Mar 18 2014 11:46am

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 10 Recap: Succubus Out of This World

Reiner and Bo in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 10We're delighted to once again bring you recaps of Lost Girl, now airing its fourth season in the United States. Don't forget to check into all our Lost Girl coverage, but be warned there are discussion posts for later episodes (we've been talking about the show as it airs in Canada) that contain SPOILERS. Thanks, and please weigh in with your comments!

This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including last night’s 4x10, “Waves.”

Bo hangs onto the sink in her bedroom looking ragged and worn. Blood speckles her forehead and there’s a large smear on her cheek. There is more blood on her neck and hands. Voices echo in her head: Trick, Dyson, and Doctor Lauren protesting Bo’s announcement of Rainer as her destiny. The doc asks if she’s been brainwashed. Trick demands Rainer deal with him, not his granddaughter. The doc demands answers from Trick. Dyson wants to attack, but Bo orders him back. She questions why none of them can trust her. Gee, lemme think! “I will live the life I choose!” versus “He is my destiny!” Oh yeah, there’s nothing weird about that complete about face at all!

Breathing hard, Bo considers her image in the mirror. Rainer comes up behind her. Blood splatters his shirt and flesh too. Bo looks up at him in the mirror and silently asks what they’ve done. “They gave us no choice,” he reminds her firmly. He squeezes her shoulder in reassurance and moves off. Bo looks downright forlorn. Next time, stick with the one who brought you. Dumbass.

Cut to a posh indoor pool where a blonde woman speaks on her mobile. She wears a navy tank suit and a robe. What, no ruffles?! Costume people, are you slacking off on the job? She has a plan to make “this” the biggest mobile launch since the iPhone.  She threatens that “Darren” will have the other person sliced in two if there are any further delays from the “Ivy League morons.” They capitulate, which pleases her. She disconnects, discards the robe, and strolls into the pool. Sighing heavily, she begins to swim laps. Suddenly there’s a ripple in the water behind her. Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun.  Blonde woman reaches the end of the pool, but as she lifts herself up, something grabs her from below the water line. There’s a brief struggle but she finally heaves herself out onto the pool’s edge. She looks down and shrieks madly. Her legs have been cut off just above the knee. I would’ve thought that something you’d feel before you saw, but okay.


In the boxing gym, Dyson nurses a beer while Doctor Lauren tries to talk him down from going after Bo. The camera starts on the sign “Respect Your Opponent At All Times.” That’s not meta at all. “We never should’ve let her get on that train alone,” he says, miserable. “We should’ve protected her!” From her seat on the table across the room, Doctor Lauren reminds him Bo doesn’t want their protection. “She doesn’t even want to see us,” she says wearily. Dyson snaps that Bo isn’t thinking straight and the doc agrees that she must be possessed or under a spell. “I need to examine her.” Of course you do. “That’s it. I’m going to go get her,” Dyson decides. He sets the bottle down on the table with a decisive click. The doc hops off and pats his arm as she again tells him Bo doesn’t want them to get her. “I don’t care,” Dyson vows. “Dyson, she locked us out!” the doc yells. “Bo locked us out!” Dyson exhales hard and growls. A second later, the beer bottle explodes into pieces in his grip.

This is right when Kenzi makes her entrance, shades in place, coffees in hand. “Aaaand we’re breaking things. Giant coffees! Come and get ‘em.” The doc sneers at the coffees as Dyson absently swipes away the shattered glass. “Who could possibly need that much caffeine?” Shut up, Doctor Lauren. And go away while you’re at it. Kenzi announces they’re going to need it as she got them a case. She puts the coffees down in the space Dyson’s cleared for her. “Can I get a “what what”?” she chimes, bobbing her hands in the air like she really don’t care. Doctor Lauren doesn’t follow: “What?” Annoyed, Dyson frowns at Kenzi. “What?” Heh. Kenzi shoots them both A Look. “Okay, not what I had in mind.” Dyson goes back to cleaning up the glass and tells Kenzi it’s not a good time. “A woman’s legs went missing, dudes!” Kenzi exclaims. “Like Meh-Sing! OK?!” She explains how the woman was swimming in her company pool and “BAM! Legless and Pool-latte.” Doctor Lauren asks the name of their client’s company. “Alaria Tech. Biometrics. Like I, Robot shit.” Kenzi tells them. She thinks they need to get to the bottom of it all, “and get that bottom half…back.” Doctor Lauren tells her Bo is kind of their only case at the moment despite the fact that she was just yelling at Dyson to leave Bo alone with her insanity destiny. Kenzi flatly reminds the doc that Bo has made it clear she wants them off her case and at this point, Kenzi is more than ready to let Bo sex swing from her own rope. Bo’s told Kenzi she’ll see them all tomorrow when she’s ready. “Tamsin’s resting, recovering and I’ve packed a weekend bag,” she finishes, info dumping. I guess Tamsin needed a time out from her memory flashback? And Kenzi’s staying where? At Dyson’s gym? Or maybe in Doctor Lauren’s downtown loft since she kicks the bag in the doc’s direction. Ticked that Bo has spoken to Kenzi instead of her, Doctor Lauren rolls her eyes, sighs heavily, and glares at the ceiling as Kenzi wedges herself between her and Dyson to hop up on the table and gives them their marching orders. “Holla! We’re going to give Bo some elbow room.” The doc rhetorically asks how they can trust Rainer and Kenzi counters that they don’t and she’s hardly happy about it either. “New guy comes along.” Or girl, as Bo did the exact same thing to Kenzi when she hooked up with Doctor Lauren in season three. “Girl drops her friends. Classic suckage.” Dyson, who’s been silent since Kenzi started, brushes his hands clean of the remaining glass as he listens to her. “But we gotta trust our girl. Respect Bo’s decision.” In a wheelchair, Legless rolls into the room snagging Dyson and Doctor Lauren’s attentions. Doctor Lauren is particularly arrested by the pretty blonde lady. “I’m so glad you guys can help,” Legless says. Kenzi puts on her company smile and holds the coffee carrier out between Dyson and the doc. “Grab a coffee, don’t be shy.” Captivated, the doc slowly reaches to do so without looking away from Legless. Well, she does bear a striking resemblance to discarded and abandoned Crystal…Dyson gives Kenzi a look of frustration. Really Kenz? He glances at the doc and notices her fascination with their new “client.” With a resigned sigh he takes a cup.

At Hilton Hovel, a cleaned-up, kimonoed Bo sits on her bed staring off at nothing. Rainer, shirtless with a towel around his hips and fresh from the shower, comes into the room. He asks if she’s okay. She needs to understand and worries that “this” might have been a mistake. We’re supposed to believe she means going off with Rainer, but what she really means is whatever it was they’d just come back from in the cold open. Rainer sits before her on the bed. She tells him she wants to trust him. “I never imagined I’d be on this physical plane again,” he admits. Bo sums up the highlights up until now. “I had to go back to the train willingly to free you. And I did. I went Dark for you. I did the impossible. But this…what we did…” Rainer cuts her off to say “this” was just as necessary as the rest of it. “Kenzi, Dyson, (Doctor) Lauren, Trick. I’m sorry, they just…” “They just need time,” Bo tosses off in agreement. Maybe. If you had millennium. She admits she needs time too.

“You said once we remembered, you would talk to them,” Rainer reminds her. Bo isn’t ready to do that yet. “The memories are back, the feelings, but now that we’re here, in the real world together, in my world…I need to understand. Really understand.” If you remember the events and the feelings you developed during them, then you should already understand.  Man, but I hate this storyline. It’s so fake and contrived for no good reason. And nobody cares about Rainer because we’ve been given no reason to care about him. There is zero investment there from the show and from the audience. He’s just appeared in order to be an agent of chaos and he makes Bo look to be a total bitch for being fickle and dismissive of her Faemily for a stranger. Great job there, show.

