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First Look: Tiffany Reisz’s Misbehaving (February 11, 2014)

Misbehaving by Tiffany ReiszTiffany Reisz
Cosmo Red Hot Reads / February 11, 2014 / $3.99 digital

As a popular sex blogger, Beatriz gets paid to have orgasms. So being on deadline the week of her sister's wedding isn't as rough as it sounds. There's just one hitch: Bea's assignment is to write a review of a sex position manual, but she doesn't have a plus-one to play with.

The good news: Ben, the one who got away back in college, is also attending stag—and he's as temptingly gorgeous as ever.

The bad news: Ben turned down Bea's offer of graduation-night sex five years ago.

The best news: He's not planning on making the same mistake twice….

Beatriz (Bea) is a happily single sex blogger, who’s as comfortable using a vibrator as finding a new bedmate to test out a particular position. She’s been there and done that, but she isn’t jaded about sex or, for the most part, love, she just knows where each belongs in her life—or thinks she does. She’s like Samantha on Sex and the City—confident, ballsy, empowered, the kind of woman who men who don’t know better might call “intimidating.”

She loves lube, rates her sex toys on a scale of one to five, and knows what she wants in and out of the bedroom, but there’s one soft spot in her sex-positive world, and that’s the man who walked away from her when she bared her bod for him and begged him to sleep with her. Ben is the one who got away, the one she’s done her best to get over. The two are thrown together unexpectedly when Bea’s foster sister Claudia gets married. Each agreed to attend thinking the other would be absent. Oh, and Bea has a new assignment with a hard deadline—find a guy to help her test out a hip new sex manual. What could go wrong?

This novella by talented erotic romance pro Reisz, author of The Original Sinners Series, has snappy banter that will appeal to Jennifer Crusie fans, along with an unabashed sexual charge. As the pair start to rekindle their thwarted college romance, both of them assume that they’re adults having adult fun of the casual, purely carnal variety. And Reisz makes sure they have plenty of it; Bea is determined to test out every chapter of the racy guidebook, even though she only needs to try out a few to write her review.

Even though they are having sex by the book, there’s nothing rote about it. Instead, there’s a tenderness between them that harkens back to their earliest flirtation and longing, which makes the sparks fly even faster when they do get together.

She opened her legs and he easily found her swollen clitoris with his fingertips.

Beatriz flinched and smiled.

“Did I do something right?” he asked.

“Very right. Keep doing it.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

He kneaded her clitoris with his fingers, watching as Beatriz moved her hips in conjunction with his touch. He loved the way she moved, like a dancer—strong and graceful and fearless.

“Can I go inside you?” Ben asked as he ran his fingertips along the wet seam of her vaginal lips.

“That’s why we’re here,” she said with a seductive smile.

Bea can’t hide her romantic side, from herself or Ben, and I’m glad Reisz brought out the sweetness of their passion. Ben isn’t just some random guy helping Bea with her work, he’s one who, even while dating other women, has been waiting for and fantasizing about getting to know the tattooed sexpot she’s become. The sex here is fueled by the love they’ve held onto for each other, which enables them to go from joking to oral sex in the shower lickety split:

She held him by the base while her lips focused their attention on the tip of his penis first, licking and teasing it while her hand gave it gentle squeezes. The blood started pounding and he grew thicker as she took him deeper into his mouth. Had he ever seen anything sexier in the world than her full lips surrounding him? No. No, he hadn’t.

Both of them are clearly smitten for each other before they even take off their clothes, and thankfully neither tries too hard to come across as aloof. They make sure to enjoy every position as lustfully as possible, living in the moment while still holding out hope for their joint future.

She’d love to take Ben to the very edge of sex where all the walls of shame and fear came down, where flesh met fantasy, where the two of them could tell each other all their secret desires and then live them out every night in their bed.

Every night of her life…

Yet as smitten as Bea is, she doesn’t let Ben walk all over her. When he sides with his friend Henry, Claudia’s fiancé, who’s already tried to insert his weight into their relationship, in a crisis that almost has them cancelling their wedding, Bea doesn’t hesitate to side with family. She hasn’t lost her mind completely, and this episode provides some comic relief in between the bedroom romping. I especially liked that Ben appreciated Bea’s sexual maturity and experience—he certainly should, since he’s been surreptitiously following her columns, lusting after her from afar. He’s a hero who not only isn’t threatened by a vibrator (or an assortment of them) but wants to use them with Bea to help both of them get off.

Shakespeare fans (of which, my apologies, I’m not) will enjoy the fact that this is Reisz’s ode to and modern retelling of Much Ado About Nothing, hence the naming. This is a fun, hot read, more light-hearted than Reisz’s usual BDSM-themed fare, and one I’d recommend to any romance reader; even if erotic romance isn’t your usual beat, the chemistry and humor here are compelling enough that they should win over new readers.

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