Jan 16 2014 10:26am

Ship’s Log: Oliver Reveals His Jealous Side to Felicity in Arrow 2x10, “Blast Radius”

Arrow Season 2 posterNote: This post contains SPOILERS for all aired episodes of Arrow, including last night's Season 2, episode 10, “Blast Radius.” Enjoy!

Any lingering doubts about whether Oliver was jealous of Felicity's potential new beau, Central City CSI Barry Allen—now in a coma after being struck by lightning—were laid to rest in last night's episode. Not only did Oliver ROLL HIS EYES when Diggle mentioned Felicity was spending a few extra days at Barry's bedside in Central City, he also later (unfairly) blamed an Arrow snafu on her, basically claiming she hadn't been 100% focused on the mission due to Barry.

Of course, THAT comment led to a pretty heated argument between the two of them, in which Felicity went toe-to-toe with Oliver and his (rather irrational) anger, not backing down until Digg told them to chill out. Afterwards, Digg pointed out that Oliver never had a problem with Felicity's work until she met Barry. Your non-platonic feelings are showing, Oliver (clearly Digg would agree)!

But then Mr. Queen redeemed himself. After a passive-aggressive comment or two from Felicity (“You sure you want me doing this? My head might not be in the right place.”) and after they caught the villain of the week (Firefly alum Sean Maher's bomber “Shrapnel”), Oliver seized upon one of those rare quiet moments in the Arrow cave to apologize.

Oliver on a motorcycle in Arrow Season 2 episode 10 Blast RadiusWell, first he apologized to his quiver, which Felicity called him on, but then he looked her in the eye and told her he was sorry. He didn't stop there, though, and the scene became emotionally charged. He admitted he'd come to realize while she was gone that he needed her and Digg—that he was no longer the man who could do it all alone, as had originally been the plan. More than that, he told Felicity that she wasn't his employee, she was his partner. Awwww!

Epic shoulder touching also happened, along with Oliver suggesting to Felicity that maybe Barry was dreaming of her while he slept. Whoa! Whoa there, buddy. Your feelings are exploding all over the place today! No, but seriously, Oliver and Felicity's chemistry in this scene is once again melt-your-face hot. So. Much. Eye-frakking! Love it.

Other episode hightlights? Laurel doggedly investigating golden boy and mayoral candidate Sebastian Blood, Roy shielding his future mother-in-law Moira from a falling piece of equipment, and, naturally, Oliver on a motorcycle because that's always hot.


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If you want to relive some of the Olicity deliciousness, Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) has posted a clip on his Facebook page, and the CW released this 15-second teaser on Instagram a few days ago:


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Donna Alward
1. Donna Alward

I love Olicity.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Donna Alward -- YAY! Me too. They keep getting better and better.

Thanks for the comment!
3. carmenlire
I loved the development in last night's episode! The last scene was so emotional and Oliver really bared his heart to her--more than he has before. And the argument between them was intense, although I think that Oliver was kind of a dick about the whole thing.
Donna Kissam
4. The Cat Bastet
His face in frame two here...

It's a good thing Felicity is oblivious due to the assumption that she's irreversibly on the Friend Ladder (when she's actually the only one on the Real Ladder), or she'd see right through him, with reactions like that.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
@carmenlire -- Yes! He was so much more open than usual. Hope to see many more of these types of talks between them as they get to know each other better and better. (And I totally agree, Oliver was a total dick to her. It's kind of his way. A Twitter pal of mine referred to him as a "recovering asshole" and I think that describes Oliver Queen quite well. He's working on being better but sometimes he needs his behavior pointed out to him, having been a spoiled brat not so long ago.)

@The Cat Bastet --- Could not agree more. If they each knew how the other truly felt they'd be done for already. Starting out as partners has friend-zoned them, but at the same time, it's allowed them to slow down and fall for each other a little more every day. REALLY hoping the Arrow writers are playing a long game here, like The West Wing did for Josh and Donna.
Donna Alward
6. Claire Rose
I loved having the show back and seeing the A Team in action once again! The character development that took place for Oliver though was HUGE! Wow, SA and EBR do a fantastic job of making the tension drip off the screen, be it anger or sexual. GAH! These two can play it! He could have taken the easy out that Felicity unknowingly was offering by stating he was stressed because of the Mirakuru, but he stopped her and got to the truth of the matter—as he sees it thus far at least. The fact that he took it that far is impressive. These two are Arrow's gold and I really hope the writers continue to treat them as such. The other gold bar is there stunts — Love it! I watch my fair share of TV shows, and there is a VERY short list (2) of shows that have grabbed my attention like this one. I wrote somewhere else that I liked Arrow to begin with (in a ho hum way) but these two got me invested in it LOL True Confession—I have liked many shows over the years, but only TWO have made me take to the internet, post comments, twitter and make sure their viewing timeslot was clear (kids in bed etc.) and really dig in 1. NCIS 2. Arrow
Donna Kissam
7. The Cat Bastet
@redline_, I think actually Oliver is fully clueful about the situation. I think that's why he's such a ball of frustration. As far as she's concerned, she just is not his type. It doesn't make her feel bad about herself, because that's the way it goes sometimes. Sure, she wishes, but she thinks it's a no-go and she thinks she gets why that is. She thinks he has a type, and that type is not "brainy girls who talk too much." And this is oddly freeing, because she's not sitting around thinking of what she could do, or has to not do, or any sort of anything she has to pretend, to keep their relationship in a certain place. She can relax.

