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Bitten Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: Cleaning Up the Mess

Elena and Jeremy in Bitten 108We've been following this project since it was first announced that an adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten was in the works. And now, here it is! Check back weekly for episode recaps from Jackie Lester the day after the show airs in the U.S. on SyFy (and remember that in Canada the show will be airing a couple days earlier, on Saturdays on Space). Catch up with recaps for episodes 1x011x021x031x041x05, 1x06, and 1x07.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bitten, including last night's Season 1, episode 8, “Prisoner.” Enjoy!

The scene opens with the sun once again deceptively bright over Stonehaven. Elena and Clay are cleaning the kitchen, a gruesome amount of blood still on the floor and kitchen table. Elena says she “doesn’t know if [she] can do any more funerals.” Me neither. Clay tries to divert her worries, saying “nothing’s going to happen until Nick is back and Jeremy gets better.” Elena feels “like [they] failed Antonio.” Clay replies with a simple “We did.” Clay walks outside.

Elena scrubs a little more at the table before going to check on Jeremy. Jeremy, with labored breathing, admits he thought his weakness was from blood loss but rest hasn’t fixed the problem like it should have. He says meaningfully “there’s something wrong.” Elena checks the scar at the wound that looks like it has been well stitched and is on the road to healing, but tells Jeremy he’s burning up; she doesn’t understand. He confirms the suspicion that he’s been poisoned but warns Elena they’ll need to find out what it is before it can be treated, “the wrong course of treatment could be fatal.”

She runs back to the kitchen to update Clay. Clay wants to know “how much time [they] have.” Elena has no idea, just telling him that “it doesn’t look good, it could be hours.” Elena insists she’ll go find the mutts; Clay would rather start with Cain. He vows to pry the information out but when they rush down to start the process, Cain is in wolf form. Elena says “I don’t think he wants to talk.”


Elena is tossing on a coat, trying to head for the door. She wants to go looking for the mutts, but Clay catches her. She threatens him that if he tells her not to go by herself, she’ll break his arm. She’s convincing, though Clay tells her not to go by herself anyway. He still believes he can get the info from Cain (and we all know he’s used morphine in the past to switch a wolf back so he’s probably right). Elena makes a dig at him that his tactics will be more about vengeance. Clay tries to change her mind by finding a fault in her plan, if she even has one, mocking her by suggesting she’s just hoping she’ll just find the mutts roaming around Bear Valley. She tells Clay that she’ll look for the woman that was with them instead. He wants Elena to call right away if she does find them. She promises she won’t do anything stupid.

At Nick’s wannabe nightclub, Amanda is telling Nick she’s cleared out the workers to let Nick have some alone time. He’s apologizing to her when another man walks in making a joke that seems to indicate he thinks Nick’s place will feature strippers. Nick hugs the new arrival, Jorge, refuting the stripper notion at the same time. Nick takes the conversation in a serious direction: he’s asked Jorge to come because of his legal talents. Nick informs Jorge that his “father is dead” but Jorge laughs uncomfortably, thinking it’s a sick joke. He’s quickly corrected that it is, sadly, not a joke in the slightest.

Clay is now armed with rope and some kind of metal stick. He’s also got a tray of what appears to be medicine. He’s informing Cain that he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, changing into his wolf form. As Clay preps what might be one of the biggest injection devices ever, he tells Cain that he’s “done this before.” Cain growls, shakes his head a bit then collapses to the floor.

Philip and Sylvie are sitting together on the sofa at the condo. She’s telling Philip that she took some stills from the video then launches into an explanation that Nate wasn’t exactly on the up and up about how the video came to be (no foolin’.) She swears that Nate is a perv and finds evidence in the video as it pans over the “neatly stacked” clothes. Sylvie believes Nate was spying on a couple that were getting’ busy out on the beach.

Philip looks closer at the video, seeing something he doesn’t like, a questioning look on his face. When Sylvie asks him what he’s thinking, he just tells her that he hopes she’s wrong about this new theory. Sylvie doesn’t see the issue with still using the video despite its questionable origin and purpose but Philip thinks it could lead to some PR headaches if anyone gets wind that the video was being shot of people having sex. Philip says he has to go back and see if Nate has any additional video that could sway the use of it. Sylvie tells Philip they “make a great team” and goes in for a kiss to confirm it. Philip pulls away in the nick of time saying they did make a good team.

That’s reason enough for Sylvie to pack up her laptop and split. She tosses Philip a flash drive on the way out, telling him she also made “an app to tweak the settings.” Philip tries to stop her from leaving mad but Sylvie is calling him on the BS. She says he knows a bunch of her friends that could all do the same work, that subconsciously he wanted her specifically for a deeper reason. He says he “was hoping [they] could be mature” about it but again Sylvie points out the fact the Elena is nowhere to be found. She leaves with a firm close of the door.

Elena, driving Clay’s truck, stops at an SUV at the same gas station where they’d caught Cain. She tries the door and it’s locked. Wrapping her jacket around her hand, she punches a hole in the passenger window. Gaining access, she rifles through the glove box to find a lipstick and a tampon. You know a man has to have set this scene up…a lipstick wouldn’t last five minutes in a glove box in weather you can take your jacket off in. Despite this, Elena says “Gotcha!” She finds a hanging tag that reads “1138” with a spade design on it. Her expression makes it look like this explains everything.

