy fried but alive Massimo in her common room. “Or you could just die already.” Screaming for Hale, Kenzi tries to run past him, but Massimo snatches her up and muffles her. “I never did like the sound of your voice.” He throws her across the room then pulls her up by her hair. “You and that stupid bitch succubus just couldn’t leave it alone, could you?” He throws her against the legs of the kitchen table. “You tried to kill me? Burn me alive?!” He kicks her in the stomach repeatedly. Coughing, struggling to breathe, Kenzi struggles to reach the top of the table and grab Geraldine, but Massimo beats her to it. “Now I’m gonna make you pretty, just like me.” Kenzi screams for Hale again, but again, Massimo kicks the word out of her. Gasping, Kenzi rolls on her back and Massimo puts his foot on her throat. “What’s the matter, kitten? Why don’t you use your little sparkle and sparkle me away?” he mocks. “Oh that’s right, you can’t. Because you’re just a pathetic, little human. Just like me.” He raises Geraldine for the killing blow…which is when Hale grabs him from behind, flinging Geraldine across the room.

Hale takes a move from his partner and grabs Massimo by the throat. One glance at Kenzi on the floor seals Massimo’s fate. “I hope you had a good life, druid,” Hale tells Massimo between clenched teeth. He punches Massimo back and adds an elbow to the face for good measure. Massimo begs for his life as Hale twists his arm till it cracks. Hale slams his knee into Massimo’s belly, then grabs his head and throws him across the room into the appliances. Hales strides over and kicks Massimo twice for good measure. That is one enraged siren. With effort, Kenzi rises to her hands and knees to watch. Finally, Hale unleashes his siren call on the druid. Massimo screams in agony, his clenched fist sliding out from beneath him on the floor as he collapses, dead.

Weakened by using his powers, Hale leans on the table. Shuddering, cradling her belly, Kenzi looks at him. Hale puts a hand to his ear; it comes away bloody as it did when Ianka sang her death song in Of All the Gin Joints. He looks at Kenzi; crying, she still manages to smile at him, her hero. Explosions in the Sky plays on the soundtrack. OK, not really, but it’s damn close. Hale smiles back at Kenzi, his love. Suddenly, Kenzi convulses with panic. HALE, WATCH OUT! She screams silently because there’s no sound as Hale’s hearing is damaged. He frowns at her. What’s wrong?

Massimo drives Geraldine through Hale’s chest, back to front.

Hale in Lost Girl 4.11Massimo yanks it out. “What?” Hale murmurs, barely audible. He falls to his knees and then forward. Kenzi scrambles to catch him. “Baby! Baby…?” He falls onto his back on the floor. Kenzi crouches over him. Massimo gloats. “To Clan Zamora, a gift bestowed, immune to evil deed, to blow, for he who carries sacred twig, Immortality…God, the pentameter’s so awful I can’t even finish!” he spits. Kenzi finally realizes what it was that spared Massimo’s life from the lava pit and now from Hale’s siren call. “But this little baby has saved my life twice now,” Massimo confirms. “Thanks for that, big guy.” He kicks Hale’s foot and Kenzi freaks on him. “DON’T YOU TOUCH HIM!” Massimo mocks that Kenzi is correct and he should be thanking her. “Consider us paid in full.” Exeunt Massimo.

All ambient music fades out. Desperate, Kenzi presses one hand to Hale’s bleeding chest and the other to his cheek. “Breathe. You’re okay,” she says softly. Hale knows he’s dying. “I love you,” he whispers to her. Hale closes his eyes and dies. “No. No,” Kenzi sobs. “Somebody help me, please,” she begs with barely any air to get the words out. “Please, anybody!” she sobs. “Bo, where are you?!” she screams. “Where are you?!...”

Oh my giddy aunt, Dyson is going to lose it when he finds out.

