Feb 7 2014 12:30pm

Sylvia Day Shares a Peek at Captivated by You (Crossfire #4)

Sylvia Day has posted an excerpt from the upcoming Crossfire release, Captivated by You:

“Ask me to come with you,” Gideon said.

It was so hard to say no to him. I knew he hated the thought of being apart from me for an entire weekend. I hated it, too. And it was much worse knowing that he’d worry and be unhappy the whole time.

Read the rest at Sylvia Day's website, and be aware that there are spoilers!

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Ophelia chambers
1. Ophelia chambers
Loved, loved this series. I have re-read twice. Can I be informed as to when the next book is being released?
Ophelia chambers
2. Felcia
I can't wait until Captivated by you to come out. I am a real die hard fan now. I was so intrigued with the 1st set of books now I've been left hanging since I have not been able to find out the next part of the puzzle. This has been the one set of books that have taken my mind off the 50 shades books, and allowed me to move on to a new excitement. I can't wait unit these next two books come out, so I can get my fix. Thanks Sylvia.
Ophelia chambers
3. Nickie
Please please do not separate Gideon and Eva. they are perfect for each other,I was reading the spoilers and it says that trouble is coming their way. Trouble is their middle names and they can withstand anything as long as they are together. Does Book 5 have a title
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
Hey, all! Quick update: Captivated by You has a release date! Here's the H&H article about it:

@Nickie -- I don't think Crossfire #5 has a title yet, but we'll let you know as we learn more!
Ophelia chambers
5. Zippy
i cannot wait for Captivated by you. i read all three books in a week. i was unstoppable...i need more of Gideon Cross in my life.
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