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Bitten Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Sudden Death

The pack meets in Bitten 1x07We've been following this project since it was first announced that an adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten was in the works. And now, here it is! Check back weekly for episode recaps from Jackie Lester the day after the show airs in the U.S. on SyFy (and remember that in Canada the show will be airing a couple days earlier, on Saturdays on Space). Catch up with recaps for episodes 1x011x021x031x041x05, and 1x06.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bitten, including last night's Season 1, episode 7, “Stalking.” Enjoy!

The camera focuses on a grisly sight in the box—and it's a pair of eyeballs. The pack mates are circled around a table, looking at them, discussing whether these actually belong to Dennis Stillwell. Nick has no doubt that they are. In an epic case of bad timing, Elena's phone rings. Everyone looks at her expectantly, but she hesitates, obviously thinking its Philip despite the caller ID reading “unknown.” She answers to find it’s Santos, putting him on speaker so he can ask Jeremy directly about his “gift.” Santos outs himself as the head of the mutt plan and tells them just how serious he is. He wants an open conversation about the rules. Clay threatens to rip his throat out for what he’s done to Stillwell, playing right into Santos’ impression of the unnecessarily brutal pack enforcement.

Antonio says the rules have been in place for centuries, why change them now? In response, Santos threatens that they're headed for a “new world order” and more deaths are imminent unless Jeremy and the pack make changes. Elena asks about Joey Stillwell and is assured by Santos that he's alive and well, though we only have his word on it and that's not worth really worth anything at this point. Clay and Santos trade stories about how to teach lessons, both with the grim results we’ve already witnessed. Santos wants a meeting with Jeremy set for the following day. Wanting home court advantage, Jeremy tells Santos to come to Stonehaven, but the mutt is smarter than that. He recommends a different location.

Jeremy reluctantly agrees as Clay brings a map of the area in question at the other end of Bear Valley. They agree on a pavilion near a campground that looks to have little around it that the bad guys could hide in. The call is ended. Knowing he can’t trust Santos even a little, Jeremy sets things in motion to protect himself from whatever skeezy plan the mutts have cooked up. The Alpha is tired of his friends being “picked off one by one” and sends Clay and Elena to stake the place out in advance.

Heading for the door, Elena stops Clay to ask about his state of mind since the phone call he’d made to her. Clay tries to brush it off as a momentary lapse but does fess up that things aren't the way they used to be when it comes to “mutt discipline.” Elena asks if he's better now and he says he is now that she's there. Elena tries to clear any confusion by saying she “came for Dennis and Santos.” Clay continues through the door, once again being shut out by Elena.

The scene switches to the meeting place. Elena's found a spot that looks decent and reports this by phone to Clay, who is still looking for another vantage point. They aren't the only ones there, we see, as the camera switches to a view through binoculars. Zachary Cain is looking on, doing some prep work of his own.


At the condo, Philip’s on the phone, trying to source out the video of the wolf. His efforts have fallen flat, so he's calling in reinforcements. It sounds like it's someone he's got a history with as 'Sylvie' offers to come over to help. Philip tries to stop her. Failing, they set a meeting of sorts within an hour.

Over in the Stonehaven living room, Antonio is on the phone making inquiries about a cruise. Nick walks in as the call is ending and tells his dad how he doesn't like the business of covering up for dead wolves. Antonio has set it all up for a stand-in to take Dennis's place on the boat to add to the cover story, neatly tying up another loose end. Nick calls his dad the “pack fixer.” Antonio doesn't mind the work, but Nick thinks it isn't something he could ever take over doing. Nick talks about his lack of responsibility, that when Antonio was Nick's he ”already had a teenage kid.“ (I'm assuming he means himself here.) Antonio says that ”one day [he'll] have a son of his own“ which has Nick joking that maybe he already does and doesn’t know it. Antonio spoils the fun by telling him it's no laughing matter when it comes to procreating. Nick piles it on thicker with a story about twins in Rio. His dad corrects the story by saying he'd told him before it was triplets. That Nick is such a hound dog!

Logan and Rachel are just coming back to the townhouse from the emergency room. Rachel had some pain and Logan is giving her the speech about being cautious with a first pregnancy. Rachel breaks the news to Logan that it actually isn't her first time being pregnant. She'd had a miscarriage when she was younger and involved with a not so great guy. Logan tells her nothing will change how he feels about her, that everything is fine, and it sounds perfectly like his usual brand of psycho-babble. That is until we get a good look at the serious expression on his face.

Clay and Elena are hanging out (separately) in the woods, watching the comings and goings at the meet site. There shouldn't be much going on considering they're meeting in a park at the other end of Bear Valley, home of recent wolf killings and all, but wouldn't you know it? A car has arrived, a young guy hopping out of it to drop off a package. Clay’s on the phone to Elena saying that the package is wrapped in the same paper as Stillwell's eyes. Elena quickly relays the message to Jeremy who tells her not to touch it. Jeremy tells Nick to ”watch the property“ while he and Antonio go check things out.

