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Bitten Season 1, Episode 11 Recap: Don’t Go Changing

We've been following this project since it was first announced that an adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten was in the works. And now, here it is! Check back weekly for episode recaps from Jackie Lester the day after the show airs in the U.S. on SyFy (and remember that in Canada the show will be airing a couple days earlier, on Saturdays on Space). Catch up with recaps for recent episodes 1x051x061x071x08, 1x09, and 1x10.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bitten, including last night's Season 1, Episode 11, “Settling.” Enjoy!

It’s 6:37am, and Elena is lying in bed staring at her cell phone. Clay is in the kitchen, talking to Jeremy, describing Elena’s emotional state from all that’s occurred. Elena comes out of the bedroom, upset that she can’t get in touch with Philip. She takes her anger out on Clay, naturally, saying he got what he wanted out of all this. Clay tries to calm her down by saying that he doesn’t want to see her hurt, which she is right now. Elena asks him for some straight answers about how he thinks it’ll “play out.”

Clay moves the focus of the conversation to the fact that the pack is “under attack” now; that it’s “all [he] cares about” at the moment. He informs Elena about Joey being found and leading Jeremy et al to the evil lair. Elena wants to know if Leblanc and Marsten were still there and if Jeremy caught them but, of course, they were gone. Clay says they’ll get the rest of the details when Jeremy arrives, which takes Elena by surprise. Clay explains that the mutts are trying to keep the pack separated, that their best bet will be sticking together to travel back to Stonehaven. Elena asks about Rachel, and Clay tells her that Logan will find a safe place for her before Logan will be expected to return to Stonehaven with the rest of the wolves.

Elena returns to her concern about Philip and says she needs to go find him. Clay says she “can’t leave;” they just have to wait to see if he comes back before the rest of the pack get there. Otherwise, he’s out of luck (he does understand this “won’t be easy” for her.) She tells him “I don’t need your advice on how to break someone’s heart.”

Logan arrives at the townhouse and calls Rachel, who informs him that she’s at the gallery before filling him in on the details of the previous night. Someone walks in as she’s dishing: Marsten.

Rachel asks Logan to hold while she deals with the man. Marsten is complimenting the artwork, Logan listening in and screaming in attempt to get her attention. Marsten is being oily, trying to ask for Elena’s contact information and whether he’s ever met Rachel before, because she looks quite familiar. Rachel does her best to kick him out, while Logan is screaming through the phone to get her attention. Marsten has to point this out to her before he finally agrees to leave. Logan tries his best to get Rachel to come home, promising to help her clean up later. He says has a surprise for her at home to get her moving faster then asks her to stay on the phone while she’s in transit. She reluctantly agrees while telling him a bit more about what happened at Elena’s show.

Over at Stonehaven, Nick has just arrived back and informs Jeremy that Joey will be on a flight to Vancouver shortly, to be picked up by Jorge when he touches down. Nick says that Joey is still pretty messed up and it’ll take some time for him to be set to rights again. Jeremy then informs Nick that they now have to head to Toronto for the Elena protection detail. Nick asks about Logan, Jeremy confirming that he’s expecting Logan to be with returning them also. They hear a knock on the door and look questioningly at each other.

Jeremy answers the door and finds the Sheriff outside. She delivers the news that “a half dozen FBI agents and a forensic team from Quantico” will be searching his property thoroughly within an hour or so. Jeremy wants to know why. The Sheriff informs him that they’ve linked Braxton’s killing to others and it’s now “a much bigger case than [they] first thought.” Jeremy has no choice but to let the Sheriff inside, especially as she tells him that she’s assured his “full cooperation” to the Feds. Nick and Jeremy exchange another knowing look.


Jeremy is apologizing to the Sheriff for not asking how she took her coffee. She tells him “black and caffeinated” is good enough. Pleasantries out of the way, Jeremy asks about the lead that’s prompted the FBI involvement. Karen says that they’d found a print which, when compared with the database, provided them with Thomas Leblanc’s name. She asks if Jeremy’s ever seen him before, showing him a picture. Jeremy tells her no (though we know he has.)

The Sheriff fills him in with more details of Leblanc’s background, his age, area where he was criminally active, and the types of crimes he was suspected of committing. Jeremy wants to know why Leblanc would be near Bear Valley then, at least curious to hear the Sheriff’s ideas on the matter. She’s not sure, but does find it curious that Leblanc had only ever targeted women in the past and hiding their bodies. Now he’s suddenly switched up to killing Braxton (a man) and leaving the body out in the open to be found easily. She says, “serial killers don’t normally change their patterns like that.” Jeremy thinks it’s a question of Leblanc’s mental state more than anything else.

