Jan 28 2014 11:10am

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Succubus Haunted

Dyson and Bo in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 3 Lovers. Apart.We're delighted to once again bring you recaps of Lost Girl, now airing its fourth season in the United States. Don't forget to check into all our Lost Girl coverage, but be warned there are discussion posts for later episodes (we've been talking about the show as it airs in Canada) that contain SPOILERS. Thanks, and please weigh in with your comments!

This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Lost Girl, including last night’s 4x03, “Lovers. Apart."

Dyson and Clio stumble onto the inter-dimensional Death Train’s dining car. Immediately, Dyson growls with pain and massive disassociation. “Grr! (seriously, the closed captions say Grr.) What’s wrong with me?!” Clio hastily explains he’s contracted transcendental sickness as a result of jumping on the train. Holding his face, she calms him down, but when she blows in his ear, his distress and Clio’s tendency to attack under the guise of helping make Dyson growl and instinctively grab her by the neck to hold her off. As the transcendental sickness eases, he quickly releases her and apologizes. “I saved your life!” she shouts at him. “Non-elemental boys like yourself can’t pass from one plane to the next without getting sick!” They’re interrupted by the arrival of the conductor, who shouts: “Next stop same as the last. Last stop same before next. Get your tickets ready, please!” Yeah, because that’s not going to mean something later.

Head back on straight, Dyson cautiously approaches the conductor while Clio cowers. Dyson tells him how they’re looking for a woman named Bo. At the sound of her name, the train shakes violently, which knocks both Dyson and Clio off their feet. “Nothing to worry about, folks,” the conductor sing songs. “The engineer must’ve forgotten his glasses.” He pulls out a pair of tricked-out steampunk binoculars and, holding them over his eyes, trots on through the carriage, ignoring Dyson and Clio. Bemused, Dyson calls after him but the man is gone. Freaked out, Clio looks out the window to the blackness that surrounds the train as Dyson paces back to her with rising anger. “Is it just me or did this entire train just shake at the mention of Bo’s name?” The train shakes again with even more force this time, knocking slats off the windows and tables to the ground. Dyson catches himself against a lilting table as the angry howl of a disembodied voice fills the car. Guess it’s not just him then. “The screams!” Clio exclaims, frightened. “Damned souls are trapped and they’re trying to get out. We gotta get out of here and find your girl.” Dyson heartily concurs and leads the way out of the dining car.

Bo in Lost Girl 403Bo runs aimlessly through a forest wearing a diaphanous, empire-waist, elaborate nightgown…and Keds. She holds out the sides of the gown so it flows behind her like a train (heh) catching on branches and getting muddier by the moment. Panting, she bursts through the brush into a clearing where she finds a fairy-tale cottage complete with turret. Honey, if there is an old lady in there who offers you candy, keep running. Bo rushes to the cottage with its boarded up windows and crumbling chimney. Inside all the furniture is covered in sheets and the dust is thick enough to swim through. Is this what Canadians mean by “cottage country”? Because dayam.

A family cautiously enters the cottage through a back door: Dad, Mom, and complaining Teen Daughter. “I hate this place! There’s no WiFi or anything and it’s a shithole!” Mom promises it’ll just be for one night just as a loopy Bo spins around too fast and stumbles back against a spindle table. Mom screams and, after a wary moment and a warning to his wife and daughter to stay put, Dad (played by Lochlyn Munro) eases into the main room where he finds Bo. Mom and Teen Daughter totally ignore his order and follow right behind him. Heh. Still out of breath and clearly discombobulated, Bo stares at the family. “Home?” she asks with tears in her voice. She turns around again as if trying to recognize the cottage as home, and Teen Daughter takes the initiative to grab a fry pan from the box of supplies and clock Bo across the back of the head. Her parents join her. “What?!” Teen Daughter replies to Dad’s silent universal shrug of what the hell did you do that for? “Someone had to do something.” The three of them gaze down at the unconscious stranger on their floor who broke into their house wearing only a dirty, if expensive, nightgown.