Rainer holds out a hand and Bo links her fingers with his. The camera pans down to some lit candles whose image then blurs and segues into the chandelier dangling from the ceiling of the train carriage. Flashback time! Bo bursts into the carriage, dressed as she was in the finale of season three. The Wanderer song plays from a nearby record player. Props for going old school there show. I half expected to see an iDock. “You have harassed my friends, stalked and kidnapped me, and you just blew up my favorite pub.” Now for that you can kill him. Hey, a good pub is hard to find. She draws her sgian dubh. “So let’s get to it, Wanderer,” she challenges. The camera pulls back to reveal Rainer in the foreground, his back to Bo. He looks at Bo over his shoulder and then back around at the camera. “Be still my heart…” he says and then grimaces. “Another brunette.” Pal, you can have the blonde, really. Free of charge.

He snarls about being sick of the song and kicks the gramophone hard enough to make it skip. Bo’s mouth drops open as the song finally stops. This is not the reception she was expecting. She demands to know who he is. Rainer ignores her to poke at the gramophone. Hee. “Hey! I came all this way via black smoke, I think I deserve an explanation,” Bo snarks. Heh. Rainer obnoxiously offers her two choices. “One, you can stay, I can pretend to court you, get bored with you, and send you away. Two: you can get off at the next stop. Either way, you’ll forget everything.” Now I see the appeal. Bo never can resist someone who isn’t instantly enamored of her.

Rainer puts a new record on the gramophone and sets the spindle. Disco music pours out. “Here’s option three,” Bo says, striding over to pull the spindle off again. “You tell me why you kidnapped me.” Annoyed, Rainer admits he doesn’t know why Bo is there. He casually picks a drink up from a nearby table. “Seriously I don’t. Next question.” Bo narrows her eyes at him. “Why go through all of this trouble just to send me away?” “If you wanted some epic fight, some battle of wits, some…sweeping romance, you’re on the wrong train,” Rainer says without looking at her. “Nothing to see here. Move it along.” That kind of a dismissal is catnip to Bo. I’m surprised her clothes are still on. He calls out for a handmaiden and the French Maid from episode 3 enters. Rainer pours another drink as he gives her instructions. “Take ah…” he snaps his fingers in Bo’s direction. Ha! “Bo,” she says archly. “My name is Bo.” He tells the handmaiden to take “Bo” to her chambers as she’ll be getting off at the next stop, “if she knows what’s good for her.” She does, she’s just committed to doing the exact opposite every chance she gets. Handmaiden bobs her head in obedience while Bo stares at Rainer.

Back at Dyson’s gym, Doctor Lauren gets a glass of water from the spigot and offers it to Legless with a smile. “No thanks,” Legless wisely declines. The doc’s smile twists. Poor doc. It’s a stressful day. Anyone’s flirt would miss a step. She goes back to stand on the other side of the exercise bike on which Dyson leans. Kenzi is perched on a chair on his other side. “Your scent is faint, but you are Fae,” Dyson acknowledges. Legless says she’s an orphaned pixie. “Raised by humans in the human world.” So Bo isn’t the only orphaned Fae raised by humans without knowledge of her real identity? Is Legless getting a spinoff? Legless categorizes losing her legs as being very inconvenient. “That’s one way to put it,” Doctor Lauren jokes badly. Dyson ignores her to point out that exclusive access to the corporate pool indicates this was an inside job. “Is there any sort of suspicious research going on?” Legless makes a moue and explains she only markets the product. How it’s made remains a mystery. Darren Clare however is the head of product development and would be the one they need to see. “Now there’s a man with secrets,” she opines. Legless again says how much she appreciates their help. “And I appreciate your Tahiti Sunset manicure,” Kenzi chimes in. “I’m a Tahiti Sunrise girl myself.” Legless displays her fingers and compliments Kenzi’s sharp eye. “You hired the best!” Kenzi replies bouncing up onto her feet. “Now kids!” she calls to Dyson and Doctor Lauren. “Let’s get corporate! We’ve got saucy microwaves. Grabby managers. Drip coffee.” She asks Legless how they’re going to get into Alaria Tech. Legless has already set up two temporary corporate profiles i.e. she’s told HR there are two new temps starting work tomorrow. Dyson suggest he and Kenzi take on the field work. “I’ve been training her.” And wouldn’t that have been exceedingly entertaining to see on screen, show. Guess it was too entertaining to make the cut. “As a Shadow Thief,” Kenzi preens. Because you weren’t a good enough thief already? Oh wait, you were. She smugly tells the doc to check her panties but whips them out from her pocket before the doc can move. “Anyone missing any panties?” Dyson silently chides her and then ducks his head to stare at his coffee as Doctor Lauren snatches her panties from Kenzi’s hand. “You have got to stop doing that!” Because, of all the things Kenzi is going to practice on stealing, it’s going to be Doctor Lauren’s panties. Sure. Dyson waves his hand. Hold up, doc “I did not teach her to do that.” Hee. Legless thinks Kenzi is going to fit in fine as mail distribution and maintenance. “Offended,” Kenzi sneers. “Moving on.” Legless eyes her but tells Dyson he’ll go undercover as an efficiency consultant. She warns the building is rigged with up-to-date heat sensor security. “Either one of you gets a little flustered or nervous, Big Brother is alerted.” Handily, Legless has managed to hack into the heat signature system, “so you can monitor yourselves or any suspects. Just remember to stay alert. Calm. Most importantly, blend in.” Cue the hi-jinks!

Dyson in Lost Girl 4x10Cut to Dyson pushing a mail cart down the corporate aisle. HA! As he strolls down Cubicle Lane, women crane their necks to follow his progress and discuss the numerous assets of the schexy, schexy Wolf Man. He passes a woman eating her Aptiva yogurt as she speaks to her out-of-sight friend. Aptiva looks at Dyson, says something to the friend, and a redhead immediately pops up from her seat to stare after him. Heh. Dyson shakes his head and grins as he catches sight of the next office. Inside and rocking a red power suit and some black hipster glasses is Kenzi the Efficiency Consultant. He stops in her office doorway and raises his brow askance. Fancy meeting you here. “Can you believe Diana got our profiles wrong?” Kenzi fake commiserates. “Shocking,” he quips. Diana. That only took 10 minutes. I can now stop calling her Legless. Dropping the pretense of regret, Kenzi jumps up to fully display her awesome power suit. “What?! I never get to wear a suit!” Dyson holds up an envelope. “Here’s your mail, working girl.” He tosses it on her desk and Kenzi grimaces at him before he moves on.

Dyson flinches at a whooshing sound in his ear. “What is that noise?” Back at the gym, Doctor Lauren has hooked a power hose up to the spigot and is using it to clean out the trash can. She tells Dyson she was eliminating some potential bacteria and lists a few. She picks up an electronic tablet on which they’re Skyping using a video phone to communicate and asks what’s happening. “Well, we’re basically in a yogurt commercial.” Ha! Nailed it. Dyson rounds a corner and, looking back, asks Kenzi how the heat monitor is working. “Looks like I’m the hottest one around!” she announces, checking the gadget. Random guy walks by as Kenzi crows about how much she likes the gadget. Dyson warns her to stay calm so her heat signature doesn’t alert security and announces he’s going in to deliver Darren Clare’s mail. But as he makes an approach, a snooty underling with a pink bow tie stops him. “No one delivers anything directly to Mr. Clare. Not even me,” he snits. Dyson asks in THAT VOICE if there’s a secret mail slot or something. Bow Tie holds out his hand. Dyson picks up the bundle of mail with a sigh and then deliberately tilts it so the letter on top drops to the ground. “Oh, how clumsy of me,” he says to Bow Tie. Heh.

