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Scandal Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: Secret Affair Revealed!

Sally Langston in Scandal 3x11Hey Gladiators, we’re back! It’s been a long hiatus, but well worth the wait. When we last left off we were hanging by our nails and clutching our merlot. Let’s see; we had one dead Daniel Douglas Langston, a hacker with a tape of confessing Sally. Quinn tipping over on the dark side with creepy Charlie and Papa Pope out of a job after royally ticking off Fitz with the most epic dressing down ever. “You ARE a BOY!” So now we’re stuck with Jake in charge (I’d feel more confident with Charles) while Mama Pope is on the loose promising to drop back in “real soon.” These streets are not feeling safe for woman or Gladiator, but here we go…

We open, and our dear first lady, Mellie, is doing a fat two step into Cyrus’s office with the terrified declaration of, “She's running!“ And so it would seem that Sally Langston is making good on her threat to run as an independent against Fitz. It seems to matter not a bit that she not a minute ago literally stabbed her husband Daniel Douglas in the back and killed the man.

We then have Sally about to give a press conference and Cy, James and Mellie waiting on poll numbers, but Fitz is reviewing the numbers (and by review I mean sucking face over them) with his new campaign manager Olivia. Mellie walks in and practically catches them red handed, or in Fitz’s case, with a handful of Liv’s behind. But Mel takes it in stride and asks for the poll numbers with a smile then shuts the door behind her.

Liv comes up with a strategy to paint Sally as a: Selfish, quitter, loose cannon who endangers the troops, but Sally flips the script again by saying she will not resign as VP.

We next see Fitz in the Oval Office sipping on a scotch (probably his third) while Mellie and Cy try to get through to him. Cy says something and Fitz throws the glass at him hitting the wall (Yikes, temper much?) Liv walks in and they all defer to her. Liv tells Fitz to stop drinking and look at her quite firmly and you can see she is the only one to get through to him. Fitz does like a firm hand. She tells him he has to choose the right new VP running mate and Fitz says he’s already chosen Andrew Nichols. Cy is not into this pick and Mellie looks hesitant too. Liv doesn’t like that Nichols is a straight, white, male giving Fitz no zing, no wow, and no diversity which is what he needs. Fitz is not hearing it. He wants Andrew, saying he’s loyal and he can trust him.

We now cut to David and James listening to the tape that was bought to David with Sally admitting to murdering James. David wants James to help with getting more info since the tape is inadmissible but James says sorry he’s not helping. He’s living large working as the press secretary now. James leaves and David gets a call from Harrison asking from help with Adnan Salif. Harry is scared.

We now get to see Jake talking with Charlie in his now official capacity as Command. He tells Charlie Quinn has to stay safe and she is not and will not be B-613.

Olivia and Her Dad, Scandal 3x11Now we have the Gladiators digging into their new client Andrew Nichols. Trying to find any dirt that would prohibit him from being Fitz’s running mate. All they come up with is he’s a playboy.

We have a nice hall walk with Liv and Cy where they talk about Andrew and Liv features her new Prada bag for us and then Cy drops the bomb on Liv that her Dad has been replaced as command with Jake. Nice to know you keep abreast of the comings and goings of the folks that are in your circle, Liv.

Liv goes to the park and meets her dad by the flag memorial. She tries to get the upper hand in the convo talking about B613 way too loud but Daddy Pope shuts her down reminding her that he works for the “Smithsonian” and then on the point of how naive she is telling her she’s, ”Skipping around a field full of bombs and mistaking them for daises—" ain’t that the truth. He explains in his plain-as-can-be way that he’s going to take Fitz and his White House all the way down to the ground and under. She can start mourning now but first she’d better run. Heck, if she won’t, I sure will. Daddy Pope is scary!

So we next see a reporter in the White House press room, Vanessa Chandler, getting a message on her phone from someone called Publius asking about Daniel Douglas’s autopsy. The pot is about to get stirred. We then have Abby going toe to toe in a TV interview with Leo when Leo throws her for a loop accusing Liv of being Fitz’s mistress. Abby gets all flustered. And scene.

Scandal 3x11 Sally and LeoWe cut to Sally talking with Leo and she’s upset that the reporter asked about Daniel Douglas in the press room. She’s talking God’s wrath and it being over because of changing her stance on abortion. Leo tries to stop her and brings up past sins but Sally stops him and says, she didn’t murder her husband. That, “the devil murdered her husband when he snuck inside her.” Leo’s “oh boy what am I gonna do with her?” face here is hilarious. I’m sure his thoughts went right to Flip Wilson. I know mine did.

Leo knowing he’s got a loose cannon with Sally goes down the hall and threatens Cy letting him know that he knows that Cy covered for Sally and he will rat him out. Darn, Cy, how did you fall so far?

We then see Charlie and Quinn shopping in the hardware store as if they are Ana and Christian Grey on a date and Charlie is lying to her about his Jake convo while he outfits her “tool box.” Cute but ewww not at all. Quinn is worried about work when Cyrus calls with their next job. Too bad that job involves Quinn going even further over to the dark side and kidnapping a kid from school. It’s all sorts of creepy and in my mind I’m screaming for Huck to come and put a stop to this horror.

We’re back, and James and Cy are arguing about why wasn’t there an autopsy on Daniel Douglas so that he can know how to answer the question. He tells Cy to look at their beautiful baby on the digital photo frame on Cy’s desk, but still Cy pushes his questions aside.

