Jan 24 2014 5:35pm

Original Sin: Klaus/Caroline Hotness in The Vampire Diaries 5x11

This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of The Vampire Diaries, including last night’s 5x11, the show's 100th (!!!) episode, “500 Years of Solitude.” Enjoy!

The Vampire Diaries and I have had a very tumultuous relationship. As a kid I was a rabid fan of the book series, the old (fabulous) covers faded and creased from rereading. When the television show aired I had mixed feelings. Elena as a brunette! What happened to Meredith? Why are they friends with Caroline? (I forgive the addition of Jeremy…because he is awesome!) But still I dutifully watched the show and it grew on me. Then I stopped watching. Then started again, then stopped—you see where this is going.

Then Klaus entered and my life, er I mean Vampire Diaries, and I was never the same. Sure, he's evil; yeah, he has the weirdest relationship with his family; OK, he wanted to create an army and then killed said army when they disappointed him. But I understand him! Well, not really, but I want to.

The Klaus/Caroline relationship is just as rocky as my relationship with the show. He tries to kill her, he paints a creepy but sweet picture of her, he kills her boyfriend’s mom but allows her boyfriend to escort her to a dance (the people of Mystic falls love their dances)... But every relationship has troubling times, right? Yet one thing remains the same—every time Klaus and Caroline are together, my TV just about explodes with their chemistry. The will-they-or-won’t-they question has been just about killing me.

When The Originals was announced I was sure Caroline was going to pull a Cordelia and relocate to New Orleans. But that didn’t happen, and Klaus got some chick pregnant. I just about gave up on them and the show. THEN last night…. LAST NIGHT.

It was the 100th episode and heavily promoted, so I knew I was in for a few surprises. But I think I broke my DVR rewinding so many times, because Klaus came back! And he and Caroline yelled and flirted in their own way and she told him she can’t want him and she wants too many things and he doesn’t fit in with her plans. But Klaus, ever the manipulator, told her he would leave and never return if Caroline would simply admit her feelings. She fought the words but said them, smoldering glances ensued, clothes were ripped off, and then…the camera cut away!!!!

Phew, so many feelings. I don’t know what this means for the two of them, but I am going to keep on watching. How about you?

And for more Klaroline goodness, check out the Klaroline tag on Tumblr for all the gifs and vids you can handle.

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1. carmenlire
Last season, the only real reasons I continued to watch the show was because I had already invested over 4 years into it, and Klaroline. But then THIS HAPPENED. I went on a twitter rant and I had so many feels. This episode--particularly Klaroline's bits, were spectacular and I want them to GET TOGETHER
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