Nick is explaining to Jorge about the mutts’ attacks on the pack. Jorge wants to talk to Jeremy directly. Nick says no, telling his cousin that he isn’t part of the “inner circle” and as such just has to rely on the messages Nick is bringing to him. Jorge assures him he didn’t “mean anything by” his request. Nick's getting angry again, tells Jorge that the mutts “think they can come at Stonehaven” but promises that lessons will be taught “once and for all.” Jorge understands and asks what he needs to do.

Nick wants Jorge to deal with the erasure of Antonio’s “life in the human world,” making everyone else (wolves, obviously) believe that “Jeremy let [Antonio] retire.” Jorge lets out a sigh and asks for a drink. Nick tries to reassure Jorge that “everything’s under control.” Jorge says “Okay, Nicky” which has Nick telling his cousin “One more thing. No more Nicky” telling us just how much his father’s death has already cost any remaining youthful whims Nick may have been holding on to.

Philip on his laptop in Bitten episode 8, PrisonerPhilip is flipping through pictures of Elena on his own laptop, finding a particular one, and zooming in on it: it's a photo of her with the necklace he had gotten her for their anniversary. He finds the images from the video and sees the same necklace on the neatly stacked pile of clothes.

Back at Stonehaven, Cain is waking up in human form from his drugged state to find he’s been strung up to the cage bars. Cain tells Clay “I ain’t got nothin’ to say.” Clay, taking knot tying several steps beyond what they teach in the boy scouts, tells Cain that the way he’s tied the ropes is not compatible with a wolf’s shoulders and will rip his arms from their sockets if he does try to change. Cain looks understandably horrified.

Elena is pulling into a trailer park. She finds a lot with the same symbol she found on the hangtag. She reaches out for the door handle, but her phone rings before she can open the door. It’s Philip. He tells her he’s been thinking about her, her response is that everything is fine with her at the moment. Philip takes the conversation in the direction of her running gear at the condo and how she’d left it there, expanding further to how she and Logan go running at Cherry Beach. Coincidentally, that’s the same location the wolf video was filmed at. Elena doesn’t answer the actual questions he’s asking in a roundabout way, telling him she knows how off things are but they’ll be back to normal soon. Philip asks about the necklace and if she’s wearing it as they speak. She gets that he’s being weird (though she’s thinking it’s for a different reason completely,) understanding that things have been so off. He tells her to “come back soon” and they sign off with “Love you.” She looks at the phone post-disconnection for a brief moment before ripping the lock off the trailer door.

Clay shoves a chair out of the way with his foot, explaining to Cain that he needs to know what poison was used. Cain says he knows nothing about poison then realizes that “Leblanc poisoned his blade.” He laughs at Santos “bit[ing] a winner.” Clay asks again where he can find the mutts, Cain suggesting he shove his question up an awkward place. Clay points out that Cain’s temporary digs weren’t “built for quiet reflection.” Clay advises Cain it would be a good time to talk while he’s “still feeling friendly.” Cain decides it would be better to taunt Clay with the details of Pete’s death. Clay’s calm demeanor is barely holding on as the mutt relentlessly goads him. As Clay gets right up in Cain’s face, the mutt says he’s “not afraid of” him and that he knows how badly Clay wants to “finish it.” Clay tells Cain he’s “not getting off that easy” and walks away, leaving the mutt yelling at him in frustration.

Elena is checking out the less than luxury accommodations to be found in the trailer. Not finding anything of interest, she calls Clay to let her know where she is. Clay is still with Cain, so the mutt is able to tune into the conversation. Elena tells Clay the trailer is where the girl and Cain maintain “their love nest.” She tells Clay she’s just going to keep an eye out for Cain’s girlfriend coming back. Clay tells her again to call rather than dealing with things on her own. Elena readily agrees and they disconnect.

Clay now has some additional information and hits Cain with new questions. Instead of ID’ing her, Cain suggests they deal with things “the old fashioned way” if only Clay would untie him. Clay asks again for the girl’s name, which Cain avoids, instead making her sound like a ‘biker bitch’ that will “do anything for a bag of coke and a coupla rocks of crystal.” Cain lays the derogatory comments on so thick, ending his verbal tirade with “what do I care.” We know he’s told her how much he does, maybe Clay will see through all this posturing. Clay walks away, not seeing the look on Cain’s face that speaks volumes about the lies he’s just told.

The view of a pair of cowboy boots exiting the back of a Bear Valley cab opens the next scene. Elena watches as Cain’s girl rushes from the cab into the trailer. Elena tucks herself into a random enclosure to watch what happens. The girl rushes in, tossing a few bits of clothing into her bag, running right back out to the waiting cab. Elena sees the taxi drives off.

Jorge is working on Antonio’s accounts and schedule. He says there’s a meeting set up in New York for the following week. Nick tells him to create flights to Frankfurt, then Rome. Jorge asks what “the cover story” should be. Nick wants to make it look like his dad is in the middle of “a midlife crisis,” heading off somewhere to “grow grapes and make wine.” Jorge is impressed with the plan which Nick says comes from “learn[ing] from the best.” Jorge offers a toast to Antonio, now “tak[ing] his place in the legacy”.