The Sheriff can’t get beyond the fact that Leblanc purposely put the body in close proximity to Stonehaven.  Jeremy still doesn’t see why bringing the FBI there will help. Karen tells him that the body was dragged and all the trace evidence they recovered will hopefully lead them to “the original murder site.” Jeremy asks if it’s possible Leblanc could already be out of the area. The Sheriff says they still need to investigate everything, whether he’s around or not. She gets up to leave, advising him she’ll be back shortly “with a ‘consent to search’ form.” Jeremy promises he’ll do whatever it takes to help. As she goes, the Sheriff recaps that unpleasantness that has taken over her town and what Jeremy is having to endure as a result. She’s sympathetic to his concerns, for sure. Jeremy tells her he “just want[s] it to end.” Karen agrees.

In Toronto, Elena comes rushing back out of the bedroom, now dressed in an outfit that indicates she’s not going to be messing around waiting anymore. She’s impatient to get out to look for Philip and doesn’t want to wait for Jeremy to arrive. By now, they’ve heard about the impending property search and the resulting delay. Clay is arguing that it’s best to wait for Jeremy to arrive. Elena thinks they need to act immediately on the very real possibility that Santos and his crew have gotten hold of Philip to hurt him. Clay believes that, because they are in the city, Santos wouldn’t risk exposure by going after Philip, especially when the human is of little consequence to them. Clay points to the fact that bringing Olson into the mix is a sign that “Santos is playing games.” He thinks that the return to Stonehaven turf will have Santos forgetting about Toronto, Philip, and anything non-wolf.

Elena argues that Santos has been in Toronto for some time now and Clay can’t predict what moves will come next. She’s concerned that it will involve a threat to Philip. Clay tells her it’s about more, “the bigger picture” of Elena playing into their hands in her panic. She questions how he can know he’s right about this and he tells her it has to do with “what Jeremy found at the hideout.”

Rachel and Logan in Bitten 1x11Rachel gets back to the townhouse and asks Logan what the surprise is. He tells her it’s a trip to Jamaica and tries to wow her with stunning pictures on his tablet and tales of the kind of luxury care they’d receive on the island. He wants Rachel to go get her passport and she just looks at him like he’s going crazy. Rachel tries to talk some sense into him because both of them have very busy careers at the moment. Logan says he’s cancelled all appointments with his patients and is ready to leave right away. Rachel tells him she’ll be out of a job if she just up and leaves, suggesting a month’s postponement instead. This leaves the wolf looking frustrated.

Diane is taking Elena’s pictures off the wall when Philip stumbles into the gallery looking all kinds of disheveled. Diane is there to greet him, asking what happened to him. He starts by showing some remorse over his extreme actions of the night before. then tells her about sleeping in a hotel as a result of his issues with Elena’s past. Diane tries to reassure him that beating up Olson was the right thing to do, but Philip says it’s more than that. He admits to Diane that Clay isn’t Elena’s cousin, allow the implications to set in.

In the interim, Clay has filled Elena in regarding the pictures Nick found and now she’s even madder, pacing back and forth behind the sofa. Clay tries to get her to sit but she’s not interested. Instead, she wants to know how long the mutt surveillance had been going on. Clay tries to get some details on Philip’s relationship with Williams after Elena asks about a possible connection to the wolf video. Elena says the business relationship started when she was “back in Bear Valley.” Clay knows Santos’s plans have been in the works for over a year, making the connection plausible. Then he tells her about the pack finding Malcolm’s ring at the warehouse. Clay tries to put two and two together and comes up with the idea that Santos and Williams are the same person. Elena discounts this because Santos had been “at Becky’s wedding” and Philip thought he was from the groom’s side of the family. Clay postulates that it’s “someone Santos hired or another psycho-mutt [they] don’t know about.” Clay answers Elena’s question about the mutts’ end game by saying, “they want the pack destroyed and they want” her.

Olson and Leblanc are in the backseat of Leblanc’s car, the former snacking on something, the latter commenting on how much he’s already eaten. Santos is up front in the driver’s seat when Marsten hops in the passenger side, saying the car looks “like a crime scene.” Olson is still hungry and threatens to eat the headrest. Santos changes the topic to ask about the whereabouts of the key pack-adjacent players. Marsten reports that “the boyfriend and his sister” are gone, but he did manage to have a conversation with Rachel. He’s looking gleeful because he thinks it’s wonderful “to see them sort of riled up.” Santos thinks that means they’re “almost ready.” Olson questions the delay, voicing his desire to “tear [Philip’s] head off.” He gives the impression that he means this quite literally.