Meanwhile, Philip is answering a knock at the door. What we see at first are a shapely set of female legs then pan up to find a smart looking woman (because she wears glasses) with blonde hair. She tells Philip she's brought sustenance in the form of coffee and treats, along with her brains to find out the secret he needs to unlock from the internet. He hesitates a moment, which makes her ask if he's actually going to let her in. He finally does and they get down to work.

On the computer, the video is playing once again. The two discuss how beautiful this wolf is, but how brutal wolves can be also. Philip asks Sylvie if she's had any luck tracing it and she confirms that she's found an email associated with the video. She's working on tracking down more info when she spots Elena's running shoes just sitting by the window. She quizzes Philip but he tries to remain evasive initially. He admits that he's happy with his new woman but Sylvie doesn't entirely believe him.

Before they can delve deeper into Philip’s relationship, Sylvie says “Nate Parker” is the name behind the video posting. Sylvie refers to him as “a real wirehead” based in the amount of security she had to break through to get it. She also says that based on his frequent correspondence with the government, he's a bit on the wacky side. Sylvie has an address and Philip's all set to go check it out when Sylvie tells him it would be better if she came along. She says Philip looks too much like a government suit and teases him about needing her to speak Nate’s lingo.

Jeremy and Antonio are driving along when they come across a woman lying on the road lying outside a car that's been in an accident. They stop to take stock, Antonio saying they need to keep going, Jeremy wanting to help first (of course).

Elena sees Cain in wolf form and tries to call Clay to warn him but Antonio is tying up the line, letting him know about the delay.

Jeremy goes to the woman, leaning over to see if she's okay. She mumbles something, making the Alpha move in a bit closer. As he does, she pulls out a knife and slashes at his thigh. Another person comes running at Jeremy, stabbing him in the stomach. Antonio yells into the phone “it's an ambush!”
Clay sees Elena called and is trying to call her back.

At the scene of the “accident,” Antonio is fighting off the newest mutt with glasses, Thomas Leblanc, then tries to see how bad Jeremy is. The car they’d stopped for has a small explosion, providing a little extra smoke as Santos comes running towards them, knife in hand. He slashes at Antonio, once on his back, another minor wound on his chest, making a snarky attempt at pleasantries while he does so.

Clay gets Elena’s call answer and hangs up, turning around in time to see the black wolf bearing down on him. Clay leans down, preparing to fight back as the wolf lunges. Before it reaches him, the blonde wolf cuts him off in mid-air.
Leblanc, previously tossed to the side of the road by Antonio, is on his feet again, making another run with the knife at Jeremy. Jeremy blocks the mutt, trying to get a few hits of his own in. Beside him, Antonio is parrying with Santos.

At the camp ground, the two wolves are growling fiercely at each other, the visual advantage going to the black wolf because of his larger size. He doesn’t have Clay on his side, though, and is reminded of this as Clay picks up a nearby trash can and throws it at him. It gives Clay a moment to tell Elena (still in wolf form) about Jeremy and Antonio being in trouble. She runs off to help them; the black wolf follows. Clay runs in the opposite direction.

Antonio and Jeremy appear to be holding their own, though the mutts haven’t backed down at all. Leblanc holds onto the knife but hasn’t made any more contact yet. Antonio gets Santos with a couple of great punches to the face then a double-handed shove to knock him on his backside. Leblanc runs at Antonio, trying to stick the knife in him instead but the good guy is able to knock him down with some elbow-to-the-face action. It distracts Antonio and Jeremy calls out to warn him that Santos is back on his feet. There just isn’t enough time to react and Antonio takes a deep slice to his abdomen. He crumples to the ground. Leblanc takes another run at Jeremy, but is once again blocked and lands on the road. Jeremy throws in a kick for good measure. Santos is kicking Antonio at the same time, his vicious bloodlust evident. On seeing Clay arriving in his SUV, Santos and Leblanc take off. Jeremy tells Clay to “help Antonio, he’s been hurt badly.” Together they help him to his feet to make their way to the SUV.

In Toronto, we see a run down looking building. Nate Turner is asking Sylvie and Philip how they found him. The two techies exchange geek speak about firewalls, Sylvie explaining Nate’s isn’t as good as he thinks it is. Nate asks if they’re from the government, confirming Sylvie’s suspicion that Philip does look like ‘the man’ in this scenario. Philip tells Nate that he wants the footage but Nate says he’s probably not interested in selling it. Sylvie begs to differ with him because she has some backup info on him: he owes money to credit card companies. Nate asks how much they’re offering and Philip says $2000. Even I think that’s insulting, though Sylvie justifies it by saying the film quality is garbage. Philip tries to sweeten the deal by saying his work will be shown on TV, which makes Nate up the offer to $10k. Philip negotiates for the rights to the footage and removal of it from Nate’s site for the tidy sum of $5000. Nate’s last attempt at control is asking for it to be paid in cash and the deal is made.

