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Bitten Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: Safety in Numbers

Clay, Elena, and Philip in Bitten episode 10We've been following this project since it was first announced that an adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten was in the works. And now, here it is! Check back weekly for episode recaps from Jackie Lester the day after the show airs in the U.S. on SyFy (and remember that in Canada the show will be airing a couple days earlier, on Saturdays on Space). Catch up with recaps for recent episodes 1x051x061x071x08, and 1x09.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bitten, including last night's Season 1, episode 10, “Descent.” Enjoy!

The focus is on Elena’s bedroom window as the scene opens. She’s packing her bag in preparation to head home. Clay comes in to tell her that it’s Jeremy’s decision to send him with her, that he didn’t influence their Alpha at all. Elena argues that he could’ve “offered to stay.” Clay tells her that it’s out of the question, her safety first in mind. She acquiesces, but has some ideas in mind for how it will be handled. Clay thinks she’s talking about the mission in general—getting Logan and bringing him back. Elena corrects him, explaining she means their personal situation. Elena fumbles with the necklace Philip gave her as she clarifies the importance of the art opening. She tells Clay she wants to be clear “about everything.” Elena says their night together was about feeling safe again. Clay thinks this is a given when she’s with him but Elena tells him that’s not true at all.

Elena doesn’t want him going to “Toronto without knowing the truth.” Clay refers to the guy that “sends [her] lilacs,” understanding at least part of what she’s talking about. Elena admits that she’s been with Philip for six months and that she lives with him, making Jeremy’s request that much more difficult for her. Clay’s face looks like someone trying very hard to digest the knowledge but his words have a measure of stoicism to them. He tells Elena that the night before “wasn’t a mistake" for him but promises not to ruin things for her in Toronto. He tells her he’s “done hurting” her. Elena asks him about the ring, prompting him to move it to his other hand. Elena offers him a simple but meaningful “thank you.”

Joey Stillwell in Bitten 1x10In an area surrounded by trees and a fence, someone is dialing a payphone. At Stonehaven, the phone rings and is answered by Nick. The caller is Joey Stillwell and Nick is glad to hear from him. Joey tells how the mutts had him, naming them as “Cain, Santos, Marsten.” He tells Nick he (somehow) managed to escape, giving Nick his location. Nick promises to get there right away to pick him up.

The scene shifts to a lovely view of the (not-in-winter) Toronto skyline; Elena and Clay are at Logan’s place already. Logan says he “knows [he] owes [them] an explanation. Clay and Elena express concern on behalf of Jeremy, which prompts Logan to spill the beans about Rachel and the baby. Logan admits he’s “avoiding pack law…the one that says [he’s] supposed to steal [his] new born son from his mother and raise him as one of” the wolves. Then he shows them the baby rattle, telling them “no one knows we’re pregnant” (which is lovely how he expresses it) “let alone that it’s a boy.” Clay thinks Santos is responsible, Elena backing it up by telling Logan that Santos has “been tracking [their] every move.” Clay tells Logan that Jeremy “needs to know...all of it.” Logan admits he’s been trying to figure out how to tell the Alpha but also fearing being ordered back to Stonehaven. Under the circumstances, he’s afraid to “leave Rachel alone.” Elena steps up, becoming the advocate for the pack, telling Logan he needs to talk to Jeremy considering all that they’ve gone through. She thinks Logan needs Jeremy too; that he “needs to support and protection of the pack.”

Outside Logan’s place, Victor Olson is looking in the rear view mirror of a car. He’s commenting on how grown up Elena is now, based on what he can see through Logan’s window. He rubs a rabbit’s foot on Elena’s image in the mirror in a way that makes Thomas Leblanc seem a bit less creepy….a very small bit.


Back inside Logan’s, he’s telling Elena about the video. Logan talks about Philip’s client and the associated ad campaign that’s involved in it all. Clay asks who the client might be, but Logan doesn’t know. He says that Philip was less focused on the wolf issue because he was redirected by seeing Elena’s necklace with her clothes. Logan tells Elena that Philip thought they “were having an affair” and that he deflected by saying they’d gone for a swim. Elena’s flabbergasted at this, like going “skinny dipping with [her] cousin” doesn’t come off just as weird. Logan thinks at least he’s off the affair suspect list now, showing them the picture Rachel had given him. Clay asks what it was that Philip saw in the image. Instead of answering, Logan brings the issue back to Philip’s client having video “that links to Elena,” saying it “can’t be a coincidence.” Elena says that the opening tomorrow will give Logan time to talk to Jeremy, considering Rachel is catering it.

