Jan 13 2014 9:13am

What’s Your Reading Challenge for 2014?


BookRiot recently compiled a list of all the reading challenges you could participate in during 2014, and H&H's own Wendy the Super Librarian does a long-running challenge within romance.

Do you try to challenge yourself within your reading? If so, what challenge did you take on last year? What's your challenge for this year?

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Teddy Pierson
1. TeddyP
I am going to challenge myself to read more physical books, instead of digital.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Not buy anything until I get through my TBR pile. At least the Digital TBR pile. I don't think I'll ever get through my physical one!
3. Deeroma
I would like to pick up a few more classic reads then my Fav genre! Its so hard to do when there is SO MUCH good stuff out there to read with New Releases and continuations of stories!! UGH!
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
I don't do challenges for myself, because I invariably end up feeling as though I'm gonna fail at them, so why bother, but I do try to read outside of genre as much as I can, and also read some classic I missed.
Wendy the Super Librarian
5. SuperWendy
I do my own TBR Challenge - and....that's it. Other than that I try to set "goals" for myself. This year I want to get 100 books read (I've fallen short the last couple of years) and I really need to get through the print TBR and do some cleaning out.
Vol Fan
6. Vol Fan
Two things. First to try to save money by borrowing more digital books from the library and second, to read The Lymond Chronicles. I've started book one and though everyone raves about them, this first one is really hard to get into. I'm determined to stick it out though.
Megan Frampton
7. MFrampton
@Vol Fan--I'm reading it too, and it IS tough going, but I've heard from so many people just to stick with it, so I'm doing just that. I'm about 15% through? (Reading on digital, borrowed it from the library, in fact!)
8. bri_in_nj
I signed up for the pick a specific number one on goodreads. Other than that, I want to try to finish some series I have started and start to wittle down my paper TBR, which means I need to stop myself from getting all the shiny, interesting, new books from the library. :)
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
Last year I challenged myself to read more male authors and found some real keepers. This year I think I will continue with this challenge.
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