Clay’s gunning the SUV back to Stonehaven. Nick and Elena, back as a fully clothed human, run out to meet them. Nick goes to the back door of the truck, giving a heartfelt “Dad” on seeing Antonio wounded. Nick lifts him out of the car, carrying him towards the house while telling Antonio that’s he’s “going to be okay.” Jeremy comes out of the other side of the car, looking pretty beat up himself. Elena expresses concern which Jeremy shushes, telling her to “help Clay get the medical supplies.”

They get Antonio to the kitchen table, Jeremy calls out for “gauze, pads, and tape.” This doesn’t seem like enough to fix Antonio’s wound, but they must know what they’re doing, right? Antonio is groaning in pain as Nick puts pressure on the wound and Elena is asked to pass the rubbing alcohol. Jeremy pours the alcohol onto the wound, making Antonio groan louder. Jeremy next asks for “hemostatic powder.” He pours the powder over the wound liberally, then has Nick applying pressure again. Jeremy wants to roll Antonio a bit to have the gauze wrapped around him; the Alpha’s actions are quick and efficient.

Clay and Elena share a look as Jeremy and Nick get Antonio settled on his back again. Nick asks his dad if it’s better, his dad responding by coughing up a little blood, then saying “I’ll be okay, Nicky.” Nick swears he’ll “track down Santos,” Antonio, knowing his son will do this, asks Jeremy for the prognosis. Jeremy tells him he’s going to be fine but Antonio says that he shouldn’t “start lying to [him] now.” Jeremy vows he’ll “do everything he can” but from the look on Antonio’s face, he knows it won’t be enough. The pack mates look at each other, obviously thinking the same thing.

Logan has made tea for Rachel at the townhouse. She’s saying it’s a strong one, but figure it will be a stand in for her “cabernet cravings” throughout the rest of the pregnancy. They joke around, Logan saying their “little girl will come out with a taste for the finer things.” And here is where we get our first real clue that Logan is in full-on denial about the consequences. They don’t know it’s a girl yet, but Logan must be hoping that’s the case, pointing to a non-wolf baby if it is. He’s busy telling Rachel how much like her their daughter will be when his phone shows Elena is calling him. Logan decides not to answer, saying it was just about them going running together, an all-out lie compounding Logan’s avoidance of reality.

Elena tells Clay that she can’t reach Logan. They’re looking on from the hallway, watching Jeremy and Nick tending to Antonio. Antonio tells Jeremy “You have to stop them.” Jeremy says that they’ll “do it together.” He turns to walk away, perhaps processing the lies he’s telling right now, when he collapses. The three remaining pack members grab him and prop him on a chair. They move his shirt to show a wound, not quite as bad as Antonio’s but definitely one that isn’t looking great. Elena asks Jeremy to “tell [her] what to do.” He tries to say he’s fine again, but she won’t take no for an answer this time.

He says they need “antiseptic and some gauze to stop the bleeding.” Again, I have a bad feeling about this and wonder if Santos’s talk about Elena as queen is about to find fruition in this episode. Rather than douse Jeremy with the alcohol, Clay dabs it on with some gauze. It doesn’t appear to feel any nicer this way as Jeremy groans. They get the gauze on and Clay tapes Jeremy up.

The scene flips to the video of the wolf versus coyote that has occupied much of Philip’s on-screen time. Sylvie, still with him, is asking if the video will be enough for his vodka campaign. Philip laments the quality, wishing it were a little better. Magically, Sylvie has a solution for that…at her place. She asks Philip to pop over in the afternoon. Philip’s on to her though and says he could just send her the file. Sylvie says she wasn’t hitting on him but he still hesitates because, as it turns out, they do have a history. He’s uncomfortable around her for that reason. Sylvie thinks it’s ridiculous, but quickly changes gear to say that basically they’d always had great sex but he never really gave the relationship much effort. He assures her that what they’d had was good. Still, it’s apparently nothing compared with Elena (and her ferocious appetites?) Sylvie tells him that Elena is the lucky one and hopes that he’s getting what he wants in return.

A Pack A.D. song is playing, the drum beats heavy as we zoom in on a trailer. Moans and groans accompany the music along with the ickiest pillow talk ever: “I stabbed him in the leg and then the blood was flowing…” Cain is with his woman, the one that started the battle with Jeremy and Antonio at the side of the road. The two sweet talk each other, their discussion laden with information that makes it clear Cain has told the human female about life as a wolf.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue above the roof of Stonehaven. Jeremy is telling Nick and the others that Antonio is “bleeding internally” and that “he’s lost too much blood.” Nick Is still holding out hope that something else can be done. He suggests they take him to a hospital, but Jeremy says he knows full well that it’s not an option. Antonio tries to calm Nick down, while admitting he “can’t fight this fight.” He calls the others to his side one by one, telling Elena “the boys need” her, Clay that he must be able to forgive, though what he’s referring to isn’t clear. It takes Elena by surprise also. Antonio asks for Jeremy next, calling him “my friend,” telling him “no more half measures,” that they need to take care of Santos and the rest of them. Jeremy repeats the endearment “my friend” adding “it’s time for you to rest now.” A long pause is needed here to go grab some tissues.

