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Bitten Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: Surprise!

Philip and Elena in Bitten Season 1, episode 6We've been following this project since it was first announced that an adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten was in the works. And now, here it is! Check back weekly for episode recaps from Jackie Lester the day after the show airs in the U.S. on SyFy (and remember that in Canada the show will be airing a couple days earlier, on Saturdays on Space). Catch up with recaps for episodes 1x011x021x031x04, and 1x05.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Bitten, including last night's Season 1, episode 6, “Committed.” Enjoy!

The nighttime Toronto skyline is in full view as this episode opens. The background audio’s music combines with the sounds of kissing. Elena and Philip are in a post-coital moment, beaming like love sick teenagers. Philip comments that they haven’t left the house in two days, which Elena has absolutely no issue with. They should have been spending some of that time looking for a wedding gift for Becky; neither appears overly concerned with this. Elena says, emphatically, “I’m starving” (surprise, surprise.) Philip tells her to contact the takeout place (again!), that they have ‘their’ address on file. Elena picks up on the hint at co-habitation, which was primarily decided on by Philip because Elena had been at his place constantly since she’d gotten back to town. It’s a weak attempt, but Philip follows up with a joke about Elena “mov[ing] in by stealth.” Elena says she wouldn’t do that, based on her lack of desire to cook or clean. Philip ups the ante with an offer of a cleaning service if she’ll agree to make it a permanent arrangement. Something about the mention of this service gets Elena back ‘in the mood,’ effectively evading the serious conversation with round…whatever…of their sexcapades.

Over at Stonehaven, Jeremy’s on the phone saying he’ll see whoever he’s speaking with when they get there. Clay asks Jeremy, hopefully, if it’s Elena but it turns out to be Antonio. Antonio has been out getting in touch with other pack families to see if they have been targeted also. They now know that it’s only the Danvers pack feeling the heat. Clay observes that it makes sense for the mutts to “strike at the head,” which seems to indicate that the pack is seen, at least by its members if no one else, as the leaders of them all. Jeremy wants to maintain good pack relations with the others in case they need the “extra muscle,

The Alpha says he’s sent Nick to D.C. to talk to Joey and Dennis Stillwell. Clay calls them traitors. Jeremy disagrees, saying, “when the pack separated, they went their own way.” He thinks they won’t want to be involved but will come to help him if he calls. Jeremy says Nick is communicating to them the need for “all of [their] allies…to stay in line.” Clay’s antsy, pacing around as he replies that if these allies don’t “stay in line,” Jeremy will expect Clay to make sure they do. Jeremy asks him what’s “really bothering” him, which has Clay asking if Jeremy thinks Elena will really come home. Jeremy is optimistic, saying she “needs time to adjust” after the heaviness of what had gone down when she was there. Clay asks all the “what ifs”: if “she doesn’t come home,” if “she doesn’t want to adjust,” if she “turns her back on [them] for good.” This seems like a discussion they’ve had over and over throughout the series, but Clay makes some new points that surely Elena must know and is avoiding: if she separates from the pack, she also becomes a mutt and it will be Clay’s “job to make her life miserable.” Clay says she’ll never be able to settle or have a home, because, like the other mutts, she’d have to stay on the move. Clay tells Jeremy he “won’t be able to do that.” Jeremy, once again, is confident that it will never come to that. He says, “she already came back once,” Clay retorts that “she didn’t like what she found.”

They hear the sound of someone arriving outside, the throaty exhaust noise from a motorcycle. Clay motions to go see who it is but Jeremy says he’ll “deal with it.” He opens the front door to find a smartass introducing himself as Samuel Boggs. Boggs laughs off Jeremy’s refusal to shake his hand and comments on the niceness of the Stonehaven property. Jeremy remains uninterested in anything the man has to say beyond explaining why he’s there. Then he realizes he knows Boggs’s father. Boggs tells him his father died a few months earlier, which has Clay chiming in about the elder Boggs’s mean streak. Clay certainly wouldn’t win any awards for negotiations or politics with his attitude. Boggs confirms that “it was true enough” with a casual shoulder shrug that seems oddly out of place coming from a mutt who might take offense at such a comment.

It does allow for Boggs to get to the point of his visit though, telling the pack mates that “running is the problem.” He says he once asked his father about “the point of being a wolf when [they’re] just herded around like a little sheep.” His father reminded him “that only the pack gets to set down roots.” Boggs tells Jeremy that he wants it all without having to follow the pack’s rules and there’s only one way to get it. Clay doesn’t like this and takes a run at Boggs. He grabs the mutt by his clothes and performs a very impressive overhead flip with the guy’s body. Jeremy pulls out the “Clayton” caution as he tries to (verbally) rein him in. Clay is telling showing the guy just how much he didn’t like his comments about the pack being weak or that he wanted to take a stab at fighting for the Alpha position. Clay warns Boggs he’s going to give him “one chance to make the right decision,” his words spaced and punctuated as his fist connects with the mutt’s face. Boggs is escorted out the door while complaining about the damage done to his nose. Clay tells him “if [he sees Boggs’] face [there] again, [he’ll] reunite [him] with his father.”

The motorcycle starting and driving off quickly can still be heard while the camera holds on Clay and Jeremy. Jeremy says, “I think he got the message.”


Elena and Philip have made it out of bed finally, and are out shopping for Becky’s wedding gift. Elena is telling Philip that the bridal registry list is absolutely ridiculous; Philip confirms it by saying his mother probably had a very large hand in its creation. They’ve decided to shop off-list. Philip gets all distracted for a sec, mumbling something about a card store that was once where they now stood. Elena’s attention is drawn away from him by something that she senses. He’s there for a second and it looks vaguely like Daniel Santos with his hair swept back. He’s gone just as quickly as he arrived and Philip turns around just in time to notice the change in Elena’s demeanor. He asks if she’s okay.