Crouching down, he affixes a heat strip to the back of the envelope. “Aren’t you a little unkempt for a corporate setting?” Bow Tie sneers as Dyson rises. Depends. Is there a couch nearby in that corporate setting? Then no. “Aren’t you a little nasal to be answering phones?” Dyson replies, unruffled as he hands over the mail and leaves without waiting for an answer. “I am not…” Bow Tie begins in a higher pitch. Ha. Listening in, Kenzi approves the diss. “Dyson: one. Fran Man Drescher: zero.” Dyson ignores her quip to quietly confirm he successfully secured the heat band-aid to Darren Clare’s mail. “Are you sure this is gonna work?” Honey, have you never seen Sneakers? The doc confirms she is now registering the heat signature. “Mail is on the move,” Kenzi reports in a whisper. She leans back out of the office door…and sees Random Guy from a few moments ago eyeing her from down the hall. I guess he’s meant to be security. “Unfortunately, I’m being stalked like a celebrity in a Whole Foods parking lot!” Doctor Lauren orders her to get into the vent system and track the mail before they lose the heat signature.

But Kenzi has a plan with which to distract the guard. “I’m gonna record myself on a camera my cousin Dmitri provided that also doubles as a projector.” Dyson, listening in, narrows his eyes and frowns with amused doubt. What?! “I’ll install a screen in front of my desk…” That’s too much for Dyson. “Yeah, I don’t think we should be trusting gypsy technology,” he decides, striding off to take care of the security guard. Kenzi cautiously leans her head out of the office as she tells him to give her 20 minutes. Dyson doesn’t bother to reply. As Kenzi watches, his arm shoots out from around the corner to grab the guard’s neck from behind and yank him out of view. Heh.  “Or we can just do that,” Kenzi deadpans. “You’re welcome,” Dyson tosses back as he gathers up his cart and goes back to making rounds.

Kenzi eases out of the office. “I am getting my vent on,” she announces. “If this goes Aliens, I am Sigourney Weavering my butt outta there.” She glances up at the vent in the ceiling in the middle of the hallway. Cut to a similar vent popping open in a room below. Kenzi’s pantyhose-clad legs drop into view as she drops down onto the floor with a grunt. “Kenzi!” the doc calls. “That was way more graceful than it sounded, I swear,” Kenzi groans. Dyson asks if she has a visual. Kenzi looks up and around at her surroundings and goes still. “Legs,” she says. The camera pulls back to show a double row of standing canisters in which float pairs of legs preserved in fluid. “Lots and lots of legs.”

“Long. Lean. Sculpted calves,” Kenzi observes as she slowly makes her way down the aisle. “Looks like someone never missed a squat day.” She takes pictures with the…heat monitor? A noise startles her; she thinks someone’s there, but it’s only Darren Clare’s mail coming down the mail shoot to land in a clear box where other mail has accumulated. She puts her heels back on and sorts through the pile, which includes a subscription to Chez Lounge, and then pings on a particular letter of note. They’re medical bills for Tad. “We’re talking like six figures and a lot of,” she tells the others. Doctor Lauren identifies Tad as Darren Clare’s assistant, aka Bow Tie, and wonders for what he could be getting treated. Kenzi flips through the pages and reads “Perry-foral somethin’—somethin’? I dunno,” she admits. She takes a picture and sends it to the doc. “How’re you doing, D?” she asks Dyson.

He’s managed to get into the pool room where he also takes a picture, this time of a leafy plant encased in a closed, standing vase that looks like a water bubbler next to the pool, much like the legs only…greener. He tells the doc he’s sending her visuals to scan but she’s already looking at them. That’s some good mobile service right there. She needs Dyson to bring her a plant sample. Sounds like her bush didn’t transfer well from the flat to her new downtown loft. “It’s unusual and possibly aquatic,” she tells him. I never would’ve expected it to be aquatic given that it’s encased in a water tank. Guess she’s now a herbologist on top of the neurosurgery, psychology, chemistry, trauma surgery…

“Flowers for my favorite doctor,” Dyson teases quietly as he crouches down at the edge of the pool. “Coming up.” Back at the gym, Doctor Lauren scoffs and rolls her eyes. “Oh-kay!” Kenzi pipes in. “Playful banter between dueling exes!” Dyson dips his hand in the pool and sniffs it. “It’s a salt water pool,” he tells the women. He checks the pool’s filtration system and finds a pearl. “Ooh! I’m calling dibs,” Kenzi cries. “If it’s not evidence, I want it.” Dyson puzzles over his find. His fist clenches over the pearl as he gets an idea.

Back on the Flashback Train, Bo is struggling to open the window of her room. Handmaiden enters with a burgundy cocktail dress in hand. Bo attacks and puts her knife to the girl’s throat. Handmaiden notes that Bo is sweating. “That’s what happens when I gear up to kick handmaiden ass.” She threatens to do so if she doesn’t help Bo get off the train. The girl has been no threat to her and is only following orders. Clearly she is dangerous. Frightened, Handmaiden nonetheless lays out the rules for Bo. “Next stop’s not for three days. If you jump before then, you’ll evaporate. Leave when it’s stopped without an elemental and you’ll get transcendental sickness and die.” Bo recoils a bit as she realizes how screwed she is. “Now, shall we freshen you up?” Handmaiden suggests, a little breathless. Once Bo lets her go, Handmaiden lays the gown out on the bed telling Bo it’s in her size. “You’ll look ravishing.” I concur, though I doubt she’ll ever actually put it on. There’s not a ruffle to be seen.

Bo bitches about how she’s not dressing up for her kidnapper and when Handmaiden scoffs and asks her to stop looking at it like that Bo insists there’s no other way to see it. “If he wasn’t so pathetic, I would’ve thrown him off his own train.” Please. The only place you wanted to toss him was on the nearest flat surface, but whatever. Handmaiden defends Rainer and asks Bo to give him a chance. “Give us all a chance,” she pleads. “Believe it or not, we need you.” Wow. They really know exactly what to say to draw Bo in, don’t they? Wonder if Doctor Lauren coached them. Handmaiden hands over Rainer’s dinner invite to Bo: Dinner? R. So much charm in that guy. Bo sneers at the idea. “Dinner? With the Wanderer?” Handmaiden corrects that his name is Rainer. “And you do look hungry,” she teases. Yeah, but not for food, so watch yourself, Handmaiden. She leaves Bo to study the invite and think about the dress.

Back at the gym, Doctor Lauren examines the pearl of great price under a magnifying glass. So now she’s a jeweler too. “And why aren’t you doing this from the comfort of your new Dark digs?” Dyson asks. Finally someone thinks to ask what the hell she is still doing there! Doctor Lauren says she wanted to be there, with them, close to the people Bo loves in case they hear from her all the action. “Has Bo called, Pool boy?” Oh yeah, you just love hanging out with him. Dyson ignores her gibe and instead quietly informs her that Bo hasn’t called yet, no. He checks in with Kenzi but she hasn’t heard from Bo yet either. “We gotta have George Michael faith-a faith-a faith-ahhhh.” She’s back in the office, futzing with her glasses. A man comes to her doorway but hesitates when she waves him off. “It’s not a pearl,” the doc concludes, a little surprised. “It’s a crystallized salt deposit.” Dyson goes on alert. “Did you say crystallized salt deposit?” What, did she stutter? “Can that sentence be mistaken for some other sentence?” the doc asks. I’ve got to give that one to her; that was a stupid thing for him to say, which is probably why the writers had him say it.

