Jan 14 2014 8:23am

Who’s the Smartest Character in Romance?

Inspired by Loving Lymond: Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles, a few members of the H&H community (including me) are tackling the first book in Dunnett's series, titled The Game of Kings.

It's a smart book, filled with complicated (and often foreign) language and an elusive and deep main character in Lymond. Lymond himself is clearly wily and clever, and it's easy to see he will be vanquishing many foes during the course of the series, thanks to his brain power and charm.

Which brings to mind the question, who is the smartest character in romance?

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Lynn Latimer
1. LynnL
Hi Megan,

Over at the Outlander Book Club we are doing group read on the Game of Kings. Y'all are welcome to join, we just started last week and also have a Guide to the Game of Kings available.

Lynn Latimer
3. LynnL
We adore Lymond; he has no equal. Our site owner, Laura, has published her own Ultimate Guide to the GOK. It follows the GOK sequentially with with explanations of the history, language, art, music and arcane references. Here's a link if you are interested.

Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
Over on Twitter, there were mentions of Merlin from Laura Kinsale's Midsummer's Moon, and Sienna Lauren from Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series.
Regina Thorne
5. reginathorn
I'm SO excited by how many people are starting to read The Lymond Chronicles (have you met Don Luis yet, Megan? That's the point where I fell in love with the book, by the way, because that entire sequence was so hilarious!)

And what a wonderful coincidence that the Gabaldon group is doing a read/re-read - I need to pop over and at least lurk on those fora, because other Dunnett fans always find something new for me to think about :D

As for your question - well, I think I still have to go with Lymond as the smartest (in some ways; in other ways, as you will discover, he is incredibly obtuse, but that's because he doesn't believe that he's actually worthy of love :()
Lynn Latimer
6. LynnL
@reginathorn. Please come on over to OBC. We are dedicated DD fans and love meeting sister believers. Our Laura even hosted a Dorothy Dunnett conference in Pittsburgh this past October.
7. Kareni
The smartest? I don't know. However, Ian Mackenzie comes to mind as an intelligent man.
Regina Thorne
8. reginathorn
@LynnL - I have joined the forum (previously I was just lurking!) just waiting for my confirmation e-mail. Thank you so much for making me aware of the discussion going on over there! I can't wait until the unspoiled readers get to certain parts of Game of Kings!! :D
9. carmenlire
Ian Mackenzie came immediately to mind, although that could be in part because I just reread his books a couple days ago.
10. LynnL
@reginathorn I am so glad you joined us. It's so fun with to discuss Lymond with people who get Game of Kings
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