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Isn’t it Romantic?: Big Bang Theory 7x15

Sheldon and Amy in The Big Bang Theory 7x15This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of The Big Bang Theory, including last night’s 7x15, “The Locomotion Manipulation.” Enjoy!

It’s February, and that can only mean one thing for Sheldon and Amy: the annual state of the relationship summit. Sheldon has yet to find an acceptable nickname for Amy, and there’s still the matter of Valentine’s Day. Amy plans for them to spend the big day at a bed and breakfast in Napa Valley, but Sheldon hates every word of that sentence, including “in, at, we and a.” Point Sheldon? Nope, Amy’s already got this covered.

Howard and Bernadette will be going with them, so they won’t have to eat with strangers. Sheldon can have his own room so people won’t talk about him sharing with Amy, and one without a claw footed tub, so he won’t feel like he’s bathing in a monster. Even so, how will that be fun? It’s a point for Amy here, because she has an ace in the hole. They’ll be dining en route on an authentic vintage train.

Penny and Leonard will stay home, as Leonard doesn’t think it’s a good idea to take Penny to the place where wine comes from. Penny would be offended if she didn’t already have a buzz going. This is a perfect arrangement for Raj, who asks the pair to watch his dog, Cinnamon, while he’s booked time at the big telescope. Unfortunately for Cinnamon, her sitters return from a bout of impulsive lovemaking in another room to find Cinnamon has eaten Leonard’s box of chocolates, and it’s off to spend Valentine’s night at the vet.

On the train, Amy despairs of a romantic evening, as Sheldon deserts her for the company of another train enthusiast. Why, she asks her friends, does she even try? Bernadette tries to boost Amy’s spirits by pointing out that Howard was a fixer-upper when she got him, and now he’s been to space. Bernadette and Howard then slip off for some romance of their own, and Amy has had enough. She demands that Sheldon’s friend leave them alone.

Sheldon objects as his new friend departs. Did Amy mean it when she said she wanted a trip they could both enjoy, or did she only arrange the train voyage so she could trick him? Amy insists she deserves romance and this was the only way she could think of to get some. Her words are fuel to the fire of Sheldon’s indignation. Amy wants romance? Fine. He’ll give her romance. Wine is romantic, he declares as he swigs a glass, and so is staring into each other’s eyes. How about kissing? He leans across the distance between them and plants a mocking kiss on Amy’s lips, but then the Valentine’s Day miracle kicks in; Sheldon moves closer. Dumbstruck, Amy can only manage to tell Sheldon “that was nice.” Instead of a snarky comeback or hasty retreat, Sheldon invites Amy to come back to the engine room with him, and Amy agrees.

It’s romance for everyone in this episode, as an impassioned Raj storms into the vet’s office, announcing himself as Cinnamon’s owner, father, soulmate, and if anything happens to Cinnamon, the vet’s worst nightmare. Impressed with Raj’s devotion to his dog, the vet makes an exception to her policy against allowing owners in the back and the two are gone long enough that Leonard and Penny are ready to leave. Cinnamon’s good to go home, and the note the vet, whose name is Yvette, hands to Raj contains a very special instruction indeed—her phone number. She’d been dreading the holiday, but Raj’s company was exactly what this doctor ordered. Raj wastes no time in making that call.

When Sheldon finally makes it home to the apartment, he gives Leonard the highlights of his trip. Sheldon made a new friend who loves trains as much as he does, he kissed Amy on the lips, and the train’s conductor was an excellent banjo player, despite having only nine fingers. Leonard needs a moment to sort things out. Were all of those things of equal importance to Sheldon? Sheldon can’t answer that without additional data, but where is he supposed to find more nine-fingered banjo players? Here’s a hint, Sheldon; now that Amy’s had a taste of sweet Sheldon loving, she’s not about to give up.


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1. wsl0612
OMG, thanks so much for posting this as I squeeeeddd so hard at the kiss :-) I think the writers did a fabulous job with plotting that in and keeping Sheldon "real"!
2. lauralee1912
I agree and I was squeeeeing, too. I'm thinking Sheldon felt a romantic zing, not a bazinga, when he kissed Amy on the lips. He is in trouble now ....
3. wsl0612
@lauralee1912 - It's really amazing how they keep the relationship moving ahead yet still believable. I was very worried that Amy was going to break up with him last night, so the kiss was even more unexpected. But we'll probably have to wait for the year 2020 for another one, ha!
Anna Bowling
4. AnnaBowling
@wslo612, Amy/Sheldon shippers couldn't have asked for a sweeter treat. Kudos to the writers, Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik for a kiss that gave us a thrill and kept Sheldon in character. @lauralee1912, definitely a zing rather than a bazinga for Sheldon. Now that he's aware of a new part of life, who can tell how he's going to react?
SueAnn Porter
5. SueAnn Porter
Wow you have a great memory to catch EVERY detail!
It was definately good to see Sheldon and Amy FINALLY kiss! (State of the Relationship Summit --cracked me up.)

I wonder if the writers will go forward with the Vet for a potential girlfriend for Raj? It could be interesting as she is a different kind of "doctor" and since she already dislikes Penny and Leonard, there's some added tension and conflict. We'll see....
Anna Bowling
6. AnnaBowling
@SueAnn Porter, I augment my memory with diligent note taking, and then watching again to make sure I caught anything I missed the first time. College study groups taught me something after all.

I'm thinking that Yvette the vet has potential to work out as a potential girlfriend for Raj; she's doctor (but a different kind, so she's not competing) has built in conflict with Penny and Leonard, and she's a take-charge, decisive type that could mesh well with Raj's sensitive nature. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
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