But Dyson now knows what they’re up against and he is not happy. “Dammit!” See? Kenzi wants to know what’s going on. “We should never have taken this case!” Dyson snarls. “Kenzi, you need to get out of there!” She reminds him they haven’t solved the case yet. Behind her, the guy waits in the doorway, presumably overhearing all of this. “It doesn’t matter. Get out! Do you copy?!” Dyson shouts. It’s probably hard for Kenzi to hear him given that Doctor Lauren has decided now is the best time to use the hose to fill a vase for the plant sample Dyson brought her. Finally picking up on Dyson’s distress, she asks what it is they’re up against. “A flesh eater?” That’s…quite a jump to make, but okay. “Sharknardo?!” Kenzi hisses down the line. Heh. “Worse,” Dyson intones, heavy with the DOOM. “Mermaids.” Kenzi’s eyes go wide with delight. She spins around in her chair. “Mermaids!” she exclaims to the guy still in her doorway.

Kenzi in Lost Girl 4.10“Fired?!” Seated before Kenzi’s desk, the guy from the doorway objects to losing his job. “Eighty-thousand dollars a year to stand by a toaster gossiping?” Kenzi accuses. “Yeah. Fired.” She hustles the protesting worker out of her door. I’m thinking Kenzi really would thrive in this environment. She’s obviously got the wardrobe. And the attitude. She closes the door in his face. “Oh my God, Mermaids! I love mermaids. But like, LOVE them.” Behind her, the guy whose life Kenzi just ruined throws the papers in his hands and frets about how he’s going to feed his family, but no big. MERMAIDS!

Having met them, Dyson does not feel the same. “They are the psychopaths of the sea, Kenz. ‘The Seas Have Eyes’ is their cultural motto,” he warns. But Kenzi isn’t listening. “I have lied awake at night my entire life thinking of the marvelous mer-day when I would meet a fin-flapping, sea-shell–bra wearing, Daryl Hannah. Oh my God!” For her part, Doctor Lauren is caught up examining her new foliage. “They are a rare and fascinating species.” Dyson rubs his face to keep control of his rapidly tested temper. “They comb their hair with forks!” Kenzi exclaims. “Yeah, right after they stab you in the face with them, just after they blow up your ship that’s en route to the New World,” Dyson disillusions her. “Yeah, but then they sing duets with crabs?” Kenzi whispers. “No, they don’t, Kenz. This is not a children’s movie,” Dyson reminds her. Kenzi finally gives over. “But if they’re that bad, don’t you think the people of Alaria deserve the chance to be mermaid free?” The doc points out with a smile that Kenzi is right about that. “Fine,” Dyson gives in. “But we have to be careful. They could be anywhere.” Kenzi glances around the office and squeals with glee at the very idea.

On the Flashback Train, an unchanged Bo plunges her dagger into the haunch of meat on the table before Rainer. Not a euphemism! Yet. She tells him about Handmaiden’s match-making tendencies. That doesn’t surprise Rainer who relates that Handmaiden is usually more successful as the women then tend to buy into the fantasy and show up in the dresses she brings them. “While you look like you’re here to assassinate me.” Oh if only. Bo leans over the table to give him a better view of her cleavage impress upon him how serious she is when she says she’s not looking for happily ever after. “I already had that at home with my family and friends. You know the people you stole me from?” Rainer basically laughs in her face as though he knows the depths of denial she’s in here. Think about it. Bo is basically back to being mere hours away from a brutal hand-to-hand battle with Tamsin after being imprisoned by Taft, brutally rejected by Doctor Lauren in Taft’s study, and seeing Aoife and Dyson as Doctor Lauren and Taft’s lab rats. That’s some warped idea of “happily-ever-after” she’s got going on there. Rainer snarkily congratulates her on her HEA, but reminds Bo he’s not the one who put her on the train in the first place.

He goes back to his meal. Bo demands Rainer tell her what he wants with her. Rainer pauses as he realizes Handmaiden told Bo his name. “Yeah,” Bo drawls with a side of smolder. “And now you’re gonna tell me everything else.” She reaches to stroke his face and pour on the succujuice. Instead, Rainer grabs her wrist, twists so she falls to her knees, and snags her knife out of the meat to hold it against her throat. Not immediately enamored of Bo and he resists the succutouch? Rainer is succubus catnip at this point. “You think you can come in here and push me around? Act tough? Demand answers?” Well, yes. Have you not watched the show before? “I keep barking until I get answers,” Bo shoots back unafraid. Rainer bites out that Bo is not going to change anything.

Bo jerks free and stands as Rainer pulls back and returns to sulking over his food. Jerking her pleather vest back into place, Bo stands and stares at him. There’s a faint whoosh and Rainer glances up just as Bo’s eyes go succubus blue. Newly intrigued, he gets to his feet. “Are you a succubus?” Bo’s eyes dial back to brown, but Rainer continues. “Tell me, what do the Dark Fae devour these days?” Bo gets in to his face. “I wouldn’t know,” she murmurs. “I’m unaligned.” Rainer goes very still. “That’s impossible.” But this is territory Bo knows very well. “Impossible like a magical train that travels through other dimensions and kills you when you try to leave it?” Rainer sits back down at the table as Bo demands to know what kind of Fae Rainer is, “some kind of memory wiper?” In response, Rainer holds up The Wanderer tarot card. “Memory is not my power,” he allows tightly. Bo demands to know what it is, but Rainer merely calls it a curse and asserts that he has to drag out the reveal as long as possible to manufacture tension they all have their burdens to bear. “True,” Bo allows. “But your cheap delay tactics curse happens to be a pain in the audience’s my ass, Wanderer.” He corrects her sharply, “Rainer! Please, call me Rainer.” Pleased to get under his skin, Bo stalks back to the table to tell him no matter who he is she’s taking her dinner to go. She takes his plate and a wine glass and sashays out of the carriage without looking back. Rainer watches her leave.

Back at the vastly more interesting Fae of the Week, Kenzi reports she’s approaching Tad the Assistant for his efficiency evaluation. “Intel imminent because yes, I AM that good!” She introduces herself to Tad. “I’m Lorna Larsen from KLD Consulting here to evaluate the efficiency of your position!” Ha! She invites him to take a walk with her. With a tight smile, Tad rolls his chair back to show he, like Diana, has no legs. “Or a roll!” she corrects awkwardly. “Or we could just hang out here.” She perches on the edge of the desk. Tad believes he’s the most efficient person at the company. “And in the spirit of efficiency, let’s make this quick.” Kenzi goes for the jugular. “Does your disability affect your work?” Tad doesn’t miss a catty beat. “Does your leave-in shampoo seep into your scalp and affect yours?” Now Kenzi’s impressed. “Zing-a-ling-a-ding-dong! You’re not an assistant; you’re a SASS-istant!” Tad preens a bit. “It’s in the job description,” he allows.

Friends now, Kenzi more gently asks what happened to Tad’s legs and learns he contracted peripheral arterial disease in his last year of college. “It was either amputate or die.” His parents had been laid off and the bills piled up. “Then Darren came along. Covered our expenses. Gave me a job.” Tad gets all teary. “He saved my life. And now it’s my mission to protect him. Make sure nothing, or no one, ever gets in his way.” Touched by his story, Kenzi casually asks if Tad would cover for Darren should he ever do anything “un-kosher.” Tad thinks Darren’s a genius. “People would love to see him fall. I protect him from the crazies.” That’s not really an answer there, Tad. His phone signals for an upcoming meeting. Exeunt Tad.

