Jan 27 2014 8:02am

What’s the First Digital Book You Ever Purchased?

BookRiot posted a fun article, detailing the author's first experience with buying a book online. That led us to wonder—what's the first digital book you ever purchased?

And how many do you have now in your collection? (Don't worry you won't scare us—we have a lot, too).

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Inez Kelley
1. Inez Kelley
'Two Masters for Alex' by Claire Thompson. BDSM, menage and m/m in one book. Yes, I popped my digi-cherry in a HUGE way!

I have about 400 ebooks on my nook right now. I delete them if they aren't ones' I'd read again.
Inez Kelley
2. Scarlettleigh
527 - although I probably do have some that I could delete. I purchased my first Kindle book on my birthday in 2009 - as my kindle was a present to myself.
Inez Kelley
3. MelM
"Finders Keepers" by Linnea Sinclair from Fictionwise back in 1999. A couple thousand now, neatly categorized in Caliber. Only about 200 kept active on my e-reader.
Inez Kelley
4. BethAnnie
Couldn't even remember the first one- on my third Kindle now with over 2000 books on it- probably about 2/3 have been read and the rest TBR.
Iza Brekilien
5. RedIza
I had to go check, but it was Lissa Matthews "Simple needs" that I bought along with Robin Schone "Gabriel's woman".
Funny enough, but I counted earlier today - never had the curiosity before : I have 247 not-yet-read books on my kindle and 1003 on my to-read-list... I don't know how many I have read AND kept, though. I've had my kindle for less than a year :p
K.M. Jackson
6. kwanawrites
I have 483 in my collection though I've only read a fraction of that. The 1st book I porchases was The French Maid from Sabrina Jefferies. Thanks for the fun look back.
Inez Kelley
7. Vol Fan
Cry No More by Linda Howard. I bought it because of the reviews and because it was really hard (at that time) to find a used copy at my UBS. Sad to say, still haven't read it.

I have 195 in my kindle. I try to clean it out periodically. Mainly from free books that obviously since they have been in there forever it seems, I apparently am never going to get around to reading them.
Inez Kelley
8. Scarlettleigh
I forgot to say, that my first book was Nobody's Baby But Mine by SEP.
Inez Kelley
9. KimCostumes
I purchased , "Pig Who Is, Among Other Things, A Dog." It is my niece's whimsical children's book she wrote and illustrated. It displays the many faces and characters of her pet French Bulldog, Piglet.
10. lauralee1912
Believe it or not, I just purchased a Kindle Paperwhite last week! I work with new technologies all day at work, so I enjoy going old school for reading. Or thought I did until I started up my Kindle. :) After all the free downloads, I bought Susan Mallery's Almost There to try a purchase. Ut oh, that was a little too easy. Right now, I have three books loaded on the Kindle and about 20 on my wish list. I am going to try to keep my Kindle neat and tidy, unlike my bookshelves.
Inez Kelley
11. Kahintenn
The Passage by Justin Cronin. I saw it in an airport bookstore right after it's release and wanted to read it, but it's a huge book and I didn't want to have to cart it around. My sister had been talking about buying a Nook, so I bought one and bought The Passage and read it (and loved it). I have 800 books on the Nook now. I also use a Kindle app on my iPad and there are 150 books on that. I have read all but a few.
12. carmenlire
A Mackenzie Family Christmas by Jennifer Ashley. I loved the series and just had to have the novella. I only have around 10 books on my Kindle App.
Inez Kelley
13. Vcooling
I got the first edition Kindle, and the first book I got was Pride and Prejudice; the seond was The Count of Monte Cristo. Two of my eternal rereads. I have a couple thousand books each on the Kindle Archives and on Calibre on my computer, my name is Vicky and I am an Addictive Reader!
14. Kareni
I've yet to buy (or borrow) one as I've no e-reader.
Inez Kelley
15. pamelia
My first digital book was "Fifty Shades of Grey" since I heard some buzz about it, read the first chapters on Amazon and then saw that the paperback was over $21 with a long time lag to get a copy shipped (this was October of 2011). I'd been resisting the whole digital book idea, but I could NOT wait the time or pay the higher price so I took the plunge. Now I wish I'd done it sooner as I am in the process of moving and packing books is a big PAIN.
I probably have about 400 books in my Kindle cloud now, but I'm afraid to count!
Jennifer Proffitt
16. JenniferProffitt
I got my Kindle for Christmas a few years ago and I ordered Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl. I think in that same day I bought a few classic Lynsay Sands historicals. It was the beginning of the 543 books that I've added to my Kindle. Honestly, surprised I don't have a lot more than that, but really glad those aren't taking up space on my book shelf--I don't think I would be able to move if I did!
Inez Kelley
17. BeckyM
I got my first kindle in July 2009 and my first purchase appears to be Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. Also, I have bought 2342 books from Amazon from then to today....ouch!
Patricia Wilkerson
18. Proofreaderpat
My first purchase was "Love's Tender Warriors" by Radclyffe.I currently have about 260 books on my Nook.
Inez Kelley
19. Tammye
Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. I had heard so many good things about it on H & H. I have more than I want to admit on my Kindle.
Inez Kelley
20. Lucy D
I had to check. My first book was Kresley Cole's Dreams of a Dark Warrior. Now I have almost 600 on my Nook and another 200 plus under my Kindle account. I haven't read all of them yet. I don't know how I'll ever catch up.
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