Mar 5 2014 9:52am

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Darynda Jones’s Seventh Grave and No Body!

Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda JonesToday, Heroes and Heartbreakers is pleased to reveal the cover for the latest Charley Davidson caper from Darynda Jones, Seventh Grave and No Body, which will be out on October 21, 2014—just in time for Halloween!

We'll share more details, including the official description, as we get them, but in the meantime, we also have Sixth Grave on the Edge to look forward to, as we'll get more Charley (and that sexy son-of-the-devil Reyes!) with that story on May 20. (That's right: Two new books in one year!) Here's the blurb for that:

Sometimes I wrestle my demons. Sometimes we just snuggle.
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Most girls might think twice before getting engaged to someone like Reyes Farrow—but Charley Davidson is not most girls. She’s a paranormal private eye and grim reaper-in-training who’s known to be a bit of a hell-raiser, especially after a few shots of caffeine. Her beloved Reyes may be the only begotten son of evil, but he’s dark and sultry and deeply sexy and everything Charley could hope for. Really. But when the FBI file on Reyes’ childhood happens to land into her lap, she can’t help herself: She opens it...and then the real fun begins. First, Charley finds a naked corpse riding shotgun in her car. Then, a man loses his soul in a card game. Throw in a Deaf boy who sees dead people, a woman running from mobsters, and a very suspicious Reyes, and things can’t get any worse for Charley. Unless, of course, the Twelve Beasts of Hell are unleashed…

Want more? Visit H&H's official Darynda Jones Collection and stay tuned for more exclusive content as we count down to the releases of Sixth Grave on the Edge and Seventh Grave and No Body!

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Isis Nocturne
1. Isis Nocturne
The cover looks fantastic! Can't wait for Sixth Grave and then Seventh Grave!
Isis Nocturne
2. LisaH
LOVEEEEEE it!!!!! I can't wait, though!
Isis Nocturne
3. Victoria Sookie
OMGoodness!!! Beautiful cover and I sooo can't wait for this release....Dagnabit Darynda must write faster LoL

Lubs da Gothic Grimlet
Isis Nocturne
4. Casey H
It's sooooooooooooo pretty!!!! I can't wait!!
Isis Nocturne
6. Shannon Wells
Love the cover! Can't wait for Sixth and then Seventh! Then 8th and 9th and 10th! Keep them coming Darynda!
Isis Nocturne
7. Chelsea Foust
LOVE this cover, and love Darynda! I cna't wait for anything she writes, as she is amazing!!! Woot Woot for Charley and Reyes!
Isis Nocturne
8. Catherine Crook
Oh I love the PINK!!!
Isis Nocturne
9. Dana Whyte
I love the cover!! I can't wait!!
Isis Nocturne
10. Coleen K.
Whoo Hoo! Two Reyes in one year, I mean Charlies! LOL Can't wait.
Isis Nocturne
11. Emily H
I adore this series! Just enough mystery to go along with all the dirt! Nothing beats a bad boy who wants to be good and a woman who knows how to take care of herself.
Isis Nocturne
12. maia moore
Simply cannot wait for the 2 new books! LOVE this series!
Isis Nocturne
13. carine Verbeke
Love this cover and Love all the Charley Davidson books.
Isis Nocturne
14. Kristyn
I preordered this a couple if weeks ago in amazon! I am super excited that it now has a cover. Seems more real somehow, like I don't have to wait a lifetime for it to be in my hands.
Isis Nocturne
15. Patricia Reed
Very NNNIIICCCEEEE!!! Can't wait. Wott! Woot!
Isis Nocturne
16. Mud
I love this cover, but I have to wonder...
why are there no bodies on the covers of this series. We get an arm. Or a leg. Or a chain. But seriously? Who is the real Charley Davidson? The Arm? The Foot?
Isis Nocturne
17. April Hollingworth
I think it's gorgeous :D
Isis Nocturne
18. kelliann_01
I'M A HUGE Charley fan...can't wait for books six and seven...the cove looks great!
Isis Nocturne
19. kate burgess
I'm so excited! I can't wait to read it!
