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Sleepy Hollow 1x13 Thoughts: “Admit It, You Appreciate Me a Little”

Ichabod and Abbie in Sleepy Hollow 1x13

Note: This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Sleepy Hollow, including last night’s season finale, 1x13, “Bad Blood.” Enjoy!

“Good day. This is Captain Ichabod Crane, Esq. If you’d be so kind to please leave your name, rank, and an address where I may reach you, and I will return this correspondence in a timely manner…Now what do I press? Pound? What’s pound?”

Ichabod is none too happy with his antiquated cell phone. I mean, it still flips up! Abbie gives him that 'Oh Ichy' smile and offers to lend him hers for the weekend if he can figure out how to use it. I am going to miss these openings, where Ichabod gets in a kerfuffle about the modern era. He and Abbie banter like two kindergarteners about to pull each other’s hair. Sigh.

Said flirtatious banter is halted when they are reminded that Ichabod is supposedly destined to turn Abbie’s soul over to Moloch. Buzz kill. Ichabod does find another secret message in Washington’s Bible. One where he, after his death as some zombie, drew a map to purgatory. Said map is buried with him. If Ichabod can retrieve this map, he can save Katrina!

Shipping thwarted by anchor drop. You can almost hear the record skip when Abbie’s eyeballs nearly pop out of her noggin. Now she says her knickers are in a bunch not because wifey may come back, but that maybe going to purgatory to rescue said dead wife is what the enemy wants, someone opening the gates and letting God knows what out.

After a trying ordeal finding the map Ichabod agrees with Abbie. He burns the map, asking for Kartina’s eternal forgiveness. He then says to Abbie, “You and I will choose our own destiny, we have free will. I choose to forge my fate with you.”

Knee buckling sigh and swoon. Ichabod chooses his present with Abbie, and saving the world yada yada, over saving his beloved Katrina. Shipping Gods thank you!

For the moment.

It is the season finale so there are lots of twists, turns, and WTFery. Remember how Ichy has a photographic memory? Well, he does. He redraws that map. Abbie gets pissy and Ichabod apologizes. Henry (The Sin Eater), yeah he was here helping too, says that’s a good thing because the only thing that can stop the Second Horseman from rising is a witch and the only witch they know of from Katrina’s coven is Katrina. The other ones are dead. Oh, and it’s the 13th anniversary of when Jenny and Abbie met Moloch in the forest.


Ichabbie gets to Purgatory and they fight off temptations they were warned of by Henry, a forbidden fruit thing where things from their pasts will tempt them to go astray. That they need to concentrate on the path to Katrina. They get to the church where Ichabod saw Katrina previously and she is there, they are there, all three of them. Triangle much? Awkward.

Wifey is all like 'Woot, you can save me but yeah, there’s a price. One of you has to stay behind.' Insert record skip. Now, Katrina, Ichabod has seen you a bunch of times and this was something worth mentioning, I don’t know, from day one! Sneaky little witch.

And of course Abbie stays behind, wanting to fight her own demons and literally fight Moloch. Another record skipt. With little time to ponder life’s mysteries, the threesome agree to Abbie’s noble request to sacrifice herself. Hence, that whole prophecy of Ichabod giving her up to Moloch being true. That’s gotta sting a little.

It’s a moving moment and the angst is so thick and drenched with emotion. Ichabod says to his Leftenant, “”Remember our bond. I'll come back for you."

Yes, their bond. The fact they are the two witnesses, fated and destined to be together. Take that, Katrina.

Abbie fights Moloch off and finds her own safe haven, like Katrina did in the church she hid in. Ichabod, Katrina, and Henry go to stop the second horseman from rising. But wait, there’s more. Henry is the Second Horseman who’s been playing them all along AND he’s really their son Jeremy.

Insert evil plot twist to scorn parents who abandoned him.

What the what?

Jeremy, aka the Second Horseman, aka Henry, aka The Sin Eater steals Mommy, buries Daddy alive in the grave he spent many years in. Oh, and don’t forget Irving confessed to two murders to save his daughter, Jenny is in a horrific car accident, and we have no clue where Morales is. Cliffhangers much?

Season 2 Ichabbie shipping will require a psychic medium and lots of holy water.


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K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
Great recap for a fantastic episode. I'm really going to miss this show. So much fun for a Monday night.
3. Rachale
I love this review - analytical, humorous and insightful - thanks!
Glass Slipper
4. GlassSlipper
Awesome episode. I loved the ending. Did you see the camera linger on Katrina while she watched Ichy hug Abbie? That's a little nugget of foreshadowing, right there. Also, Ichy never hugged Katrina! lol
5. Megaera
And now they're going to make us wait eight months before we get more of gorgeous Tom Mison. Drat them.
6. Mr. Green
I do love Walter (Henry) (he will always be Fringe's Walter Bishop for me), because he can effectively pull off a Heel/Face turn like no other. But I cannot say I didn't see it coming. As He said, he has been foreshadowing since he arrived and even if I didn't figure it out his evil before this episode, there are signs early on in this one. Take a look at it again. The black demons never attacked him. They ran up and just kinda froze/posed for effect to my idea and the big one...The rosery BURNED him so badly. I will admint I didn' t count on him being the son! All in all, not a bad season finale. I am probably going to be a nerd and go back a rewatch to see other tells. lol.
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