Leblanc and Olson trade insults back and forth, forcing Santos to step in. He tries to get a bit of sympathy from Marsten by commenting that the new mutts are “driving him crazy.” Marsten just replies that “it’s [his] rodeo.” Santos again attempts to assert his leadership and disperses them for their next tasks. Marsten gets back in the car when the newer mutts leave. He tells Santos, “That’s the problem with hand grenades. You have to throw them far enough that they don’t blow back on you.” Santos has faith that the mutts will do as they’re told in the end and tells Marsten he better do so as well, ordering Marsten to stay with Leblanc. Marsten gives Santos one last warning that “tyranny can be infectious.” Santos dismisses this.

Elena in Bitten 1x11Elena is still confused about her being a target when Leblanc has already tried to kill her. Clay thinks “they lost control of him” and his psychopathic tendencies. He tells her he’s less worried about that than he is about Santos. Between them, they tie together Olson being brought into it and the video of Elena as a wolf, leading to Santos’s goal of Philip finding out about Elena and the pack having to kill him as a result of the knowledge. Clay thinks that “Santos is trying to ruin [Elena’s] life” while turning her against the pack at the same time, leaving her “nowhere else to go except to” Santos. Clay works to convince her that if she leaves now, it will take away Santos’s “leverage.” Elena is saying she can’t, but they hear the keys in the door, prompting an end to their free discussion. Clay has time for one more desperate plea, telling her that if she wants to save Philip and his family, she has to go. Now! Philip walks in, shirt still untucked, and asks to speak with Elena alone.

Santos is walking down a street when a car pulls up beside him. He motions to stop, but he’s told to keep walking. He tells the person in the vehicle that he “was waiting for [his] call.” The unseen person says he can always find Santos then asks if “everything [is] in place.” Santos confirms it’s all arranged as the man has requested. The voice says he doesn’t want any failures, having been dogged by the pack more than once already. He also tells Santos that he wants “them all dead.” Santos does stop now and asks the man if he actually means “all except her.” We finally see the driver is James Williams, who tells Santos not to worry, that he’ll “get his prize.” Santos looks troubled as Williams drives away.

Elena walks cautiously into the bedroom at the condo to speak with Philip. She tells him she doesn’t “know where to start.” Philip asks her about why she lied. She hands him a bag of ice but he has no patience for niceties at the moment. Elena sits on the bed and tries to explain that she had no idea how to tell him about her past without hurting him. She says he’s “the kindest man that [she’s] ever met” which made her want to avoid bringing her history into the equation. Philip wants to know if she’d been with Clay when they met. She assures him that it wasn’t the case.

She says that having him and all the facets that his presence entailed brought a “calmness” to her life that she both needed and wanted. He wants to know if it’s still what she wants and she says it is, but because of her past, isn’t sure it’s something she can have. Philip asks “What about him?” She tells Philip that “there are [even] worse people” than Olson that are out to get her, explaining this is the “only reason” for Clay’s presence right now. He wants to know the whos and whys, but she refuses. He tells her to call the police, but Elena says she can’t. It incites his anger again, making him think it might be about something that Elena has done. She says she’s “trying to protect” him, but he just thinks it’s all too insane to deal with. Elena tells him she understands and just asks that he believe her. He asks her for some time alone to think.

Rachel is randomly chopping veggies in the middle of a crisis. Logan asks her to stop and says Jamaica is off the table now but whatever the case, they have to leave town immediately. He tells her to pack a bag, saying his life, and now hers too, is in danger. She can’t figure out what he’s talking about or who would be threatening them, guessing a client maybe? He tells her that it was “the guy [she] talked to at the gallery” among others. In his panic, he grips Rachel’s arms. Rachel tells him to “let go,” forcing his hands away and saying that he’s scaring her. Logan says she “should be scared,” that there’s no time to waste. He barks out a “Now!” that makes Rachel flinch violently.

Nick is looking through the window, tracking the movements of the FBI and reporting them to Jeremy. Jeremy is hoping they will be finished soon so they can get moving towards Toronto. He’s worried that the longer Clay and Elena are there, the more exposed they are to the mutts’ machinations. Nick is disgruntled by the fact that Elena’s boyfriend “is becoming a problem.” Jeremy figures it’s not a big deal, since he doesn’t know the truth about the wolves, but Nick has other thoughts and shares them. He asks Jeremy if he might have “relaxed the rules too much” in allowing both Elena and Logan to become so close to humans. Jeremy tells Nick that it was Antonio who had encouraged him to do so “when Clay bit Elena,” Antonio having correlated that experience to his own past.  Nick tries to show that their situation worked out okay, with only the two of them involved. Jeremy tells him, “no choice is perfect,” that “every decision [they] make has unintended consequences.” He asserts himself further by telling Nick that “As Alpha, [he does] what [he] thinks is best for [the] pack.” Jeremy says that Antonio understood all of this, then asks what it was Antonio had whispered to Nick before he died. Nick says Antonio told him his mother’s name. Jeremy says nothing and just walks away.