Nick and Antonio in Bitten 1x07Antonio says Nick’s name last, asking him to come closer and he whispers something in his son’s ear. Whatever it is, Nick’s breath catches and he says to his father, “thank you.” Antonio takes a few last, laboured breaths. The camera pans over to Jeremy, whose heart is breaking then the sound of Nick’s sobbing affects them all as Antonio dies. We saw this coming with some poignant scenes between the father and son recently but being wrong was something I’d truly hoped for.

Jeremy is limping around the living room, talking about “all the little things you take for granted” in a friendship that has lasted as long as his with Antonio. Clay and Elena are sitting at opposite ends of the sofa, listening, neither look able to lift up their heads at the moment. Clay once again vows for vengeance. This time Elena is in full agreement, saying “no middle ground, no mercy.” She’s ready to fight back now, for Pete and Antonio’s sake. Nick walks in, agreeing with Elena. Jeremy wants to give him more time, but Nick tells him he has “the rest of [his] life to grieve.” Nick knows they need to “go on the offensive,” there are more involved and thinks they need to find out “how far it reaches.” He says they “are getting desperate if they’re bringing in humans to do their dirty work.” They discuss the best tactic and decide that Cain is the one to target because he’s “sloppy” and “mentally weak.”

Elena says she’ll head to the campground to check for his scent. Clay says “not alone” and Jeremy agrees, sending them to work together again. Jeremy tells Nick they’ll stay back to “tend to Antonio’s body.” Elena asks Jeremy how his wound is and he, again, says it’s fine, not to worry about him. Judging by his stiff movements, it looks like he’s still lying as he tries to push the more important agenda forwards. Elena tries her best at a pep talk, saying they “can’t bring Antonio back but [they] can make this right.”

At the campground, Elena is searching the path for tracks. Clay reports that the box is gone now. Elena says “they were only here a few hours ago. Everything’s changed.” She says she can’t stop thinking about the deaths and Clay says the same, calling the fallen wolves his brothers. Elena is adamant that they aren’t going to “lose any more family.” Clay replies with “the only blood to be spilled from this point on will be mutt blood.” While Elena ponders this, a breeze catches her, bringing them back to their current task and she asserts that Cain “went north.”

Nick is sewing up Jeremy’s wound. Jeremy asks Nick about where they should place Antonio’s ashes. Nick says it wasn’t something he and his dad had ever talked about. Jeremy suggests “the cherry grove on [their] family’s estate.” Nick changes the subject back to his limited sewing skills when they hear the sound of a car arriving outside. Nick goes to answer the door while Jeremy finishes the stitch job himself.

Sheriff Karen has stopped by, looking for Clay. When Nick says he isn’t there, she asks for Jeremy instead. Nick tries to shoo her away with the old “it’s not a good time” but Karen has the comeback that “it’s never a good time to talk to the police.” She tells Nick that they’ve “found Braxton’s body” as Jeremy walks up behind Nick. Karen looks genuinely happy to see Jeremy despite whatever trouble she’s there for now. Jeremy surprises Nick by inviting her into the house.

Cain and his woman are still hanging around the trailer. Cain gets off the phone saying that Santos has gone to Manhattan with Leblanc for a few days. The woman says Santos is running, that he’s “got no balls,” not like Cain does. Then she tells him it would be great to make their own pack, go all “Bonnie and Clyde” on the world. Cain asks if she understands what would happen. He tries to tell her that none of it means anything if he didn’t have her to share it with; her death would be inevitable. She thinks she would survive but the precedence (excluding Elena) proves otherwise. Cain ends the conversation by heading out to hunt…for nachos.

Elena and Clay are stopped at the intersection of two dirt roads. Elena is checking out the tire marks on the road, saying “Cain went west. Let’s go get him.” Not only has she got a better sense of smell than Clay, her tracking skills supersede his too?

Karen is wandering around the living room, complimenting Jeremy on the beauty of his artwork. Jeremy, breathless and his wound beginning to leak through his clothing, asks her to sit down. Karen is too distracted by her surroundings to notice his discomfort. She tells Jeremy that Braxton’s throat was cut, making it a homicide investigation. Jeremy’s trying to figure out what this has to do with Clay. Karen repeats the notion that Braxton was on his way to have it out with Clay, making him a suspect of sorts. Jeremy tries to put down this notion, informing her that the last time any of them saw Braxton was when they’d found the boy’s body.

