Feb 3 2014 8:09am

What’s the Most Reckless Thing A Character Has Done in Romance?

Romance characters frequently act in ways they probably shouldn't if they existed in real life—taking off after a killer, falling in love with a vampire, accepting a challenge to stay in a reputed haunted house in order to get an inheritance—so we thought we'd ask,

What's the most reckless thing a character has done in romance?

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1. Scarlettleigh
Two books come to mind both by Karina Bliss. In Her Comes the Groom, the heroine Jocelyn Swann drops her fiance in a report part of New Zealand or Australia (I can't remember) to give him back his confidence. He has maybe 48 hours to make it back in time for their wedding, in front of all their friends.

And then Bring Him Home, we discover that Nathan Wyatt had to mercy kill his best friend, who was trapped in a burning jeep with the Taliban approaching.
2. Scarlettleigh
Sorry, remote, not report
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