The scene switches to Elena sitting at the breakfast bar in the condo. Philip passes her a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich on it. She asks what’s in it but he’s all quid pro quo about things, looking for her family secrets if she wants his secret recipe. Weird, this makes me want to learn the recipe too…

Philip pushes Elena as she tries to joke about how she won’t be cooking anything in return, knowing she’s evading the actual point he was trying to make. Elena pushes the sandwich away and starts to tell Philip that she thought she had seen Victor Olson. It seems he was “a neighbour of one of [her] foster families.” She tells Philip that Victor raised rabbits in his backyard and that he would lure children there using the rabbits. She says that she still thinks she sees him now and then despite her firm knowledge that he’s in jail, adding that she helped put him there. Philip asks if Victor had physically hurt Elena. She doesn’t really answer the question, instead asking Philip to not “see [her] as damaged goods.” Philip tells her that nothing could change how he sees her and they hug it out.

At Logan’s townhouse/office, Elena is telling him that she wasn’t a hundred percent sure it was Santos. Logan replies, “the man loves to play games.” Elena voices her opinion that “he had no interest in rejoining the pack; he just wanted to stir the pot.” She thinks he’s trying to do the same thing in Toronto. As Logan asks if she’s informed Jeremy yet, she tells him that she has no intention of doing so and has “asked Jeremy not to call” her. Logan warns her to be careful.

Elena isn’t done with her therapy session (because that’s what it’s about to turn into) as she tells Logan that instead of telling Philip it was Santos she saw, she told him it was Victor Olson. Logan says “you named the beast,” impressed that she would open up to Philip about this facet of her past in particular. Logan knows that he and Clay are the only ones who had heard the name before; that she “leveled a wall” by telling Philip. Elena continues on to tell Logan about the offer to move in with Philip. She still has doubts about how to make it all work, asking how Logan manages it with Rachel. He says he’s told Rachel everything outside of the whole ‘I’m a wolf’ thing but still doesn’t think he’s “managing anything well.” Elena is concerned, though, about how to explain Clay to Philip; Logan thinks it isn’t “a problem if [she’s] really moved on.” He tells her the past is the past and all that, her face still echoing her uncertainty.

Back at the condo, Philip is flipping through images of his vodka campaign as Elena arrives home laden down with bags containing champagne bottles. She says that she “want[s] everything to be perfect” because somehow they’ve agreed to Becky getting ready for the wedding at the condo, effectively taking some of the control away from Momma MacAdams. Elena perches on the breakfast bar with Philip moving in close as she asks again about the offer for a cleaning service. He jokes that “it might just be [him] in a French maid’s outfit” (which would be interesting to see). She says she will move in and they trade ‘I love you’s. Elena says the words, but they feel a little less convincing as she kind of mumbles them. Philip wants to pack ASAP and that seems to be their plan for the rest of the day.

Nick’s on speakerphone with Clay and Jeremy, telling them that “Dennis Stillwell” is dead. Jeremy asks if he’s sure and the camera pans Nick’s location to illustrate that there was no way he could be confused. Nick says, “he’s been dead two days by the smell of this place.” Nick tells them Dennis was tortured, that Joey isn’t with him, and, most disturbingly, that “they took his eyes.” Jeremy tells Nick “to clean up the place.” Nick says it will take some but he’ll get it done. Clay pipes up, saying this is “what they want” to “keep [the pack] tied up, cleaning up their mess.” Clay asks Nick if he can tell who did it. Nick can only detect Cain and the newer mutt’s scents; there’s no sign of Marsten being involved. Clay is all set to go to D.C. to help but Nick thinks he’d been done within the four hours it would take Clay to get there. Jeremy, looking like a general at war facing some harsh odds, orders him home when he’s finished. Nick ends the call. Seeing a picture of the Stillwell father and son, he picks up it, giving us a good look at the two men’s faces.

It’s the day of the wedding and Diane is having her makeup applied while Becky laments to Elena that the herbal diet she was on caused her to gain weight instead of lose it. Becky thanks Elena for letting them get ready there, saying her “mother would have completely taken over” if they’d been at her place. Becky’s all swoony about the day being about the women in her family helping her, clearly including Elena in the mix. Diane is calling attention to a piece of art, showing her mom. The elder MacAdams looks at it, obviously unimpressed, and calls it “dramatic.” Diane walks over to Elena, asking if she can put together a show for her, conveying to us viewers that Elena was the creator of the piece the mother just dismissed. Momma MacAdams walks over, changing the subject to one she’s more comfortable with: criticizing Becky’s “choice of flowers.” Becky takes offense (understandably) and storms off, while Diane scolds their mother though it doesn’t really get her anywhere.

Antonio, Jeremy, and Clay are discussing the mutts’ tactic of “killing off [their] support network.” Antonio mentions that it “will complicate things,” particularly when the other pack finds out what happened to Stillwell. Jeremy, once again infusing his glass half full idealism, says that it might encourage the other packs to “rally…to [their] cause.” Jeremy thinks that because all of the other families are Sorentino’s (cousins of Antonio), they won’t “turn their back” on him. Antonio thinks that what happened to Dennis might change things. Jeremy suggests a truce with the mutts, Antonio adding the idea that they could concede some “territory ownership” as well. Clay argues that this will only confirm the mutts’ belief in Jeremy’s weakness and someone will inevitably challenge his Alpha status. Antonio is surprised by this, asking who already tried. Clay tells him about Boggs and says “the word’s out;” he wants to “reinstate the mutt hunts,” teaching them the lesson that “Jeremy can’t be pushed around.”

