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Coming (In) Like a Lion: March 2014’s Erotic Recomendations

In need of some sexy reading material to fill your e-reader? I’m here for you. Each month I will bring you an assortment of erotic pleasure reads to tempt your palate—and your credit card....

March brings out all our dark and lush sexual fantasies when the men and women in the books below decide to throw caution to the wind and take what they want.

Hot Shots Anthology by Anne Marsh, Lynn LaFleur, and Stacey Kennedy

Fired Up by Anne Marsh: Hannah Green watches for wildfires from an isolated fire tower in Sequoia National Park by day and radios Cajun firefighter Cole Henry at night to share carnal fantasies hot enough to start a forest fire. . .

Sizzle by Lynn LaFleur: When photojournalist Maysen Halliday arrives in Lanville to take calendar pictures of the sexiest firefighters in Texas, red hot Fire Chief Clay Spencer makes her want him for her own personal centerfold...

Five-Alarm Masquerade by Stacey Kennedy: With her home destroyed in a fire, Abby has only the muscular arms of a rock hard firefighter to hold her up and the dream of blazing hot nights of pure erotic pleasure to keep her going. . .

If men in uniform light your fire then you can’t go wrong with the Hot Shots Anthology. Three five alarm M/F erotic romances deliver hot sexual encounters, paving the way towards love. Sexy alphas meet their matches when the call of duty goes above and beyond the job.

Riding Desire (Alpha Bad Boy Biker Boxed Set) by Sharon Page, Adriana Hunter, Marian Tee, and more!

Hop on for the ride of your life in this NEW exclusive limited edition box set of 14 never before published stories from the industry’s hottest authors in contemporary romance.

Whether you crave alpha heroes, possessively wicked boyfriends, sexy inked rock stars, or passionately naughty lovers, Riding Desire will fulfill your bad boy biker fantasies like no other boxed set you’ve ever read.

Biker babes unite! Fourteen best selling authors have come together to give readers the “ride of their lives” with some of the hottest alphas to date. This boxed set offers up sexy interludes and erotic delights as these road warriors do whatever it takes to claim their women.

Claimed by a Demon King by Felicity Heaton

The moment the demon King Thorne of the Third Realm set eyes on the mortal huntress Sable, he knew she was his fated one. The fiery, dangerous female awakened hungers he had never experienced before, a dark craving and passion that has consumed him in their time apart. As the lunar cycle wanes, she enters his world again and nothing will stand in the way of him claiming his forever with her—not the relentless assault from the Fifth Realm or the dark elf male determined to seduce her out of his grasp.

Intent on achieving the coveted position of commander at Archangel, Sable leads her small team into the dark underworld and the Third Realm, to a war where her allies are the very creatures she normally hunts—vampires, werewolves, and demons. Her eagerness to lead the deadly mission has everything to do with winning her promotion, and nothing to do with the kingdom’s brash, lethally seductive demon king—a king who stirred fierce desire and wildfire heat in her with just a look and an innocent touch when they first met, and has been in her wicked dreams ever since.

As the gathering storm between rivals unleashes irresistible passion that flares white-hot and the heat of the battle brings life-shattering realisations, can Sable place her duty before her heart? Or will she surrender to her deepest desires and be claimed by a demon king?

Book two in Heaton’s Eternal Mates series brings even more combustible heat to this sensuous PNR when passion and forbidden desires bring together a pair of warriors who try to control their destiny. The threat of war only heightens the sexual tension of our couple’s steamy erotic journey towards love.

Telling Tales by Charlotte Stein

Allie has held a brightly burning torch for Wade since college. They were part of a writing group together, and everything about those days with him and their friends Kitty and Cameron fills her with longing. When their former Professor leaves them his rambling mansion in his will, it's a chance for them to reunite.

But there's more than friendship bubbling beneath the surface. As secrets are revealed and relationships rekindled, the stories get dirtier and the stakes get higher. And now Allie's realized that she isn't quite sure who she wants...fun-loving Wade, or quiet, restrained Cameron.

Neither have been honest about their feelings, and now they have the chance to act on all of the tales that ignite their most primal desires.

In this domestic re-release, Charlotte Stein gets dirty and raw in her story of reconnections when a young woman has a chance to engage in some erotic exploration with three college friends, two of whom she wanted in her bed. Using increasingly naughty stories to heighten their almost unbearable sexual tension, Stein pushes her characters into revealing secrets and indulging in the deep emotional and erotic fantasies that have plagued them all since they first met.

Seven Sons, Book 1 in the Gypsy Brothers Series by Lili St. GermainThe Gypsy Brothers series by Lili St. Germain

My father taught me the importance of an eye for an eye—a cardinal rule, ingrained in every club member.

A life for a life.

Seven lives in payment for an unimaginable list of sins.

People might wonder why I’m doing this. If this vengeance is borne from some noble cause. If I’m trying to prevent others from suffering at the hands of Dornan Ross and his sons.

But I’m no selfless vigilante.

I’m doing this for me. I’m doing it because I want to.

I’m doing this because I just want to be able to sleep at night without seeing their faces.

This is the fate they have earned. The penance for their crimes. Time to send some of these brothers off with a bang.

Raped, branded, and left for dead, Juliette Portland has risen from the ashes much like the mythical phoenix. Armed with a new face, body, and identity, she is more than ready to take down the man and MC that killed her father and took their anger out on her body. And she will start with the only thing the president of the MC holds dear—his sons.

The Gypsy Brothers is a seven book serial series that follows a single woman’s journey of revenge as she strikes fatal blows against the heart of her enemy. Dark and violent with questionable subject matter, this serial has a cracktastic feel to it as you follow the soap opera-ish storyline and wonder just how and if our heroine will be able to walk away in the end. There are seven books total, with the first two already out, and the third book set to release March 30, 2014.

What books are making for a roaring March?


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