Nurse Clay is checking Jeremy’s blood pressure, telling the Alpha that it’s “dangerously low,” our view of the digital reading consistent with his statement. Jeremy is asking for Elena, saying he needs “to tell her about the first day(s) of Stonehaven.” Clay hushes him, saying he isn’t in his “death bed” quite yet. Jeremy asks about Cain, wanting him to put pressure on the mutt for the information. Clay tells him that torture isn’t the answer for Cain because of the mutt already repeating his request for Clay to end his life. They talk about Cain’s strength, Clay saying he “would have been a good pack member if he wasn’t such an asshole.”

Jeremy tells Clay about his first change. Jeremy’s “father tied a rock around his neck and threw [him] in the” lake. Malcolm’s idea was that Jeremy should know how it felt to die “as a boy and as a wolf.” Jeremy says he can still feel it, that his “father is the poison in [his] blood.” Clay tries to tell his adoptive parent he would “trade places with” him if he could, but Jeremy is barely consolable as he drifts back off to sleep. Clay lays his head on Jeremy’s chest as Jeremy repeats the words “my father’s the poison.”

Elena walks into the diner in Bear Valley to find Cain’s girl having a meal. She makes a snide remark about the girl being unable to “get…her share, living with someone like Cain.” The girl looks mildly surprised to see Elena but says nothing. Elena says “let’s talk.”

Amber in Bitten 1x08An aerial shot of the small town shows before we’re taken back into the diner. The girl is asking for news from Elena that “Cain is still alive.” Elena says he is, “for now,” though she isn’t sure if he’s been hurt because she’s been too “busy looking” for the woman in front of her. Elena asks if the girl knows who she is and is answered in the affirmative. Then Cain’s girlfriend is finally given a name: Amber. Elena says “you stabbed my friend, Amber” which has Amber correcting ‘friend’ to ‘Alpha.’ Elena is surprised by this and asks exactly how much she knows. Amber knows about “the whole werewolf thing.” Elena tells her to keep her voice down which has Amber threatening to “shout it from the rooftops.” She asks where “her man” is. Elena tells her he’s alive for now but “stay[ing] that way” will be dependent on the help that Amber can offer.

In the cell, Cain has been untied and is sitting on the floor. He’s complaining about not being able to feel his arms. Clay advises him how to get the circulation going again and asks the mutt if he’s hungry. Cain says he’s starving and Clay slides a bowl of food into the cell. Clay goes through Cain’s history, describing his start in Holcomb, Kansas, immediately associating it with Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. Clay is able to use this information and the fact that the killers in Capote’s stories were drifters, much as Cain and his father are/were. Cain thinks Clay has no idea what it feels like to be a mutt but Clay tells him a bit of his own history.

Clay was bitten when he was seven at a campsite near Baton Rouge. His parents were unable to find him and eventually gave up the search. He tells Cain he understands the loneliness and the hunger as he’d suffered through them both at such a young age. They seem to bond over their mutual experiences for the merest of moments. Clay says that Jeremy found him and brought him to Stonehaven, which has Cain being snide again about how lucky Clay is. Clay tells him he could also be lucky, he could join the pack and put an end to the wandering life. Cain is doubtful, thinking that what happened with Pete will prevent his inclusion in the pack. Clay says Pete always put the pack before vengeance, so he’ll strive to do them same, he just needs to know where to find the other mutts. It looks like Clay has given him something to really think about, though it’s a wonder if Clay is fully on the up and up here.

Elena tells Amber “Cain signed your death warrant,” that the basic rules include humans not knowing about the wolves. Amber says the rule is a pack one, not Cain’s. Elena says it doesn’t matter, that she “will be tracked and killed by the best hunters in the world.” Amber goes all dreamy eyed thinking of what it means that Cain would rather be punished for telling Amber than risk her death in biting her. Amber confides that Cain told her the rule about having to be bitten right from the moment she found out what he was but also that he hasn’t been able to do it because he loves her too much. But Amber is bitter that Elena is living the life she wants, knowing that because Elena survived, Amber would too. Cain has told Amber that Elena is “special somehow” because she lived, being most definitely the exception to the rule. Elena tells her emphatically “trust me, you don’t want this.”

Cain has been given a hoodie now and is freely walking about the cell. He’s telling Clay that his father taught him “how to live free” and he doesn’t owe anyone anything in this life. He “was born a wolf” and that differentiates him from Clay having been “bitten in.” Cain refers to Clay as a “Johnny-come-lately Louisiana turd” and says he’s an example of “the trouble with the pack,” letting wolves like Clay in. Clay, through clenched teeth tells Cain that the mutt’s “father died with a bottle of corn liquor in his hand and a baseball bat to the back of the head.” He asks Cain if this he how he wants his own end to play out. Cain replies that “Antonio spilled his guts on a dirt road;” he doesn’t seem to think it matters how he dies. His words shake Clay’s resolve, the pack mate trying to keep his grip on his emotions. Clay shuts the door behind him, an angry grunt released as he can barely hold it in any longer.