Over in Doctor Lauren’s flat, the singing superintendent takes the bolts off a heating vent to clear a blockage. Wait, her flat’s supposed to be on The Ash’s compound, but the superintendent’s a human? Eh, whatever. He chants “lefty loosey, righty, tighty, see your mother in her nightie” as a woman’s bare feet silently cross the room.  The Super removes the folder on fugitive Karen Beattie that Taft gave Doctor Lauren who apparently hid it in the heating grate before she ran off to his sekrit evil lab. He (the Super, not Taft) chimes that he’s found the culprit. He tosses the folder on the counter and finally sees the woman. The Super descends the step ladder hastily and offers to help the “lovely lady” wearing a dark brown cocktail dress. “You miss the piano that you left back in Poland, don’t you?” The Morrigan says, for yea, it is she. She strokes his cheek. The man starts to cry. “Pity,” Evony says without sympathy. “I could’ve made you a star.” Instead she touches his forehead and melts him to a puddle. With a weary sigh, Evony turns around and she’s wearing an eye patch. HAHAHAHA!! Pirate Morrigan lives! I so wish they’d bedazzled the patch, but even plain, it is a whole plate of awesome sauce. Outside of the patch, it’s evident The Morrigan has been through the ringer. She sports several cuts and bruises on her otherwise impeccably face and her unpainted mouth is cracked and dry. Whatever battles she went through to free herself of Vex’s prison, it cost her.

At the diner, Doctor Lauren’s OCD tendencies are in full reign as “Amber” has stacked and organized everything behind the counter to within an inch of its life. Catsup and mustard bottles are align in military straight formation, utensils rolled up in napkins and laid out on a tray while cups and saucers are ruthlessly stacked and ready to be deployed. A shocked, newly-arrived Crystal exclaims that the place is more organized than her shitty apartment. A little shaken by Crystal’s continued ready acceptance of “Amber’s” quirks, the doc marks through where each item now lies. “Sugar is with salt and pepper, obviously.” Oh, obviously. “And vinegar is with catsup and other condiments.” Thank God. Nothing worse than when the vinegar goes awry. “Oh, and no longer next to the baking soda,” she notes. “You can imagine my surprise when I saw that.” I just about had a conniption fit myself at the mere idea. “Actually, everybody’s surprised if those two decide to mix it up and have a par-tay,” she rambles on. “Carbonic acid is actually, ah, very unstable,” she concludes, more seriously. “Kinda like this place. And Ronald,” she adds pointing back at the cook. Crystal has been watching the doc’s performance with fond amusement and now she laughs. “You’re hilarious.” The doc grimaces with embarrassed appreciation. “Am I? So? You like?” Crystal doesn’t look away from “Amber” when she answers “Yeah. I do like.”

The doc catches her meaning and twists in place for a moment before awkwardly fretting with the arranged containers. Pressing the moment, Crystal eases up close to “Amber” and deliberately reaches across the front of her for a sugar jar, brushing breast against breast. “I just need some sugar,” she drawls. Their faces are very close and the doc is quite aroused and attracted, but when Crystal dips in closer as though to kiss “Amber,” the doc turns her head. “Crystal, I can’t,” she says, unhappily taking Crystal’s hand out from under the hem of her shirt. Sure you can, doc. Although if your goal is to not drag Crystal into the whole I’m-a- fugitive-on-the-run-from-a-supernatural-species-because-I-illegally-experimented-on-their-people thing, that I totally get. Knowing the doc’s into her no matter her protestations, Crystal just smiles at her—you totally can. As she gazes at Crystal, the doc gets a look of hunger on her face that would rival a starving succubus. She nearly kisses Crystal after all when Ronald suddenly bangs the order bell and calls that their “break” is over. Heh. “See?” Doctor Lauren tries to joke as she and Crystal dial back from the cusp of their sexual explosion. “Unstable.” Nope. Too easy. “See?” Crystal quips back. “Funny.” She leaves “Amber” to retrieve orders as the doc stares after her fondly. They really are quite cute together.

