Feb 14 2014 3:40pm

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Lia Riley’s Off the Map Series!

Upside Down by Lia RileyToday we're delighted to reveal the covers for Lia Riley's Off the Map series, a New Adult romance. The Off the Map series includes Upside Down, Side Swiped, and Inside Out. The series follows Talia Stoli, “a college student who embarks on a study abroad trip to Australia and learns that sometimes you have to go upside down to land right way up.” We know how that is...

Here's more about the Off the Map series:

Talia Stolfi lives her life by one rule—fake it till you make it. But the act is getting harder and harder to maintain. Her older sister was taken off life support after a long-term coma last year. Then Mom bailed to Hawaii and drunk-dials Talia with TMI about the hairy hippie she’s dating. Talia disastrously loses her virginity to her sister’s boyfriend in a shared moment of grief. No one knows she suffers from OCD. In fact, she’s been so wrapped up with her secret compulsions that she never turned in her senior thesis. Now she’s not graduating with an honors in history. She’s not graduating—period.

A low-key exchange semester to Melbourne, Australia seems like the perfect way to cut and run until a chance encounter on a city street throws her into the path of a surly environmental activist.

Bran Lockhart is square in the midst of a shite year. After the girl of his dreams turned into his worst nightmare, he slunk back to Melbourne, and lives in the world’s dodgiest share house. He alternates his days between being mocked by commuters while dressed as a pocket-change collecting Koala for The Wilderness Society and part-time tutoring at Melbourne University. He needs to salvage his research plans to study climate change or pack it all in, move to the beach and be a full time surf bum. The last thing he needs is this nagging curiosity about a cute American with sad eyes.

But one unexpected kiss leads to another and soon Talia and Bran discover they are in uncharted territory. Love—real love—takes you down unimagined roads within yourself, to places you wish didn't exist while discovering possibilities you never imagined. When you find the person up for taking that challenge with you, there’s no adventure more terrifying or beautiful.

Talia and Bran bounce between Australia, Malawi, Antarctica and coastal California. They explore internships, grad school, direct environmental activism and the Peace Corps. As they are tested by life’s challenges, they discover the courage to claim love and learn that sometimes in order to find yourself, you need to venture off the map.

The first book in the series, Upside Down, will be released in August 2014.

Side Swiped and Inside Out by Lia Riley

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Lia Riley
1. Lia Riley
Thank you so much for hosting OFF THE MAP's reveal! Best Valentine's Day ever xx
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