“Tad is not a mermaid!” Kenzi hisses to Dyson and the doc. “Repeat: NOT a mermaid.” Over the coms, Dyson easily points out how defensive Tad got over Darren Clare. Kenzi takes the opportunity to rifle Tad’s files and finds one marked CREEPER MAIL. Doctor Lauren has been reviewing the files Kenzi stole from the leg room and notes now that the dismemberments were done with surgical precision which is different from Diana’s pool hack job. The doc also observes that all the legs were from men. “Why the sudden interest in women’s parts?” Dyson wonders as the scene finally shifts back to the gym where he and the doc are shoulder-to-shoulder cozy over the files in question. The doc asks Kenzi to get her a sample from the leg room and Kenzi is only too happy to go back in. “Maybe this time I’ll see a mermaid!” she trills.

On the Flashback Train, Rainer has let himself into Bo’s room and is playing a dirge on the old organ that’s been stored there as she arrives. She snarks about him letting himself in but he again ignores her. “At least play something more cheerful,” she moans. Rainer sweeps his hand down the keys and then start to play the opening them to The Final Countdown. Dude’s been on the Death Train for centuries but he has disco records and knows ‘80s hair bands? A Whitesnake girl, Bo sneers at his choice. She spies an antique Risk set with hand-carved pieces and notes that Rainer plays. Guess this is her effort at small talk. Rainer finishes a few notes and then drops his hand from the keyboard. “I lost a long time ago,” Rainer admits. Bo settles in a high-back chair. She realizes he’s not talking about the game. “You asked what my power was,” Rainer reminds her. “I used to have foresight. In battle.” How does he know when he has no memory? “I was able to see my opponents’ attacks before they happened. I put it to good use, fought to end Light and Dark.” Now he’s playing Bo’s song. “How would you do that?” she asks as a sad ballad plays on the soundtrack. “I have seen good people slaughtered in the name of what is supposedly ‘right.’ Families torn apart. Forced to choose a side! Fighting against each other instead of with each other!” Rainer speechifies. Bo is visibly moved by his passion. “A tyrannical rule was on the rise,” he concludes more quietly. Bo leans forward. “Whose rule?” Rainer struggles and then slams his hands on the keys. “I can’t re—!” He takes a breath. “I can’t,” he repeats. “I’m sorry.” Slowly he closes the keyboard. “Not being able to remember why I’m here. Who cursed me. Who took my power away. What this is all for. It’s, it’s…” He takes a steadying breath. Bo gets to her feet. “It’s torture,” she says. “One can learn to live with…or without…almost anything,” he says dully. Bo shakes her head and smiles gently. “That’s not living.” They stare at each other with Great Importance as the conductor announces “Next stop, same as the last! Last stop, same before next!” the same phrases Clio and Dyson heard when they boarded the train in Lovers, Apart. Wouldn’t it be funny if the conductor turned out to be Bo’s father?

Back in the leg room, Kenzi is trying to break the keypad code on a pair of legs. She checks her gadget and tells the others someone is approaching but the heat signature is blue. “What does that mean?” Over the coms, Doctor Lauren tells her the colors correspond to temperature and Kenzi notes this one is as cool as a cucumber. “Or cold as a fish,” Dyson realizes with alarm. “Kenzi, get out of there!” She leaps up to do so but the door is already opening. A tall, confident man enters. This has to be Darren Clare. He points his hand at Kenzi; immediately she starts to choke. Kenzi vomits up sea water. Turning, she falls to the ground and tries to crawl away in a failed attempt to escape as she chokes to death. “Climbing the corporate ladder is one thing but crawling through the corporate vent?” Darren Clare drawls “is a dead end.”

Kenzi tries to get her breath back as Darren Clare eases off the attack. “So not only are you stealing my legs, you’re stealing my mail?” He wants to know from where Kenzi got the creeper mail. “Merman,” she gasps. “I gotta say I’m a little disappointed.” He again demands to know where she got the letters and Kenzi fibs a bit that Tad gave them to me. Darren Clare holds up one note that simply says “I’m coming for you.” He realizes Tad must’ve thought “she” was a stalker. “My sister,” he clarifies when Kenzi asks. He opens the envelope and draws out one of the pearls noting there’s over a dozen in the packet. “Know what this means?” he asks her. “She loves buck-a-shuck Tuesdays?” Kenzi quips. “She’s gonna kill me!” Darren Clare replies with heat. Kenzi snaps back that maybe he deserves it for stealing Diana’s legs. But this news is a surprise to Darren Clare. “I heard she took a leave of absence.” Kenzi realizes Darren Clare thinks his sister took Diana’s legs, “but she doesn’t know how to attach them,” he tells her.

Kenzi wants to know where Darren Clare got his legs and he admits that Tad was his first donor after he got sick. “My team developed a tissue fusion system using stem cells.” He warns Kenzi the leg room isn’t safe, that Dominique is too close, and begs her to take him to Diana. Kenzi wisely backs away from Darren Clare and demands to know how she could possibly trust him. “I’m standing in a room full of man gams!” He asks if she signed her donor card. Kenzi gapes at him. I’m thinking she did. Clare tells her all the legs came from willing donors and that he never hurt anyone. “My entire life, I wanted to be part of a world I didn’t belong to. Up where they walk. Up where they run. Up where they play all day in the sun. This is my only way,” he finishes sadly. “You want to be where the people are,” Kenzi commiserates. Heh.

There’s a clunking noise and Kenzi runs over to the mail shoot in time to be there when a fresh pair of dismembered lady legs slides down. The pedicure is familiar to her. “Tahiti Sunset. Diana’s legs!” Clare realizes Dominique is closer than he thought. “I’m dead.” But Kenzi insists she can get him out of there. “She’ll be looking for more legs, won’t she?” Clare says Dominique can hide in the pool water system. “You’re gonna have to fish her out.” Kenzi realizes she knows the best bait in town.

Cut to pool side where a woman tentatively approaches the edge of the pool. The camera pulls back to show Doctor Lauren just as she drops her robe to reveal a lovely black tank suit that’s reminiscent of Diana’s suit in the cold open. That Kenzi immediately thought of Doctor Lauren when fishing for who to set up as bait is a nice callback to her telling a newly love-infused Dyson to get back with Bo before she’s snatched by “say an extra hot human with legs to spare.” I like those rare moments when the show bothers to remember what’s come before, even if it’s a subtle hat tip to that loathsome episode. Hidden behind the nearby pillar, Dyson encourages the doc with a shade of amusement. “Just act natural. Go for a swim,” he coaches. “You go for a swim,” the doc snaps back. I can’t really blame her either, given how terrified she is about going into eel-infested mermaid-populated waters.

Doctor Lauren looks around the pool room as she eases down the steps into the water. Dyson peers around the pillar to check for any threats. The doc stands in the middle of the pool waiting, scared to death. The pool appears to be empty as the doc turns in a slow circle. Hook in hand, Dyson stands ready to snag Dominique when she shows up. Suddenly, the water ripples behind Doctor Lauren forming a vee shape that streaks toward her. Dyson spots it. “Now!” he calls to the doc. She lowers a device into the water and hits the button. Sonic waves emanate out from the gadget. Immediately, the mermaid surfaces, thrashing with pain as she takes form behind the doc, tail and all. Dyson leaps into the pool, growling with satisfaction as he struggles to contain his prey by binding her tail. He is way too happy to get a little payback on a mermaid for past offenses. Dude needs to take wolf form and go on a hunt. Badly.