Back at the cottage, an unconscious Bo lays on the now uncovered couch. She rouses to find Mom and Teen Daughter silently watching her from flanking arm chairs where they sit knitting and judging. Looks like they also fixed her hair and bound it up pretty with bobby pins. Aw, that was sweet of them. Bo cautiously sits up. “Were you on the train?” she asks, still confused. But Mom doesn’t know this train of which Bo speaks. “Mom,” Teen Daughter says, “‘train’ is obvi slang for ‘heroin’. I mean, just look at her.!” Mom gapes at Teen Daughter and decides to ignore that last statement as she introduces herself as Kathy, along with her “energetic daughter, Julia.” Kathy extends her hand toward Bo while Julia gives her a cheeky wave. Heh. Bo recoils and looks around, catching her breath when she sees Dad outside tying shoes to a laundry line and walking back to the house backwards. When she asks, Kathy assures her that it’s an old Jenkins Family superstition, “makes for a fun weekend!” but Bo is barely listening. “Where did all the smoke go?” she asks, looking around again. “Somebody broke all those glasses.” Sounds like the last thing Bo remembers is when The Dal go BOOM! and all the glasses shattered around her before she was engulfed by The Wanderer’s Black Smoke Monster. “Bitch, I think your brain broke,” Julia snarks. Ha! Kathy reprimands Julia as Bo keeps ticking off what she remembers. “Does this have something to do with (Doctor) Lauren?” Why the hell would any of this have anything to do with Doctor Lauren? Oh, she’s remembering how the doc disappeared after everyone got free from Taft.  Right. Dal go BOOM, check. Doctor Lauren go AWOL, check. So she knows she’s a succubus, she remembers The Dal, she remembered Kenzi last episode, and now she remembers Doctor Lauren. Looks like the only thing Bo’s having trouble coming to terms with is what happened on the train and what she was doing there in the first place.

 “Oh God,” she moans cradling her head. “Why can’t I remember? Ow! Did somebody hit me?” Julia is only too happy to blame her mother for that one. “Oh God, I am so hungry,” Bo groans. Kathy asks if she’d like something to eat. “Oh please, do not ask me that,” Bo pleads. Her eyes turn succubus blue as she fights her hunger and a voice sounds in Bo’s ear. Kill. Kill them all! Kill them. Oh-kay. That’s new.  Bo groans as she pushes back her urges. “Keep it together, Dennis,” she orders herself and cradles her aching head again. Dad takes that unfortunate moment to enter the room, “shoes are all hung.” Kathy interrupts “Ian” to point out their “guest” is now awake. Ian stops short at the sight of Bo awake and eyeing him as though he’s been braised and broiled for her pleasure. “Ah, could you not look at my dad like he’s made out of hot dogs?” Julia snarks at Bo, making her point with a finger gun, a cluck of her tongue and a wink. Kathy chides her again, but this time Bo assures them it’s all good. “She reminds me of my best friend,” Bo admits fondly but frowns slightly as she realizes it’s comforting. Julia looks mollified but Ian is less than pleased with Bo’s presence. Grabbing her wrist, he insists Bo has to go. Julia chides her father as Bo eyes Ian with a look that usually precedes violence. Kathy and Julia argue with Ian until he shouts them all down with “GIRLS! NOW.” Ian seems upset about much more than just a strange, crazy woman in his broke-down cottage. Bo studies the now quelled Kathy and Julia and yanks her wrist free. “Can I use the ladies’ room first?” she snits to Ian.

With a growl, Dyson bursts through a door and into the bedroom carriage where Bo had been moments before he boarded. He looks around and inhales deeply. “This was her room!” he exclaims as Clio joins him. “She was here.” He prowls through the parlor and into the bedroom where the French Maid is blissfully sprawled across the bed. He wakes her with a rough shake and, recognizing the signs, asks French Maid about the girl who did this to her. “She’s such a good kisser,” French Maid moans with a smile. Yeah, he knows. Fed up with all the existential bullshit he keeps getting, Dyson shouts into her face. “Where is she?! Where’s Bo?!” The train immediately rocks and that ominous growl sounds throughout the car. Dyson looks up and around with a pissy expression. Get over yourself. Looks like Dyson doesn’t care whose panties are in a bunch by it, he’s gonna keep saying Bo’s name. Snort. Still smiling, French Maid goes on about how “he’s” going to be “so angry when he finds out she’s gone.” Dyson frowns at her as French Maid falls back into her succubus stupor. Realizing she’s another dead end, his fear and frustration finally break free. “BO!” he growl shouts with enough force that he blows off the back door of the train car. Catching a glimpse of a piece of cloth caught on the back rail, Dyson hurries out to claim it. He breathes in the lingering scent on the cloth. “This was hers!” he tells Clio as she joins him. “If she jumped from the sickness you had a minute ago, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The delirium and the stomach cramps are going to lead to death!” Clio warns. Dyson yells that he’s fine and Clio explains that’s only because he’s with her, “an Elemental, and this train is special. If you leave or enter without an invitation or at least an anchor…” Dyson cuts her off to confirm that Clio can save Bo, but Clio isn’t so sure. “You can do this,” Dyson insists, holding out the cloth. “Come on.”