Switching gears, Karen asks about the artifacts scattered about the place and the amount of travel that would have been involved in collecting them. She thinks they’re Jeremy’s but he corrects her, telling her Clay “has a doctorate in anthropology.” Karen asks straight out if Clay is Jeremy’s by birth, saying he looks too young “to have a son that age.”(And he really does, right?) He tells her that he brought Clay to live with him when he was eight, not giving any further explanation. She talks about the pride Jeremy must have in Clay for his accomplishments and he says he’s “proud of all [his] family.”

Clay’s SUV pulls into a gas station. Another car pulls away revealing Cain’s pickup truck parked close by. Clay says there would be “lots of collateral damage” if they go inside to get Cain. He thinks it would be better if they “wait for him to come out.” Elena ties up her hair in a no-nonsense way and says “No. I wait for him to come out.” I wouldn’t want to be Cain right now.

Cain exits the store/restaurant he was in, instantly smelling wolf in the air. Elena extends one wolfish nail and asks him if he’s “having a party.” His comeback of “I am now” is greeted with Elena dragging that one nail along the side of his truck. He tells her she’ll pay for it, asking if she “really thinks [she] can take [him] one on one.” Elena thinks him being “dumb” and “slow” will help her win.

Clay, Elena, and Cain in Bitten Season 1 episode 7Elena ducks his first two punches, making contact with her return whacks. She dodges more hits while using her elbows to catch Cain in his ribs on both sides. She flips over his back, throwing him off balance, his next attempts once again met with air. Cain tells Elena he’s “done screwing around” and goes after her again hard. Elena out manoeuvres him but ends up backed up against a vehicle. Cain finally thinks he’s got the upper hand when an actual hand lands on his shoulder. He tells Clay “I knew you wouldn’t be too far behind your bitch.”

Clay takes offense to this (understandably,) defending himself against a few attempts by Cain then finally getting the mutt into a head hold. Elena begs him not to kill Cain as Clay squeezes a little too tightly, telling him they “need him alive.” Clay doesn’t relent making Elena beg him to look at her, to find the control only she can offer, it seems. Clay and Elena lock eyes on each other until Cain is finally released from the hold. Clay says “I didn’t kill him” as Cain falls forward to the ground unconscious.

Jeremy is seeing Karen to the door. He says he’ll have Clay call her when he gets back. Karen replies that she doesn’t mind driving back out again, so she “can see the rest of the house.” I swear she’s getting her flirt on with Jeremy a little bit. Jeremy might be inadvertently encouraging her as he tells her to wait until she’s “not in the middle of a murder investigation.” As if she forgot, she smiles at the reminder and thanks him.

Jeremy walks back to the living room, his breathing very laboured now. He says “She’s gone,” knowing Nick can hear him from wherever he went to. He pulls up his shirt to reveal the wound needing to be redressed. Nick goes to get the supplies while Jeremy pulls out his cell phone. He calls Logan.

Rachel picks up the phone in Toronto to read the caller ID. On hearing it’s Jeremy, Logan tells her he’ll call back later. Rachel insists he answer which he reluctantly does. Jeremy tells him “things have escalated” then informs him of Antonio’s death. Logan tries to mask his reaction but Rachel can sense something is wrong. Jeremy wants Logan back at Stonehaven ASAP. Logan tells the Alpha he has “some things [he] needs to take care of…first.” He gives a half assed attempt at condolences to be passed along to Nick, leaving Jeremy looking curiously at his phone.

The call is ended and Rachel asks “how long [Logan will] be gone this time.” Logan tells her he isn’t going anywhere. This makes Rachel happy but leaves me squirming a bit with the implications and possibilities. Tsk tsk Logan.

Clay and Elena have brought Cain back to Stonehaven. It’s his first time there…and no doubt his last. Clay moves the mutt along, heading for the basement. Elena lingers in the hallway until she hears Jeremy calling her from the far side of the living room. He’s smiling, commenting on the success of the mission she and Clay were given. Elena puts it more down to luck. Jeremy is sitting on a chair, looking ten years older, holding his cup (of tea most likely.) He admits to Elena that he “may have lost a little bit more blood than he thought.” He postures, saying he’ll be fine by morning.

Elena’s phone rings and she ignores it. Jeremy encourages her to call Philip back, that it’s important that he know she’s okay. She walks away to follow orders. Once she’s out of the room, Jeremy shrinks further in the chair.

Clay gets Cain to the cell, smashing his face a little against the bars as he opens the door. They exchange verbal barbs, Clay wanting to know where their hideout is, Cain asking if he liked the gift they’d left at the motel (Pete’s finger.) Clay yanks him forward to the bars again, saying he “will tell [Clay] where to find them before [he’s] done.”

Philip in Bitten episode 7Elena sits down on a bench, dialing Philip. He picks up right away and asks where she is, if she’s okay. She apologizes, then explains her reasoning as her emotional reaction to seeing his family together at the wedding versus her lack of coping over the death of “her cousin.” Philip’s concern is that she has someone to talk with but hopes that someday he’ll be the one she turns to.