Isis Nocturne
20. BWOW
Jonesing for some REYES! Can't wait!
Isis Nocturne
21. Steph NewMex
The belt! I was hoping we were going to see it again. Very nice. The words "Bonus chapter Inside! Only in print edition!" has me crying foul though. My closets, bookshelves and garage are bursting over with print books and I can only buy digitally now :-( Would you deprive some of your biggest fans that chapter? Will that chapter be on the audio version?
Isis Nocturne
22. Kim S
Two books in one year! Woohoo!! Love the cover of Seventh Grave and can't wait for 6th & 7th.
Kim R.
23. kimreetz
Excited!!! The cover is beautiful. 2 books this year!!! super excited to always read more about Charley and Reyes. Keep them coming.
Isis Nocturne
24. Rachel K
The cover is Awesome!!! Cant wait!!!!!!!
Isis Nocturne
25. gail gober pretty..and the skull just makes it!! Looks great!
Isis Nocturne
26. Jennifer S
It looks so good! ! excited!
Isis Nocturne
27. Kelly Clevinger Bernard
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cover! I can't wait to read the book.
Isis Nocturne
28. Jessica E
I absolutely love this series! The cover is beautiful and I can't wait for Sixth Grave to come out so I can get my hands on it!
Isis Nocturne
29. Aislynn
So THIS is why you said we'd see a lot of that belt. Love it and soooo excited.
Isis Nocturne
Isis Nocturne
31. Melody J
Pink!!! I love it!! Can't wait!
Isis Nocturne
32. ramblin grimlet
LOVE!! I always love the titles too!! Darynda always delivers!!!!
Isis Nocturne
33. maybe31
Love the series. Can't wait!
Isis Nocturne
34. Shannon Keith
Love the new cover! This is one of my favorite series!
Isis Nocturne
36. Lori1019
Love it!!!!!!!! And love the Pink!
37. Ambercruz1
I love this cover!! All the covers in this series are awesome! This series one of my ABSOLUTE Favorites!
Isis Nocturne
38. Lena B
My very favorite author and covers!!
Isis Nocturne
39. Carla H
The cover is great! Can't wait for Sixth Grave. Feels like Christmas getting 2 new books this year. The story between Charley and Reyes is the best, but I can't wait to find out more about Mr Wong!
Isis Nocturne
40. nixie d
Eek! Two books one year! How exciting!!
Isis Nocturne
41. Jessica S.
Oh awesome! Still getting use to new look but it's definitely growing on me!
Isis Nocturne
43. nikki woolums
I love the cover and this series! And I love how each cover has grave rising, deadly fabulous accessories on it : )
Isis Nocturne
44. sara h
Best cover yet!! Love the belt!!!
Isis Nocturne
45. jena fischer
Love the cover! Another beautiful cover for the best book series out there! Darynda Jones you have out done yourself yet again!
Isis Nocturne
47. Crystal F.
Can't wait for the next book to come out! This series is so awesome!
rachel cressin
48. aredheadthing
I love the cover!! It's gorgeous! It's going to look fabulous on my bookshelf next to all the other books in the series!
Isis Nocturne
49. Tamran
I love it!!! It's so pretty!!!!
Cheryl U.
50. matkeltri
I love this series. It's consistently laugh-out-loud funny, but surprisingly touching at times. Can't wait!
Isis Nocturne
51. Laura Burleson
So pretty! Can't wait to read it!! Love my Darynda!
Isis Nocturne
52. cookie grimlet
Love it can't wait already preordered sixth grave and loooking foreword to reading seventh grave
Jennifer Proffitt
53. JenniferProffitt
Hi, all,

Jenn from Team H&H hopping in. If your name is in red you are not logged in, so we need one more step from you to be successfully entered into the sweepstakes. Please make sure you are a logged in/registered user in order to enter for a chance to win the prize!

Jenn @Team H&H
Jeanna Urbin
55. shiwolf71
Great cover!! Can't wait to get both of these books!!!
56. wkonsunshine
It is going to be a great Fall. Cannot wait for this book!
Isis Nocturne
57. Tracy Hufschmid
I enjoy the anticipation as much as the reading, nearly......