Elena is back out in the living room with Clay. He’s calling Logan, but getting no answer. Elena figures he’s trying to look after Rachel’s safety first in his preparation to leave. Clay says they “can’t wait any longer” and that she should get ready to say her own goodbyes. She walks down the hall and stands in front of the bedroom door for a few seconds before turning to whatever room is on the left side of the hallway.

It turns out to be the bathroom and she sits on the rim of the bathtub as she ponders her necklace, eventually taking it off and placing it on the counter. She does enter the bedroom now and finds Philip writing. He says he was trying to write out his thoughts, unable to process them otherwise. He tells her how hard it all is. Elena says that he stuck by her “long after most men would have given up.”

Philip tries to explain that he knows all these little things about her, her actions and emotions, but he has no idea about the big parts of her life. Elena apologizes for this, thinking it’s his preamble to the breakup perhaps. Instead, he says that he wants to use their future together to find out the missing parts of her and offers to move to wherever she wants to go if it will mean she’ll be safe. Elena thinks he can’t do this because of his family. He doesn’t care, though, because he loves her. Philip gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Elena is overcome with the emotion of it all and leans in to kiss him. She tells him that she loves him but that she can’t answer him right now.

Out of the bedroom again, Elena’s wiping her eyes as she’s walking down the hall. She looks around, not seeing Clay in the apartment. She notices him outside, standing at the railing on the balcony. Trying her best at stealth against Clay’s wolf hearing, she quietly grabs her bag and is out the door in no time flat.

Jeremy is again answering the door at Stonehaven and finds the Sheriff waiting for him. She tells Jeremy that they’ve “caught a break.” They’ve discovered Leblanc’s route through Niagara Falls into Canada and now there’s a joint force of FBI and RCMP working to track him down from there. She tells him the search is complete and only certain areas will remain taped off for him to avoid. The Sheriff is grateful for Jeremy’s cooperation, knowing it’s gone above and beyond through this whole ordeal. He tells her that he knows his “desire for privacy may seem strange” but says it’s something he needs for his work. He admits that he’s “not very good with people.” Karen wishes they’d “met under better circumstances.” Jeremy says they “still might,” provoking a small laugh from Karen. He thanks her again as she leaves, any hope of romance from these two postponed for another day perhaps. The door is barely closed behind the Sheriff when Jeremy is letting Nick know about Leblanc being in Toronto and their need to depart post haste.

Elena has arrived at Logan’s place looking for advice. Logan is equally relieved to see her, filling her in on his own predicament in trying to get Rachel to leave. Elena tells him Nick and Jeremy are on the way, which puts Logan in a bigger tailspin. He tells her that he wants to disappear with Rachel. Elena tries to give him the safety in numbers speech but Logan says he not only has to avoid the mutts but the pack too. He says he needs to “get away…from Jeremy.” Elena argues that he was the one who’d talked her into going back to Stonehaven, that they all need him. Logan says it’s “tearing [him] apart;” he knows he “owe[s] everything to Jeremy.” He just can’t see taking the baby away from the woman he loves; he tells Elena that they are “the goddamn definition” of his family now. His argument seems to work and Elena agrees to try to help convince Rachel. She sends him to finish packing and heads up to talk to Rachel.

Rachel is crying, but happy to see Elena. She’s upset about what Logan’s been saying, still not swayed as to the validity of his words. Elena says she should believe him and fills her in on some of the missing details about the family. Rachel thinks she’s making “it sound like the mafia or something,” Elena admitting “it’s not far off.” She explains that there was no family member killed in an accident, instead it was a murder. Elena says that “the only way [for her] to be safe is [to] stay with Logan.” She tells Rachel that they need to go into hiding for now until the threat can be dealt with. Rachel panics about everything from her own family to the baby. Elena tells her to trust Logan; he’ll keep her safe.