At Stonehaven, Nick and Jeremy are tending to Joey. Joey’s rambling about rabbits, bags, and his dad. Jeremy feels for his heart rate, saying it’s all over the place and he must be dehydrated. Nick runs off to grab water and Jeremy goes for medical supplies. Joey’s still talking, getting more worked up by the second. He tells Nick “they ripped [his father’s] eyes out right in front of” him. Nick gives him the water, telling him sincerely that he was the one who’d found Dennis and that the mutts also got Antonio. Nick assures Joey that he was “the one who buried” Joey’s dad and did it “the way [he] would’ve wanted.” Joey wants “to get these guys,” repeating it for emphasis. Jeremy wants him to focus on getting better first.

In Toronto, Elena and Clay have arrived at the condo. Elena’s looking for some clothes for the opening. She’s instructing him not to touch anything, which he promptly ignores by touching something. Clay asks her “how [she’ll be able to] explain about staying in a hotel.” Elena thinks it’ll be easier than having Clay sleeping on the sofa at the condo. Clay makes a dig about the hotel being even simpler than explaining about them having sex. Elena is giving him hell for the comment when she hears keys rattling at the door. Uh oh.

Philip walks in and says, “There’s my girl” (which grates a bit on my 21st century female sensibility.) He asks for the introduction to Clay, his tone expressing ‘yeah right’ with every word he utters. Elena, of course, says Clay is her cousin. Philip reaches his hand out for the shake and Clay returns the gesture, telling Philip he’s “heard a lot about” him. Philip can’t say the same and mentions this. In response to Philip’s surprise at not knowing she would be bringing a guest home, Elena tells him that Clay is heading out, leaving to stay in a hotel. Philip thinks, as family, Clay should just stay with them. Elena pulls out the lame excuse that Clay “won’t even fit on the couch” as reason that none of this should happen. Clay contradicts her by propping himself on the sofa, looking quite comfortable already. Elena rolls her eyes at the sword fight playing out in front of her.

Victor Olson is walking down the street with Santos, getting hell because the mutt leader-wannabe has had to come after him. Santos tells Olson that he’s “not working alone anymore” and reiterates the need for him to call when asked. Santos asks for an update. Olson confirms “she’s back…in Toronto” and this is something Santos had mentioned would happen. Olson deviates to creepy talk about how Elena looks the same just older, though he can still see “that lost, abandoned girl in her eyes.” Santos reminds Olson that their deal involves revenge, not touching. They argue about who’s the boss, Santos once again struggling to maintain a hold on his plans and his minions.

Nighttime has come quickly and Philip is prepping the sofa for Clay’s impending repose. Clay is making small talk about Philip “building [his] ad agency from the ground up, pressing about how clients are found and what Philip is working on. Philip turns the questioning back on Clay, asking why he’s in Toronto. This alibi had already been cooked up in the form on a possible teaching position at UofT (University of Toronto) as well as Elena’s show. Clay tells Philip that “Toronto has been good for” Elena in developing her skills as an artist in response to Philip expressing his pride at her rapid rise to the top. Philip says, “no one captures the purity of human form quite like Elena.” Doctor Danvers argues this opinion by saying her art is about “the conflicted nature of humanity, mankind’s baser instincts fighting to get out even while we deny them.” Elena tries to lighten the conversation by calling art subjective then says she’s heading to bed. Philip heads off right behind her with one last word to Clay about making himself at home. Clay takes it at face value and heads to the fridge for a wolf-sized snack. He finds tofu and scoffs.

In the bedroom, Elena is telling Philip how much she missed him. Philip uses this to try to convince her not to “go away anymore.” He tries to kiss her but she offers her cheek instead. Not taking the initial hint, he kisses her neck and shoulder until he realizes she’s just not that into it. Elena tries to explain it away as the discomfort of having Clay in the next room. Philip again refers to him sarcastically as “your cousin,” getting the point that there’s no action to be had, and hopping into bed. They exchange uncomfortable goodnights.