The scene switches to Nick sitting with Antonio’s body as Elena tells Philip that “some of the cousins” are there and they’re “dealing with it together.” It isn’t a lie, really. Her wish, she tells Philip at the end of their conversation, is that he “stay[s] with [her] through this.” He says he will.

They end the call a fraction of a second before Elena hears a thump, like someone falling. She calls out “Jeremy” and, not hearing his reply, runs to find him. Jeremy is on the floor and Elena says his name a few more times but still gets no response. She calls for Nick who runs in quickly. They look at Jeremy and at each other as Elena says “This can’t be just blood loss.”

End credits.

Another action packed episode albeit a sad one too. It was interesting to see the senior wolves fighting, while the younger ones were occupied, which was surely part of Santos’ plan all along. Antonio gave a subtle indication about what Logan will be facing in his discussion with Nick early in the episode. It’s easy to see why Logan is avoiding things but we all know that can’t last forever. What were your favourite (or least favourite) parts of this week’s show?


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Susan White
1. whiskeywhite
I'm being boring with my episode-by-episode reporting on where I stand with this series. So this is the last one: I'm back. Great ending. "No! Not Jeremy," I admonished my TV sharply.

They seem to have suddenly given up on bum shots, or any other kind of nudity. Was all of that just to draw us into the series? Will also cease commenting on that. (But if Elena gives in to Clay, I predict it'll be back, big time).

Now, from the top of your recap, Jackie: "a smart looking woman (because she wears glasses) with blonde hair." Yes, yes. How else will we know that a blonde woman is smart? Because, you know, blondes ... . Just like Felicity in Arrow.

“gauze, pads, and tape.” This doesn’t seem like enough to fix Antonio’s wound, but they must know what they’re doing, right? Yah, if they know they can't go to a hospital (why is that again, exactly?), shouldn't they be a little better prepared?

Antonio death scene was so well done. Greg Bryk (Jeremy) does excellent work here. The deep grief and horror on his face is remarkable. I've only seen Greg Bryk play cartoonish bad guys, so this is a welcome revelation of his true acting skills. Make-up may have helped, but Bryk's face looked he had been crying for half an hour before that shot.

That, and the exchanges between Antonio and Nick lead me to comment, again, on how wonderfully loving relationships between men are portrayed in this series. No 'must-not-cry' stoic male repression of emotion here.

Jeremy finishes the stitch job (on his wound) himself. Um, are the wolves supposed to have super human resistance to pain? Or did they find the morphine in the first aid kit? Shades of Beauty and the Beast's Vincent sewing himself up. At least he looked he was struggling to manage the pain.

Is it my imagination or is the sheriff is starting to show some interest in Jeremy? A man who paints -- must be the sensitive sort, right? And a single dad of an adopted son. Aw. As you later comment, Jackie, I swear she’s getting her flirt on with Jeremy a little bit. Jeremy might be inadvertently encouraging her. It didn't look so inadvertant to me, but then he must know that a relationship with a human woman has no future, or does it?

But then, Jeremy may have no future. Eek! Are they really going to kill off all the senior men, leaving the young pups to run the show?! BORING. If they do, I'm going back to Longmire. Actually, I'll be going back to Longmire in any case. Give me aged wine any time.
Cheryl Ellington
2. Spikesgurl
I am sad and mad. Daniel needs to die! Nick needs a hug, Logan, ugh! Jeremy I hope he's okay. I knew Elena, first chance she got, was going to shoot Clay down. I wish he'd move on (but he's too much the wolf). Let her have, her precious Philip.

Sheriff Morgan, may go missing as the old Sheriff warned her to be careful, of. I think Antonio told Nick who his mother is. I wonder why Antonio told Clay to forgive. Forgive who? I'll miss Antonio, as I saw him as Jeremy's confidant. Another good episode for me, and I hope there is a season two. Jackie thanks for the awesome recap.
3. stacymd2
@Jackie: Thanks for the great recap.

107 was very exciting. I'm loving this show more and more every episode. The acting is good. The stakes are high. The story is well planed out. Love it!

What is Logan doing? I have a bad feeling Santos and the Merry Mutts might take care of his dilemma for him. With the wolf on wolf violence escalating Logan is doing himself no favors by isolating himself. Rachel may be dead by season's end.

The fight scenes were very good as well as Antonio's death scene. Seeing Nick cry was heart breaking.

I liked the Elena / Philip phone call scene. They were separated, but still so connected. I hope he sticks by her. Clay gets better and better each episode, but Elena needs a connection outside of Wolf World to keep her sane.
Jackie Lester
5. JackieLester
@whiskeywhite I did suggest that the draw-by-nudity was integral (in the show's mind) to initially attract viewers. I suspect it will be back once we veer away from the need for revenge and return to the emotional issues between E&C or E&P...or Nick and whomever tickles his fancy, lol. I also equated Sylvie's look with Felicity though the Arrow character has the whole package down pat. I can't shift my idea of Natalie Lisinska (Sylvie) away from her role on InSecurity (in which she was awesomely funny.)