Jeremy looks directly at Clay, surprised by this last idea, and asks if that’s what he really thinks. Before Clay can answer the question, they hear a motorcycle arriving outside, Clay saying “It’s Boggs; he’s back.” Jeremy tells them to stay in the living room and once again answers the front door. Boggs is playing with his nose, still tender from the rhinoplasty Clay tried to give him earlier. Boggs has his head high, telling Jeremy that he has “the right to challenge for Alpha.” Boggs tells Jeremy he wants to fight the Alpha, not his “lapdog.” Jeremy, ever the gentleman, invites the man in, calling him “Mr. Boggs” even.

Boggs walks through the door, eying Jeremy, but still strutting like he will be the new owner of Stonehaven very soon. He sees Clay and Antonio coming from the other room, but doesn’t notice Jeremy talking off his blazer in the background. When he sees the Alpha hanging up his jacket, Boggs gives a couple of air punches and accompanying grunts, maybe to intimidate Jeremy, but I swear I’ve seen better form on my Tai Bo videos. Jeremy is still rolling up the sleeves of his shirt when Boggs takes a run at him. Jeremy deflects easily, almost sending him into the hallway behind. Boggs goes in for more, Jeremy blocking every shot but getting a few of his own in then a shove to Boggs’s chest that sends him to the floor. I have to say here that Jeremy is looking mighty fine, with his facial expression now one of thinly veiled anger and fierce determination. Boggs gets back to his feet saying (and I can’t make out if it’s “he” or “they”), “… said you wouldn’t fight.”

Again, Jeremy is surprised and asks who might have said it. His answer is another attempt at being knocked down, which the Alpha evades neatly, barely looking like he’s breaking a sweat. Boggs pulls out a knife, lunging at Jeremy once more. Jeremy again blocks the challenger, using mostly his elbows I might add, catching Boggs by holding his arm up and behind his head. He tells Boggs that it’s a mutt mistake to bring a knife; that “weapons aren’t allowed” in the fight for Alpha. Jeremy turns Boggs around, pushing him onto the round table in the foyer, still holding the mutt’s arm behind his back. The mutt tries to give in, begging Jeremy to let him go. Jeremy looks to where Clay and Antonio are standing and seems to zoom in on Clay. Without taking his eyes off the younger Danvers, he proceeds to break the mutt’s shoulder. Boggs is wreathing on the floor in pain as Jeremy orders Clay to “take him downstairs” and “find out who said the pack was weak and who sent him.” Neither Clay nor Antonio speaks a word.

Elena and Becky in Bitten 1x06Becky, still locked in a room at the condo, is crying on her wedding day. Her mother is calling through the door, telling her she’s “being childish.” It’s a wonder this woman managed to raise three decent children at all! Elena steps in and offers to try to help, that being an outsider might sooth Becky. The mother and sister head off, leaving Elena to “work [her] magic,” as Diane puts it. She talks Becky into letting her in the room, getting to the heart of the matter quickly. Becky confides that she stopped taking her anti-depressants before the wedding so they wouldn’t interfere with the real emotions of the day but is now questioning this decision. She tells Elena that her mother has been fighting with her about everything to do with the wedding, up to and including the groom. Becky is worried that her mom is right about Colin. Elena tries to console her by telling Becky that she and Colin can work out whatever may come up between them. Elena says that “who [you] fall in love with doesn’t always make sense but when it’s right it’s bigger than both of you.” What I’m wondering is if she could also be referring to Philip or Clay here? Maybe even she’s not sure yet.

Clay is dragging Boggs into the cell in the basement; Boggs is resisting, saying he “was just kidding.” As they get to the entrance of the cell, Boggs picks up his begging, but Clay just tosses him in, hard enough that Boggs lands on the shoulder Jeremy just messed up. Boggs gives out one last plea of “let me out;” Clay just looks through the bars at him with a dark expression.

Boggs is now zip tied to the bars of the cell as Clay flips through a bunch of receipts marking the locations Boggs had passed through on his way to Stonehaven. Clay comments that the mutt “made good time getting” to his destination, considering. Boggs and Clay are having different conversations as Boggs wants to leave and promises he’ll never come back, while Clay notices the receipts are for food and gas only, not motels. Clay pulls a length of cling wrap out from a roll of it, asking Boggs what the rush was. Boggs can barely manage to tell him how dumb the idea was before Clay wraps the plastic films over his face, covering mouth and nose completely.

After letting Boggs suffer a few breathless seconds, Clay pokes a hole in the plastic and asks “who told [him] to come.” Boggs maintains that he “heard a rumour.” Clay uses another piece of the cling wrap, letting Boggs think about the wrong answer he just gave. Clay tells Boggs he knows someone is paying him but Boggs says no again, forcing Clay to approach things differently. Clay asks who does his taxes, which completely throws Boggs off. He tells Clay that he’s never paid taxes in his life, allowing Clay the opening to offer the theory that the mutt was saving his receipts so he would be reimbursed by the mastermind behind his Alpha challenge. Boggs tries again to deny it but with Clay in control of a hundred feet of plastic wrap, using a little more to emphasize his desire to get the information he wants out of Boggs, it looks like the mutt has little choice but to give Clay the answers.

