Jan 22 2014 8:17am

When Do You Want the First Kiss?

Romance novels range in tone from sweet to all-out dirty, but the one thing they have in common is that at some point, the hero and heroine will kiss.

Do you like to see a kiss happen by a certain point in the book? When do you want the first kiss?

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Amy Paulussen
1. Amy Paulussen
When it adds to the conflict, therefore probably not just when they want it. Too soon or after a long wait, or when the characters are on different pages. Physical intimacy, early in the story especially, should create as much conflict as it seems to solve.
Amy Paulussen
2. Kahintenn
Well said, Amy. I read historicals, mostly, so the only way there is physical contact early on is in the case of mistaken identity, or the lady is not a "lady", or the man is not a " gentleman", in the terms of the time period. But that is sometimes what makes an early kiss more interesting...they weren't supposed to be doing that!

Wherever it best serves the story is where I want the first kiss.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
I asked the question because I was reading a book that was close to 400 pps., and their first kiss didn't happen until about p. 250, and that felt way too long to wait. There had been a lot of thinking about each other. @AmyPaulussen and @Kahintenn, you're both right about when it should be (when it best suits the story, and also causes conflict), and I was wondering if different types of readers had different opinions.
Myretta Robens
4. Myretta
At a time when it is quite natural that it should be so, and not a week earlier.
Amy Paulussen
5. shyhyatt
I like the kiss to happen early first page or first chapter. It establishes a connection between h/h quickly. They might not see each other for another 50 pages but they have that connection. Of course, when it fits the story or creates the most conflict is the best answer. I am just happier with the books when it happens really really early.
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