Isis Nocturne
58. Cate aka absolutartist1
love, Love, LOVE this series! (and, that belt buckle!)
Isis Nocturne
59. MsAnne333
Love this series and hope it last a good long tme.
Isis Nocturne
60. Angela W
Two books in one year!!! I love it!!!! Love the 7th Grave cover and that is one sweet looking belt buckle. Darynda rocks!!!
Isis Nocturne
I love this cover!
Can't wait to sink into the world of Charley & Reyes again...
65. Mudepoz
Trying again:
I love this cover, but I have to wonder...
why are there no bodies on the covers of this series. We get an arm. Or a leg. Or a chain. But seriously? Who is the real Charley Davidson? The Arm? The Foot?
Isis Nocturne
66. Lheanne
LOVE the cover, it looks awesome!! Can't wait for Sixth Grave and Seventh Grave!!!
Isis Nocturne
67. Debbie Arlene
Love it can't wait for Sixth Grave, then Seventh, so excited!!!!!!
Isis Nocturne
68. Jennifer Moloney
LOVE this! Oh I am sooooo excited! What a great year for sure!!
Isis Nocturne
70. Bonnie Newville
LOVE IT!! I can't wait for 6 and 7! So Awesome!
Kimberly MacCarron
71. KimMacCarron
Can't believe we get a Charley/Reyes fix so close together. :-) The cover looks great! Love the belt.
Isis Nocturne
72. Mandy Jamerson
tina bartz
73. tina bartz
I am really looking forward to these next two books! Love this cover!
Isis Nocturne
74. Lindsay Hedges
I didn't think I could be more excited for a book release. Then I found out there is not only a book 6 for Charley but book 7!!! Dying of excitement!
Isis Nocturne
75. Lea_Krnjeta
I love Darynda and the cover is awesome! I also love the blurb :)
Victoria Sloboda
76. jovial_1
I love pink and that buckle would go SO well with my wardrobe ;). Thanks.
Isis Nocturne
78. Brittany Bishop
Yay so happy to have two Charley Davidson novels in one year. Amazing cover, love it!
Isis Nocturne
79. Lisa L
Love the title, love the cover, love the series!!!!
Azucena Rodriguez
80. ajeans
OMG! I want! I want! I want! I need! I need! I need! NOW :( I'm a HUGE Charley Davidson fan and I need that N.O.W.!!! lol, and thanks for the giveaway :)
Isis Nocturne
81. Linda Crusie
Giddy over this! Lovin' the cover, lovin' the books and LOVIN' me some Reyes!
Isis Nocturne
82. Linda Olson
Sooooo Can't wait for this book!!
Isis Nocturne
83. Steph brentson
Wow The cover is amazing and it's PINK!! the girly side of me thinks this is just awesome! LOL
84. cindymac52
I probably won't win this, but I just want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always buy your books. I still love ALL your books and your sence of humor. Love you Darynda!
debbie lim
85. derbyL
WHATTT??? TWO books this year??? I'm not sure my heart can take this much excitement...
Amanda Curry
86. Amandabcurry
Love the Charley Davidson series!! She's just so funny and I can't wait for the newest addition!!!
Isis Nocturne
88. Kate T
LOVE this series. Am super excited!
Isis Nocturne
90. msjdbriz
I love all the covers! The cover on the first book is what caught my eye! I'm so glad I seen that book!
Isis Nocturne
93. paranormalbites
TWO Charley & Reyes books in one year!!!!! How awesome is that!?!
Can. Not. Wait.
One of my favorite series! Great cover and i can't wait to read it :-)
Isis Nocturne
95. Grandma Pat
Now we all need the belt from Seventh and shoes from First to complete our outfits....
Isis Nocturne
96. Jennifer Love
Wow!! That's beautiful!
Sarah Smith
97. sasmith361
All of her covers are amazing! Although I loved the green one the best. Fourth Grave...I believe.
Isis Nocturne
98. Beachgirl75
Love this series. Cool belt buckle.
100. Squenn
I am loving this cover! Pink is my fave color, so it's now my favorite out of all of them. The belt is pretty coo!