Rachel and Logan in BittenAt Logan’s place, the wolf doctor is pulling two slices of pizza from his oven (strangely, NOT the microwave.) Rachel walks in looking all kinds of bad. She was sent home from work because she had been “puking.” Logan thinks it’s a bug but Rachel says she doesn’t think so. She pulls something out of her purse and hands it to Logan: a pregnancy test. Logan lets out a big breath but otherwise looks his usual stoic self.

The wedding reception is in full swing and Becky, dancing with her new hubby, looking ecstatic and grabbing Colin’s backside to show just how much (if that’s a way to gauge such things.) Diane offers to go get drinks for her mother so she can cope apparently, leaving Momma MacAdams alone with Elena. The mother thanks Elena for the pep talk she gave Becky earlier. She can’t understand why her kids hide things from her, like Becky’s meds or Philip and Elena living together. (I can’t understand why she can’t understand, being critical 24/7 but maybe this is going somewhere.) Elena gives the mother a pep talk too (she must have learned a trick or two from Logan) saying she should be proud of raising “three amazing children.” In an uncharacteristic kind moment, Momma MacAdams thanks Elena for the compliment.

Elena looks away from the table, sniffing quietly at the air. Her gaze lands on Philip and the man he’s chatting with: Daniel Santos. Elena excuses herself from the table, heading to talk to a fairly inebriated Philip, now standing alone as Santos walked away at Elena’s approach. She asks him who he was talking to, the reply being “a cousin of Colin’s” though Philip’s tipsy state makes him a bit unsure. Elena leaves to “freshen up” and walks out the same door Santos exited through.

Santos is waiting there for her, apologizing for “miss[ing] the ceremony” (so did we!) He tells her that he’s worried about her, that she’s clueless about “what’s really happening back at Stonehaven.” Elena figures he’s just spouting more lies and moves to walk away. She stops when he says, “they aren’t lies…Clay is out of control,” that the mutts killed Pete to get back at Clay, and Clay has just beaten up another mutt, Boggs. He dares her to call Clay for confirmation and tries to make out that his concern is if/when the trouble will land close to her (new) home.

Jeremy and Antonio are drinking tea in the kitchen, planning for when Nick returns. Clay comes up from the basement, telling them that “Marsten put [Boggs] up to it.” He’d put ideas into the mutt’s head about being the Alpha, Clay adding that, “the mutt was stupid enough to think he had a chance.” While Antonio talks about the distraction that this new attempt was, Jeremy walks over to a black box near the pots and pans. Clay says he’ll bandage up the mutt and get rid of him, positive Boggs won’t ever come to Stonehaven again. Jeremy walks back to the table, saying “no more half measures,” laying down a pair of pliers in front of Clay. Clay questions the necessity of what he’s being told to do. Jeremy tells him he “wants to make an example of [Boggs].” He doesn’t want anyone questioning what will happen if they come after him. Clay picks up the pliers and walks away.

Santos is lighting a celebratory cigar, still talking to Elena at the wedding reception. He’s telling Elena that “if it were up to Clay, he would wipe out the entire mutt population single handedly.” Elena takes the cigar and douses it. Santos tells her she just ruined it, naming and pricing the cigar in the process. She comments that it’s the same brand Marsten favors, making a connection between the two. Santos says he met with Marsten and the cigar was merely a parting gift. Elena asks what he and Marsten spoke about and is skeptical that, despite his denials, Santos wasn’t a part of it all. They talk about Santos rejoining the pack, him saying it was never going to happen, she saying that he didn’t really want it anyway. He brings the conversation to the idea that both he and Elena are outsiders now and if they joined forces, they would have a measure of protection from the mutts.

He tells her that Marsten still believes she is aligned with the pack and, as such, represents them, emphasizing the danger in her distance from Stonehaven. He looks over to where Philip stands with his family, telling her not to screw things up there for the sake of something she doesn’t “even believe in.” There is a threat in his words, disguised in his pretense of concern, and it sets Elena off. She grabs him by the collar and tosses him up against a wall. Santos laughs at her show of violence, knowing he’s pressed the right buttons. She lets him go in a show that she is, in fact, bigger than the urge for violence. Santos isn’t done with his attempts at persuasion, once again asking her to align with him to avoid any future unpleasantness. Elena tells him she’d “rather die.” He walks away with a final remark about Elena giving his “regards to Jeremy when [she sees] him.”

Things must be sinking in for Logan as he sits in his bedroom looking pensive. Rachel comes out of the ensuite bathroom with the pregnancy test in hand. Logan asks what the two bars mean and she’s confirms it: they’re about to have a baby! (Or wolf cub, though she hasn’t gotten that little surprise yet.) Logan replies with a simple “oh.”

Becky is still dancing with Colin at the reception, but the voices we hear are those of Philip and his mother. She’s giving him a good talking to about hiding his new living arrangements from her. He says it was the whole “waiting for the right moment” thing. He tells his mother how great Elena is and tries to convince her to let Elena into her life too. He says, “she isn’t going anywhere.” Elena had tuned in to hear most of the conversation from where she sat across the room, but her phone rings, pulling her away from it all. Jeremy is calling and it seems like she’s thinking of not answering but she does. He tells her about Dennis Stillwell being murdered and Joey still missing, he says he’s worried about her. Elena is looking on as Philip and his family band together in a group hug. He says she needs to look out for anything unusual happening but instead of telling him about Santos she just says it’s all good where she is. The call ends and Elena makes a beeline to ask Philip to dance with her.