Clay hears a car outside and locks the door to the basement. He finds the Sheriff waiting. Clay tells her that Jeremy isn’t in but the Sheriff is there to speak with Clay because he hadn’t contacted her when he was supposed to. She tells him about the Braxton investigation and wants to be able to “scratch [him] off [her] list.” Clay says “wow, I’m on a list.” Karen tells him everyone is “until [they] narrow it down.” Karen says it would be better if they discussed things away from the front door. Clay, rather than inviting her in, which is what she was expecting, says he’ll come into the station since he was already on his way into town. He goes back into the house to get his jacket, firmly closing the door on the Sheriff’s face.

Elena is once again telling Amber that she “need[s] to know about the poison.” Amber is confused, knowing nothing about it. Elena tells Amber her knife was “coated with something.” Amber thinks it was something Leblanc did, that she stays away from him because “he skeeves [her] out.” Elena tells her “He should. He’s a serial killer…” Not giving pause at this information, Amber switches things up, saying she’ll “tell [Elena] where to find Leblanc” if she brings Cain to her. Elena is ready to go and tells Amber to come with her, that she’ll do her best to re-unite the couple. Amber asks what if Elena is just going to kill them anyway after she gets the information. Elena says all she can promise is “to talk to Jeremy,” that it’s Amber’s “only hope.” Amber says the mutts told her Elena “would say something like that,” she says “They were right about a lot of things.” The door to the diner opens just over Elena’s left shoulder. Elena says “Here they are” as Marsten and Leblanc walk in.

Amber and Elena exchange a look. Marsten pipes up, telling Amber to “run along…[they’ll take it from” there. Amber hurries out the door as Marsten takes the seat she was in and Leblanc sits uncomfortably close to Elena on the other side of the table. Marsten gives a perky “Hello, Elena” but she immediately scolds his recklessness by involving humans in wolf business. Marsten says “it wasn’t [his] call” that he’s “merely a passenger on this ride.” He tells Elena he’s “looking out for number one” and that she “should be thinking about [that] too.” Elena instead tells Marsten that she’s “thinking about…snapping [his] neck, which garners a disturbing “Hmmm. I like that” from Leblanc. Leblanc thinks “the ones that try to fight back are the most fun.” Elena gets right in close to his face and tells him “well, then, you’re going to have a blast with me.”

She returns her attention back to Karl who reminds her of the “offer” Santos had made to her at the wedding. He says “it’s no picnic” out there going it alone. Elena asks what the pack did to him to deserve this kind of betrayal. Karl says it was more about what they didn’t do for him. He asks her “how many times must [he ask] for territory” (pronounced as “territree” as only an Englishman can do, which I can’t help but still find charming.) Leblanc leans in to Elena’s right ear and threatens how easy it would be to “slice down her femoral artery” right there in the diner. Elena lets out a slow breath, shaking her head at Leblanc as she says “You could try.” I love how she’s treating this madman like he’s nothing more than an irritating bug at her ear. Marsten calls the new batch of psycho-wolves “rash” but insists “Leblanc knows better.”

It appears Elena doesn’t, though, giving Leblanc a swift, painful elbow to the chest, the resulting crunch perhaps an indication that she’s broken a rib or two. Leblanc asks her what she’s doing. Elena is holding his hand on top of the table, saying that anything he does in public will quickly lead to the “cops grab[bing him] and” sending him back to jail. Karl looks on the exchange with a silly smirk, while Leblanc is still too dumb to be afraid of Elena and taunts her by saying he’s “an expert at keeping a low profile.” Her response of “really” is emphasized with the snapping of a bone or two in the mutt’s hand. She snuggles in with a smile like they’re having a good old time, Leblanc muttering under his breath “you bitch.”

Elena thinks now is a good time to ask him about the poison and does. Living up to his evil reputation, Leblanc laughs wickedly and tells her “it won’t do…any good. It’s already too late.” Elena breaks another few bones, forcing Leblanc to tell her that it’s ricin he used. Karl looks amused more than anything else as the two play their game of chess across the table from him. Elena tells Leblanc to let her out of the booth. Karl tells Leblanc to “do as the lady says” and the mutt obeys with a little shove from Elena to help him along. Leblanc stands, slightly more hunched over than when they came in, cradling his injured arm with the other and lets her pass. Not like he had much of a choice anyway, really.

Elena runs through the door at Stonehaven, calling for Clay. Not getting an answer, she heads to tell Jeremy about the ricin poisoning. Once again, she asks him what to do and is informed he’ll “need a blood transfusion.” Gathering the supplies, she (quite competently) inserts needles into both her arm and Jeremy’s and the transfusion begins. Elena lays her head on the pillow beside Jeremy and says “We never checked for compatibility.” Jeremy looks over at her, telling her “We’re the same.” He rests his head back on the pillow as Elena now looks to him, possibly wondering how many layers of meaning were in his three small words.

