Jan 16 2014 8:40am

Who Would Get Your Vote?

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning, and of course we all have opinions on who should win. So take a look at the list of nominees and share your opinion.

If there were Oscars for romance novels, what categories would we have? Some thoughts:

  • Best Kiss in a 2013 Romance Novel
  • Most Obsessive Hero in a 2013 Romance Novel
  • Best Supporting Characters in a 2013 Romance novel
  • Strongest Female in a 2013 Romance Novel

Share all your thoughts!

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Teddy Pierson
1. TeddyP
- Most unexpected ending in a romance novel
- Best heartbreak in a romance novel
- Best use of a prop in a romance book cover
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@TeddyP: LOVE the best use of a prop. Hilarious!

To go off the theme:

Best Costume Design--you know there are some authors who really give you the lowdown on what their heroines are wearing! "Who are you wearing? Oh, something my author designed..."

Best Supporting Characters...

The Miss Congeality of Romance (okay that's going into pageants, but still!)
3. Kareni
- Best flashback in a romance novel

- Most unrealistic body part in a romance novel
Stephanie Walters-Rowe
4. StephanieWR
Snarkiest heroine in a paranormal novel
Best smackdown in a paranormal novel
Patricia Wilkerson
6. Proofreaderpat
All my categories would relate to cover art: 1)Best use of cute dog/puppy 2)Best smoldering,over-the-shoulder look by heroine in a floor length gown 3)Best headless,tattooed male torso-a.k.a. the" Sleepy Hollow" category 4)Best resemblance of cover models to the author's description and/or our imaginations-a.k.a. the" Who the @#%! is That Supposed to Be On the Cover?" category
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