Rachel is still in shock that she’s actually pregnant. Logan is telling her that everything will be okay, but there’s a disconnect in their conversation: Rachel is bemoaning the opportunities at work that this will undoubtedly affect while Logan should be considering the wolf issue. The problem is that Logan is showing no emotion, no freak outs yet, though they are also inevitable. Rachel is saying her busy schedule has kept her from being careful and we have to assume she’s referring to some form of birth control. Again, Logan just sits and listens until she asks what they should do, then he puts on his psychologist hat and I just want to smack him. His clinical detachment gets a reaction from Rachel too, who tells him to “stop treating [her] like [she’s] one of his clients.” She stomps away, calling over her shoulder that “the session’s over.”

Elena and Philip are still dancing, when Philip suggests they head back to their apartment. Elena agrees and heads off to get her jacket from the coat check. Philip’s mom finds her there and makes a lovely speech about how great Elena was with her family and how lucky Philip is. It seems Elena has finally won her over as they hug each other, smiling. Momma MacAdams walks off as Elena’s phone rings. Caller ID says it’s “Blocked.” Could it be Logan looking for some support, the news finally sinking all the way in?

No, it’s Clay calling. As the scene shifts to where he is, he’s quietly asking Elena how “the big city” is. She tries to brush him off but his breathing and the loaded pause have her asking what’s wrong. He switches the phone to his other hand, this one drenched in blood. He tells her he’s “done things. Necessary things.” He tells her “they’re coming at us hard, darlin’” and that he “feel[s] like [he’s] barely holding [his] head above water.” She tells him things can’t continue the way they are going, that it will only get worse. Clay admits to her that he “wants to be a better man.” Then he says the things that he’s been trying to hold back since the first episode: “I need you. Please come home.” He hangs up.

There’s no answer from Elena, either to Clay or just so we know what she will do as she picks her jacket up from the counter. She looks down at it, realizing there’s something making it heavier. Checking the pockets, she finds a small gift-wrapped box, the label reading “Jeremy Danvers.”

Jeremy is sitting by the fire when Clay comes back up to him. The look on Clay’s face resembles something half-crazed, his shirt drenched in sweat. He drops an assortment of blood-covered teeth into a bowl in front of Jeremy, telling him that Boggs changed “halfway through” the process. Clay tells the Alpha that he injected the mutt with morphine “to force him back to human form.” Jeremy says that once the mutt has woken up, he’s to be sent away, indicating that the “news will get back to Marsten.”

Near the coat check, Philip is out looking for Elena. The woman checking the coats tells her that “the blonde woman [he] came in with left a few minutes ago.” Philip is once more left wondering what the hell is going on; it shows clearly on his face in close-up.

Philip’s at home, looking miserable when he hears a knock on the door. Diane has stopped by to pick up some stuff. She’s blabbing on about the mess of the place and how she’ll come back the next day to clean when she realizes that Elena isn’t there. When she asks Philip about it, he shows her the text message he received: “Sorry I had to leave suddenly. Will call later.” Diane sits down for a drink to commiserate with her brother. He’s disturbed by the fact that Elena has offered no explanation. Diane tells him that they’ll figure it out and it will make more sense when he gets to talk to Elena but now Philip begins to be weighed down by the doubts that everyone else has had up until now.

Logan comes back to his house, dropping his keys to let us know he’s been out somewhere. He was searching the city for “pink Himalayan salt” meant as an apology to Rachel for his reaction. Rachel, in turn, apologizes for dropping the bomb on him when she’d kind of known something was up. She tells him that, “making a person with [him] is kind of amazing.” I can’t help but wonder about the logistics of it all when it’s discovered that it’s probably not just a “person” they have created. She says that they just need to let things settle in before they make any life altering decisions. Her Zen-like attitude makes Logan joke that she’s now sounding like the therapist in their relationship. She suggestively offers him up the rest of the hour. On the plus side, she can’t get pregnant again, can she?

Nick returns to Stonehaven and finds his father sitting on the stairs waiting for him. Nick shows Antonio the photo of Dennis and Joey Stillwell and Antonio says he “should have been with” his son. Nick says they “couldn’t have known” and his father pulls him into a hug. Nick brings up a memory of going hunting with the Stillwells and now he can’t fathom Joey having lost his father. He worries that it could just have easily been Antonio dead. Antonio says it won’t happen to him though they both know that no one can say that for sure under all of the circumstances. Antonio talks about protecting Nick the best he can but all he can offer is that they have each other in the here and now. He tells Nick how proud he is of him and the emotion is almost palpable between the two. Antonio heads up the stairs to wake the rest of the pack, saying, “we have a lot of work to do.”

The pack assembles in Bitten 1x06The pack has assembled. Nick says he “wasn’t able to find Joey” but is confident that when he discovers the mutts killed his father, Joey will convene with the pack. Antonio vows to “avenge [Dennis’s] death right now.” Jeremy thinks Marsten will be working from behind the scenes, having “other people to do his dirty work for him.” Jeremy feels they need to find a way “to draw him out” into the open but as he says this, Elena enters saying “Marsten’s not the one you should be worried about.” The look on Clay’s face, though subtle, seems to be one of surprise, relief, and whatever other emotions are running through his head. She tells them about Santos finding her then shows Jeremy the package that was left for him, saying “you’re not going to like what’s inside.”

As the pack gathers in together, Jeremy opens the box to reveal a pair of eyeballs, presumably Dennis Stillwell’s, wrapped in clear plastic. The pack members all look at each other, the most significant exchange coming between Antonio and Nick.

End credits.

This episode was intense to say the least. We finally got to see the vicious side of Jeremy and I thought it was great as he defended his Alpha status but not so much when he asked Clay to deal with Boggs later. Clay’s wooden demeanor is changing quickly and in a dramatic fashion. The Logan/Rachel storyline took an interesting twist also. It will be interesting to see how these will all develop in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on any and all of these factors?