We then see Abby and Huck going to the coroner’s house to find out what was the real deal with Daniel’s death. When she tries to get rid of them they pull out files with some secrets on her but she just makes up a story about Daniel being drunk and falling and hitting his head. As she’s lying we see that Charlie has her son, the boy Quinn lured away, in the other room with his hand over his mouth. When Abby and Huck leave they let the boy go. Quinn watches from the window as her old running mate drives off. She knows she’s too far gone.
We then see Harrison and he gets a call from David about Adnan. Sorry, Harry. You can’t do a thing about Adnan.

Mellie and Cy are in his office going on about Fitz being off the rails and Cy is upset because the Liv as mistress story is back. He tells Mellie she needs to do something start to make it look like things are cozy with Fitz again. Mel decides to invite Liv to a very public lunch where she smiles for the cameras while she dresses Liv down in whispers, then she hands Liv a list of eligible dudes telling her to pick one to be a nice public suitor. It’s the Mellie Dating Game!

Scandal 3x11 Olivia and MellieBack in the press room and Vanessa is getting more messages about Daniel from Publius. Then we are back at Pope and associates and Abby walks in on Harrison stealing her gun. She goes off about them being the normal ones and asks why he needs it. She also asks if he knows how to use it. Saying she’s afraid he’ll shoot of his penis. He does some fancy gun maneuvering proving his penis is quite safe.

Liv now has Andrew in her office and is questioning him on why he never married and seems to be a serial dater. He tries to blow her off but she’s not having it and it gets combative. Finally Andrew breaks saying the truth is he had his chance with someone and he lost it so he married his job but he’s not getting married if it’s not for love. Bam! Andrew just got interesting.

Cut to Liv coming to see Fitz. They argue over leaving the door open or closed, putting poor Lauren in an awkward situation. The door stays open. Liv tells Fitz she still doesn’t think Andrew is the right guy. Her gut is back. Then she starts in on resigning… again. And bringing up how she’s bringing him down and how Mellie brought her a list of dudes to date. It all seemed a bit tattily and whiny to me and rubbed me the wrong way. Fitz tells Liv she won’t start dating a man for show and she’s not resigning. He goes and closes the door then kisses her rather passionately. Well, that halts the argument quite a bit because Liv get all wide eyes and mushy while Fitz goes all hard with refusing to accept her resignation declaring, “I’m not losing you again.” She slowly walks away from him and then asks why did he put Jake in charge of B613? He tells her he did that so that Jake would keep his secrets buried. That he trusts Jake. Liv tells Fitz that he doesn’t trust her. He says he does and he won’t win without her. She goes to leave the office and says she is not resigning.

Back at Pope and Assoc., night has fallen and Harrison is hearing creaking. He pulls his gun in time to see Adnan walking in on him. Turns out Adnan is a really gorgeous woman who is more intent on having sexy times with Harrison on the desk than killing him. Is that a gun in your pocket? Gun? Oh, this old thing.

Cut to Cy walking into his office and Leo is sitting there holding his picture frame with the baby Ella’s photos. Cy threatens to cut off Leo’s balls if he doesn’t get out of his chair. Leo gets up and says they have to find out who is spilling the beans on Daniel to Vanessa Chandler. Cut to the photo frame then we see that someone is listening. Turns out it’s David and James. James planted a listening device in the photo frame. See, he’s still mad over Cy betraying him and pimping him out to Daniel last year and he’s out for revenge. I love this twist in the story so much, but James, you in danger boy. Your man is Krazy with a capital K.

Cut to Liv at home, drinking alone again when Jake comes a knocking. He tries to explain why he took the B613 job. That it was because he received an order from his commander and chief. Liv asks for Quinn’s back, he tells her he doesn’t have her. If Liv only knew what Quinn’s been up to she wouldn’t want her back. Liv goes on a rant about serving at the pleasure of the president and being a patriot. Jake asks what’s wrong and she says, “Vermont keeps getting further and further away,” referring to her time there with Fitz and the dream of them having a life together. She then asks if Jack is really a patriot and next we see them in the daylight strolling in the park and kissing. That kiss had made it to the papers that Fitz is holding. Liv has done what Mellie wanted and found a guy to date for the public. Jake rides again! Anything for Fitz and country.

Liv tells Fitz this is how she can stay. In the meanwhile we hear that Mellie is announcing Fitz as he is announcing Andrew is his next VP running mate. Fitz is onstage with Mellie and we get a cut to Leo meeting with Papa Pope. He says he doesn’t know if he should be excited or scared. Rowan tells him both. Just go for scared, Leo.

Cut back to Fitz making his speech and we get a quick cut of when Fitz, Andrew and Mellie meet again backstage before the speech. Fitz and Andrew hug and Andrew tells Mellie how wonderful she looks as always. When Fitz walks away Andrew says that every day for the past 12 years he’s dreams of this. When Mellie says, “being on the ticket?” He corrects her and says, “Being near you again.” Ka-pow! And there you have it.

Cut back to Fitz calling Andrew a brother and a friend he comes on stage and Mellie stands between both men raising their arms in a sign of victory. Oh yeah!

We have waited a long time to find out who Mellie had the affair with and finally it’s out; the question is does Fitz know it’s Andrew? I say yes. It’s always surprising the things Fitz does and does not know. Now the question is who else knows. Does Rowan? To this I also say yes.

Now for a few more questions…What's the deal with Harrison and Adnan? What sort of work does she really want him to do? How low is Quinn really going to sink before she throws herself at the mercy of all the Gladiators and beg forgiveness? And finally where is Mama Pope? Is she in a pod somewhere storing up energy, recharging her battery, getting ready for the ultimate showdown? This should be a fun rest of the season I can’t wait to watch Mellie roar!

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