Back at Nick’s work-in-progress nightclub, Amanda is asking him what they’re “drinking to” as Nick sets down a bottle of wine and two glasses. She compliments him on the vintage he’s about to uncork. Nick tells her about being “there when the grapes were growing.” He’s talking about the life lessons his father taught him, wild boar tracking included. This seems to border on a conversation laced with wolf content but it quickly switches to the step by step how-to guide for hunting prey. Nick talks about making the move when the prey experiences “every nerve ending…crackling, [and is] ready for it.”

As he circles around the table closer to Amanda, it’s easy to see she’s the prey he’s hunting now. Amanda asks if he’s “trying to seduce” her. Nick, scrunching his fingers into her hair, tells her “that part’s already done” and he leans down to kiss her soundly. In an impressive one armed hold, he carries Amanda while tossing the tablecloth onto the floor with his free hand. It looks a bit awkward at first as Amanda’s dress seems too tight to allow for easy access, but Nick has it bunched up for access to her panties, removing them while kissing her thigh. He flips her over, unzipping her dress while nibbling at her neck. For a minute the passion he’s displaying seems like it might overflow to an actual bite (which makes me wonder if humans can be infected if the wolf is in human form at the time of a bite.) Nick remains a (relatively) good boy, instead kissing Amanda down her back…right down…until we get a vivid shot of her bare bottom rising and Nick’s head lowering to meet her, the image gradually blurring to hide the rest of the action we aren’t meant to see.

Philip walks into an empty, unlit apartment. He finds a light in the middle of the room, one of the few things remaining, and switches it on. Since we haven’t seen Elena’s place, it could very well be that Philip has decided to do some investigating. He’s surprised when someone at the door behind him asks if he’s “looking to rent.” Philip tells him no, that he’s “looking for the guy that used to live” there. The other man (the landlord perhaps?) says Philip must mean the woman that used to live there. Philip tells him it was Nate’s place but the landlord is positive that the only person that’s occupied the space anytime in the recent past was an “old hag named Liz.” Philip thinks maybe Nate was Liz’s grandson and tells him about the “computers and stuff.” The landlord says the old woman died there a month ago and before that was “a bit of a shut in” with “no friends or family.” Philip is astounded, telling the landlord that he was there just the day before and the place was full. The landlord says he’s “either got the wrong building or [he’s] remembering wrong” and pretty much kicks him out of the apartment.

In the kitchen at Stonehaven, Elena is drinking orange juice at the table (presumably the one where Antonio died and all the blood has been washed off of earlier in the episode. Ew.) Clay comes in asking about Jeremy. Elena tells him about the poison and the transfusion, certain he’ll be okay now. Elena’s concerned with where Clay had been and he fills her in about the Sheriff stopping by. He asks how she found out about the ricin making her spill the beans about meeting “with Leblanc at the diner.” She tries to keep the peace by saying Leblanc left with a broken wrist (pointedly leaving Marsten’s name out of it) and that she got what she needed from him.

Elena and Clay in Bitten Season 1 episode 8It doesn’t help. Clay smacks something, upset that “every time [the pack] get[s] close, they slip away.” Elena points out that “saving Jeremy was more important.” Clay’s still mad that she didn’t call him. Elena gets up in his face, asking what his problem is, if he’s “angry because [she] was right.” He’s says it’s more about how she fights him at every step, that he’s only trying to protect her. She has no real apology for not “following [his] orders” and questions his ideas of protection since she thinks they were missing “four years ago” (when he bit her.) This comes out of the blue for him and he asks what Elena means by it. Elena tells him about Amber’s knowledge of the wolves, that Cain’s protecting Amber, “not the rest of the mutts.” Clay only sees that Elena let a human go after finding out she had knowledge of the wolves. Elena has to spell it out for Clay, saying Cain loved Amber so much “that he told her who he really was.” She says “he trusted her and she accepted it.” Clay again says Cain has to die for all of this but Elena tries harder to get Clay to see her point. She tells him that Cain can’t bite Amber because “he’s afraid of losing her…he won’t take that chance, he won’t risk her life.” There’s a momentary pause and Elena adds “That’s love.” Clay storms out of the kitchen.

He reappears in the basement, ripping the seat out of a wooden chair. Cain laughs and asks if “that’s supposed to scare [him].” Clay says nothing, grabbing the metal injection device, shooting more medicine into Cain’s back. The mutt says “you son of a bitch” then drops to the ground.

Cain is now naked and strapped to the chair Clay ripped apart moments before. I’ve seen this done to James Bond in Casino Royale and know things aren’t going to go well for Cain. Clay grabs an ominous looking tool and tells the mutt he “know[s] about Amber.” If Elena had rubbed a sore spot by talking about Cain’s way of showing his love for Amber, Cain makes it that much worse by showing that she was right. Cain begs, repeating his words, saying “she won’t say anything, you gotta believe me, you gotta believe me.” Clay asks where they’re hiding but Cain says he won’t tell; that Clay will kill Amber. Clay says he has “to kill her anyways (sic).” He threatens to “let [Amber] have her wish,” that he’ll bite her but he won’t stop. Cain is pleading desperately, telling Clay that “Santos has a backup plan,” he’s bringing in someone named Jimmy Konig (sp?) and “he’s coming real soon.”