Clio warily takes the cloth from him and holds it out to dangle off the train. Dyson is fixated on the swatch so, with a roll of her eyes, Clio yanks him against her with her arm around his waist and he likewise holds on to her. “Fasten your seatbelt, lover boy,” she warns. As they watch, the swatch emits a red smoke that tapers off in the direction Bo jumped. Locked together, they jump.

Bo wanders through the cottage, taking everything in as she searches for why Ian would be so violently opposed to her presence. She winds up following stairs down into the basement where she discovers three cement cells with dead bolts on the metal doors. Each cell sports a cot, pillow, and table with several bottles of water and spools for a knitting project. A gun ratchets behind her; Bo slowly turns to find Ian aiming a rifle at her while Kathy smothers Julia’s mouth to keep her from alerting Bo. “What the hell are you doing down here?” Ian demands. “Not so much, Father of the Year,” Bo returns, unruffled. “Are we, Ian?”

Bo accuses Ian of holding people against their will. “You’re keeping your daughter prisoner?” Nice to see Bo didn’t lose her self-righteous assumptions while she was away. Ian rightfully argues that Bo has no idea what she’s talking about and Kathy jumps in that they’re protecting Julia. Julia, naturally, breaks free to snark that she doesn’t need their protection. Bo wants to know what they presume to protect Julia from. “A stupid ghost!” Julia shouts. This gives Bo pause. “Come again?” Heh. Ian lowers the gun and explains that his family is haunted and every year on this exact day, the ghost comes for them. “That’s why we come out here, we get away from neighbors; we get away from families.” They lock themselves in the cells until morning when the ghost is gone. Why the ghost can’t get into the cells doesn’t seem to merit explanation. Ian doesn’t know why the ghost haunts his family, “I just inherited the damn thing!” He gives in enough to admit that everyone in his family died before they could tell him why. “Well, you know, dealing with weird shit is kind of what I do,” Bo declares. “I can help.” Looks like someone’s fully compos mentis with restored memory after all.

This is all too much for Julia. “Oh Em Gee! Help what? There is no friggin’ ghost, you psychos!”  She goes on that they lock her up in the house every year and she’s never even once seen a ghost. “You can’t keep jailing me away!” Bo frowns at this revelation but Ian has already realized it’s time for lockdown and hustles Julia into her cell under protest. Ian aims the gun at Bo again and decides it’s also time for her to leave his house. Grabbing Bo, Julia demands that she be locked up with her, but Ian forcefully reminds her that two people cannot share a cell. Kathy points out that it would be dangerous for Bo to cross the shoes and knots, but Ian cares more about Julia’s life than he does some strange woman’s. “You need to leave now.” Julia objects again, but Bo quietly says it’s okay. “I’ll go,” she says very, very carefully. “Thank you for everything.” They hit you over the head and held you at gunpoint. What exactly are you thanking them for? She leaves and Ian passes the gun to Kathy who holds it on Bo as she climbs the stairs. Ian shuts and bolts Julia into her cell with a heavy sigh of relief.

Massimo the Druid enters Doctor Lauren’s flat. “No phone calls. No letters. No correspondence of any kind for five long years and now all of a sudden you can’t live without me? What can I say?” He shrugs. “I’m touched.” In the head? Probably. Still sporting the eye patch like a boss, Evony barely bats an eye at his arrival, instead allowing the human manicurist attending her to continue revitalizing her hands. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I can definitely live without you,” she replies, nonplussed. “But I agree. You are touched.” Heh.