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Susan White
1. whiskeywhite
Well, they disappointed me. No bum shot of Clay in this episode.

I must say I'm moving from 'blah' to 'yuck' on this series (and not because of lack of aforementioned derrieres). Clay is now quite obviously, as someone previously mentioned, Jeremy's enforcer and quite brutally so. Jeremy quite cooly tells him to go and work over the captured mutt Boggs, and then he wants to make an example of him by having Clay further brutalize him as a message to others. Yuck. At least we find out later that Clay seems to be a bit uncomfortable, or remorseful, about his brutality.

It was interesting to see Zeremy shift from the loving pack father figure to a cold and efficient fighter who brushes off the mutt challenger. It is true that this is how pack hierarchy is established among real wolves -- the males fight it out for the alpha role, and maybe for lower positions in the hierarchy, I don't know. There are alpha females as well. I don't know if they too fight for their positions. But this fighting for alpha in the house is murder on the furniture. Couldn't Jeremy suggest they "take it outside" in the time-honoured male fashion?

That Elena will become a mutt, and thus the pack's enemy, if she doesn't come home is an interesting twist. Surely she must know this, as you say Jackie. Does she think she can escape the wolf world altogether?
Tatiana deCarillion
2. decarillion
When I first saw Clay, my feeling was..meh. But, GAHHHH, he has grown on me. There's a lot of fire behind those clouded eyes. My husband watches this with me (yes, he is good that way LOL), and he doesn't like him. :P
3. stacymd2
Great recap Jackie!

I understand a little more where Elena is coming from now--on why she doesn't enjoy being a wolf or in a pack. Since she has come back to her pack everything has been death and violence. If that was what her day to day was like 4 years ago with Clay, then I don't blame her for leaving. It's not the kind of life one can build a career or family around.

Wow, I feel bad for Logan. He is either going to die or his girlfriend will die, or both. Marriages/Babies/Happiness = Death on Sci-Fi programs.

I loved the Nick and Antonio scene.

@decarillion: Clay is growing on me too. It was wrong of Jeremy to ask him to pull Biker Dude's teeth out. If you want someone tortured you should do it yourself.

The mutts vs pack background intrigues me. Why do the mutts have to move around? If Elena is the only female to survive menopause the change then how do werewolves reproduce? Bite only? Are all packs sausage fests?
Jackie Lester
4. JackieLester
@whiskeywhite I was a little disturbed by the type of violence in this episode, I have to admit. It's one thing to defend yourself against attack, but the cumulative effect of the teeth & cling wrap didn't sit well. I think, though, that is entirely the point. All along Elena has goaded Clay about doing whatever Jeremy asks. Now these two ideas are colliding in such a devastating way. We needed the yuck to feel the true struggle Clay will be going through from here on out (I assume). Also, Jeremy brought up the idea of Clay being feral when he found him, indicating that there is a barely controlled wildness in him and apparently Jeremy utilizes this to his advantage, for better or worse.
As for the female Alpha situation, perhaps that was what Santos was hinting at by calling Elena the queen last week? I can't see Santos letting Elena have that kind of power over him though, if she were somehow to ever agree. She's smarter than that anyway. BUT Elena wanting out of the wolf world altogether is exactly what she has in mind. It's evident she's totally delusional on that score.
Jackie Lester
5. JackieLester
@decarillion I think that maybe the ones the husbands don't like the most turn out to be the faves of the female viewers in the end, lol. Clay has been hard to get up until now because it was his job to hold back or obey orders. Maybe he will keep improving as the real Clay shines through now? *fingers crossed*

@staceymd2 Thanks :) I totally agree about the surface reasons for Elena's need to escape. I think the bigger issues come from the ancient laws of the pack which directly correlate to the mutts' way of life also. How did the pack get so much authority in the first place? There must be a need for it but it's still unclear to us viewers, for the most part.

With regard to Logan and Rachel, my mind went to a normal birth but maybe it's about 'thanks for carrying the baby, we'll take it from here' kind of mentality. Either that or killing the mother somehow? Rachel hasn't been a huge part of the show up until now so her death might make sense down the road. Still, it probably won't be an HEA for Logan and he has to know this all going in. Gah, there's still a lot of information we need to know about this facet of pack life. Baby wolves have to come from somewhere, right?
6. BlueElli
Hi Jackie, thanks for another great recap!
I enjoyed this episode. Jeremy brought his Godfather game. I am beginning to at an inkling as to why Clay bit Elena.

Clay knows what Jeremy's demands. I suspect Clay has some fear, in not obeying thoes commands, to an extent. No matter how intense or strong Clay appears to be. So, the ruthlessness that the wolf world knows of, regarding Clay has some of it's origin, as a result of Jeremy's commands.
You know Elena made a snide remark to Clay, about not coming after her when she left. I thought that was odd, but maybe Jeremy stopped Clay (telling him to give her space). Clay is questioning Jeremy's dictate's now, when he didn't before. Why?

I loved Clay's call to Elena, but she'll more than likely use the eyes in a box, as her main reason for coming back to Stonehaven. She'll knock any hope Clay has back down.

Elena, seems to be the Alpha in her relationship with Philip. I sick of him just taking it. Actually both men, just take what she dishes, enough!

I liked Nick, and Tonio's scene, but what was the look they gave each other, when Elena, brought the eyes.

Logan and Rachelle, well Rachel will more than likely find out what Logan is, if her baby is a wolf.

