Feb 18 2014 8:16am

What’s the Exception to Your Reading Rule?

You don't read paranormals, except you're hooked on _____ . You hate the secret baby trope, but you loved _____ . Or you can't read books with the names of people you know, except you read _________ and loved it.

What's the exception(s) to your reading rules?

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Tori Benson
1. Torifl
I'm not a fan of over dramatised, emo, angst filled YA, yet there are certain authors who write such stories who I can't get enough of. Tijan is that author for me. *laugh* Her books are like crack and regardless that her books push every one of my hot buttons, I pre order her all her books.
2. Travelover
I'm not into people who turn into animals or vampires. I have TRIED. I read my first romance novel many years ago - Shanna by Kathileen Woodiwiss - a historical - and then I read every book she wrote and branched out to other historicals. As I did with Woodiwiss, I'd find a book by a particular author and read everything she wrote. I joined a romance novel board and expanded my reading and authors to contemporaries, westerns, mysteries (J.D. Robb), and erotica. But I just cannot get into shape shifters or vampires. I think it's because they don't seem like real people to me.
3. SaharaH
I don't read historical but I'm hooked on Meljean Brook and Kristen Callihan.
K.M. Jackson
4. kwanawrites
I don't read paranormals (it's very rare) except I'm hooked on The Fever series. So yeah, never say never.
5. Jen G.
I don't read paranormals or urban fantasy, but I love Jeaniene Frost and Karen Marie Moning.
6. Xid Trebor
I don't care for reality television, and most romances, but Jessica Clare has a "Games" series that features different couples in Survivor and Amazing Race type shows.
7. bri_in_nj
I'm not a fan of BDSM or really co-dependent relationships but I enhaled the Crossfire series by Slyvia Day
8. lauralee1912
I'm not a big fan of "beach books," but I buy and read every Mary Kay Andrews book as it comes out. Most of my reading is contemporary or historical romances, but I like a good historical novel any day. Flip flops and sand don't quite fit in there. LOL
9. Kareni
I don't typically read Scottish romances; however, I've made an exception for Maya Banks' Highlander books and Jennifer Ashley's Mackenzie series. (It helps that the latter series is only rarely set in Scotland.)
10. Miss_D
I don't really read m/m romances but I love love LOVE Cameron Dane's M/M romances. I inhale them like candy.
11. jsmom2
I have zero patience for the amnesia trope, but I couldn't put down Lisa Kleypas' "Someone to Watch Over Me."
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