Clay’s out in the living room doing some investigating. He’s found the artwork for Philip’s vodka campaign. Buried under some of the papers, he finds Philip’s iPad and finds a link that takes him directly into the video in question. He watches the short clip then replaces the tablet in the ordered mess. A further search of the documents uncovers a sticky note with the name ‘James Williams,’ time of a meeting, and the name of the campaign. A ha!

Morning at the condo and with the pile of bacon on the counter, the show is bordering on becoming a scratch and sniff. Elena’s giving Clay hell for cooking so much when Philip comes out all excited about a hot meal. Clay has also made an alarmingly large stack of pancakes, while Philip is saying that Elena isn’t much for eating breakfast. Clay blames the turkey bacon, telling Philip “back home she can’t get enough of the real thing.” Hee!

Elena’s phone beeps, reminding her that Diane is waiting for her. As she motions to leave, Clay does the same. Elena tries to counter the move by asking Philip to come along too, but he tells her he has to work. He delivers a hug and a kiss while wishing her luck; Clay in the background, trying to look anywhere but at them. Philip heads off, promising to see her later at the event. On Philip’s exit, Clay gives an ironic laugh, saying the food will “have to wait.” What a waste.

More pancakes are being flipped, these ones over in Jeremy’s kitchen. He’s asking Joey “why the mutts killed [his] father but spared [him].” Joey talks about being a practice run for a new wolf and he was released for the hunt training, Joey as the bait. Joey used a trick that he and Nick knew from when they were young which disguised his scent. He hid all night then went looking for a pay phone when he was sure the mutts had left the area. The way Jeremy is asking questions, there seems to be some suspicion in his manner. He asks Joey if he can lead them to the place he was kept but Joey tells them he’d been driven away from there for the hunt and that he’d been drugged. While he’d been held, he was blindfolded so he didn’t get a good look at anything but could tell by the deflection of sound that it was big and there was also a vanilla scent. Joey tells them that he did overhear a phone call by Santos that mentioned trying to turn Clay “against the pack” then asks for a pancake.

Elena makes it to the gallery and receives a warm welcome from Diane. Diane laments the temptation of the donuts Elena has brought with her then gives into it after all. Seconds later, the door to the gallery opens and in walks Clay. Diane tries to shoo him off until the opening later, an explicit invitation to make sure he absolutely does return in her words. Elena clears the confusion with an introduction. Diane eyes Clay like he’s even more tempting than the donut; Elena pushes her away to change the subject back to her art showing. Elena tells Diane how great she is and that her hard work is something Elena doesn’t feel she deserves. Diane says she’s also Elena’s “biggest fan” which is supposed to make everything bette,r but Clay steps in and says she’s the “second biggest,” looking all gooey eyed at Elena at the same time. Diane butts in asking how long he’ll be around and he says it’s just for the show then excuses himself to go chat with Logan. Diane tries to pump Elena for info on Clay, asking if he’s single. Elena just gives her a look but Diane isn’t prepared to take no for an answer.

Outside, Logan and Clay are helping Rachel unload the van. She’s excited to meet Clay and grateful for his muscles. Logan tells Rachel to call him if anything happens, overly worried about more than she suspects. She gives him goodbye hugs and leaves to talk to Diane and Elena.

Now alone, Logan admits he doesn’t want to leave, but Clay assures him he “won’t let anything happen to” Rachel. He tells Clay he appreciates him being there then tries to see if Clay thinks Jeremy might change his mind about the “old ways.” Logan is sweetly hopeful, Clay more realistic about how it will all turn out. Clay tells Logan that if he has “to make a choice” to “make sure it’s one [he] can live with.”

Down in the war room at Stonehaven, Nick and Jeremy are checking out a map of the area. Nick draws a “search radius” based on the information they have about where Joey was found, where he might have been dropped off for the hunt, and how far he could have made it on foot. He can’t find anything to explain the vanilla smell at all though.

Jeremy expresses his doubt about Joey’s story based on the vague information they got from him and the questionable details surrounding his escape. Jeremy opines that “fear can be a very powerful motivator,” that maybe Joey traded his freedom for the pack’s trust in him. Nick tries to convince Jeremy that this isn’t possible because he’s known Joey since they were kids. Jeremy replies that they “do not have the luxury of trust,” particularly when Nick hasn’t been in real contact with Joey for years. The Alpha wants to press Joey for details when he’s awake. Nick is still struggling with the idea and tries to say more but Jeremy cuts him off, saying he hopes he’s wrong about it all too.

