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Judgment Day: Will Veronica Mars Choose Piz or Logan?

Veronica Mars: The MovieI don't know about you, but the closer we get to the premiere of Veronica Mars: The Movie (March 14, less than a week away now, baby!), the more excited—and nervous—I get. After six years of radio silence, we'll finally see Veronica and company back in action. And we may, fingers crossed, also finally see Veronica (Kristen Bell) make the be-all, end-all choice: bad-boy Logan (Jason Dohring) or nice-guy Piz (Chris Lowell)?

Until then, all we have is speculation. In the series finale, Veronica was dating Piz and told Logan that she and he were done forever. But nine years will have passed when we meet up with all of them again, and a lot can change in that time. Based on what we know about each guy at this point in their lives, and speculating about what the movie will add to the canon, let's see how Logan and Piz match up as Veronica boyfriend material, report card-wise:

Logan: B-
Piz: B+

Logan and Veronica's tempestuous relationship dates back to before the TV series began, as Logan dated Veronica's best friend, Lilly Kane, for years, while Veronica was dating his best friend and Lily's brother, Duncan Kane. Whether as a result of just hanging out all the time or something else, the two became good friends. Of course, things then went very wrong for them after Lilly's murder, when Logan blamed Veronica for her father's suspicion of the Kanes and Veronica was left reeling with the loss of yet another ally. Logan was a complete and utter ass to Veronica for quite a while, and Veronica took none of his shit. Even after the two of them became an item in late Season 1, theirs was always a very rocky romance. So while Logan excels in quantity of history with Veronica, that also hurts him, 'cause the quality was often less than stellar.

Veronica and Piz in Veronica Mars The MoviePiz, for his part, makes up for a lack of rich history with Veronica (they met in Season 3 at Hearst thanks to Wallace, Veronica's best friend and Piz's freshman-year roommate) by being Exactly What Veronica Wants in a Boyfriend. Who knows, maybe it is in fact the lack of history between them that appeals to Veronica. Plus, while she hasn't spoken to Logan since leaving Neptune at 19, she and Piz reunited in New York City sometime before the movie begins and have been seeing each other since. So they have that shared experience now. The only question is whether their newer bond will be strong enough to endure a return to Neptune and Logan and all that entails.

Logan: A+
 Piz: C

You could argue this one either way, honestly (to each her own and all that). But now you've got my two cents.

Logan: C
Piz: A+

There's no question that Piz is a dose of normal, something Veronica has always craved—or likes to think she has, anyway. Piz, from what we know about him, was raised in a solidy middle-class family, and had a pretty normal college experience living in the dorms and eating in the dining hall. Now he's living his dream, working in radio in NYC, probably making only enough to get by (and can't a lot of us relate to that? Veronica can). To summarize: Piz is the perfect antitodote to a certain entitled, rich-kid someone...

See, Logan, the son of A-list movie star and murderer Aaron Echolls (not to mention a frequent murder suspect himself), will never be able to give her a quiet, drama-free life. The guy grew up in a mansion constantly surrounded by paparazzi and fans on bus tours. After inheriting a trust fund from his late mother, he moved into the penthouse suite of the swanky hotel the Neptune Grand.

If that's really what she wants. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. (Yeah, okay, my loyalties are clearly showing here.)

Logan and Veronica in Veronica Mars The MovieGeography
Logan: F (or A?!)
Piz: A (or F?!)

During the series, all three of our heroes lived in Neptune, so geography wasn't a factor. Fast-forward several years, however, and Logan's the only one still in Cali—turns out Veronica and Piz both found themselves in New York City—she for Columbia Law School and he for a job in radio. Now, you have to wonder: Having settled into arguably the greatest city in the world, would Veronica really be tempted to leave it all behind? Or is she happy in her new life, with the man she's been building that life with? Piz would certainly seem to have the edge on this subject. Except.

Except, for better or for worse, Veronica will probably always consider Neptune her home. In high school she was desperate to escape the place, yes, but I could picture an older, more mature V. coming to realize that in reality, Neptune's many problems add up to job security, whether as a lawyer or as a P.I. It's in Neptune that she has a chance to make a big difference here, where she's a big fish in a small pond. And let's not forget that while she associates some nasty memories with Neptune, this “town without a middle class” is also where her beloved father and best friends live. In fact, she still has a lot of allies in town, Logan among them. That's not nothing, and I have a feeling that, believe it or not, Logan's living in Neptune could end up giving Logan/Neptune a slight edge over Piz/NYC. Sometimes you just wanna go home, you know?

In conclusion, I'm torn on this one. Could go either way, guys.

Logan: A
Piz: D

In this subject I admit I find Piz majorly lacking as a partner for Veronica, though not for any fault on his part. When he and V. got together in Season 3 of the series, Piz knew little to nothing about her many issues or how she'd come to possess them. And while I do not doubt he was a wonderful listener and a supportive partner if she did indeed open up to him about it in the time since, I cannot imagine he'll ever be able to completely relate to her on that level. Much as he might try, Piz will never be able to understand Veronica as easily as Logan does. And speak of the devil...

Logan's messed up for sure, but as mentioned, so is Veronica. Oddly enough, to my mind this is exactly what makes these two so well matched, at least in TV Land. Whether it's healthy or not (NOT), Veronica and Logan both find something they're missing in the other person. For instance, Veronica will never be able to walk all over Logan the way she does most people, and she can show him every aspect of her personality without fear of rejection. For his part, Logan sees in Veronica the one person in the world who cares enough to hold him accountable for his actions (everyone needs boundaries) and who has zero interest in his wealth or fame (infamy?) but likes him simply for who he is, even if she sometimes wishes she didn't.

Plus: They're both smarter than most everyone around them, and know it. They both have a darkness to them, a cynical view of the world shaped by the loss of the girl they loved best, not to mention parents who let them down in major ways. They both have tough shells but deep down are marshmallows. Neither is one to back down from a fight. The list is endless. Much like magnets, these two are always going to find their way back to each other.


After reviewing each guy's performance in all these subjects, for me it still comes down to this: Piz makes sense if Veronica truly wants a “normal” life, but Logan is the clear choice if, in fact, she wants unpredictable and is willing to embrace a future that could contain the highest highs and lowest lows in equal measure.

So, how would you grade each guy, either overall or subject-by-subject? Did I miss any important subjects? Who do you think she'll end up with by the end of the movie? I'm game if anyone wants to speculate about what'll happen in the movie, so feel free to have at it in the comments.


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