Marie Brown
101. mariebrown1
I absolutely freaking ADORE these sexy, colorful covers! Darynda Jones ROCKS!!
Samantha Cox
102. aznnymph09
Hellz yeah! I love this series! And, I love the belt buckle! Hope I win!!! I can't wait for the new book to come out!!!
Isis Nocturne
103. Misty S.
Ack! It's so amazingly, wonderfully beautiful! Just as I thought I couldn't be any more excited with 6th Grave coming out now it's doubled knowing we are that much closer to 7th Grave. Love it and so excited. :)
Isis Nocturne
104. KMBookLover
Two books in one year! Swoon! I love this series!!
Joani Sheaffer
105. Jkrowyn
I can't believe I'm one book behind on this series, I have to catch up quick!! I love to re-read these!! :)
Cindy Colohan
106. sin
Can not wait to read both books. Love this series. Thank you for a chance to win theis awesome belt buckle. :)
Isis Nocturne
107. Christina G.
I love it it :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
Isis Nocturne
109. Maggie Kelley
Congrats, Darynda! Love the cover, love the title....but why is there no body? I have to know!
Sonja Jernigan
111. smjernigan
I love this series!!!! Yay! Two books in one year! It's truly coffee cup runneth over!
Isis Nocturne
112. Mychelle Cherry
Wow can't believe there are 2 books to be released this year!!!! Love this series, it is written by an amazing author!!! Can't wait to get my hands on both books! The covers are absolutely amazing!!! They completely fit the Charley image!!!!
Isis Nocturne
113. Chuck
So like... We'll all be receiving those belts right?
Shannon Schrell
114. schrells
I love this series and could not wait to share it with my daughter (of appropriate age and mentality of course), she has a similar sense of humor and I knew she would love Charley as much as I do...I was wrong. She may even love it more. Thinking of getting her the T-shirt for her birthday, any of them, they would all be perfect.
Isis Nocturne
115. lostdog
love love love this cover.....and the series too!! :)
Isis Nocturne
116. Casey Cole
I Love It!! Can't Wait Although I'm Still Waiting To Hold Sixth Grave In My Hands I'm Excited For Both Books!!
Trayce Layne
117. lemonamour
These are my most anticipated releases this year. - Can. Not. Wait. !!!
Isis Nocturne
119. Caila F.
I love these covers, thanks for the contest!
Heather VanFleet
120. al1316
I love every cover this series has had so far but I think this one is my most favorite. It just seems to fit Charlie.
Rena Echeverria-Thomason
121. renabena
I'm so excited there are going to be two books this year!
Isis Nocturne
122. Heather Jonassen
I love the cover because I LOVE the good stuff in between. And two Charley Davidson books in a year?? Even better!
Sarah Jackson
123. skjackson
YES!!! Double Reyes and Charley - 2014 already officially the Best Year EVAH.
Melanie Thomas
125. missmelthomas
Love the cover!! The belt is bad ass! Thanks for the opportunity!
Isis Nocturne
126. Janie Bowen
Love the books Darynda Jones! Would love this belt!
Bonnie Newville
128. newvillebj
Awesome!!! I love it!! Love all the covers!! Can not WAIT for 6th and 7th Graves!!
Isis Nocturne
129. Dian trimble
I am so excited this will be my
Birthday gift to myself!!! I love the cover:)
Debbie P
130. Yodamom
I love the hot pink cover ! I can't ait to get my hands on this one. :D
Alane Bronson
131. catwomanmsp
Looking forward to reading both 6 & 7! Can't wait!! Hooked many friends onto this series also.
Isis Nocturne
132. Michelle O
Love this series & can't wait for the next book to come out!
Tara Jefferson
133. confessortee
Awesome!!! Two books one year!! I was worried I didn't receive the Sixth Grave when I first read the post on Facebook. LOL!
Isis Nocturne
135. belhz
Pink I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!
Sarah Stultz
136. RVASarah
That belt and buckle will let all the hot guys I know that I am NOT f-ing around. ;-)
Isis Nocturne
137. swick903
Can't wait for this book!! This is my favorite series!!
