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February 2014 New Adult Roundup: Rough Reading with Motorcycle Clubs

Burn by R.J. LewisMCs, or Motorcycle Clubs, are a growing subgenre of new adult fiction, and this month, readers are hooked on leather jackets, shiny bikes, ex-cons, and tough chicks with tortured pasts. MC books tend to be grittier than the average new adult novel, and they often feature some sort of abuse, either physical or sexual, particularly as part of the heroine's story. What seems to intrigue readers the most is the mix of sweet, sexy romance with the dark, criminal underworld. So if bad boys and angry girls are your thing, check out some of these MC romances.

Burn, by R.J. Lewis, is a follow-up to Ignite, which features a heroine named Sara who grew up in a bad part of town with abusive parents. As a young girl, she formed a friendship with Jaxon, who defended her from bullies and tried to make her see how special she was. Life pulled Sara away from Jaxon, and when she tried to rekindle her relationship with him as an adult, she realized that he wasn't the same person anymore. In Burn, Sara finds herself in the clutches of Remy “Reaper” Martinez, a leader of the Jackals Motorcycle Club, who has been obsessed with her since she was a teenager. The only person who can save her is Jaxon, who joined the club to act as a mole. Will he risk his own safety to help her, despite the way she hurt him in the past?

Readers looking for a seriously dark read will enjoy the Gypsy Brothers series by Lili St. Germain. In the latest installment, Six Brothers, Sammi (a.k.a. Juliette) continues down her road toward revenge against Dornan, the sociopathic head of a motorcycle club. Readers were both disturbed and intrigued by Sammi's ability to have a sexual relationship with Dornan, who raped her when she was younger and killed her father. In Seven Sons, the first book in the series, Sammi killed Dornan's oldest son Chad. Now, with only six brothers left, she turns her murderous sights on another one of his awful sons. All of the sons are rotten except for the youngest, Jase, for whom Sammi is developing feelings.

Ravage Me by Ryan MicheleRavage Me by Ryan Michele is the first in a series about the Ravage MC. The heroine Harlow Gavelson, a.k.a. Princess, spent two years in jail for a crime she didn't commit. Now that she's free, she immediately returns to Ravage set on revenge. “Princess,” as she's known by the club members, is one tough chick. She was raised by the club, which was started by her grandfather, and she's never known any other life. She always swore she'd never date a club brother, but the hero Donavan, a.k.a. Cruz, wants to claim her as his own. He's a single father who was patched into the club after Princess went to jail, and his attraction to her is instantaneous. Unfortunately, his crazy ex-girlfriend could ruin the couple's chances of a happily ever after.

Angels in Leather by Bella Jewel is the first in the Rebels on Bikes series. Before he was killed, the heroine Meadow's father gave her the task of hiding a package from his killer Axel, the president of the Angels in Leather MC. Meadow used to have feelings for Axel, but Axel's a hard man now, dark and violent, and he's chasing her. She doesn't know why he killed her father or why he wants the package, but she's afraid of what will happen if he catches her. There may be an even bigger threat on the horizon, however: a man named Beast who wants the package as well and has no mercy for anyone.

Eight years ago, Britton Ramirez, the heroine of Crushing Beauty by Celia Loren, was abandoned by the boy she loved after a serious car accident. She survives and ends up working for the FBI. Her first undercover assignment is to bring down the president of the Harbingers of Sorrow MC Jagger Stromm—the same boy who abandoned her nearly a decade earlier. Jagger and Britton rekindle their relationship, but Jagger can tell that Britton is hiding something. Britton's feelings for Jagger are real, but her lover is a criminal. Their very different life paths threaten their safety and their feelings for each other.

Under Locke by Mariana ZapataNot all MC books are super dark and gritty. Readers praised the sweeter, gentler MC book Under Locke by Mariana Zapata. The hero, Dex Locke, is pierced and tattooed, has a violent past, and is part of the Widow MC, but the focus of the story is on his budding relationship with the heroine, Iris Taylor. Her father was a Widow, as is her half-brother Sonny, and she moves to Austin, Texas, to live with her brother because she can't find a job in her hometown. Sonny hooks her up with a job at Dex's tattoo shop. She has a hard time getting along with Dex at first because he's an opinionated, controlling alpha male, but their relationship slowly develops into something deeper.

Finally, for new adult fans who aren't fond of MC books, there's another intriguing story climbing the bestseller charts this month that might be of interest. In Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan, the hero Archer lost his ability to speak in an accident that damaged his voicebox when he was little, and ever since then, he's lived an isolated life as a social pariah in a small town in Maine. The heroine Bree is from Cincinnati, and she goes to Maine for a fresh start. Because her own father was hearing impaired, she knows sign language, and she's intrigued by the town's reclusive outcast. She's determined to befriend him and draw him out of his shell. He helps her overcome her own traumatic past. Archer's Voice is a story of two lost souls finding redemption in each other's arms.

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