In Santos’s car, Olson is all excited about “see[ing] the look on Elena’s face.” Santos is trying to lecture Olson on “restraint” so that he stays on track with the plan. Olson argues that Santos has no idea what he’s talking about, that he’s had to show restraint under the watchful eyes of “clingy parents [and] suspicious teachers” over the years. Olson’s trying to tell Santos about the connections he had with the children he loved. Santos appears to be as disturbed by this conversation as I am, thankfully. Still, he just feeds Olson more fuel to continue it. Santos tells Olson that Elena isn’t a child anymore but Olson thinks she never really was; “she didn’t love like a child.” He sees what he had with the other children as “pure” because they had “open hearts [and] unconditional love;” Elena didn’t embody these qualities. Santos tries again to make him see sense saying, “of course she didn’t love you, she testified against you.” Olson sees the lack of pure love as a betrayal and as a result is quite happy to play along with Santos in exacting revenge on their mutual target.

It’s party time for Elena and the gang as the gallery has been quickly transformed, her pictures now hung proudly on the walls. A man is complimenting her work and comparing her to Francis Bacon. Diane is giving Clay commentary about who the man Elena’s speaking with is and what it would mean for Elena if he buys any of her work. Then she slips in a “do you come here often?” question that looks like it amuses Clay at least. It brings his attention back to their discussion and away from his constant ogling of Elena. Clay tells Diane that he used to teach at UofT but coming back would be complicated. She makes a joke about needing diplomatic immunity for bringing things (wine) back across the border. Diane catches him glancing in Elena’s direction, saying how proud she is of her. Clay says, “proud doesn’t even begin to describe it.” Diane gives her sympathies about the cousin that died, taking Clay momentarily by surprise. He catches up quickly. Elena has tuned in to listen to the conversation, maybe checking to see if Clay is flirting back? She should know better. Either way, she’s satisfied when Clay plays along with her alibi.

Joey has awoken and is enjoying a hot cup of tea, no doubt, with Jeremy. Jeremy is recounting a story about Joey’s dad having “the best tracking ability in the pack before Elena.” Joey tells him that they hadn’t wanted to leave but his dad was terrified of what Malcolm would have done if they’d favored Jeremy. Jeremy pointedly tells Joey that Malcolm has been dead for months now, Joey missing what the Alpha means: they could have returned long before now. Joey changes direction, saying they “never thought anybody would take Malcolm Danvers out.”

Jeremy tells a story about when he was younger, trying to express to some degree that he understands the Stillwells’ fears. He says that when he “was little and [his] father was angry he would backhand [him] with his left hand. And sometimes when he was feeling mean he would use his right. He wore a ring on that hand.” Jeremy then turns the conversation back to Joey’s father, talking about his ability to smell deer from a great distance. Joey laughs at this but the conversation takes a serious turn as Jeremy asks, with Dennis’s ability to do this, how could he not have smelled the mutts coming? Joey has no response.

At the front door, Logan has arrived and meets Nick immediately upon entering. He hugs his pack mate and apologizes for not being there for them. Nick tells him it’s okay, that he’s there now. Logan says he’s only there “to come clean and then [he’s] got to head back.” He motions to go look for the Alpha but Nick stops him, saying “he’s with Joey Stillwell” at the moment. Nick talks him into “grab[bing] a drink while [they] wait.”

Nick and Logan in Bitten 1.10The pack brothers move into one of the sitting rooms, Nick saying that whatever Logan is worried about “can’t be that bad.” After getting assurances from Nick that he’ll let Logan tell Jeremy himself, Logan tells Nick about the baby. Nick surmises from Logan’s stress level that it isn’t a girl. He, for one, thinks this is great news, and with a happy laugh decides they need to up their drinks to “something special.” He proceeds to pull out a bottle of scotch that Antonio had “brought…back from Aberdeen.” Nick tells Logan about the lessons he’d received about “casking and evaporation” from his dad after that trip. He promises Logan that “if [Antonio was there], he’d be the first one to say this is” the special occasion he’d intended the bottle to be used for. Nick believes it’s the “good news” they all “need…right now.” They clink glasses, toasting Antonio and the new baby.