From here on, Cain just keeps pleading “don’t hurt her” over and over. He asks Clay to look at him, says Clay can kill him but not to hurt Amber. Clay picks up the tool he’d laid down beside his chair, something that looks like a cross between a clamp and a cutter, asking Cain if he really loves Amber. Cain, breathing in a heavy, panicked rhythm says he loves her “more than anything.” Clay wants to know if this is “why [he] joined Santos;” Cain “just want[s] to keep her safe.” Clay asks how he imagines the future: Together? With kids? Replacing the family he’d lost? Cain says yes to all of these things. I swear it’s affecting Clay profoundly, especially when Cain tells Clay “she’s my soul mate.”

Clay tells Cain he was right about one thing and Cain looks expectantly for some piece of wisdom from Clay. Instead, Clay moves his own chair forward, opening up the cutting tool, and reaching below Cain’s chair with it. This is going to be much worse than James Bond…

Cain takes a couple of hard, stuttered breaths and groans “Oh my god.” Clay tells him that “for killing Pete [he] will never be forgiven.” This has to be Clay just messing with him, right? Making the point that much deeper with the imminent threat, but Clay won’t be able to go through with it after all, will he?

The answer comes quickly as Clay closes the clamp around Cain’s man parts, which thankfully we don’t actually see. The mutt screams bloody murder. The camera cuts to see Elena in the kitchen as she hears the sound echoing through the house.

Cutting back to Clay, he looks shell-shocked. Cain is lying on this side, still tied to the chair but quite obviously dead now. Clay slumps back into the chair, looking at the carnage by his feet. What could possibly be going through is mind right now is anyone’s guess but regret must be at the top of the list.

A cup of tea is being poured as Nick comes through the front door. He comments that Jeremy, now propped in his chair by the fire, is “looking better.” Jeremy asks if Nick has managed to reach Logan. Nick says Logan has been reading his texts but hasn’t returned any yet. Jeremy tells Nick he has “to find out what’s going on with him.” Nick gives Jeremy a look that has the Alpha asking for his opinion. Nick says he’ll “never [be able] to fill his father’s shoes” and doesn’t want to even try. Still, Nick thinks that “Logan knows his place” and will eventually get in touch. The most important thing to do is “focus on finding Marsten, Santos, Leblanc and anyone else in league with them.” He’s offering to “kill them all [himself], with pleasure” as Clay walks into the living room.

Clay tells them that Cain has been dealt with. Nick wants to help with the body but Clay says it’s his responsibility. He tells them “there’s another problem,” filling them in on Santos hiring Jimmy Konig. Clay says “he’s coming for us.” Elena isn’t sure who he means but the name is familiar to her. Jeremy tells her this Jimmy “was the pack enforcer, long before [he] became Alpha.” Nick says that the files of dead mutts down in their war room are there in large part due to Konig’s handiwork; he says Antonio used to call him “the killing machine.” Jeremy thinks a good night’s sleep will help them and they can plan for this new threat in the morning.

Clay walks through the door he’d entered from just moments before, heading back into the kitchen. Elena looks his way.

She enters the kitchen moments later, walking over to him. Clay tells her that she “was right. [Cain] loved her more than life.” Elena says Clay’s name quietly. He continues by saying that she “can hate [him] for biting her” but it doesn’t matter the path they took to get where they are, it’s what’s happening in the here and now. He’s saying all of this into the sink. When he finally looks at her, he says “what [they] have been [them] is the real thing or it’s not,” she has to decide.

He walks away, placing the tool, now cleaned, on the kitchen table.

End credits.


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This episode gave us more valuable backstory which I appreciated. Clay's account of being bitten and separated from his parents as a child, and having to live frightened and hungry was touching. (I still have a long way to go to like him though.)

On the other hand, Jeremy's story of his father throwing him into a lake as a child with a rock tied around his neck was downright creepy, and gives us more clues to where his cruel streak comes from. And we're left wondering what he means by “my father is the poison in my blood.” But at least Jeremy survived, so I'm happy about that.

I do appreciate that Elena is a woman who can look after herself (I'm old enough to remember a time when there were no asskicking woman heros on TV -- Wonder Woman deserves recognititon here). I would have said, though, that Elena's final blow to Leblanc was a bit lower on his anatomy than his ribs.

I, too, was impressed by Nick lifting and carrying Amanda with one arm. (My partner and I joke that he has to do a lot more weightlifting before he could lift me -- with two arms -- and he's a pretty strong guy.)

What follows is even more impressive in terms of pushing the TV censor limits. As you say, Jackie, the scene fades as Nick approaches Amanda's bare bottom, but not before her gasping reaction tells us what part of her anatomy he's made contact with. Reminds me of the groundbreaking scene in the 1978 film "Coming Home" in which Jon Voight, a paraplegic Vietnam Vet, brings Jane Fonda to a shouting orgasm (her first -- that is, her character's first) with his mouth as she lies over him. A big departure, especially for a mainstream Hollywood film, both in terms of moving away from sex = penis in vagina and by showing a man with a disability as an attractive and exciting lover.
Cheryl Ellington
2. Spikesgurl
Jackie thanks for another great recap.
I liked episode 8. Clay and Cain scene's were great, there last scene powerful. I had empathy for Cain for minutes at a time, but then he'd mouth off, and blow it. Clay is brutal, but I believe it's not without remorse.