Nicole Dragatis
139. ndragatis
woohoo!!! two books one year! what more can a girl ask for! =D
Shelly Cloud
140. shellycloud
I have loved all of Darynda's books since they have come out! I love each cover, they get better with each book. I also love the quips and quotes in the book, they crack me up and I can relate to alot of them! Thank you for sharing your stories with us :)
Sara Demir
141. Zeze88
I am so excited that she's doing two books in one year! I've loved her from the start and I can honestly say she's my favorite author =)
Isis Nocturne
143. Sommer Rab
Oooh oh oh. Pick me! Pick me!
Denise Elrod
144. ScarltsMmy
I adore this series! I can't wait for the next book....and the next book!!
Isis Nocturne
147. BookLover62
Two books in one year.!! *Happy Dance*.
Id love to win the belt for my daughter!
Isis Nocturne
148. donna santos ludwig
Love it.....Eagarly awaiting!!!!!!!
Isis Nocturne
150. Julie Flick
Counting down the days!
Isis Nocturne
151. Judith Timm
I always stop what I'm doing & read Charley's latest adventure as soon as it hits my mailbox. Then I take a deep breath and read it again, nice and slow, enjoying it even more. Knowing there's one due out this month (on pre-order for a looooong time!) and yet another one in October, well, it just flat cheers me up! TY
Isis Nocturne
152. burbanette
Love the new cover and I would go in a diet to make that buckle look hot on me!
JoAnna Becker
153. beckerjo
Love the Charley Davidson series! Having 2 in one year is fabulous!
Isis Nocturne
154. sylvia s.
looking forward to this !!!!
Isis Nocturne
155. shyhyatt
Thank you. I read this series because of this site. It is fabulous and I can't wait to have the next book.
Isis Nocturne
156. Amy Rosen
Beyond cool! Can't wait! Two books one year? fantabulous
Isis Nocturne
157. thenoble1
I can't wait for it to release, such a great cover!
nikki woolums
158. nikki woolums
I love the cover and this series! Really excited to get two books in a year. And I love how each book cover has grave rising, deadly fabulous accessories on it :-)
Isis Nocturne
159. Denny
Love the new cover and the latest skull accessory. The books get better and better! Can't wait to read it! My namesake gives Denises a bad name, that is why I am using the alias Denny.
Lori McWilliams
161. nightmusic
I love when a writer has such an abundance of great material to keep a wildly interesting series like this one ongoing! Keep them coming, and we'll keep on reading!
Marcela Fandino
162. BookaholicCat
Love the cover! Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to me. ;)
Isis Nocturne
163. SynSwin
I'm so excited!! This series is amazing!!!
Isis Nocturne
164. Laurie Roberts
I'm a loving it and I'm a gonna rock that belt!
Angela Lassley
165. osuaurora
Ah I love the belt! I have the shoes that were on one of the UK covers!!! I cannot wait for the books! I'm having Charlie withdrawl!
167. kakokykeku
The book is a beautiful sight!!!! Truly can't wait for more Charley!!
Isis Nocturne
168. Redheaded Bookworm
I know I say this with every book, but this is my FAVORITE! Gorgeous!
Wendy Sachs
169. Isis Nocturne
Hi, Commenter #1 here again... Repeating my comment from before to be entered: "The cover looks fantastic! Can't wait for Sixth Grave and then Seventh Grave!"
Isis Nocturne
171. sarah weiss
LOVE the cover for 7th Grave! Darynda's books are always fabulous!!!
Isis Nocturne
172. Tiffany R
Screams at top of lungs I LOVE IT when can I have it!
Isis Nocturne
173. D'Aulan Collins
wow, great cover and two books in the same year, I've died and gone to heaven. Hello Charley. Thanks to Darynda and hero and fo r the sneak peek.
Crystal McCann
174. clparker
D, what up, homie? *knuckle bump* Bootiful cover ... one in which you did not share with me before the masses, but it's sort of hard to be upset with you because you've got that luscious thing going on and all. Buahahaha! Congratulations, my friend ... *whispers* If I don't win, can you get me one of these belts???