The Morrigan in Lost Girl 4x03Massimo coyly baits that there is something different about The Morrigan. “Did you dye your hair?” Fondling her own dark strands, Evony trills that she did exactly that. “The color is called grow-my-eyeball-back-or-you’ll-be-growing-back-a-ball-of-your-own.” HA! Massimo: “It’s catchy.” Evony: “Isn’t it just?” Snicker. Turning to the manicurist, Evony confirms that she sings soprano in her church choir, but the terrified woman manages to correct she sings alto. “Oh, my child,” Evony says insincerely. She touches the woman’s forehead and melts her into a puddle as Massimo looks on unruffled. He carefully steps around the steaming remains and notes how Evony still has a way with children. “When you’ve been in power as long as I have,” she brags, “everyone is your child.” Massimo gingerly sits beside her on Doctor Lauren’s couch. “Like it or not,” she continues faux-friendly, “one day you just wake up and you’re a mother.” Tense and warily, Massimo breathes very carefully as Evony leans on his arm. “And Druid,” she adds. “Don’t disappoint me like Chanel No. Goo did.” He casts a wry eyebrow in the direction of the goo. “My eyes are brown,” Evony snaps, dropping all pretenses. “Actually, they’re Imperial Brown with a slight flare of green in the rim of the cornea,” Massimo corrects. Evony warns him not to screw this up. In answer, Massimo withdrawals a bottle from his bag in which is stored an eyeball in viscous fluid. Evony appears satisfied by his offering.

Back in the cottage, Julia sits impatiently on her cot when Bo opens the door to her cell. Like we all didn’t see that coming. In a neat moment that calls back to how she got off the train, Bo’s replacing the bobby pin she used to pick the lock into her hair as she closes the door behind her. “Do you need a cellmate?” she jokes but then bends over in pain as the trans-dimensional stomach cramps hit her. She drops down on the cot and Julia, concerned now, sits next to her. “You kinda look like that girl in that video in health class giving gross birth.” Heh. Nice meta shout out to Anna Silk’s recent birth-giving before filming season four. “It’s fine, Kenz, really,” Bo reassures. Julia frowns. “Who’s Kenz?” Bo realizes what she’s done. “Somebody I obviously miss very much.” Cute that, again, it’s picking the lock that’s jarred her memory of Kenzi. Bo changes the subject and asks Julia what’s going on. “I’ve been to my fair share of bad family reunions, believe me, but this is Crazy Town.” Please. You’ve been home once and your mother had dementia and an entirely rewritten character profile so that you could have a coming out as Fae moment. Let’s not even go there again.

Julia asks if she can show Bo something and as she digs it out of her bag or wherever, Bo again hears the voice urging her to kill, only this time she’s not in the throes of succubus need, which means she’s hearing the Jenkins’ ghost and not, say, The Wanderer or under the throes of succubus need. Bo again ignores the voice as Julia displays an album full of Jenkins Family history in the form of newspapers cuttings from the 19th century.  “People in my family keep dying. Murder. Suicide. My great-grandfather? He poisoned his whole family almost and then posed them like dolls around a tea party.” She flips some pages to show Bo a more modern clipping about an 8-year-old boy who was the only survivor of a massacre that killed his entire family. The boy is young Ian. “He saw his father shoot his entire family.” Julia worries that rather than the ghost, what Ian may have inherited is that “thing” that keeps making people in their family do all this horrible stuff. Bo confirms one last time that Julia has never seen anything out of the ordinary. “He locks me in a box!” she exclaims. “He’s sick!” She’s genuinely scared that one day Ian might hurt her and Kathy. Bo decides there’s nothing she can do except help get Julia out of there. Julia is relieved and grateful. “You know, for a totally loco chick breaking into our house, you’re actually pretty cool.” Bo smiles and they skulk out of the cell.

Out in the forest, Dyson plows through the brush, frustrated as he’s lost Bo’s scent. Clio follows in his wake. She’s less worried since she already recognizes the woods as where her friend, Lazy John, is buried. “He fell asleep against a tree and then monkeys buried him.” Dyson stops so Clio can take the lead. “Monkeys?” he repeats. From the sound of it, not a favorite. Out of breath, Clio gamely heads up a hill and over to the base of a large tree. “John!” she coos, dropping down to gently pull leaves off the face of Lazy John. He rouses slowly. Kneeling next to his face, Clio introduces her “business associate.” Dyson nods at Lazy John. “John,” he acknowledges, shrugging off the fact that he’s speaking to a man who, but for his face, is completely buried in the ground.This isn’t even the weirdest part of my day. “Business associate,” John sneers in return. Snicker.