They take swigs and Logan begins to tell Nick about the baby rattle gift and the idea that Santos is behind it. Nick lets out a breath of relief, saying they’d thought Logan’s absence was about avoidance, understanding his need to protect Rachel. Logan comes clean though, saying he’s just as concerned about “taking [his] child away from” her as it calls for in the pack laws. Nick asks him outright if he was avoiding them, getting a hesitant nod of confirmation in return.

Elena’s opening is still in high gear and Clay is looking very much like a security guard, wandering around the place more interested in the people than the art. He sees a sign on the wall that gives credit to the gallery’s investors. First name on the list? James Williams. He doesn’t have time to do any further investigations as Diane catches up with him and asks if he’s “having fun.” They exchange more pleasantries about how great a job she’s done and how Elena “deserves it.” Clay jumps right in, asking her about this James Williams. She tells him that she’s never met him and how he’d reached out to her via Twitter, adding in that that’s how she finds most of her dates these days too. She manages another smile from Clay. He asks for more details and discovers that Williams is “a big fan of Elena’s work” and is “the gallery’s patron saint.” Clay asks if he’s at the opening and Diane can only say she hopes he is after his specifications about “the venue [and] the date.” Clay doesn’t like this news and excuses himself to go seek out Elena to congratulate her…again?

He finds her alone and asks if “everything [is] okay.” Elena’s beaming about the reception her work is getting, prompting Clay to tell her not to “undersell [her] talent.” They don’t have any more time to talk as Philip zooms back to Elena’s side, followed by Diane mentioning they need more Prosecco. Looking in Clay’s direction, Diane asks him to help.

Philip is happy for a moment alone with Elena and wants to toast. She jokes with him about using “air champagne” to do it, considering Diane had told them only seconds earlier that she needed to go get more. Philip offers to fetch it, Elena watching happily as he walks away.

Her smile quickly turns to a frown as she senses something. The camera moves from its focus on her to reveal Victor Olson now appearing just behind her left shoulder. He calls her his “little rabbit” prompting a flashback to how he’d lured her as a child. Quickly returning to the present, she says, “I don’t understand. Who bit you?” Olson thinks she might now be “afraid of the big bad wolf.” He looks all cocky, while Elena turns her panicked attention left and right.

Elena says “Victor Olson” quietly. Victor talks about how much they’ve both changed and how they’re quite similar now, both being wolves and all. She asks him simply to leave. He says that’s what he “always loved about” her, she “never put up a fight.”

Outside, Clay and Diane are walking towards Rachel’s van. She’s blabbering on about his less than formal attire versus her dress that is so fancy it requires her taking someone home just to do undo the zipper. (Hint, hint.) Clay laughs again (that’s three times this episode!) saying he tries “to stick to [wearing] pants,” making a joke of his own. Diane is still joking about the dress while lifting the case of champagne. Clay has noticed a car, though, and is gone before she pulls her head back out of the back of the van.

Santos is sitting in the car, picking his teeth and listening to music. Clay catches him by surprise, maybe come up on him down wind? He takes Santos by the back of the head and smashes his face into the steering wheel. Clay says he’s in the “wrong place, wrong time.” Santos jokes that he’s “in the market for some new art.” His humor is rewarded with another face bash to the wheel.

Elena’s inside talking to Victor, says he’s still “supposed to be in prison.” Victor says he’s done his time, including the “extra five years” he got because of Elena’s testimony. He talks about their past, saying she was “always [his] favorite pet of all.” Philip walks up in the background, holding the two glasses of champagne as promised. He sees Elena talking to the strange man, hears what he Olson is saying, and takes a run at him. Philip smashes Olson into one of the pictures. Olson just can’t help himself though, and starts blaming Elena for what happened to her as a child, telling Philip that “she never once told [him] no.” Philip punches him again and again. Elena pulls him off, telling him to stop. They separate; Olson’s face a bloody mess. This doesn’t prevent him from smiling as though he’s won this round.