175. burbanette
I love the new cover! Can not wait to get my hands on this book! Oh, I'm dieting so I can wear this belt buckle!
Shanta Hughes
176. Treyzsongbird
Absolutely love this cover!! So pretty. I love Darynda's books, she is just as awesome as the cover! : )
Isis Nocturne
177. Nadezhda
I can't wait. I went through the entire series in 2 or 3 days when my cousin introduced me to Charley. Then I went looking for other books. Keep up the great work!!! :D
Jennifer bennett
178. jenofthejungle
Ok, I am so down with this! AND the October release is right around my birthday :) YAY!
Isis Nocturne
179. laura ogorman
Can wait I read all six books in two weeks!
Deb Rasmussen
180. DebRas
I adore this series. And this belt buckle would be perfect - I have a major thing for skulls! Tell Reyes I said Hey!
Betty H
181. happymaking
Yes, love her books! And that is one gnarly belt buckle!
Alicia porfirio
183. redskull1
Love the cover for the 7th book. cant wait for it to come out counting down the the days for sixth grave on the edge.
rachel krogen
184. rkrogen82
I love the cover! And I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FREAKING excited for books 6 & 7! Thanks for the chance!!...=)
Isis Nocturne
185. Beneath the cover
Ahhh the covers are always amazing! I am dying for these books! Thanks for the giveaway :)
Isis Nocturne
186. Apack6510
I love reading about Charlie and Reyes. They are the perfect couple. The cover is awesome!! I love the fact the every cover has a skull somewhere on it. And the pink just makes it perfect. Can't wait!!!!
Candy Gorcsi
187. candyyy
Love it! My daughter who's 16 would be so jealous!
Isis Nocturne
188. saymt1
Awesome! Pink!! Skull buckle!!! Reyes-yummy!!!!
Isis Nocturne
189. superblonde29
Love love love this series! Can't wait!!
Davia Smith
192. QweenDavia
I am So in LOVE with these books I tell everyone who will listen that they need to read every last one of them! I love the fact that Darynda is always doing things to interact with her fans makes me love her that much more!
Isis Nocturne
193. becca69
That belt is so sweet! So excited for this book.
Isis Nocturne
194. Hyde-Away with books
Oh my!!!! This rocks!
Isis Nocturne
195. tclikes2
SOOOO love my Charlie & Reyes!!!
Michelle Horner
196. MrsBrighteyes
Oh I love this series and have been following her blog and reading her blurps she adds on the next install of the book series. I am so excited for the next book to be released.
Isis Nocturne
197. smcate
I love this series. Charley is my hero (I just wish I had her quick wit). Can't wait for the next book to come out and I love that belt.
Toni Leier
198. ChaosLove
I can't wait for the new release. Charley is my hero!
Isis Nocturne
199. Kate T
awesome! I am SO looking fwed to this!
LaMonica Vann
200. Vixhen
I think those belts need to be marketed and sold. I would buy one in a heartbeat! Love Charley, Reyes, Cookie, and the whole gang. This is by far my favorite series, ever!
Josette Schaber
201. EvanleaAuthor
Can't wait for this book. Love this series. Thanks to my book club gals for recommending it.
Rayah Martin
203. Malcolmina
Can't wait for the new books! And I'd love the belt buckle, too!
Isis Nocturne
204. Carey S
Love the belt and the series
Beverly Gordon
205. SiNn
I love that cover the colors the belt the series all of it cant wiat to read this a congrats on two releases so close together this year!
Isis Nocturne
206. ambacsa
Love the excited for 6th grave to be out :)
Kim Weeks
208. Sonogirl88
This looks so fantastic ! I can't wait to get my hands on this!
Love, Love, Love Darynda Jones!
Isis Nocturne
209. Roxanne Rhoads
I love this series- what a treat- two books in one year!!!
Isis Nocturne
211. MissyC
i am so excited for these books!
Tamara Nutter
213. maralyn14
2 books in one year!! how exciting, I can not wait!!!
214. kira13
I binged read this series in 2 days! Worth it! Can't wait to read the 7th installment!
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