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First Look: Cara Elliott’s Passionately Yours (March 4, 2014)

Passionately Yours by Cara ElliottCara Elliott Passionately Yours
Forever / March 4, 2014 / $7.99 digital

Proper young ladies of the ton-especially ones who have very small dowries-are not encouraged to have an interest in intellectual pursuits. Indeed, the only thing they are encouraged to pursue is an eligible bachelor.

Preferably one with both a title and a fortune.

So, the headstrong, opinionated Sloane sisters must keep their passions a secret.

Ah, but secret passions are wont to lead a lady into trouble . . .

In Cara Elliott's Passionately Yours, Miss Caroline Sloane is the youngest daughter of the Hellions of High Street, and also the most passionate. Their father raised Caro and her sisters to follow intellectual pursuits, even if it was a little unconventional for a young lady of the ton to have such an education.

Big sisters Olivia and Anna have followed their dreams of writing, and Caro hopes to find passion to inspire her poetry, but she would also like to have an experience like the ones Anna writes.

“That’s another reason I like Caro Sloane. She has such interesting knowledge about a wide variety of subjects. I wish I knew half the things she does.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” replied Alec. “In London, the three Sloane sisters are known as the Hellions of High Street. The mean-spirited gossip died down once the eldest married the very rich and very proper Earl of Wrexham. But the family is still considered a trifle odd.”


“Because their late father was an eccentric scholar and adventurer, and believe his daughters should have the same education as any son would receive.”

In the last story in Cara Elliott’s latest trilogy, Passionately Yours, Caro finally gets her own adventure, so it is a good thing that her father dragged his girls on his escapades and taught them many unladylike talents. Caroline is visiting  Bath with her mother and is making a new friend in Isobel Urquehart. When Caro and Isobel as accosted by some bandits when they are getting home late from their explorations, Caro is not one to cower and wait for a white knight to come to the rescue; she would prefer to be like Emmeline, one of the heroines her sister Anna has penned:

Trying to outfight him was madness. Still, she snatched up a rock as she turned to follow her friend.

All too quickly, the man was up and after them, cursing with rage. His heavy footfalls were coming closer and closer…

Caro whirled and flung her missile at his forehead. Thank God for the games of hunting skill she had played with the tribal children in Crete. Hours of practice had honed her aim to a lethal accuracy.


The rock smashed into his right eye, drawing a pained howl. Half stunned, half blind, he staggered on, fists flailing wildly.

As she dipped and dodged the blows, Caro decided that the only hope in escape lay in trying one last, desperate measure. Ducking low, she darted straight at him and brought her knee up hard between his legs.

Very hard.

The brute dropped like a sack of stones, his curses turning to a mewling whimper.

She also runs into a former acquaintance when she finds out Isobel’s brother is none other than Alec McClellan, Lord Strathcona, whom she met the previous autumn at Dunbar Castle in Scotland. Alec is involved in a secret political society seeking independence for Scotland. It was Caro, who with her sister, Anna and her new husband, Devlin, helped Alec stop a violent plot being conspired by his former associates.

Caro and Alec might have shared an adventure, but Alec isn’t about to bring the headstrong Caro into his confidence as to why he has suddenly traveled to England.

As for his conjectures, those he wasn’t about to share with anyone.

Especially a headstrong hellion.

During the trouble in Scotland, Caro Sloane had proved she was more than ready to charge in where angels should fear to tread. Courage, passion, fire that blazed bright as a mountain sunset.

Such fire could lead a lady into trouble.

But it is a good thing that Caro isn’t like the wilting, lilies of the ton, that inner fire (and those special talents that her father taught her) is what keeps Caro safe when she is abducted and once again, she will not sit around waiting to be saved from her tower prison. Caro plots and plans and escapes at her first opportunity.

Caro tried not to think of Alec galloping in on a white charger, a knight in shining armor flashing a mighty sword and heroic smile.

For one thing, his horse was a dappled gray.

No, she must play the intrepid heroine and save herself.


Locks were child’s play for a Hellion of High Street. In the wilds, her father had made a game of teaching his daughters survival skills, believing a lady ought to know who to fend for herself.

“Thank you, Papa,” she whispered as she knelt down and pressed the knifeblade against the main lever, then slipped in a straightened pin and began to jiggle.

It was only a matter of moments before she heard a welcome snick.

Caro spends her time waiting for passion to find her and inspire her poetry, but with all the crazy adventures which keep finding her, she might be able to give her sister Anna and her fictional heroines inspiration to last for years.

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