Silent now, Kenzi lies across Hale’s chest in the middle of the floor. Oblivious, Bo enters Hilton Hovel, bags in hand and ready to get her drunk on.  She drops the bags the second she sees them. She runs to their side and asks what happened. “Massimo,” Kenzi manages duly. “Massimo did this. He killed him and it’s all my fault.” Bo doesn’t understand. Frantic, she checks Hale’s pulse. “Oh God, Hale!” Kenzi tells Bo about the Twig of Zamora. “I gave it to Massimo for my power,” she explains, sobbing anew. Bo is beginning to catch on. “My stupid, stupid power. I did this.” Kenzi raises her gaze to Bo as she realizes what her best friend can do now that she’s there. “You can bring him back! The chi thing. You can bring him back. You have to bring him back!” Bo claims that she can’t. “When Dyson died, after the YDawning, you sucked all our chi and you brought him back,” Kenzi reminds her. “Now bring back Hale!” When Bo again tries to deny this, Kenzi screams at her. “YOU HAVE TO DO IT!” But Bo doesn’t think there’s enough chi. “Last time, there was (Doctor) Lauren and Trick and Stella…” “And me!” Kenzi cries. “And me! Take it from me!” Bo refuses. “No! I can’t lose you.” Kenzi loses her shit for real, which, as per usual, is when truth is finally spoken. She grabs Bo’s arms and screams in her face. “You are so goddamned selfish! You say you always want to help people, but you only ever help yourself! I will never forgive you.” Bo can see that she means it. “Do it,” Kenzi orders.

Bo sucks chi from Kenzi, but it’s not enough. “Kenzi, I can’t. I can’t save him,” Bo says as Kenzi chokes and gasps. “Why?!” Kenzi demands. “Because you’ll die!” Bo shouts. “I don’t care!” Kenzi yells back. “I do!” Bo replies. There are blood smears now on her arms, Hale’s blood, where Kenzi clutched her with her bloodstained hands. “I choose you! I will always choose you!” Except when you chose Rainer or Doctor Lauren, but whatever Bo. Once again, it’s all about what you want.

Her last hope gone, Kenzi breaks down. “No!” she wails. “I was gonna say yes!” Lost to her grief, she beats on Bo, slapping her without care. “I WAS GONNA SAY YES!” Bo shushes her as Kenzi hyperventilates with agony. “I wanted to say yes,” she cries. Bo soothes her. Clasping Kenzi’s face, she pours on the succujuice to dial Kenzi back from hysterics. Slowly, Kenzi calms and there’s a moment where she stares at Bo, enthralled. Gently, Bo eases Kenzi back down to lay across Hale. “I know,” she murmurs. She eases Kenzi’s head into her lap so Kenzi sprawls across both Bo and Hale as she passes out. Alone now, Bo presses her hand to her belly as her own grief takes over. “I’m so sorry, Kenzi,” she sobs, one hand on Kenzi, the other on Hale’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.” She presses her hand to her face, hiding her destroyed friend and her dead lover.

End Credits.

Oh my heart.

Next week: “Origin”


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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Suzanne Metaxas
1. SuzyM
Great recap Kiersten :) and so right on! I am so tired of the writers screwing up and dumping on Dyson.
Linda Losik
2. LindaL
Is it me or are the TPTB trying to kill this show???? Enough with the godforsaken pandering! Bad enough that they are royally screwing Dyson over but did they really have to kill Kenzi and Hale????