Back downstairs, Logan is rifling through a drawer. Elena asks where they’ll be going and he says Jamaica. She says she’ll be heading to Stonehaven and promises that she’ll try to explain things to Jeremy once all of this is over. Logan says that he’ll end up living like the mutts, like his father. Elena thinks it doesn’t have to be that way, that their Alpha will understand but Logan says things are different for her. He says that when she arrived on the scene, Jeremy changed. He tells her that’s why it was imperative that she went back to Stonehaven; that she’s important to the pack. Elena believes Jeremy won’t turn him away. Logan doesn’t see that extending to Rachel and that’s his biggest concern now. Elena says that things have to change; the rules from the old days are no longer relevant if the pack wants to survive. Without change, they face extinction. Logan thinks Elena “should be Alpha,” making her laugh at the idea. He says he’ll miss her but she promises it isn’t necessary; they’ll keep in touch.

Philip and Clay are also in panic mode now, not knowing where Elena is. Philip is playing the blame game, telling Clay he “got her involved with a bunch of criminals.” Clay accepts the responsibility for it, saying “she fell in love with the wrong guy.” He tries to explain it all as both of them being young and foolish. Philip is confounded that Elena stayed with Clay after finding out about his family but Clay explains she tried to get away; she just didn’t go far enough. Philip asks Clay if he’s still in love with her. Clay thinks it’s irrelevant how he feels but Philip begs to differ. Clay says he wants Elena to be able to live her life freely and to be happy. The answer doesn’t satisfy Philip.

Clay’s phone ringing halts the conversation. Jeremy has called to let him know they’re almost there. He passes the information to Philip, who isn’t sure what he’s talking about, asking “Who’s coming?” Clay answers “my family.” Philip understands that this means they’ll be taking Elena away with them. He asks where they’ll be going and Clay says “to the only safe place for her.” Philip is determined to go along, but Clay advises him “that’s not going to happen.” Philip isn’t ready to give up, but Clay warns him that “everyone thinks they can handle it until they can’t.”

Logan and Rachel look like they’re almost ready to go. Rachel wants to contact her sister but Logan says “the less they know the better.” He says that an email should suffice, including some picture of Jamaica, which is sounding more like a cover story now than anything else. Logan hears a dog barking incessantly outside and tries to peek through the window. Not seeing anything, he pushes Rachel to head back up the stairs. He wants her to hide in the shower stall and not look out regardless of what might happen or what she might hear. She’s distraught, telling Logan she “can’t lose” him. He tells her he loves her then closes the bathroom door behind him as he goes.

Armed with a perfume bottle, Logan spreads the scent liberally down the staircase. He looks out the many windows on his way, working his path towards the breakfast bar. He crouches down and pulls his cell phone cord out of the wall jack.

Elena appears to be back at the condo and she’s greeting the concierge, Max. Max tells her that she’s just missed her friends, two guys that he’d let up the elevator moments before. Elena is alarmed, particularly on seeing the cigar in Max’s pocket that her supposed buddies gave him. Elena rushes to the one elevator in the building, pressing the button several times in her hurry…'cause that always works, right?

Upstairs, Philip is grabbing his keys to leave but Clay tells him “it’s not a good idea.” Philip is understandably belligerent, saying he doesn’t want “to be a prisoner in [his] own apartment.”  It probably doesn’t help that Clay also wants to keep an eye on him and tells him as much. Clay delivers some honesty, informing Philip that he “doesn’t care what happens to” him. His concern is that Philip is his responsibility until Elena comes back because she does care. Philip’s cell phone rings and he answers, seeing that it’s Elena.

She tells him to leave the apartment right away, but the phone call is too late. Clay hears a noise at the door. Seconds later, Olson and Santos burst in. Santos says he doesn’t want them to “do anything rash,” prompting Clay to threaten to toss him over the balcony. Santos says they just want “to talk to Elena” and asks where she is. Clay tries to persuade Santos that fighting there would be a bad mistake. Santos isn’t too worried; he knows Clay is the only one that needs to worry about protecting Philip from discovering their secret. Clay, understanding his meaning, menacingly suggests his biggest problem will only be disposal of their bodies.

Philip finally speaks and asks who they’re dealing with, here, in his own apartment. Clay wants to leave him out of it but Santos teases that “it would be so easy to make [Philip] part of” it all, mimicking biting motions. Elena has made it to the exterior of the door and is listening in on the conversation. She hears Santos ask why Elena hasn’t already bitten Philip, the mutt still circumventing the actual words. Santos tries to further enrage Clay by asking “who would do that to somebody that they love?” Elena moves away from the open doorway and heads into the stairwell, the change now beginning for her.