Amber seemed to know not only about the pack, but Clay and Elena's specifics, as well. How do the mutts know about them? Is Daniel the informer? How does he know what happened between Clay and Elena?

I felt sorry for Elena, for the first time ever, as Amber laid it on thick about Cain's love for her, and his unwillingness to subject her to death out of his love for her.

So, when Elena gets in Clay's face about the Amber/Cain love, once he gets what she's saying, biting her meant, he did not love her, or trust her. Clay tells her, "what they have is, the real thing, or it's not. She has to decide" , and walks off. Is he fed up with her continously bringing this up. I am. He has apologized and tried to explain. His reason will never be enough (interesting that Cain said Elena was Special). Clay seemed to know she could handle the bite, but how did he know. Simply becasue he thought she was a strong personality. If so, Amber is a good candidate. Even if she would be a nasty wolf (not that I think the other wolfs are nasty).

Jeremy told Elena they were the same, somehow I don't think it had anything to do with wolf blood.

Someone seems to be leading Philip towards the discovery of who Elena is. Again, it's that runt Daniel, I think. Karl is on the mutt train. as a passenger, because he want territory? That's how it sounded to me. Which makes me think Daniel is the masterind, and simply doing all of this so Elena will be his mate.

I liked Nick taking ownership of his new role. I am not feeling Logan as this story arc goes forward. I should say, I'm starting not to trust him. I hope there's a season two, as I really like this show.
3. stacymd2
@Jackie: Thanks for the detailed recap.

This episode was intense! The story arc is building nicely. The violence is becoming a bit tough. The actor playing Clay is really growing on me.

I'm glad we got to know more about Jeremy. The writers painted the picture of pack/wolf family life being awful with Jeremy and his father on one side and loving with Antonio and Nick on the other side. I felt bad for Clay and am a little sadden by the slight change in Nick. I liked the budding Nate/video mystery with Philip. I'm currious to know who is behind it.

@Spikegurl: I think it may be the mutts as well. They seem to really want her to join them. Giving Philip clues to Elena's wolf life will force her hand.

The Cain/Amber storyline could be foreshadowing to Elena telling Philip that she is a werewolf.

I really like this show too. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
Jackie Lester
4. JackieLester
@whiskeywhite I think from both Clay and Jeremy's stories we are meant to understand the many facets of messed up that have made them the men they are today. Personally, though, Clay's story didn't properly offset his actions against Cain in this episode.

I did rewind and replay the Leblanc/Elena battle but much of it was below the table level so it was hard to make out. And she only reported the broken wrist to Clay which had me wondering about the extinct of her injuring Leblanc. Had it been lower, it would have been an interesting book ended scene with Clay's punishment of Cain.

I have to wonder if LG set the bar for the sexy visuals, challenging Bitten to outdo them in some way. It was artfully done to show less than even Clay would normally display yet seemed that much more intimate. I'm wondering where the scene cut in the US version?

@Spikesgurl I remained hopeful the whole time that Clay wouldn't take things all the way but, as you said, Cain just kept digging himself in deeper. Noah Danby as Cain was awesome in these scenes, very authentic.

News like Elena being the only woman to survive the change probably would've resounded through all wolf-kind. Besides, men are worse gossips than women, in my experience; word would have spread quickly :D Though there hasn't been mention in the show of how many wolves are out there in the world, the book has it numbered aroung 30 or 40, making it a very small community despite any spatial factors.

Clay needed a good shake to perhaps dislodge a meaningful monologue that would've convinced me Elena more of his feelings. This bad habit of walking away creates too much dependence on his actions to show us the depth of his emotion and that just hasn't quite manifested itself yet.

Marsten seems to be keeping everyone at arm's length...I wonder about his future.
Jackie Lester
5. JackieLester
@stacymd2 I think Santos has covered many bases with his plotting, so the Nate video will probably be attributed to him down the road. The intensity was well done, made that much more so by the pack wolves being on their own so much of the time. Nick took a risk in his dalliance when attacks could come at any time, right? It kind of screamed cliché also with dealing with his father's death with sex. I'd have been more forgiving if Nick had actual taken his shirt off...

If it is foreshadowing, I don't think Clay would feel overly bad about taking out Philip; not near as much suffering as dealing with Cain hopefully caused him.
6. stacymd2
@JackieLester: If Bitten wants to compete for the gold in the sexy times games, then I whole heartedly encourage them. They already have that other urban fantasy program beat in the story telling division, IMHO. Nick/Amanda was hot. I loved the one armed action--as well as the below the belt action.

Another poster in last week's recap said Jeremy was half Kitsune. Are the writers foreshadowing that Elena is the same, which is why Jeremy said that thier blood is the same?
Susan White
7. whiskeywhite
I agree, Jackie: Personally, though, Clay's story didn't properly offset his actions against Cain in this episode. At the risk of being a broken record on this, I am concerned about the escalating violence in this series. Now we have sexualized violence of men against men (not that I'm saying, at all, that sexualized violence against women is OK).

