Jan 2 2014 8:10am

What Books Did You Get?

A New Year, a new chance to read! If you celebrate the holiday, what books were you given? What books did you buy for yourself? Did you read anything great? 

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Elizabeth Halliday
2. Ibbitts
I received "Love Beyond Time" and "Love Beyond Reason" (the first two books in the Morna's Legacy series) by a new author, Bethany Claire. This is a romance time-travel series between modern-day Texas and medieval Scotland. I found them to be clever, interesting and quite delightful. I am eagerly looking forward to the third book, "Love Beyond Hope", which releases in February.
3. carmenlire
I got Mark of Athena and I bought a couple books by authors that are new to me. They sound great:) I've reread Just Like Heaven and A Night Like This so that The Sum of All Kisses made sense. Julia Quinn was awesome as always:)
4. reginathorn
I came here PURELY because I saw that picture, Megan, because I didn't actually get any books for Christmas. (Nice one!!)

I didn't get any books for Christmas because I have no self-restraint and I buy ALL THE THINGS as soon as I want to read them, especially with Kindle books. However, I did get a gift card to Barnes & Noble so there will be some physical paper books in my future. (Possibly Joanne Harris's novel about Loki which comes out in February!) And I bought myself a bunch of Heyers that I didn't already have when Amazon had their $1.99 sale last week and Books 1 & 3 of Pat Barker's heartbreaking Regeneration trilogy (for some reason book 2 is not available for Kindle, argh!)
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
I don't get books as presents precisely for the same reason you didn't, @reginathorn--I buy myself everything I want anyway. But I did get a few deals here and there, and actually took a week off from reading entirely, which felt so odd (too busy with family stuff, no alone time).
6. LiLiLa
I didn't get any books this Christmas. In the last few years, everyone in my family has swapped over to kindles. In some ways this is good, we don't have to keep putting up book shelves and it has meant we don't have to drag endless boxes of paperbacks in the garage. But one of the changes has been that we don't give each other books as presents anymore. I think it's a little bit sad that this little ritual has died. Obviously, you don't always love (or even finish) the books that others pick for you, but then there's nothing like discovering a treasure that you would never have thought to select for yourself.
Anyway, I spent the Xmas/NY period reading Sherrilyn Kenyon and Bella Andre. All self-purchased of course.
7. Kareni
I was fortunate to receive all of the books I had on my wish list:
Kinked (A Novel of the Elder Races) by Thea Harrison, Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye, Striking Distance by Pamela Clare, and Naked Edge by Pamela Clare. I also received a Barnes and Noble gift card. Lucky me!
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