Mar 12 2014 7:01am

First Kiss Clip Brings Many Different Feels!

You might have seen this already, but it is so perfect for H&Hers we wanted to make certain you had. Tatia Pilieva's short clip, aptly titled “First Kiss,” shows strangers meeting for the first time—and then kissing. It is awkward, sexy, romantic, passionate, and really quite lovely.

When was your first kiss? Who was it with?

(Jezebel reports that it's a clothing ad in disguise, featuring models, musicians, artists, and actors. But it's also still cute!)

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1. Kareni
That was charming; thanks for sharing the link.

My first kiss was with a decidedly not suave fourteen year old who wanted to swap gum!
3. stacymd2
Cute short film, but feels staged to me. The older actress with the young man was on All My Children for many years.
4. lauralee1912
My first real kiss, not a elementary school kiss-tag kiss, was a good bye kiss before I headed on vacation from my boy-next-door crush Sammy. He was the hot bass player in a garage band with beautiful hazel eyes. We were inseparable the summer before my junior year of high school.

Enjoyed this little film. Although I agree with stacymd2, it seemed a bit staged.
Mary Lynne Nielsen
5. emmel
A good summary of the truth behind this piece is here:

I like the idea of everybody working for free except for "chocolate and mints."
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