Back at Logan’s, Marsten is jimmying the door lock with Leblanc close in tow. On entering, they catch a whiff of the perfume, Leblanc commenting that the place “smells like a whorehouse.” Marsten, who conveniently had a hankie in his blazer pocket, calls Logan a “clever little puppy” for the trick. Leblanc is already celebrating that they’ll get Logan, but Marsten scolds him for being “cocky,” trying to get him to focus so they can finish their task. They’re tip-toeing around, Leblanc with his trusty knife in hand, trying to locate their target. Logan peeks out briefly to show us where he’s hiding.

Clay is trying to talk Philip into staying out of the fight, telling him to get out as soon as he can. Philip says he’s “not going anywhere.” Olson, for one, is happy about this. Clay tells Santos that once he’s finished taking care of Olson, he’ll “take [his] time in dealing with Santos.” Santos strikes out at Clay with a…tea towel?...initiating the fight. Clay grabs Santos, tossing him into Olson. They pair up, Clay against Santos and Philip against Olson. Philip must think that his hits at the gallery will prove successful again but he hadn’t actually felt Olson’s wolf strength before. He feels it now.

They momentarily switch opponents then back to the original configuration when Olson hits Philip hard on the leg, appearing to break it. Olson has gotten hold of a knife also and manages to strike Philip across the chest with it. Before he can take another swing at the human, Clay catches Olson’s hand to stop him. Clay’s left fighting off both mutts, the whole ordeal taking a huge toll on Philip’s condo. As bodies are crushed into bookcases or go sliding across tables, Clay finally manages to get a good grip on Santos, raising the mutt high above his head then slamming him into the credenza. Clay gets manhandled by Olson then Santos and gets smashed head first into a whole lot of glass.

Marsten is quietly opening a door but finds nothing. He closes it again, ready to move on when Logan jumps out from behind it and wraps his phone charging cord around Marsten’s neck, garrote-style. Marsten struggles, his eyes rolling up into his head as he seems to be losing the battle.

Leblanc, meanwhile is heading upstairs. He listens closely rather than looking around and appears to hear Rachel from the bathroom. This isn’t surprising, as sobbing and barely hidden by the towel near the shower door. Leblanc starts to open the door to the bathroom but hesitates. Rachel looks out then screams as Leblanc bursts into the room. Her expression is one of terror as Leblanc looks in but a hand reaches from behind and grabs Leblanc back out the doorway.

Philip is leaning against the wall, writhing in pain and looking on as Clay battles hard against the two foes. Santos thinks he’s managed the upper hand for a moment as he gets Clay’s armed locked behind his back but the pack enforcer gets his grip back on Santos and smashes his face into the kitchen counter.

Logan has tossed Leblanc down the stairs and is wrapping the cord around his hands to get a better grasp before wrapping it around Leblanc’s neck. Leblanc uses a free hand to grab his knife and stabs Logan in the side with it. Logan smashes Leblanc’s hand on the breakfast bar to shake his hold on the knife. It drops out of the way. Logan manages to smack Leblanc’s head up against a few hard surfaces before returning his attention to the cord. Leblanc looks to be almost unconscious or dead when Rachel calls out Logan’s name, distressed at what she’s seeing. He releases his grip on the garrote.

Clay and Santos are still going at it hard. Santos is flying through the air, Clay catching him and throwing him to the ground. Philip is trying to crawl down the hall, leaving a trail of blood along the way. He hasn’t made it far on his path toward the bedroom when Olson see what he’s doing and grabs the knife again.

At the townhouse, Leblanc is being tossed roughly out the door. Inside, Rachel is asking Logan who the men are, while Logan goes looking for Marsten’s body. He can’t find it. Pain registers on his face and Rachel comes running. She puts her hand around him, trying to see what’s wrong. She finds blood. Logan tells her “No ambulance. You have to take me to Stonehaven.” She’s confused but does as he asks.

Phillip finds out Elena's secret in Bitten 1x11Philip has made it to his bedroom, his back propped against the bed. The sounds of Clay and Santos fighting can still be heard, but his more pressing concern is Olson in front of him, closing the bedroom door to give them a little privacy. Olson is trying to figure out where to start torturing Philip. As he threatens the human’s eyes, a wolf growls at him. Philip jumps at the noise, looking on as the blonde wolf bares its teeth at Olson. The wolf jumps up on the mutt, causing him to drop the knife. Olson screams in pain as two of his fingers are bitten off. He heads out the bedroom door, closing it behind him to ensure Elena can’t come after him in her other form.