I think that they couldn't take Antonio to the hospital because the blood tests taken immediately upon his arrival would completely out them...plus they wouldn't have any Wolf-positive sitting in their blood banks ;)

The death scene was great. The men in this show do have enough of the male posturing needed to convince us of their animal nature but it's beautifully contrasted with their sensitive sides. Greg Bryk's Twitter account does mention that he's also a poet (validated by the content of his tweets.) He seems perfectly preconditioned for the emotion that Antonio's death would have elicited. I do believe (hope?) Jeremy's fate is safe, that it was only part of the episode to heighten the emotion and introduce the next level of attack the mutts will try, ie. poison/wolfbane.
Jackie Lester
6. JackieLester
@Spikesgurl I'm sad too. I think Antonio and Jeremy worked well together to lead the team. Though it hasn't ever been stated outright that Antonio was a beta to J's Alpha, that was the dynamic I read into their relationship. I agree about what was whispered in Nick's ear and it adds to the mystery of Logan's current situation too...what happens to the mothers after wolf boys are born?

Elena is fighting to deny her wolf side but a deep part of that is interwoven into her ties with Clay. Once she reconciles the one side, we might see her repressed feelings for Clay return. Then again, the show has digressed from the book in some ways (from what I understand) so maybe everything will be different.

@stacymd2 Thanks again :) You might be right about Rachel. If there is a threat to her from the pack's perspective, it makes sense that Logan will try to hide it. It won't stop the fact that these things are always uncovered in the end though. Knowing what's happened to Antonio and the threat Santos et al pose, Logan would be better confiding in Jeremy, the lesser of the two evils, I still believe.

@whiskeywhite If Dolly Parton can have her own theme park, why can't werewolves? :D
7. Mela
In reading the comments, I'm thinking some people haven't read the books...if I'm wrong, I'm sorry for the assumption. I do understand that when changing mediums license is taken, but even with that in mind I still have to scream "Antonio doesn't DIE!" - ok, I'm done.
To answer some questions, they can't go to the hospital because yes, their bloodwork will show abnormalities - though when it HAS to happen, they do use conventional doctors/hospitals saying that no blood can be taken for religious reasons. (but that wouldn't work for the way the series is going, so...ok, I guess). Werewolf law is that if a they get a woman pregnant, and its a boy - they have to take the baby and cut all ties; but if its a girl, they leave the baby with the mother (and yes, cut all ties anyway) - hence Logan's withdrawal from the pack since finding out Rachel is pregnant - by law, he'll have to leave her. There are no married werewolves (so far) - although as far as the the people of Bear Valley are concerned (as well as everyone in the werewolf community including Clay) Elena & Clay are married. Wolves mate for life, and Clay is more wolf than man - so he instinctually considers Elena as his mate...and their wolves are mates - which makes for a much steamier reunion every time she comes back (ugh, NO, no besiality - just nature), than we've seen so far - Elena is in denial, that's why she's clinging so hard to her (meh) relationship with Philip.
As for resistance to pain, apparrently the change is VERY painful every time, so yes, I would think they have a higher tolerance.
The biggest diversion from the book story to the series story that I've found so far is Antonio's death (instead of...) - but the whole book series is about Clay & Elena's relationship, so I wouldn't think they'd move away from that - if so, they might as well kill off Jeremy now, because the story is pretty much over without them & their relationship foibles.
8. stacymd2
@Mela: Thanks for the background info. I have not read the books. I think it is best that the tv series doesn't solely focus on C/E. That would get boring fast.

Crossing fingers that Jeremy makes it!
Jackie Lester
9. JackieLester
@Mela I just happened to have gleaned the truth about Antonio last night. Wth was the show thinking by killing him off? Well, I'm sure they'll find a way to make it up to us, right? Hugs from Nick for all the viewers might be a good starting point ;)

I must admit, when the change happens or when Elena was injured in that initial fight with the coyote, my brain went to the Jacob style wolf that could change on the fly & heal almost instantly. I think this fallible part of the wolf nature will make for better stories down the road.

Personally, I'm still working on the first book but have a source for what (sort of) happens in the series. I've learned (from Sookie/True Blood) that TV shows and their inspirations don't always coincide.

@stacymd2 I think eventually we'll see more of the C/E stuff but they need to keep it spiced up with LOTS of extras. Teasing us about Jeremy's fate has got to be top of that list right now (he'll make it, I'm confident....mostly.)
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
I'm having a very hard time divorcing the books from the series.

"Nooo, Antonio cannot die!!!!" cried I while watching.

Sookie burned me badly vis a vis the disconnect between books and tv. My question is, why do a book to tv if you are going to destroy the main story line? I get that they have to flesh out the secondary story lines to make a more complete visual world, but arbitrarily killing off characters or keeping others that actually died in the book?