Clio asks if Lazy John saw a succubus running through the woods and he cagily admits that he did see her last night, “but what direction did she go?” He makes a sad, fake moue. Clio doesn’t even pretend not to know what he wants. She holds a hand out to Dyson who helps her to her feet. “Don’t judge me,” she tells him as she removes her boots and socks. Puzzled, Dyson’s forehead and eyebrows are working overtime as he balances Clio while she unzips and strips off her boot and stocking. Clio dangles her bare foot over Lazy John’s mouth. “You can lick one toe,” she offers, prepared to take one for the team. But Lazy John isn’t interested in Clio’s feet. “No. Him,” he says looking at Dyson. Dyson: “Come again?” Lazy John: “You want to find your succubus or not? Business. Associate.” Ha!

Cut to Dyson hopping on one leg as he replaces his boot while walking along the trail Lazy John directed as Bo’s last path. “Man,” Clio laughs. “You must really love this girl.” Boot back in place, Dyson strides on. “We shall never speak of this again.” Hahahaha.

Bo and Julia burst out of the cottage into the yard. Looking at the shoes and knots, Bo asks for the real story about the voodoo juju. “Stupid ghost can’t come inside until she tries on all the shoes and unties all the knots,” Julia explains. “Lame!” She goes to cross the shoe line as Bo asks about the walking backwards bit. “Oh, a ghost can’t jump inside your body if you’re walking backwards,” Julia mocks as she ducks under the line and heads for the trees. “I mean, duh, ‘cause that makes sense.” But Bo’s been paying attention to her Fae lessons and recognizes that what Julia describes isn’t a ghost, but a body-jumping Fae. She hurries after Julia but it’s too late; the body-jumper has already taken her over.

In the cottage, Kathy hovers over the unconscious Julia as Ian, gun in hand, freaks the Fae out. He yells at Bo that he told her not to interfere. Bo apologizes and insists she was only trying to help, but Ian shouts that he had it under control. Kathy interrupts to hold out a leaf to Ian who takes it, instantly calm, and demands to know where Julia collapsed. Bo admits it was beyond the shoes and knots. Gravely upset, Ian nonetheless aims his gun at Julia. Bo and Kathy block his way. “We said if this thing entered one of us we would kill whoever it was.” Kathy screams they never meant that to include Julia. Ian emotionally insists he will not make Julia live with what Ian has had to endure. Bo says she knows what happened to him when he was young, “but there is always another way!” Ian shouts she doesn’t know anything. He reveals that it wasn’t his father who murdered his family, but rather young Ian who killed them all while possessed by the body-jumper. He’s slowly falling apart as he reveals his worst secret. “You don’t know what it’s like to have something inside of you! Something you just can’t control!” I kinda think she does there, pal. “Actually, yeah, I do,” Bo counters, advancing so that Ian is forced back from Julia. “I can fix this,” she insists. Ian doesn’t believe her. “I can still hear that thing laughing while it butchered everybody that I loved,” he cries. In the background, Kathy clasps her hands over her mouth and stares at her husband, horrified and devastated as she finally understands what’s driven him for so many years. Bo’s eyes fill with unshed tears. She feels Ian’s pain; she knows what it’s like to lose control of herself to the thing inside of her. Ian shakes his head. “You can’t fix pure evil.” Anvil! Anvil alert!

The light fixtures bursts and the hearth fire flares startling them all. JumpedJulia rises from the settee to float above it in a move worthy of any horror movie. “He’s right,” she crows in a processed voice. “I am pure evil and I never felt better!” She cracks her neck in a not-at-all grotesque manner and advances on Bo and her parents. Bo snaps out of her empathetic fugue and urges Ian and Kathy to run, promising not to let anything happen to RealJulia. “I’ve got this,” she insists when they protest and blue light flares in her eyes. Gaping at her show of power but convinced nonetheless, they run out of the room as Bo and JumpedJulia face off.

At the diner, “Amber” wipes down a table when Crystal strolls up and gets in close to slide her arm under “Amber’s.” Crystal slaps a wad of cash on the table startling her. “Tips.” Despite the move, Crystal is brisk and matter-of-fact when Doctor Lauren thanks her, which triggers the doc’s mopey, pining face. She joins Crystal and excuses that she has a lot on her mind as a backward apology for rebuffing Crystal earlier. Points for taking the bull by the horns and instigating an actual conversation about a relationship, doc. It’s the red wig, isn’t it? Crystal, however, is not exactly broken up about “Amber’s” rejection. She’s tosses off that it’s okay. “I get it.” Puzzled, Doctor Lauren asks why Crystal is there, as in working at the diner. “I know why Ronald is here,” she says, oozing cute, befuddled charm as she indicates the cook, and presumably owner, in the kitchen. “And I’m…still kinda working on why I’m here.” Oh! Oh! Oh! I know! I know!