On the Flashback Train, the conductor calls a two-minute warning to station arrival as Bo lets herself into the baggage carriage. Sure are a lot of cases considering there’s only one passenger on this train. Guess Rainer carries a lot of baggage. Slowly, Bo walks to the center of the carriage and stops before a stand with a bell-shaped glass cover under which is a colorful, if dead, butterfly. She glances over her shoulder, then strokes the glass as she flashes back to when she was a young girl in the church pew crying over the same dead butterfly in her hands, a story her human mother related when Bo went back home in season three. Back on the train, a tear slides down adult Bo’s cheek at the memory. She carefully lifts the glass and sets it aside. At her touch, blue succubus power crackles and the butterfly comes to life. Bo laughs as Rainer slides in behind her unseen and eases up to her side. Bo is entranced by the butterfly that now rests peacefully on her finger. “What did you do?” he asks. He doesn’t sound thrilled about it either. “When I was seven, I ah…” Bo stops when Rainer clasps her hand and stands really close to her. “It is. You,” he says as she faces him. The butterfly flies off into the rafters unnoticed as they stare at one another. Rainer nearly kisses her and Bo wouldn’t have said no, but he stops at the last minute. “You’re going to miss your stop,” he tells her. But now Bo doesn’t want to go. “But this,” she murmurs with distress. “Us.” What “us”?! There is no “us”! A butterfly gets his wings and suddenly you’re in love with the guy?! Please. Rainer strokes her cheek. “Go,” he whispers. “While you still can.” Bo resists but he yells at her to go and shoves her toward the door. Bo runs out. Rainer screams and nearly kicks over the stand. I guess we’re supposed to believe he’s made some great sacrifice telling her to go. He looks wrecked and tormented…until the door clicks behind him. Bo has returned and as Rainer turns, she launches herself into his arms and they mack. “What am I doing?” Bo wonders when they break for air. SUCH A GOOD QUESTION! Rainer doesn’t answer and they mack again.

Dominique collapses onto the tiles of the pool room. “Didn’t like that underwater frequency, didja?” Dyson chortles as he crouches next to her. Dominique looks hungrily at Doctor Lauren as, robed once more, she joins them. “God, she’s beautiful,” the doc exclaims. But Dominique is only interested in the doc’s legs. “Legs!” she shouts. “Yes, that’s what they’re called,” Dyson quips. “Legs!” Dominique exclaims again. “Not yours!” Dyson scolds. “(Doctor) Lauren’s. There’s a difference!  God damn mermaids,” he says to the doc. “I should end her right now, right? You feel like some sushi?” Heh. Dominique objects to their dinner plans. “I need to walk! Legs!” she demands a third time as though Doctor Lauren can just detach them and hand them over. “You are hurting people. It’s wrong,” the doc hypocritically patronizes. Dominique claims she’s not the one hurting people but she needs legs in order to get to her brother who abandoned her when he left home for his Walking. Dyson doesn’t follow. “Like a Rumspringa,” the doc explains. “When the Amish community leave their home for a while to explore the world, then they decide whether to come back, live a traditional life.” Dyson gives her an arched look as though this should have a double meaning for them.

“We get magical legs for a year to walk the earth,” Dominique says. She followed the rules and went home afterwards like a good girl, but Darren found a way to make his Walking permanent. The doc expositions that Dominique thought she’d do the same only she didn’t have Darren’s means. “Do you have any idea what it feels like to be ignored?” the mermaid asks. “To be locked out by someone that you love?” Anvil! Anvil alert! Dyson looks from Dominique to Doctor Lauren who is already eyeing him. Yeah, they know. A tear tracks down Dominique’s cheek and drops a pearl into her outstretched palm. She hands it over to the doc as she explains how she’s been sending the pearls to Darren. “It’s my eighteenth. It means I’ve suffered enough to take someone’s life.” As opposed to cutting off their legs, that is. “So you’re here to kill your own brother?” Dyson asks, as though trying to grasp the concept. Dominique swears she would never do such a thing. “My sister, on the other hand. She promised to get Darren and come back.” Dominique waited for years but her sister never showed. “She lied to me. So I took her human walking sticks.” Dyson raises his brows at Doctor Lauren. Toldja. She takes a moment to clue in. “Your sister…?” She looks at Dyson. We got played? He silently cants his head. Looks like.

Back at the gym, Darren and Diane are catching up while Kenzi randomly cuts up some tomatoes with a huge butcher knife. Diane tells her brother she thought he was trying to cut her out of her position at the company. “By cutting off your legs?” Darren wonders. “Isn’t that what you mermen do?” she replies. Kenzi chirps in that she hopes they like tuna salad. Darren and Diane ignore her as Darren emits some dolphin chirps. “Ocean speak!” Kenzi whispers. “You’ve gotta teach me some epic mer-swears!” She hands Diane the tuna as Darren ambles over to the counter. Kenzi realizes Diane’s hands are freezing cold. “You’re cold as a fish…” It all comes together for her. “You’re not a pixie; you’re a mermaid!” Diane grabs Kenzi’s wrist as Darren seizes her from behind and puts the butcher knife to her throat. “And you’re my bottom half,” Diane sneers.  Pretty sure this is gonna cure Kenzi of her mermaid worship.

Kenzi is strapped down on the table while Darren lasciviously strokes the knife up her body. As she struggles, she admits she doesn’t understand why Diane hired them if she thought her brother was guilty of taking her legs. Diane says she thought he was trying to get rid of her so she hired Kenzi to play detective and get rid of him first. “For a species without assholes, you sure act like ones!” Kenzi grits out. Ha! They probably have considerable blow holes.

Dyson kicks open the door and orders Darren to drop the knife. Instead, the merman holds it to Kenzi’s throat again. “Take one more step and she’s chum,” he threatens. Doctor Lauren rolls Dominique into the room. Darren isn’t surprised to see her and scorns her for always screwing things up. Plaintive, Dominique tells her siblings she wants them to come home. “She’s our sloppy sister,” he tells Kenzi. Dyson growls and lunges, but Darren raises his hand and Dyson starts to choke on seawater. He goes to his knees. Doctor Lauren hurries to his side as he vomits up seawater. “Dyson!” Kenzi cries.

Diane scolds Dominique as being so “small pond.” Heh. “Darren and I worked hard for our legs!” Yeah. You stole them. Dominique entreats them to come home. “You promised me that you would come back. You forgot about me,” she whines. This anvil hit squarely on Kenzi’s Bo-abandonment issues and she feels that empathy keenly. Darren invites Dominique to stay there with them. “It’s perfect. You get the doctor’s, Diana gets the squirmy one’s, and I upgrade to wolf legs.” Hey! That sexy long-legged stride belongs to one wolf and one wolf only!

Lauren in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 10Dyson is still choking. Perhaps a little mouth-to-mouth wouldn’t go unwelcomed about now, doctor? Kenzi entreats Dominique to help them, but the youngest mer-sister likes Darren’s idea. Dyson crawls across the floor, still choking, determined to get to Kenzi. Dominique sticks out her hand to block him and fill his lungs with more water. “Stop it! You’re killing him!” Doctor Lauren shouts. Mouth-to-mouth. Darren in impressed by his sister’s show of teamwork. “Family’s back together. We get our legs. Blow up Alaria Tech.” Dyson convulses on the floor. Helpless, the doc glances around. She spies the water bush he retrieved for her from the pool only since she put it in water from the sink, it’s rotted and died. “Start over again in Maui,” Darren continues. “Now is the time for our kind to rise. Good-bye seashells. Hel-lo Victoria’s Secret! There’s nothing that can stop us!” Doctor Lauren spins around from the sink and aims the hose at the mer-siblings. “Except tap water,” she declares. Diana, Dominique, and Darren all look at Doctor Lauren. “Oh shit,” Diana says right before the doc sprays them down.