I hope there is a season two.
Jackie Lester
7. JackieLester
@BlueElli I think Clay bit her rather than having to obey an order from Jeremy to kill her; it took Jeremy's power away to a degree. It explains why J seemed resigned to let Elena die until he saw she was strong enough to beat the change. Her dying would have been dictated by the ancient laws, etc., because Clay brought her to the home base.

Elena is totally an Alpha figure to Philip but obviously wasn't enough of one for Clay to follow her when she left. Philip falls for her crap every single time!

I have a very bad feeling about the Nick/Antonio interactions. Why highlight them if it doesn't involve a bit of foreshadowing? I hope I'm wrong though, I really like Nick's sense of fun and Antonio seems a grounding factor for Jeremy.

We've got 7 more episodes to see what happens :)
Susan White
8. whiskeywhite
Yes, the plastic wrap as well, Jackie. Good point. Torture pure and simple, although to obtain important information about mutt attacks (as an aside, I don't like how this dovetails with the wider political context in which the US -- and to be fair other countries -- condone their use of torture, outlawed by the UN, as necessary in order to get vital information about 'terrorist plots'. Giving torture a pass in popular culture like this normalizes it and makes it OK).

Jeremy raised Clay from the very young age of 5. Properly raised, Clay shouldn't still be wild but, as you suggest (actually, going beyond what you suggest), Jeremy may have deliberately raised an obediant soldier/killer.

I'm not sure how much more of this I can stomach. I'll let you know. ;-)
Susan White
10. whiskeywhite
Thanks for the idea Jackie about why Clay would bite Elena. But I still don't understood why he would risk her almost certain death. Just to resist Jeremy? I still say, some love.
Jackie Lester
11. JackieLester
@whiskeywhite I think they've been throwing the clues at us: Elena saying she's a survivor, Clay's feral beginnings, and his continued commitment illustrated by his refusal to take off the ring. All of these I interpret that he loved her so much it was the only way to circumvent pack laws, though he hadn't thought her reactions through carefully because it was a wild, intense action that showed how much he loved her, at least in his mind. She just didn't get it (and still doesn't.) Clay was convinced his love and her survival instinct would see her through it all successfully, I guess.
12. Peachie
Thanks for these great recaps Jackie. I've finally caught up and wanted to add my two cents. Haven't read the books where I'm sure they provide the background needed to understand this whole wolf world. But I agree that Jeremy most definitely "forced" Clay into being the bad guy this time. His phone call to Elena showed he didn't want to be the bruiser and maybe that's been the case all alone. Although he did make the first move on Boggs. I have to admit Holt is growing on me. He was all wooden and pouty in the first couple of episodes but now seems to be stretching his acting chops. As well as his muscles :P Gonna hang in to the end to see how things work themselves out. Looking forward to reading more of your recaps Jackie. BTW I liked your coverage of LG too.
13. jpro
I really need to get into this show! Love these recaps!
Jackie Lester
14. JackieLester
@Peachie Thanks :) From what others have told me, the books do offer more insight into Clay and his actions. I think, as far as the TV show goes, they're taking the battle between having to do as he's told and, maybe now, seeing Elena's point of view on it and making these ideas an integral part of Clay's character growth. I'm glad to hear you'll be sticking around with us.

@jpro Now that we've got 6 episodes behind us, a marathon to catch up might help to avoid the frustrations of the earlier kinks in the story ;) I'm glad you're enjoying the recaps too!
Susan White
15. whiskeywhite
Re: Clay biting Elena. When I got my brain fully operational I remembered your main point, Jackie, that Elena would have been dead either way, since Jeremy would have killed her to maintain their secret. So he took his (her) chances. Makes sense.
16. Pogonip
Relying on the books, all of the wolves are male (until Elena) and they impregnate women and take the boys to raise themselves. Until Elena, they neither marry nor form lasting relationships.

Jeremy rescued Clay and raised him as his son. As an adult, Clay has been Jeremy's enforcer. Earlier, Clay did some really ugly things to mutts to set an example and a warning to other mutts. He took Polaroid pictures and spread them around. Jeremy has never been perceived as being as strong as his father Malcolm, but Jeremy is a martial artist, and can handle challenges just fine.

Spoiler alert:

Jeremy's mother was kitsune. A shifter.

Yes, Elena was going to have to be killed, but once she successfully changed, Jeremy accepted and embraced her as part of the pack. Plus, she brings strong abilities to the pack. And Clay loves her.

The actress playing Elena bugs me with her whispering all of her lines. I would like to hear her natural voice with a little oomph behind it.
Susan White
17. whiskeywhite
Thanks, @Pogonip, for the interesting background from the books. What happens to the female children born of wolf fathers? Are they not wolves? Are their (often human?) mothers left to raise wolf daughters? Talk about the trials of single motherhood!
Karen McCoy
18. mcmahmen
Interesting point Jackie and company that Clay would have to eliminate the threat Elena posed to the pack. Last week with the tea service I said I thought Jeremy was going to harm her.
I was thinking that was a great use of cling wrap. No getting your fists banged up and no blood to clean up. I blame Jeremy for the actions of Clay. I wonder if he made him do it because he thought Clay was disrespecting him earlier when motorcycle mutt was there.
Let me say that this show is my new must see. I loved Clay as the professor and immediately filled in a back story for Elena and him when the went home to Stonehaven. Also the dress and shoes Elena was wearing at the wedding were stunning.

I think Elena is trying to hard to be "human" who puts up with the nonsense her would be future mother-in-law shovels. She has no trouble standing up for what she believes when she deals with the pack. I think this is her truer self.
19. stacymd2
@Pogonip: Very interesting info. I'm wondering what happens to the mothers, are all females born humans only, is Logan playing Rachel...They have a house together. Why move in together if he knows their relationship will never go beyond a certain point?

