Feb 20 2014 9:11am

What’s Your Favorite “So Bad It’s Good” Movie?

In movie language, January and February are the months (called “dump months”) during which movie studios release films that have lowered expectations for critical or commercial success (or both).

For example, movies such as Hercules, I, Frankenstein, and Pompeii have all come out during 2014's dump months.

Despite not being the best film ever made, some lowered expectation movies end up becoming cult favorites because they're so bad/over the top/cheesy/etc. they're good.

What's your favorite “so bad it's good” movie?

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1. Cate
Definately, without doubt, hands down, it's The Young Girls of Rochefort aka Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.....It's a barking French musical, starring Catherine Deneuve, Francoise Dorleac, George Chakiris &...Gene Kelly !
The music's lovely, but the plot ...OMG, ..young women falling for old blokes and a geriatric murderer on the loose ....It's magnificent in its madness. I love it :-)
3. vivi3
Leap Year with Amy Adams & Matthew Goode. It's a rom-com set in Ireland that I've seen so many times that I notice details like the lining of Adams' Burberry raincoat. The soundtrack is fantastic too, another reason why I love this movie.
4. lauralee1912
Bad Teacher with Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz. My husband and I were both sick with the flu last month and I think we watched it three times while lounging around feeling bad.
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
I have a whole bunch, including Roadhouse, above, Purple Rain (great music, horrible acting, ridiculous plot), Chronicles of Riddick (gorgeous set design, but I can't understand a word Vin Diesel says)--I think the most universally agreed-upon terribad movie is probably Showgirls.
6. keen23
Deep Blue Sea starring Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, LL Cool J, and Samuel L Jackson. It's amazing. Tinkering with the brains of sharks, turning them into super smart predators. It's one of my favorite movies of all time.
Julia Broadbooks
7. juliabroadbooks
Starship Troopers and Riddick, for sure. XXX even. And lots of those Hallmark movies. I'm such a sap.
8. Barb in Maryland
My all time fave is "Tremors". You get Kevin Bacon and giant, carnivorous worms in a sleepy desert town. Throw in a perky girl scientist, the crusty sidekick and assorted town stereotypes and you have a great excuse for a tub of popcorn and the beverage of your choice.
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
I love Commando, great Shwarzeneger at his wooden prime!
Jackie Lester
10. JackieLester
The Pirate Movie starring Kristy McNichol. It was the silliest bunch of Keystone Cops, pirates, and maidens waiting to be deflowered, all set to wacky songs and dances. I'm saddened that it was so bad they don't show it on TV anymore (and haven't for the last 20 years, I think.)
Patricia Wilkerson
11. Proofreaderpat
Cutthroat Island with Geena Davis and Matthew Modine is a guilty pleasure of mine.
Wendy the Super Librarian
12. SuperWendy
Long Kiss Goodnight, another Geena Davis bomb - and the savior, Samuel L. Jackson. A key plot point is amnesia. I mean, how can you not love that? Also, did I mention? Samuel L. Jackson.

The Last Boy Scout starring Bruce Willis in all his world-weary zippy one-liner glory and Damon Wayans. Oh, and a young Halle Berry plays Wayans' stripper girlfriend. It's terrible, but did I mention the zippy one-liners?
13. willaful
My best friend and I used to adore "Swashbuckler," another wacky pirate movie. I hate to think how it would strike me today. (Evil gay dudes feature prominantly, IIRC. With weird knife-fingers like something in a James Bond movie.)
14. Pdubs
How about The Beastmaster (1982)? My best friend and I would watch this all through high school just to admire Marc Singer in his loin cloth!
Marie Sullivan
15. minime2
Love Potion #9 with Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan, Idiocracy and Fools Rush In.
16. Parawriter
Critter movies. Anything with creatures that have been altered and are on the attack. Tremors, Eight-legged freaks, Snakes on a plane, Anaconda. All good for laughs.
17. stacymd2
I'm a sucker for cheesy sword and fantasy/Sci-Fi movies. I liked The Spirit, Troy, 300, Immortals, Clash of the Titans, Prometheus, Willow, Flash Gordon.

I'm embarrassed to say how many times I've seen Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. Trust me, what ever number you are thinking it's higher.
18. EvangelineHolland
I can't think of any "so bad it's good" movies--if I like a movie, I found some redeeming qualities in it, LOL. My "so bad it's just plain bad" movie is and will forever be Baby Geniuses.
19. SaharaH
Grease 2 - I want a cool cool rider
20. SassyT
Is it wrong that I've seen just about ALL of the movies you guys mentioned multiple times?LOL Roadhouse was on last night and I just had to watch it. I feel so ashamed right now. And I love The Chronicles of Riddick and am not ashamed to admit it!!! Beastmaster? I've seen that movie more times than I can count. But not recently. Maybe I need to dust off the old VHS and watch it again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having watched The Long Kiss Goodnight more than five times...okay more like 20 times but who's counting. As I said, I watched just about all of these movies (even the ones that I'm not going to specifically mention).

And for the record, Showgirls is just bad bad. There is not anything so good it's bad or so bad it's good about that movie. It sucks but it sucks so friggin' well. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about that movie. And yet like a spectacularly awful train wreck, I just can't turn away. Hello, my name is SassyT and I've seen Showgirls at least 3 times. LOL
Elizabeth Halliday
21. Ibbitts
I've seen the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" hundreds of times - literally. Now that I'm no longer living in a city where it's the midnight show on Saturday at the Art Theater, it has been relegated to an annual DVD viewing on Halloween (with props)!
22. EmmyCurtis
I can't believe no one has mentioned The Core... magnificent in its craziness. Insane plot, dodgy science, Stanley Tucci and Aaron Eckhardt as well as Hilary Swank.... it's gloriously awful and incredibly addictive. In fact... yes. Might have to slip it in the DVR!
23. 5Cents
My favourite movie of all times is "How Will You Know" (2010) with Jack Nicholson and George Rudd. It was a colossal failure at the box office costing $100m to make and grossing a mere $48m. The first time I saw it at the cinema, I was so moved that I had a cup of coffee and went in for the next screening that night. I have a personal copy of the movie which I watch so regularly I think I have the script menorised. Most of my friends are very surprised when I tell them about the film, either never having heard about it before or surprised that my favourite movie is not a more obvious blockbuster.

What makes it special to me is that I can identify with every single character. Either I see myself or people who have shared similar life circumstances with as in the plot.

I think the more in touch we are with ourselves the more unusual/out of the ordinary are favourite movies will be. We are very unique individuals and it is highly unlikely that we will have a personal interaction with a mass market box-office hit. - Thats just my rationalisation.
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