On the Flashback Train, Bo and Rainer are in bed enjoying some post coital banter. Rainer points out how she’s missed the last stop and the one before that and the one before that. Bo giggles. “Time is different in this place.” She wonders if her friends are still safe. Oh yeah. Remember them? Rainer sighs. “Kenzi and Dyson are coming close to finding the compass. When they break it, they’ll remember you and you won’t remember me.” How could he possibly know this when he’s been cursed to live on this train which is on another plane of existence? Ow. So, wait, Bo is banging this stranger in lieu of returning to her friends whose memories have been raped of her existence but who are still emotionally wrecked because they know something crucial is missing in their lives not to mention the fact that Kenzi is a target of the Una Mens. Bo knows this and yet instead of getting her ass back to where she belongs and honoring her commitments to protect her friends, to protect Kenzi, at all costs, Bo is canoodling?! Okay. Her status as total selfish bitch is now official. Also, Rainer cannot die fast enough.

They get all solemn at the idea of Bo forgetting Rainer. He decides it was worth it even if he never gets to see her again. “After all, it is my curse.” WHAT is your curse? You still haven’t said! “Screw your curse,” Bo murmurs. “Everything’s ready.” Rainer reminds her that no one has ever come back. I’m surprised to hear that given the charming welcome you deploy when people arrive. He wants Bo to tell the audience him the plan for the first time again. She giggles again as they scramble to sit up and face each other.

“All the clues are in place,” she tells him. “When I return home, they’ll guide me back to you even thought I won’t remember. When your crows brought us that gorgeous singer to perform for us, I told her to come find me.” Flashback to Bo interrogating Ianka about who sent the singer to find Bo. Ianka again tells Bo she did it herself. So all the memory flashbacks Bo has had about her time on the train with the crown and the glowing mark when she was so upset and traumatized were all fake outs? Or is this version with Rainer the fake out? Or has the show gotten so bad at keeping track of its own storylines from episode to episode, they don’t remember those previous flashbacks in the first place?

“And then there’s Hugin,” Bo continues as the image of the Jar o’ Smoke in the Magic Box comes onscreen. “When I open that jar, he will guide me back.” Bo again opens the jar at The Dal so the Hugin takes form. Back on the Flashback Train, Bo assures Rainer that if all that’s not enough, there is one thing she knows for sure will work. She holds out a prepared piece of parchment. “A contract with the Dark.” Bo hands Rainer a black feather. If that’s one of Hugin’s, I get why he rebelled. “Be my witness?” she asks Rainer. He refuses. “It betrays who you are. Everything I fought for.” That you don’t remember? Bo doesn’t believe the contract is going to stick. “If there is one thing that I know, I would never in a million years align myself. If I go home and find out that I am Dark? I will move heaven and earth to figure out how that happened. Bringing me back to you.” Rainer nods acceptance. Bo signs the contract and vows that when she returns, she will destroy it. Because it’s just that easy. “Save you from this train! I will get you everything back. Your memory. Your power.” Rainer signs as her witness. “What if I’m a monster?” he asks. “What then?” Bo caresses his cheek. “Then I’ll kill you myself,” she promises. Oh please be a monster. Pleaseohpleaseohplease.

The train shakes and more pieces fall off it. Bo tells Rainer all he has to do for now is keep the train running. “Stay alive.” She puts her hand on his shoulder and smiles at him. Rainer mirrors her move and their marks glow gold in tandem giving them a visible rush. A series of flashbacks fly across the scene, highlights of what happened to Bo once Kenzi and Dyson used the compass. Her eyes fly open while she she’s still on the train. She runs through the forest. She sees Handmaiden. She jumps from the train.

Down in the Una Men’s dungeon, The Keeper chants Latin as they and the monks pray, which alone is frightening. To whom do the boogie men of the Fae pray? Unanimes venit lumen. Unanimes veniat pax. Malum est. This translates to Comes with one light.Come to mind for peace. It is bad. On cue, Bo and Rainer stalk into the room. “Oh good. You’re all here. Being creepy.” They live there! Where else would you expect them to be? The Keeper scolds Bo for breaking their laws again. “The Wanderer is not intended for this physical plane. It is his curse.” Well, she got lured by a good enough sob story and a pretty enough face to make her instantly turn her back on the people she claims to love. I mean, have you met Bo before? This is what she does. “Breaking curse is kind of my thing,” Bo boasts. I swear I didn’t know that line was coming. “Rainer, now,” Bo orders.

Rainer pulls out The Wanderer tarot card and flings it at The Keeper. She throws up a hand to stop it mid air. But the Una Mens take any power used on them and reflect it back on the user. As the card dangles before The Keeper, it glows with recharged power. She flings it back at Rainer, but it harmlessly explodes against his chest. So Kenzi is Jubilee, Flora is Wolverine, and now Rainer is Gambit? Actually, Kyle Schmidt would make a great Gambit. “I can feel it,” he says. Bo smiles with relief. “I can see their attacks.” It seems that by turning his power back on him, The Keeper jump started it all over again. “My power of foresight is back, Bo, and we’re in danger.”Oh malum est.

The Keeper intones that this is the reason Rainer was cursed in the first place. “This is too much power for a rebel.” Bo steps forward. She thinks the Una Mens’s corruption warrants a rebellion. “What you speak is blasphemy,” The Keeper lectures. “For your crime, we will kill your claimed human. The doctor. The wolf. The siren. Everyone you love will perish. After you have witnessed their destruction, we will kill you.” Hey, she abandoned them all for this guy and his pretty butterfly. Not sure that threat has impact anymore.

But it seems as though there’s some remnant of care for the faemily Bo abandoned…again. “Capture the Succubus and The Warrior. Seek out her friends. Her families. We will make her watch as they suffer.” The three monks attack Rainer while Bo…keeps talking. “I don’t want what comes next,” she warns The Keeper. “You don’t want what comes next.” The Keeper slowly raises a sword as she reminds Bo that she can’t defeat them. Monks for the moment quelled, Rainer puts his back to Bo’s. She admits to him that The Keeper is right. “The last time I succubused them, it almost killed me.” Rainer tells her the Una Mens will reflect his attacks because it uses his power. “The Keeper is quick as lightning but you can do this with my help.” As he speaks, The Keeper slowly descends the podium to attack Bo. “How!” Bo asks frantic. “Duck,” Rainer orders in reply. “What?!” Bo asks. But the monks are back on their feet. “DUCK!” Rainer shouts as he re-engages them. Watching him, her back to The Keeper (rookie move), Bo ducks…just in time to avoid get her head chopped off by The Keeper’s first, fast swing.

“Block!” Rainer shouts mid-punch. In slow motion, Bo raises both hands to block The Keeper’s next thrust, presumably at lightening quick speed, which is why their fight is slowed down so the mortal eye might follow. “KICK!” he yells and Bo t-pees The Keeper in her stomach, knocking her back to collapse on the stairs of the podium. The Keeper gapes at her. The monks regroup. Rainer again puts his back to Bo’s. “Holy shit! It’s working!” she exclaims. “What next?” The Keeper slowly rises to her feet for round two. “Do you trust me?” Rainer asks Bo. She doesn’t look entirely sure.

