Feb 21 2014 9:03am

What’s the Longest You’ve Waited for a Book?

We'll be covering the next release in Jo Beverley's Rogues series, A Shocking Delight, which comes out seven years after the last Rogues book.

That's a long time to wait!

What's the longest time you've waited for a book? Which one was it?

(h/t to Janet Webb for the idea!)

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1. Cate
Still waiting... LJ Smith's Nightworld 10 - That's got to be at least 14 years,because the last one was supposed to coincide withe the millenium !
Other than that, the 3 year gap that good old JK had between Azkaban & Goblet of Fire nearly killed me :-)
2. PhoebeChase
Five years for the fifth book in GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire series. I'm hoping the HBO show speeds him up for book 6!
3. Torifl
Almost 8 years. Sallie Bissel's Mary Crow series. There was an 8 year gap between books 4 & 5. *sigh*

Thankfully, book 6 releases this year.
4. Nia2113
@Cate nope its 16 years now!! The last one came out in 1998!!! I have all but given up hope on that one but every now and again I find myself wondering over to her page to read the stuff she has posted there. It is self torture every time I read the exceprt about Ash reuniting with
Mary-Lynnette. *Sigh* Maybe one of these decades we will get it
5. Cate
@Nia2113 ...... 16yrs !!!!! Like you I check intermittently, but , I HATE an unfinished series/ story ..* sigh*… Not holding my breath, but do have a niggling worm of hope !
6. kahintenn
I love Lisa Valdez's erotic historicals, "Passion" and "Patience". The latter was released almost 4 years ago. She has posted a scene from the next book, "Primrose", on her website, but there's still no news on when it will be released.
7. katherine l
Diana Gabaldon's next book (Written in My Own Heart's Blood). Fortunately out June 10th after four years of waiting to see what happens next,...
8. Coley
Still waiting for Strange Fate by LJ Smith and I read those books in Jr. High. Author has publicly said that it will release when she is done but she has no set timeframe when that will be. We are going on 10+ years.
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