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“I Want the Whole Damn Thing”: April’s Choice in Grey’s Anatomy 10x13

April in Grey's Anatomy season 10Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Grey's Anatomy, including last night's Season 10, episode 13, “Take It Back.” Enjoy!

Just when you think you've got a handle on Grey's Anatomy, creator and showrunner Shonda Rhimes  (also the boss at H&H favorite Scandal) throws you for another loop. And that is exactly what happened in last night's midseason premiere.

Back in December, fans of the Jackson/April (nicknamed Japril) pairing were thrilled to see Jackson confess his love for April in front of all of their friends and her family. The catch? He did so at her wedding to another man! So viewers were left wondering: Would April choose fellow doctor and best friend Jackson, or her paramedic groom, Matthew? Last night, we got our answer and then some.

Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew as Jackson Avery and April Kepner in Grey's Anatomy 10x13I have to confess, I did not love the first couple minutes of the episode. Thrilled as I was to see April immediately decide to follow her heart and pick Jackson, I couldn't believe how it all went down. 'Cause as adorable as they are together, watching them literally run out on Matthew and Stephanie and their friends and family...well, let's just say that what seemed romantic in theory actually just made them look like jerks in reality (or, OK, as close to reality as you get when you're talking about a TV show—just go with it). This was very selfish and thoughtless of them, and I wasn't surprised at all to see the panic start to set in on both their faces as they started to drive away.

That scene, so early in the hour, was when I started to think I knew how everything was going to play out, silly me. Exactly as Rhimes intended, I'm sure, after watching April jump out of the car and express her second thoughts and after hearing that April and Jackson had been avoiding each other at the hospital for weeks after the wedding, I made the assumption that the two of them were done, at least for now. I thought that they were both just wallowing in the mess they'd made of their lives (not to mention two other lives). So imagine my shock, again, at how the episode ended:

Following a rough day at the office—during which Jackson and the rest of the hospital board learned that a resident had filed three sexual harrassment complaints, prompting Chief Hunt to implement a zero-tolerance fraternization policy—we found Jackson at home making dinner by himself. Only then someone walked through the door and we discovered that it's April (!!!) he was cooking for, and as they kissed we saw that she was wearing a wedding ring (!!!) and basically everything was Japril and nothing hurt. Flashback to the night of the wedding and we discovered that after sharing her doubts with Jackson (had they really hurt two wonderful people just so that the two of them could date?), he suggested they drive the 13 hours to Lake Tahoe to get married themselves (“I want the whole damn thing,” he tells her—SWOON). And April said YES and they spun around happily before leaping back into the car to start their life together.

I dunno, I guess I'm easy, because these two final scenes made me melt. They were so happy and in love it was hard to stay mad at them for their dick move at the start of the episode. And as I keep reminding myself, at the end of the day, while Apirl and Jackson went about getting in touch with their feelings in a terrible way: 1) this IS fiction so it had to be dramatic, and 2) April going through with that wedding while in love with another man would, actually, have been the worse thing to do in the long run. Plus...I've thought they could be perfect together for years now, so I am ridiculously excited to see them making a real go of it. I'm hopeful that they'll be able to make amends with Stephanie and Matthew, even if they can't ever truly undo the harm they did, and become a Grey's power couple. 

How about you? What did you think of how everything went down? Still a Japril shipper? And do you think Stephanie was the one who filed those complaints, as we were clearly meant to believe? Let's chat!

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Bonus: For an interview with Sarah Drew (April) on last night's episode and hints at what's ahead for April and Jackson, check out EW's post-mortem.


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