It is a really sad commentary on season 3 and 4 writers that season 2 looks really good and planned out. Don't they get it? That killing off your viewer base is not a good idea?
Linda Losik
3. LindaL
Excellent recap, you made this episode almost good.
rachel sternberg
4. rae70
glad i am not the only one who thinks the storyline and writing this season sucks more chi than bo could in the episode. I AM SOOOO MAD THEY KILLED HALE!!!! WTF!!! i wanted to cry along with kenzi. i liked seeing linda hamilton back, she was fun. i just can't get over seeing her look so much older.. since the season started, i have felt that shows writing wasn't pulling me in like previous seasons. not sure what they are pulling here.. but still even working with what we got, you came up with a great recap!
patricia a newman
5. patricia a newman
If you all remember the leviathan told Bo that she would see her again that someone she loved woukd die. And as Linda Hamiltons says dies anyone really stay dead.
Suzanne Metaxas
6. SuzyM
@rae70 & @patricia I am praying that they will bring Hale back and that the changes that have been made in the writing staff will bring better story lines and better writing over all! Glad to hear that other fans are as frustrated as I am with the way this show is going! I love Lost Girl and it's cast and really hope TPTB will wake up and smell the coffee!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@patricia a newman - K.C. Collins who plays Hale has publicly said how in Hale's case, dead really does mean dead this time. It could be misdirection, but given they already has a goodbye party for him after this episode finished filming, I'm confident that he is no longer on the show. Devestating as that is for us all.
Suzanne Metaxas
8. SuzyM
@Kiersten they said they had the party but I never saw any pictures. Did you?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
No, but given what a secret it was and how long they had to wait for the ep to air in Canada after it was done filming, I'm sure they werent allowed to take pictures or had to sign waiver not to post them.
patricia a newman
10. stacymd2
Great recap Kiersten!

I thought 411 was better than the last two episodes. The A-plot was dumb and had Texas sized plot holes. Luckily, the characters have always been what saves this show.

I loved:
Linda Hamilton
All of Kenzi/Hale/Dimitri/Galina scenes
Tamsin/Acacia scenes
Tamsin/Dyson scenes in "Derelict Alley"
Trick/Vex scenes
Bo/Dyson scene

I think Vex was hurt that Trick thought he stole the Origin Seed.

Rainer was wiped from history and everyone's memories. How can every Fae kid from here to Albania know that the Blood King cut down the vile insurgent Rainer?
WHY is the Pyrippus considered evil? What exactly has the Pyrippus done? We need more than ye olde drawing to invest in this Big Bad.
The Trick/Vex scenes would have been better served if TPTB had Trick tell a story of the Pyrippus' evil deeds so we can understand why everyone fears it.

@Kiersten: I think Vex knows Trick is the Blood King through Season two's Garuda adventure.

Random Crazy Guy is the definition of a lazy, arbitary plot device.

I thought it was funny how Laveau & Harvey were making out in the background.
Where was Tamsin and Acacia during the Revenant attack at Harvey's lair? They didn't notice a horde of Revenants stumbling towards the building Dyson and Bo took Laveau into?
Laveau's power is animating & controling dead Fae. How is she "seeing" into Dyson's heart and mind within 10 seconds of meeting him?
I'm glad SyFy Channel cut Laveau's Dyson speech. It made no sense within the context of the original broadcast. Her "your love is a prison of your own making" spiel was shoe horned into the scene with the purpose of retconning Dyson's mate for life and setting Dyson/Tamsin into place.

Even though I didn't like Bo & Dyson's painful conversation, it was acted well. It is another example of how much Bo depends on him for emotional and physical support. Bo & Dyson talk to each other. He is her best friend after Kenzi.

KS was amazing this episode. Every scene she knocked out of the park. I felt all of Kenzi's emotions from her exasperation with Dimitri/Galina to her anger to her pity to her fear, sorrow and desperation at the end.

Oh Kenzi/Hale! We never got to know them as a couple. The sudden engagement was contrived, but KCC & KS rung all the feelings they could out of the writing they were given. For never was a story of more woe, than of Little Mama and her Hale.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
For never was a story of more woe, than of Little Mama and her Hale.

You people are *so* my people.
patricia a newman
12. SassyT
I can't believe they killed off Hale!!! I may have to stop watching the show. I also don't like how they totally shafted us about their relationship. Where were all the hot close-ups of them getting their freak on? I think they did a disservice to those two actors and that story line. I'm so mad right now.
patricia a newman
13. shanapare
It's sad but I have absolutely no interest in the Rainer plot line, other than to hope it does not drag on the whole season. Hale' s death sucks. Poor Kenzi.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
Hi @SassyT and @shanapare!!