But Oliver knows that the only thing keeping them apart is his carefully maintained self-control. He keeps up a pretense with everyone in his life, including Felicity. He doesn't have to pretend he isn't Oliver Queen with her, or that he isn't the Arrow, but he does have to pretend he doesn't think of her that way. The burden is entirely on him, because of that. No wonder he vibrates with tension.

You might say he's...

(...wait for it...)

...strung tightly as a bow.
Donna Alward
8. Claire Rose
"She thinks he has a type, and that type is not "brainy girls who talk too much." And this is oddly freeing, because she's not sitting around thinking of what she could do" THIS is what I have always loved about Felicity beginning in Season 1. Sure she oggled him and made vocal slips, but I never got the impression that she actively "wanted him", more girly crush when you just meet soemone.

But as they started working together more I think that logic of hers you spelled out kept that from happening because in her mind it just wasn't possible. She even pushed him to get a life and date — just not evil corporate take-over mavens. I think she has cares for him a lot but has safely compartmentalized her heart.

When these two finally unleash — Holy Mount Vesuvious Batman! Starling City may not survive!
Susan White
9. whiskeywhite
Like you, @Claire Rose, I was originally only mildly interested in this show. I remember writing right here that I didn't care about the characters as people. I was basically returning weekly to ogle David Ramsey.

But since Olicity has heated up, with Felicity playing a larger role, it's more fun. I originally thought her character was too cartoonish and stereotypical -- brainy, awkward IT woman (I would say 'girl' but I hate it when grown women are called 'girls') with big glasses. But as she's become more integral to the plot and, as Oliver says in this episode, his "partner" rather than an employee, she's gained more depth. Plus she stands up to him as we've discussed before.

On the down side, it seems to me that Digg's role has receded a bit into the background. He's around to do his 'back-me-up-partner' stints and collect 'no biggie' gunshot wounds. But I'm sad that they've abandoned his independant story line, such as the relationship with his ex sister-in-law. (As an aside I was just watching an interview with EBR who comments that's she's surrounded by beautiful men in the show and she names David Ramsey first, then SA. Yes, sista!).

Here's a cute video --"The Best of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak".
Donna Alward
10. Morgana
...hahaha Claire you're such a funny grrrl! ^_^ I've to agree with your POV, & thanks to Heather for this article too. These new series from comics are cool stuff, an adventurous action plot, the eye-candies & a little romance thrown in for good measure, it seems to me as a win-win.
There's just 1 thing I'm not totally convinced, the fact that still regarding American tv most of the money goes out for the special effects & way less effort to present new dynamics for the main characters (naturally I'm talking of mainstream telly, while otherwise something is changing, let's think to Loki from Thor movies).

That's why I'd love to see blossoming Olicity at its best potential, because they've a good chemestry & an interesting fresh dynamic of friendly opposites, thing that would enrich the show IMO (instead of the most obvious & boring for me, at least if I don't see such a great chemestry between actors, aka Oliver with Laurel...besides on YouTube this couple is the most followed one by fans it seems, mmhh it's quite nice then! ;-P).

I know that maybe it's just wishful thinking for my part to hope for a little deeper development for our heroes but lest we forget that Felicity role has already been changed thanks to the fandom, plus it's happened before, think to Chuck & Blair's endgame on Gossip Girl (always on CW network) or Buffy & Spike etc...sometimes the magic does happen afterall, so fingers crossed!

PS_BTW 1 thing still bothers me, that a beautiful girl like F. is still considered nerdy just because of the glasses?! come on, it's so shallow that especially for the women there's still this treatment, too bad. Ciao*
Susan White
11. whiskeywhite
@Morgana, I'm with you on stereoptypes about women. But it's glasses because of the nerdiness rather than the reverse, no? In other words, they put the glasses on her to signal "nerd". Because a beautiful blonde woman can't be smart without glasses, right? (BTW, good on Felicity for admitting to Oliver that she dyes her hair).
Donna Alward
12. Morgana
@whiskeywhite...yeah I know that you're right: especially on CW wonderland where everyone looks like a model you HAVE to greenlight the selected nerd with the glasses sure, LOL! (I'm not blonde but regardless the blonde inside me is doing a riot now...hahaha! ;-P)

PS_Yep for Felicity, she totally rocks, that's why I'd love to see more this kind of relationship...let's wait & see what's happen next then. xo
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