In the hallway, he closes the bathroom door too, sealing off easy access to the wolf. But Clay catches him and grabs his newly injured hand, smashing it into the wall. In the bedroom, the wolf is scratching at the door trying to get out. Santos has caught up with Clay now too and injects something into his neck. The two mutts try to take advantage of Clay as a result of whatever he’s been medicated with but he gets them both by the throat, squeezing so hard they’re forced to the ground. Clay appears to be barely holding on.

Philip, unable to move either from the pain or the sight in front of him (or both) looks at the wolf. He keeps watching as the wolf approaches him. They share a look, then the wolf walks off, heading into the bathroom. There’s an opaque glass wall partly separating the rooms. From where Philip’s sitting, he can see the wolf in the bathroom. He watches as the wolf changes back into Elena. She comes running out of the bathroom naked and throws on a dress that’s lying on a nearby chair. Philip is visibly shaken.

Elena runs to his side and inspects his injuries. Seeing the bleeding gash, she grabs one of the pillows from the bed and tells him to put pressure on the wound. Philip still says nothing as Elena heads to the door to see what’s happening beyond it. She finds the syringe in the hallway and moves further into the apartment. Finding that no part of the place went without some damage and that it seems to be empty now, she runs back to the bedroom. She tells Philip she’s going to “call an ambulance.”

Seeing the shock on his face, she kneels beside him and says “In a better world, I would have married you…and we’d be together…and listen to the rain…and cry at happy endings.” She kisses him and he manages to look back at her this time. Elena tells him she loves him; that that “won’t ever change.” She leaves the bedroom slowly at first, then into a run.

End credits.



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Cheryl Ellington
1. Spikesgurl
Thanks, for another great recap Jackie.

A lot happened, James Williams is behind the Mutt uprising. Santos, is as, afraid of James Williams, as he is, of Clay. Lol. Santos only way of getting Elena, is to kill the pack, so, things are still muddled about James Williams, reasons.

I also have come to the conclusion, I don't care much for Elena. This woman has whined every episode, and even has her prince charming whining as well. They both now in stereo, blame Clay. I do wonder why its so, important for Philip to know if Clay loves Elena. I'm glad Clay told Philip he could care less about him. Well good thing beefy Clay is built like a tree. I liked the twin choke thing he had going on, Santos and Olsen.

I liked Elena's change behind the silk screen.

Jeremy's lite flirting with the Sheriff, was cute. So maybe they'll be able to make something of this. I'd like to see that. I also liked Nick, calling Jeremy out on letting Logan and Elena get to involved with the humans. I suspect they will become more enmeshed with the humans, as Philip probably is not going away. He seemed to recognize Elena in wolf form. Wonder why Elena did not recognize Clay when he was in wolf form? Also yay, Antonio told Nick his mothers name. Nick will probably pursue this , if there is season two.

Logan, finally threw down, and it was awesome. Rachel got in the way, of Logan killing Leblanc, but that's what humans do. Staying put is not in our nature (especially if it's a boyfriend, and he has told you to do so).

I will be surprised if James Williams is not Malcolm. Also, just a thought, but could Malcolm be Elena's dad? Could girls of wolves have a better chance of surviving a bite, since they have dormant wolf genes.

I've enjoyed these weeklies, and will miss them once the season is over.
Jackie Lester
2. JackieLester
@Spikesgurl Thanks! I think you won me over to the idea that Malcolm and Williams are one and the same. He could've easily anticipated Jeremy's reaction to the ring, leaving more time before the pack clued into the real mastermind.

I'm worried about Logan with Leblanc's penchant for poisoning his blade. Asking Rachel to take him to Stonehaven is risky, not only because no one will be there to give him the blood transfusion that worked for so well for Jeremy, but also what it will mean for Rachel's survival.

I think Philip wants to know Clay's feelings because of the previous hesitation he'd gotten from Elena when he'd asked if she was done with Clay. If the feelings remain mutual, Philip is fighting a losing battle.
3. SueS
I've read all of the books in the series and I find that I'm have trouble getting back into the mindset of this time in Elena's story (knowing what I know now). Plus, I don't remember her coming off nearly as whiny in the books as she does here. If she had, I don't think I would have read installment #2!
Jackie Lester
4. JackieLester
@SueS With her realization of the danger she's put Philip in, perhaps the whiny-ness will be replaced by acceptance of her life? Everything she was trying to pretend didn't exist is now right in her face. She has to get over it all and just understand this, right?
5. stacymd2
Thanks for the wonderful recap Jackie.

I really liked this episode. The storyline, dialogue and pacing was great. The fight scenes were excellent. I have so much respect for the actors, stunt people, chorographers, director and film crew.

If it is wrong to ship Jeremy and The Sherif then I don't want to be right. Their small scene together was so cute.