I agree, Hale and Kenzi really got shafted. All the sex on this show can only involve Bo, Dyson, or Doctor Lauren as partners? Even with Nate, there weren't any on screen sexy times. Now, that may be a clause in Ksenia's contract, but I find that unlikely.

Losing Hale is a tragedy, no question. He's been underused for a while, partly because of K.C. Collins schedule with Saving Hope but in my opinion, mostly because the show got more interested in fan wanking than in telling a good story with the great characters they already had.

There's a lot of ill will out there over this and it'll be intersting to see how it affects S5 if at all.
Linda Losik
15. LindaL
@Kiresten: Ill will??? You are by far kinder that I would be: hostile, antagonistic, inimical are words that rapidly want to fall from my lips and fingers! I love the first season and now (sadly to say) the second. The third season and the crap that they are slopping out to us each week is almost unbearable. The story line of Rainer is idiotic at best. And I am not sure that I can forgive them for killing Kenzi and Hale.

I think what has me so angry is the fact that this show began with so much freshness and promise. Okay, there were a few flaws (like forgetting to give us the characters names) but all in all, well thought out, well-acted and generally just plain fun! It began going downhill for me in the sloppiness of season two; season three was an unmitigated disaster. The retooling of Lauren into Wonder Lauren was nauseating and totally insulting to viewers. While there are some shining moments in this season, I am not sure that they are enough to make up for the drivel we are being spoon fed.

Your recaps have become the best part of the show….and while I may or may not watch season five, I will be reading your recaps!
rachel sternberg
16. rae70
Stacy: For never was a story of more woe, than of Little Mama and her Hale!

LindaL: The retooling of Lauren into Wonder Lauren was nauseating and totally insulting to viewers.

Kiersten: ...because the show got more interested in fan wanking...

It is indeed a tragedy... snickered over "wonder lauren" and yes i do feel like i have been wanked good this season...
patricia a newman
17. Char
Uggghhhh....horrible episode. Where to begin...
The good: Kenzie and Dyson brought so much raw emotion, I was crying though their scenes. Those 2 are amazing. It will be sad next week once Dyson finds out his best friend died.
The bad: Bo and the monster of the week. The monster of the week (zombies) felt so boring. It has been done and it has been done better. Bo has become so self righteous. It is my destiny. It is more than love. I choose my own path and no one else can.
The ugly: Mossimo. Enough said. Hate him for killing Hale. I wish and hope death will be painful for him.
The unnecessary: Rainer, the flying winged horse called Pyrppius, Tamsin falling for Dyson.

Can an we get back to Season 1.? I mean WTF has happened to Lost Girl. This is a story about double standards Women who make horrible decisions and whine about it.OMG. Yes, that's Wonder Lauren. Dyson became an ahole but Lauren is with the Morrigan. Really.!

So far in Lost Girl: Females are strong and only need men when they are being proposed to, when they need to share make up tips, or when throats need to be ripped open.

I feel cheated by Lost Girl. What's gonna happen next: Bo is betrayed by Rainer.
patricia a newman
18. stacymd2
One more thing I couldn't stand from this episode was Acacia's line to Tamsin about settling down with a wolf and squeezing out puppies. Puppies. Really, Lost Girl writers? Like Laveau's "Dyson's love is a prison" spiel, it made no sense within the context of thier conversation. They go from talking about Rainer to Acacia bizarrely ending with Tamsin getting married with wolf puppies.

Tamsin has lived for 1,000+ years. Acacia was her mentor, so she has known her for at least a few hundred years. Tamsin clearly has had no children or been inclined to settle down in all that time. It's obvious Tamsin isn't currently in a relationship, so why would Acacia even mention marriage or "puppies"?

The nonsencical line was forced in to push future D/T. I feel TPTB want to regurgitate Doccubus in Season 5, but know Dyson and Tamsin make better lovers for Bo. Putting D/T together would get the "obstacles" out of the way because Bo would have no other viable options.
Linda Losik
19. LindaL
@stacymd2: if what you speculate is true then TPTB have killed Lost Girl. One can only hope that they are smart enough to figure it out, but given their past history, probably not....
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