Clay is manhandling Santos, pulling him partially out the car window by his throat. He growls a review of the injuries and deaths the mutt has inflicted on the pack. Clay says “there’s nothing stopping [him] from ending this war right now.” Except there is: Diane. She says his name, forcing him to let go of Santos’s neck, allowing the deviant mutt to slide back into the car. He’s on the move before Diane can even ask, “what’s going on.” Clay gives her a lame excuse about seeing “the guy hotwire the car.” From his vantage point, he watches Santos slow down while Olson jumps into the car then driving off. He tells Diane they “should get back inside.”

Logan is arguing that he’s “living proof that a werewolf can be raised by a human mother.” Nick disagrees, knowing that Logan was surprised to discover what he was when he was sixteen; he had “no preparation, no sense of history.” Nick reminds him that he had to leave the human “family behind” anyway. Logan feels he successfully acclimated to the pack, regardless of his early years. Nick thinks it will just be “harder on all of” them the longer they try to stay together. Logan concedes Nick might be right but still feels “the benefit of being raised by [his] mother” is an important factor. This will be the approach he uses when he finally gets to discuss it with Jeremy.

Nick tells Logan that Antonio “never stopped loving” Nick’s mother but made sacrifices, knowing what the outcome would be if she’d ever found out the truth. He says that regardless of the emotional factors, the rules are in place for exactly what Logan is going through right now. Logan wants to know if Nick ever thinks about his mother. Nick hesitates, taking a deep drink of his scotch rather than answering. The hesitation turns into a very pregnant pause then he sniffs his glass and says “vanilla.”

Jeremy is in the kitchen interrogating Joey, asking why the mutts went to the Stillwells’. Joey is trying to convince Jeremy that Dennis told the mutts they “weren’t on anybody’s side” when they’d told him about going after the pack. Joey assures Jeremy that this was only “to save his own life,” that their loyalties had always been with the pack. Jeremy isn’t buying it, saying he wants “to believe…Joey” but still can’t be sure he’s not working for the mutts. Jeremy takes Joey by the back of the neck, shoving him closer to the table. Joey still maintains he “would never work with those bastards [because] they killed [his] father.” He swears it “isn’t some move” planned by the mutts.

Nick and Logan walk in as Jeremy is about to put more physical pressure on Joey, Nick saying “he’s telling the truth about the mutts’ hideout.” Nick goes on to explain that barreled whiskey as it “ages, part of it evaporates,” the wood eventually letting off a “sweet, vanilla-like smell” in the factories. Jeremy knows of a few “illegal distilleries in [the] area” that were left over from prohibition times, now they just need to “find the right one.”

Clay and Diane walk back into the gallery to find the chaos left behind after Olson’s departure. Philip says, “I took care of it.” Elena explains what he means in a round about sort of way. Clay asks “who” the man was, Elena naming him as Victor Olson. Philip remains surprisingly quiet during the exchange but jumps to get their belongings when Clay suggests they should head home. Diane leaves with Philip, leaving Clay and Elena momentarily alone to talk. Clay regrets not being there for her but explains about “Santos…waiting outside.” Elena says they can’t leave Rachel alone; Clay argues that with Olson in the picture, it’s more about Elena than Rachel. Elena is as confused as ever about the involvement of Olson and Philip getting the video. Clay now has the chance to fill her in on the details of Williams’ part in it all too, with the arrangement of the gallery and being Philip’s client. She understands that it was all a ruse to get them there, Clay adding “to drop Olson in your lap.” She asks, “who would do that?” (Are they suspecting someone other than Santos now?) Elena is firm that she isn’t leaving Toronto and this time Clay agrees because they now need to discover who James Williams really is.

Philip unlocks the door to the condo, walking in front of Elena and Clay. He takes a deep breath. Clay heads out the balcony to leave them alone. Philip asks Elena to really talk to him now. She tells him that “people…want to hurt [her] family, bad people,” Olson’s presence being a part of it all. She explains that this is the reason she’s been going back to Stonehaven, admitting there was never a sick or dead cousin Danielle when Philip asks about it outright. Philip gives a rueful laugh, asking next whether Logan and Clay “are…even [her] cousins.” She tells him the “family in New York aren’t [her] family by blood,” but also explaining that Jeremy is the closest thing she’s ever had to a father, her cousins feeling just as real.