I hope Nick seeks out his mother in season two. (cross fingers for a season 2!)

I fear Logan will be dead next episode. He might die because of Leblanc's poisoned blade or Marsten will follow and kill them on the road to Stonehaven. When Rachael walked in during the Logan/Leblanc fight I though for sure Marsten would pop up behind her and slit her throat.

I agree @JackieLester & @Spikesgurl: I think James Williams will turn out to be Malcom.

I don't think Elena is being whiney at all. It would be unrealistic if she just accepts everything from the start of the show. Nick, Jeremy & Antonio were born into pack life. Clay & Logan have lived as pack members since they were young. Elena is not a simple minded follower. She had a life & goals before Clay decided to change her.

As much as I like Clay, he didn't give Elena a choice or get consent. She has a right to be angry and take him to task. Clay is acting like a noble hero now, but four years ago he was a selfish jerk to take Elena to Stonehave without talking to Jeremy & then turn her.

If Bitten gets another season, we will see Elena grow to accept wolf life and let go of her anger. I dearly hope Bitten gets a second (and third and fourth) season. This show is too good to end with one season.
Cheryl Ellington
6. Spikesgurl
@JackieLester, you gave me a perspective I had not realized, with the poison on the knife. Also, Philip needing to know if Clay still loved Elena, I just did not understand his reasoning, or need for an answer.

@SueS and @stacymd2, Elena's constant refrain grew tiresome, pretty quickly for me. I understood her anger, but she became down right tiresome. It was also confusing that, she confronted him about not coming after her, when she initally went to Toronto (snidely stating Clay, does everything, Jeremy tells him, to). So, it makes no sense, that she's become even angrier, as time goes by. However, stay away Clay did, until, the Pack was placed in danger (and they were thrown together). I'll have to read the book. I do wonder why the author took this route (the way Clay bit her), if the hero, as a result, is so unlikeable, to many.
Karen McCoy
7. mcmahmen
WOW! The heat is on. Jackie your recaps keep getting better and better as does the show (imho). I agree seems there was a bit of a "moment" between Jeremy and Karen the Sheriff. Do I smell a Sheremy? lol. I just hate the villians I guess they are good actors because I am supposed to hate. Santos especially with his Elena fixation. I have a question burning up my brain, is Amber the skank who LeBlanc bit dead? We never see a hint of her after that awesome and gruesome half change foaming at the mouth. I hope James Williams is not Malcolm. I agree the setup would be great but I wonder. I keep checking the ratings to see if this show get renewed. I also loved how medieval Logan went and his cunning use of available supplies. Takes me back to the Saran Wrap with Clay. Moments like that make the show for me. Who knew Logan had it in him? I hope Logan lives, and the human wolf relationship gets more scrutiny especially with Nick's mom situation. Can't wait for next week when Elena kicks major wolf tail.
Karen McCoy
8. mcmahmen
Jackie I had to search to find your recap it wasn't on then recent posts page where I usually find it.
9. stacymd2
@mcmahmen: I am dying to know what happened to Amber. Either she will pop up in the finale as a wolf or Elena will discover her dead, half turned body dumped somewhere. A part of me wants to see her alive again.
Karen McCoy
10. mcmahmen
stacymd2 I agree amber with your two scenarios . I wonder if she might show up at the end as a half woman half beast. It didn't look like she completed the transformation. Kindof frustrating to not know I also agree the fight scenes were fanatastic. It was an episode where I found my pulse pounding and hoping there was still time left in the episode.
Jackie Lester
11. JackieLester
@stacymd2 Marsten is an interesting character. He's been around to stir up some trouble and I believe he did bite one of the psychos but I don't think he's actually been involved in the killings. That might explain why he didn't go after Logan again at the house. Because his original plan was foiled, it's hard to say what was supposed to happen but it would probably would've involved Leblanc doing the killing, allowing Marsten to keep his hands clean.

@stacymd2 and @mcmahmen "Sheremy" I love it!

@Spikesgurl The part about Elena taking Clay to task about not following her to Toronto does reek a little of "you should've known what I was thinking." That never works, right?

@mcmahmen Thank you :)

Both Patrick Garrow and Curtis Caravaggio have really been excellent in their roles; convincingly creepy for sure!

As for Amber, I think the idea is that she did die, we just didn't get to see the end. No one was there to coach her the way Jeremy did for Elena. If she does pop up, well, that will be interesting.

My post goes live on Tuesdays, the day after airing on SyFy. Maybe it had just been pushed down by other posts? I'll check on that :)
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