Why not just come up with totally new charcters and story lines in a similar world and have done?
Jackie Lester
11. JackieLester
@bungluna You make some very valid points. With the rise in action to this point, they could have had Antonio teetering on the brink of death, as Jeremy is now, and have drawn as much powerful emotion. I felt the same about his death despite not knowing his book fate until afterward. Again, I have to hope they have a good reason for it. With book to TV, there's a large factor in those that haven't read the books (probably a higher percentage of the viewing public, sadly) that changes the tactics for the show makers. It has to be intense visual, visceral content to keep people engaged, I suppose.
12. stacymd2
@JackieLester: I think budget may play a role as well. SyFy programs usually have small budgets. This is why we see the same forest, roads & homes each episode. The cast is large with Jeremy's pack, the mutts, the sheriff, plus the towns folk, victims and extras, the producers may have needed to cut back.

I'm fear that Logan and/or Rachel may not make it to the end.
Jackie Lester
13. JackieLester
@stacymd2 That makes a lot of sense, especially when they're actually using Toronto and NY locations, which would ramp up the costs. Rachel would make the most sense in that scenario then if Logan will have to break with her one way or the other. Mind you, if someone tried to take my baby away, wolf version or no, I'd be hunting them to the ends of the earth! That leaves a less palatable fate then...
14. Tashady
The disconnect between the books and the tv versions is usually what winds up killing the tv version in the end. They veer too far from what is considered 'canon' by the original fans and they leave, usually poisoning a good portion of the newer fans in the process.

That's what happened to the Harry Dresden series a few years back. Had nothing to do with the books other than using the basic premise and some of the character names & descriptions.
Carmen Pinzon
15. bungluna
@Tashady - that's why I wish tv people would just option minor characters in an interesting world and developed them, instead of buying the main character and then proceeding to assasinate them. What TrueBlood did to the Sookie Stackhouse series was horrible.
Nicole Leapheart
16. BoxyFrown
Ugh. I just watched ep 7 (Great recap btw!) I was holding back on watching it because there was such an outcry about the episode and I was scared to watch it. I was chanting, no no no no no, Nick is a wreck, Antonio can't die! He doesn't die!

Of course this whopper comes just as I was proud of myself for making a concerted effort to divorce my book knowledge from the show. However, I will say my watching buddy, who hasn't read the books, is not all that into the show. Well, at least they are keeping us guessing...?

I feel terrible for Kelley Armstrong, who has people with torches and pitchforks knocking on her FB page and website demanding answers about the show, when she has patiently explained only a million times that she isn't part of the show and doesn't know their business. (She also recently explained that since she is still writing stories in that world, she won't watch the show, either.)
Susan White
17. whiskeywhite
I noticed Kelley Armstrong listed as a producer (or something like that) in one episode (maybe this one). So how can she not be part of the show? Or is that just some sort of honorary mention?
Nicole Leapheart
18. BoxyFrown
They script consulted her for the first two episodes, and she is a creative consultant as far as settings, etc. according to her. She has always been very honest about not knowing what goes on, even before the show aired.

The source material was so good, it's hard to see why they would go so far off the reservation, but I suppose I won't be comparing the book and the show anymore. This is a whole new experience after eps 7 and 8. HA!
Jackie Lester
19. JackieLester
@Tashady I've been trying to find The Dresden Files with no luck. I'd heard about the change to Bob that came off weird but I'm still anxious to check out the show. I think someone taking over the writing for another would be faced with many issues, like maintaining the tone and character likenesses while trying to expand on the world. They'd have to be able to crawl inside the author's head to get it right. I think the changes are just a necessary evil in the switch of format.

@bungluna Sookie seemed fairly spot on for the first season but I imagine changes were unavoidable when the lesser characters became popular with the viewers (Tara, Jason, Lafayette.) They had to find ways to make them all more relevant and that's where things went wonky (among many other factors, I'm sure.)

@BoxyFrown I'm not sure how they will fix this Antonio mess up but I'm still hoping they'll find some way. The stakes were definitely made higher with his death, so again, maybe it's all about keeping the viewers tuning in each week. Kelley's explanation did help to make things more clear. Thanks for the link to it! As for what's to come, this interview with Greyston Holt talks about "epic fight scenes" in the near future, so there's something to look forward to there :)

I'm wondering about Kelley's comment that the show will remain/ will only be focused on the werewolves. I know that that is a huge difference from the books too. How do you all think a one-creature franchise would pan out?

@whiskeywhite Maybe they just didn't want to foot the bill for updating the beginning credits? I'm pretty sure that part still comes up every week.
Carmen Pinzon
20. bungluna
I think the show is smart to focus only on one creature, especially if their budget is constrained.

I just wish that, for once, tv people wouldn't alter the basic story and main characters that they bought, I presume, because they liked them to begin with into some shape that's barely recognizable.
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