Outside, Clay is talking to Jeremy on the phone. He thinks this “feels targeted against” Elena. They sign off the conversation, Clay telling Jeremy they’ll “stay put until” he gets there. Clay turns his hearing onto the conversation happening in the condo as Elena is explaining that she’s been “trying to distance” herself from Stonehaven. Philip asks why she even brought Clay with her. She explains she didn’t want it but wasn’t given a choice. Clay is visibly hurt by this and allows the sounds of the city to cover the rest of the words being said on the other side of the glass door.

Another door is opened with a snapping of a chain. The pack, armed with flashlights, are checking out a warehouse. Jeremy says that, “it smells like they’ve been gone for at least a day.” Nick thinks they haven’t totally “deserted the place,” cages and other bits of equipment still scattered around. Joey heads to the cage and talks about being tied up and beaten; he jumps when Nick touches his shoulder. Jeremy has them disperse to look for anything that might give an indication of “their next move.”

Philip and Elena in Bitten Season 1 episode 10Meanwhile, Elena is desperately trying to persuade Philip that what she wants is what she has with him. She asks him “to believe” her, while reaching out to touch his hand. He shrugs away then asks about Clay. She says it’s about Jeremy’s decision to have Clay there to protect her. Philip says he can handle the protection aspect, knowing that there’s more to the story than she’s letting on as far as Clay is concerned. He says he’s seen “the way [Clay] looks at [Elena]…the way [they] are together;” he tells her he saw the picture at Logan’s and everything that implies. Then he asks the big question: “right now, here, in this moment” if she’s “done with him?” Elena says nothing in response and Philip walks away.

Logan is rifling through papers, as is Joey. Jeremy finds a box on a set of shelves and opens it to find a watch. Joey tells him it belonged to his father. Jeremy IDs a lighter in the box as Pete’s and hands it to Logan. Logan says “Santos is a trophy collector” as Jeremy finds a ring inside the box. The ring is engraved with the Stonehaven emblem. Nick calls out that he’s “found something.” They all head over to where Nick is sitting, Jeremy saying he “found something too”: his “father’s ring,” something he wore “all the time.” Nick says “someone would have to pry that off his cold, dead finger.” Jeremy “think[s] that’s exactly what happened.”

Nick proceeds to show them what he found: a stack of surveillance photos of Logan, Rachel, Elena, and Philip. Logan tells them he has “to get back to Rachel.” Jeremy’s questioning look gives Logan the opportunity to tell his Alpha about the baby. Jeremy looks surprised and happy and dismayed all at the same time. He encourages Logan to go.

Philip is heading for the door, grabbing his keys on the way out. Elena is begging him to stay but he tells her he “can’t be with someone he doesn’t trust.” He scoffs and amends his statement, saying he doesn’t even know her at all then he leaves. Elena is speechless.

At the factory, Nick is telling Jeremy “it’s not just [him] the mutts are after…it’s Elena.”

End credits.


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Nicole Leapheart
1. BoxyFrown
Great recap!
Although I am still shocked by Antonio's death, the rules have completely changed on the show for me, so I'm watching with new eyes. Elena is in danger, and while Philip is a swell guy, I'm all Team Clay. Don't let the door hit ya homeboy! And Santos is losing control of the situation every week, he's holding on to his coup by his fingernails. I can't help but wonder what the show's endgame for Marsten will be now. Interesting that Nick is taking Logan to task about the pregnancy. I don't know about that, I feel like she is not going to make it for some reason.
Cheryl Ellington
2. Spikesgurl
I agree, another great recap.
I liked the episode. Elena reallys making it hard for me to like her. Clay needs to write this chick off.

Philip is passive/aggressve. He knew very well who Clay was, and was playing games with Elena at Clay's expense. Elena is the one shown listening in on Clay's conversation with Diane. Diane is interested in Clay, had said, quid pro quo, to Elena. But, here's Elena's chance to get rid of him.

Nick welcomed Logan back, but stood his ground, and Logan had to walk into his embrace. Nick is acting like a consigliere. Interesting discussion, on both disparate views of growing up hereditary wolves. You can appreciate both sides of the coin. Nick mentions to Logan twice about his avoiding the pack, once in question, the second time a statement. Nick tells him Rachel would have to do die if she find out about the wolves.

Olssen is really creepy. I hopeElena gets to kill him. Olssen says that Elena was not pure like the other little girls, at first I did ot understand his conversation, but then I realized perhaps he saying that Elena is strange (could this be Special, otherwordly?).