It would be bad enough if it were a bad guy brutalizing another bad guy, but Clay is clearly meant to be the sympathetic (anti)hero in this story which then leads us to tend to excuse the violence, consciously or not. You quite rightly made the comparison to James Bond in Casino Royale, Jackie. That scene was shocking, obviously the intent, but the objective was torture for information (plus targetting Bond's infamous sexiness). Here, Clay knows that violence won't make Cain talk, so the purpose is purely revenge and to kill Cain. So why sexualize it, other than for shock value?

The more we see of violence like this, the more it normalizes it (as, I know, I've said before). Bad message, especially for younger male viewers (which I assume this series has -- does anyone know anything about the viewer demographics here?).
Susan White
8. whiskeywhite
I was personally mildly cheering when Elena challenged Clay with the story about Cain refusing to bite Amber. You argue, @Spikesgurl, that Elena is "continously bringing this up" with Clay and that he "has apologized and tried to explain." Is she? Has he? We have certainly discussed it here, but have we seen them discuss it, to any length? (I know they've discussed it once before.) When Clay responded to Elena that it didn't matter the path they took to get where they are, what’s important is what's happening in the here and now, I thought to myself, "Oh, how very convenient (for you)" .

I agree, Jackie, that Clay has a "bad habit of walking away." And again we're supposed to sympathize -- aw, poor baby, he's tortured by his love for Elena and can't express his feelings, that's why he's so angry all the time. It's OK. .... But it's not OK.

Clay also has a bad habit of ordering Elena around. He even complains that she's not "following his orders". Following his orders? Why should she follow his "orders"? Must resist the urge to reach through the TV screen and slap Clay.
Cheryl Ellington
9. Spikesgurl
@whiskeywhite, Elena can easily remedy this by telling Clay she is in love with Philip. Clay did tell Elena to stop talking around the problem and come at him directly (she walked off). Now, perhaps you'd argue she'd just done that, but Clay seem to be focused on the pack problem, and Elena was stuck on the love story of Cain/Amber. I mentioned before Elena also seemed to be angry that Clay did not come after her when she went to Toronto. Clay told her Jeremy made him stay put, and she snidely said, you do everything Jeremy tells you. Well, that's why she's a werewolf, because the one time Clay went against Jeremy, he risked her life. Or, did he? Clay seemed to know she would survive, so I will see if that theory pans out. Also, as Clay kept saying to Elena, Amber would have to die, because she knows about them. Elena seems to miss that fact. Death, would have been her fate, as well (no matter what). I don't believe Jeremy would have sent her away (she would have been killed). They do not have a little ink pen, or device which would zap her memory (The Men In Black).

Clay walks away from confrontation from her, and she runs away from him, after throwing little land mines (goodness, she's in love with Philip, tell Clay). Most of the time, her words hurt Clay, but he sucks it up because he knows he was wrong.

The good thing about this poor Clay mess, he has thrown down the gauntlet. Now Elena and Clay, can be forever silent on the matter. Elena needs only to decide, if, what they had, was something, or, nothing at all.

Surely not ever lasting, soulmate worthy, love.
10. stacymd2
@Spikesgurl: I think Elena fears Clay would kill Philip if he knew about them. I thought that was what Nick alluded to when they were talking during the search of the woods for the missing townie.

Clay doesn't strike me as the type to take a break up well.
Susan White
11. whiskeywhite
@Spikesgurl, excellent point about Elena not telling Clay about Philip. She seems to be hiding it from everyone, except Logan (though I have a vague memory of someone -- Jeremy? -- getting a glimmer of her 'outside' relationship). And I agree, @stacymd2, with your answer. It wouldn't shut him up, it would be a spark to the dynamite. Though doesn't he suspect? I have a vivid memory of him crouching (weirdly) on the roof outside her bedroom window when she was talking on the phone to someone, who we know is Philip).

Speaking of Logan, why do you not trust him, @Spikesgurl? He's torn between his wife and the pack for sure.
Cheryl Ellington
12. Spikesgurl
@stacymd2, Elena seems to find it hard to even tell Philip she loves him. That me too, stuff, would not go over well with me. Clay's heard her talking with Philip (and knew Philip sent her the lilacs. Elena played it off saying, Philip knew about the death in the family), and most likely both sides of the conversation, wolf hearing.
Remember he turned up the trucks radio, when she was in her room talking to Philip. I think as long as Philip stays on his turf, Clay would not bother him. Because of Elena feelings for the guy he probably would not hurt him, at all.

@whiskeywhite, I know Logan is protecting his fledgling family, and I get it, but it's just, he was telling his patient, Elena, to be honest, and here he does the exact opposite. Logan also told Elena when they recieved their very first phone call in the first episode, when Jeremy calls, we have to go. Elena, was going to ignore Jeremy's call (the very thing Logan is doing).

Logan by his inaction, has placed himself, Rachel, and their unborn child, in a precarious postion. Perhaps this baby will cause Jeremy to re-think how the pack handled human women in the past.
13. Dixon
For those that may be wondering, the ominous looking tool is a castration forcep used to castrate bulls.
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