Back at the gym, Dyson hums as he mops up residual mermaid guts. Behind him, still in her red power suit, Kenzi does the same. Doctor Lauren wipes down one of the wheelchairs and expositions that once they clean up the sea foam to which the three merpeople disintegrated when she turned the tap water on them it’s unlikely they’ll survive the sewage system. “How did you know it would kill them anyway?” Dyson asks. She explains how the tap water killed the aquatic plant and combined with Diana’s refusal to drink it and the composition of Dominique’s pearl along with the fact that their pool was filled with salt water, it was basically a no-brainer. “The rest was osmosis,” she quips. “Ha!” Kenzi approves. “Smarty pants,” Dyson teases. Doctor Lauren decides they make an excellent team and Kenzi agrees while Dyson perches his chin on the mop and smiles at them. Kenzi checks her phone. “Bo never called,” she reports unhappily. She admits that she’s worried about Bo. “What are they even doing?” Her voice breaks and she goes back to mopping and moping. Miserable, Dyson and Doctor Lauren exchange looks. They know exactly what Bo and Rainer are doing.

Or maybe not. Bodies are strewn across the floor of the Una Mens’s dungeon. On hands and knees, wheezing for air, the defeated Keeper crawls toward the dais. Bloodied, Bo and Rainer stand in the background. Bo’s drawn sword is soaked in blood while Rainer’s shirt is splattered with it. Rainer calls Bo’s attention to the fleeing Keeper. They stalk her as The Keeper crawls past the other now dead Una Mens and finally collapses back against the stairs. Rolling onto her back, she glares up at Bo. “What’s next?” Bo repeats to Rainer. “You got this,” he assures her. “Succubus,” The Keeper gasps. “If you do this, if you follow him, you will suffer a fate beyond your worst nightmares. A fate even worse than your own whore of a mother’s! You will be dragged beneath Irkalla. Damned like the spawn of evil you are!” That sends Bo over the edge. “No more threats! No more councils.” Plunging the sword down, she executes The Keeper. “Bitch.”

Trick in Lost Girl 4x10Back at Hilton Hovel, Bo is lighting candles in her bedroom when Trick enters uninvited. Say, does that door from The Dal to Hilton Hovel that was in Bo’s YDawning really exist? Also, where did Rainer go again? Please say back on the train. Bo is shocked to see Trick and immediately orders him to leave. But Trick stands his ground. “This can’t wait.” Bo strenuously objects to Trick just walking into her home, because no one’s ever done that before. “Into my room!” Or that either. Trick ducks his head, but does not waver. “Rainer will ask you to slay the Una Mens,” he warns. Bo gapes at him and stops objecting. “I know that they’ve wronged us,” he hurries to add. “That they’re evil. But I’m begging you: Don’t do it. Their power will be amassed into a single remaining seed,” he explains. “What seed?” Bo asks. “The Origin Seed. It was stolen from me,” Trick relates. “In the wrong hands…” Bo tearfully asks him to tell her what will happen then. “Just give me your word,” he implores. “That’s all I ask.” She stares at him silently all too aware that it’s all too late for that.

Somewhere underground, The Origin Seed sits in its basket at the center of a small man-made circle of small stones. Gold streaks of the Una Mens’ powers flow into the seed. Slowly, a shaking, bloody, bandaged hand lowers into view reaching for the seed.


Next week's episode: “End of a Line”


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1. stacymd2
Thanks for another great recap Kiersten. They are always a joy to read.

The fall out with the Una Mens would have been avoided if Lauren and Kenzi had followed Dyson's original idea of going to talk to Bo again at the begining of the episode.

Looking back, 410 would have been better if it was Kenzi, Hale and Dyson solving the mermaid story with Wonder Lauren being shown working on something in her lab.

My favorite line:
Kenzi: "I'm standing in a room full of man gams!"

The best parts were:
Kenzi in her red suit
Mail man Dyson
Kenzi & Darren scenes.
Dyson was fun this episode.
Everything Kenzi and Dyson. They both made Genius Lauren, M.D. slightly tolerable.

The Mermaid B-plot was a banal but it was fun enough to divert attention from the nonsense A-plot.

Plot hole fun times:

1) Why does Darren/Diana/Domi only choke Dyson, but leave Lauren to walk around totally free?

2) How is Wonder Lauren Badass, M.D. able to spray all three mer-people at once using a single hose, and not one of them was able to stop her with their powers? The 3 of them just stood/sat there gaping at her as she turned on the hose.

3) How does Rainer know that K & D are close to finding the compass? The man needs his crows to get basic things from Earth, but he knows without looking into an object that K & D are close to the compass?

4) Rainer is dead. How can a disembodied soul return Earth with a physical body?

5) The tale Hugin told in the last episode doesn't not mesh with the one Bo is saying on the train. If Hugin was trapped in a bottle since before Bo left the train, then when does he and Mugin plan the trap?

6) Rainer's power is foresight in battle. How can throwing a tarot card Gambit style at The Keeper return his foresight in battle power to him? Unless levitating a tarot card is part of "foresight in battle", then the only power Rainer should have is back is levitating cards.

7) How slow is Bo and The Keeper fighting? Can The Keeper not hear Rainer's instructions? Also, technically, Rainer is using his powers against the Una Mens when he commands Bo, so they should be able to use them against Bo/Rainer.
2. emily blake
So Bo joins the Dark and makes all these complicated plans to drive her back to the train. It might have been easier to write herself a letter and put it in her pocket, since staying unalined was the most important thing in her life until this episode.

But I actually love the idea of Dyson, Lauren and Kenzi forming a crime-solving team. If that's what this show becomes, I'm all for it.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
Hi @EmilyBlake and Welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah, there are like a gazillion better ways Bo couldve reminded herself of what happened on the train and what she had to do to rescuce Rainer. But that would make logical sense, words Lost Girl forgot how to spell long ago.

@stacymd2 - uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, and yup.
Melodie McCutcheon
4. Dragonkitty
More Plot Holes: Darren and Diana are close enough to work at the same company and share a pool but not close enough for him to ask her why she is taking a leave of absence? I guess all fae carry the not talking to each other gene. No wonder they haven't managed to take over the world. P.S. Diana, you would have just looked silly with teeny tiny Kenzi legs. 2. Dominique can't manage to get to her siblings but she can manage to get into the top secret swimming pool in the basement of the building her siblings work in? And Dyson/Lauren can manage to find a wheelchair and roll her out of the building, through the streets, and into Dyson's gym/house/new team headquarters without a fuss? They didn't even throw a blanket over her tail.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
@Dragonkitty - Maybe she perched sidesaddle on the back of Dyson's bike and people just thought she was cosplaying...while DL was left to take the streetcar alone...

EA wanted an episode with mermaids and loved the idea of Dyson hating them for being the denizens of the deep (which actually was pretty funny) and the entire "plot" was formed around that, logic be damned
Melodie McCutcheon
6. Dragonkitty
At least the show managed to sound like Dyson had a personal reason for hating mermaids. "They blow up your ship enroute to the New World" is a very specific scenario. Show could have snuck an actual interesting flashback in right there. Dyson's Traumatic Mermaid Adventure sounds a lot more interesting than Emo on a Train.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@Dragonkitty - yeah, but then I couldnt help but wonder why he didnt drown and how he got to the "New World" alive. Also nobody called it the "New World" in 1899, which is when he and Trick came over from France post-Flora's death. By then there'd been 2 American vs English wars AND a U.S. Civil War. Even considering they were going to Faeronto, it was hardly a backwater colony at that point either, certainly not a "New World" but whatever.
Suzanne Metaxas
8. SuzyM
Great recap Kiersten :) Love your little antidotes. We all know that Lost Girl writers have no conception of time, no continuity and no show bible. Hopefully the shake up in the writers’ room will bring us a better S5. I know, I know, I'm just a cockeyed optimist ;/
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