Joey Stilwell, I'm not sure about him. If his father could smell as far as 30 yards away, yeah he could have smelled the Mutts. The Stilwells also appeared more afraid of Malcom that joining the pack. So, they ran.

Jeremy finding that stuff at the warehoue, if Jeremy killed Malcom why was he and Nick surprised to find Malcom's ring. Also, why did Nick say, whoever took the ring,would have had to pry it off of Malcom's dead finger. Did Jeremy kill him or not?

Jeremy may be up to changes where Logan and Rachel are concerned.

Why was Malcom so abusive to Jeremy? Why did Malcom train Clay, if he had been abusive to Jeremy. Did Malcom bite Clay? The Puppet Master want Jeremy Clay and Elena (we know because Joey, told Jeremy and Nick, that the Mutts wanted to turn Clay over to their side. Of course,it's not Daniel who probably want Clay as far away from Elena as possible).

Malcom must have known all of this history about Jeremy, Clay, and Elena. Hopefully everything will be resolved by the end of season one. Then they can start on a new foe, in season two.
3. stacymd2
Great recap Jackie! I really liked this episode.

@Spikesgurl: I agree that Philip is passive aggressive this episode. I think it stems from not knowing how to broach the subject of Elena's past and family with her. She is flightly and vague even when he asks direct questions. He doesn't want to drive her away. Suddenly Clay appears and Philip rightly feels insecure on many levels.

I liked how Philip kicked Victor's butt. That was nice.

It was funny and sweet seeing Diane flirt with Clay. If Clay's heart wasn't taken, I'd want those two together. Their interaction made Clay seem less broody and self involved.

Loved the Logan / Nick scene. It was an adult conversation between two (pack) brothers with different opinions. There was no hurt feelings or childishness, just understanding. I hope for Logan and Rachel's sake, they can come to an agreement with Jeremy.

I also liked Nick sticking up for Joey. Nick will be a strong beta to Jeremy's alpha. He is already becoming like Antonio.

I think James Williams will turn out to be Jeremy's father Malcolm. Malcolm has been mentioned to many times for it to be random.
Karen McCoy
5. mcmahmen
This show is really heating up the plotline. I really like it when Jackie posts little verbal winks in the recap. As far as Clay vs Phillip goes I totes agree with BoxyFrown don't let the door hit ya where the wolf should've bit ya. To answer Spikesgurls question. In the book Malcolm was abusive to Jeremy because he was more cerebral and less testosterone driven. He wanted a maniac fighter like himself and he got a thinker and planner. Jeremy beat Malcolm for alpha status but did not kill him. Mal just banished himself. I wonder who bit Clay? I totally am on Team Clay. Phillip seems either clueless or desperate his gf leaves and is totally evasive and secretive and he calls it unconditional love. Pulllllease paging Mr. Wimp. Elena uses sex to keep Phillip in line so she can continue to be a city girl and deny her baser needs. ahem. ahem When P asked E is she was done with Clay I expeccted her to say yes so when she didn't I cheered for my team. (Team Clay all the way) I read a funny article about socks and sex scenes.
I truly hope they change Pack law and allow Logan and Rachel to have a family. Lesson Learned via Antonio and Clay when Mr. Wolf finds a Mrs Wolf let them grow the pack. Strength in numbers. Elena has proven that she is ready to kick serious major butt so this he man woman haters club is bad. I have a girlcrush on Elena. Laura V is so so good. Fingers crossed we get a season two!!!!!!!!! Do your part to pass the word so the ratings keep climbing. pretty please.
6. stacymd2
@mcmahmen: I dearly hope Bitten is renewed for a 2nd season. Season one has been rock solid thus far. Thanks for the info on Jeremy's father. It makes sense why he wants to separate Clay & Elena from Jeremy's pack. I wonder if Santos and Marsten know...
Cheryl Ellington
7. Spikesgurl
@mcmahmen, thanks for the clarification about Malcom and Jeremy. So, Clay is the son he would have wanted? Anyway, I too, hope there is a season 2.
Karen McCoy
8. mcmahmen
stacy md2 and spikesgurl. i got the audioversion from the library and have breen glomming. yes clay is the son malcolm always wanted. malcolm was a baaaaad mofo fighter. interesting that you think he is alive the more i think about it i def agree.
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