I can't wait for the next episode.

@mcmahmen: Bitten is becoming one of my must see programs as well.
Jackie Lester
20. JackieLester
@Pogonip That's a neat detail about Jeremy's parentage. I know if we get beyond the first season, we'll see more supernatural varieties popping in :) I had a feeling that the procreation aspect was going to head that way. It'll be interesting to see if they stick with that in the TV version.

@whiskeywhite You raise some very valid questions, lol. Maybe that will be explained a bit better in the next episode. Logan will have to seek help at some point, be it moral support or otherwise.

@mcmahmen It could very well be Jeremy making a point to Clay also. He perhaps didn't anticipate Clay's reaction though, as it looks like Clay is not thrilled with the needless brutality this time. It was inventive with the plastic wrap, then poking a hole in it, lol. (I'm glad it wasn't me though!) Elena is definitely trying to play peacemaker in Toronto, but if push came to shove, that facade would slip for sure, as it did with the sleazy guy in the bar in the earlier ep and again with Santos in this one.

@stacymd2 I think Logan is being as straight up with Rachel as he can. He's even trying to advise Elena on how to juggle the two different existences. Sadly, he's dropped the ball big time and will now have to deal with the consequences just as much as Elena would have to it she'd left the pack for good.
Karen McCoy
21. mcmahmen
Re. The Baby

Yeah the baby is definitely making things complicated. Santos will find out and use that for leverage against the pack or Marsden can make hay if he finds out. What will big bad Jeremy do when and if he finds out? Can't see Clay taking this one on for the team.

Add the video used for the ad campaign and I smell a hangover for the wolves.
Karen McCoy
22. mcmahmen
Re. The Baby

Yeah the baby is definitely making things complicated. Santos will find out and use that for leverage against the pack or Marsden can make hay if he finds out. What will big bad Jeremy do when and if he finds out? Can't see Clay taking this one on for the team.

Add the video used for the ad campaign and I smell a hangover for the wolves.
Tatiana deCarillion
23. decarillion
Was Clay a mutt when Jeremy found him (or a mutt-to-be)? If mutts don't have loyalties but to themselves, then maybe that goes for not having much of a maternal instinct, either--maybe his mother abandoned him. Then, if the above is true, Jeremy wouldn't have told anyone, even Clay, about his true heritage/parentage. I haven't read the books, so I'm just thinking out loud.

(I may have missed a thread about this in a previous recap, as I have yet to read them all, so I apologize in advance if I'm totally on the wrong track here!)

Regardless, I think this episode confirms Jeremy's controlling nature, belied by his outwardly calm demeanor most times. Clay obeys Jeremy, out of devotion/gratitude, even love, as he is not only a father figure, but his alpha. Elena is the same--she fights the 'draw' to Jeremy, but she never refuses him, not even his phonecalls (that I can remember), and she is never disrespectful to him.

Since she was fully human--once--I think Clay knows he's better with her because she balances his predatory nature. He likes himself more, I think, when she's with him, and apparently, feels shame, even fear for what he is, when she's not. Without her in his life, he is just an animal.

She may not understand that; or maybe she does, but she has led a human life, and the desire to continue doing that is still strong enough in her, thus far, to allow her to live away from the pack. I don't see her staying away for much longer, though.

As to the violence in this episode--wolves are predators--there will always be violence. Since these are predators in human form, though, the violence will be notched up, including torture. It may be that once Clay's (or any of the wolves) bloodlust is fired up, there is no thought, only instinct--and that instinct is almost always going to be violent. It's just that afterwards, Clay's conscience kicked in--we don't know if any of the others show remorse after violent acts, but it doesn't seem to faze any of them to hurt or to clean up the mess afterwards.
Susan White
24. whiskeywhite
Interesting discussion, @decarillion, of the wolves as predators and what Elena as a former human might bring to Clay.

I'm uncomfortable, however, with seeing these characters as animals in human form. For one thing, if they're just wolves in human clothing, it releases them from any obligations of morality. Also, is the werewolf story not classically about the character's internal conflict between human and animal?
Jackie Lester
25. JackieLester
@mcmahen I'm sure the week's ahead will show us how the pack will deal but I agree that it won't be Clay doing the dirty work this time.

@decarillion I like the idea of Clay's animal nature vs. Elena's more human version. She's been struggling with her own tendencies for violence from the start. When set beside Clay for comparison, she stills seems so much more human anyway. The show has been gradually building on these ideas so how things will work out for Elena in the end will be interesting. I can't see her ignoring the amount and ferocity of the attacks levelled at the pack now regardless.

Clay was abandoned, that much has been discussed. Whether it was from a mutt standing or from another pack member is uncertain but he has shown the ability to be loyal. Maybe that's an indicator? His relationship with Jeremy is certainly a complicated one, especially considering he obeyed Jeremy when ordered not to follow Elena when she left. That must have near killed him if his love is as intense as he lets on (and I think it's even deeper than we've seen to date.)

@whiskeywhite I believe someone noted that, in the books, there was a freedom of the moral restraints in the wolves. Elena, then, brings them this unknown factor, which adds depth to the story as well as the wolves themselves. Should be interesting if it affects leadership decisions in the future or how it will manifest in Clay in particular. The pack has been fighting for her permanent return; they obviously understand (subconsciously?) that she has the ability to make them all better.
Susan White
26. whiskeywhite
I just noticed that Kelley Armstrong is a Co-Producer of the series. May be old news to others. So unless this is some honourary position, she must have some in-put into the series.
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