Crystal clues in to “Amber’s” meaning and, after an initial flounder, says “sometimes when a girl has so much bad luck, she can start to feel like she’s the one causing it. She *is* bad luck. And that’s when you to accept things.” ANVIL! ANVIL ALERT!  “Like how being the best singer in town doesn’t really mean much in the Big City.” Aw, poor love. Ali Liebert is selling the hell outta Crystal. I kinda wanna go do tequila shots with her because you know that would be a blast. “And how sometimes big dreams will swallow you whole if you don’t turn them into small ones instead,” she finishes with more confidence. She takes a clipping from her bag and hands it over to Doctor Lauren. It’s an advert for a small farm, which is Crystal’s new, achievable dream. “Work hard all day and just sit and watch the stars at night. A little heaven right there,” she finishes with the subtext that Doctor Lauren could share it with her. The doc smiles wanly. “See you tomorrow?” she asks, neatly side-stepping the silent offer as she returns the advert. Crystal assures her she will and as she gets her bag together, Doctor Lauren looks at her with a wealth of longing and admiration.

“Listen, I know you’re not on the market,” Crystal allows. Oh, but she is, kiddo. She really, really is. “But if you ever want to grab some beer and pizza and vent, you know where I live.” As Crystal leaves, Doctor Lauren protests that she has no idea where Crystal lives. Crystal glances coyly over her shoulder and indicates the wad of tips still in Doctor Lauren’s hands. The doc looks down and notices Crystal’s written her address on the note she wrapped around the bills. Doctor Lauren chuckles, amused, flattered, and intrigued by Crystal’s cheerful persistence.

Bo slams into the tapestry covered wall of the cottage a good five feet up from the ground. “What the hell are you?” JumpedJulia menaces when Bo springs right back up onto her feet. Bo: “Awesome on two legs.” Ha! She demands to know what type of Fae has possessed JumpedJulia. I’m rooting for a shien because I loved Eddie from season one, but alas, this one is a jumby and chants “Jumby, jumby, jumby,” as she lunges for Bo’s throat. Bo grabs JumbyJulia’s wrist to hold her off. “I don’t want to hurt you, Julia, but this bitch ain’t makin’ it easy,” she grits out with effort. They struggle for a moment, and then, suddenly, Dyson is there! He wraps his arms around JumbyJulia from behind and pins her hands to her chest as he pulls her off Bo. With a cackle, the Jumby abandons Julia, who squeals “who are you?!” but Dyson only has eyes for Bo. There’s this great quick moment where he kinda tilts his chin—hey you—and after that I can’t even do his expression justice because so much rushes across his face in a few seconds time. Relief. Joy. Pleasure. Love.

“Dyson!”  Bo gasps. She grabs his arm. “His name is Dyson,” she says to Julia. “It’s okay.” Slowly, he releases Julia who moves to the couch. Immediately, Bo throws her arms around Dyson and clutches him tight. “Oh God! How did you find me?” she asks without letting go. Holding her just as tightly, Dyson admits he had a little help and kisses her shoulder. Clio chooses that moment to enter the room, only she’s chanting jumby jumby jumby and advancing fast with a knife raised in her fist. Dyson releases Bo and turns to grab Clio’s wrist with one hand and her neck with the other. “Bo, meet Clio,” he says, puzzled and wary.

A hand raps on a door; Crystal can be seen through the window lying on her bed reading a book. She opens the door, wine glass in hand, to Doctor Lauren who is bearing a six-pack of beer and a pizza. Crystal is wearing tight boy shorts and a camisole because everyone answers the door in their underwear. The doc doesn’t miss a beat. “The beer and the pizza and the venting.” She wonders if it’s too soon, but cheeky Crystal is only too ready for that and more.

It’s Clio’s turn to know the wall tapestry intimately. Dyson shoves her up against it, Bo at his side as she interrogates JumbyClio while Dyson restrains her. Bo notes the Jumby can jump bodies and wonder what else she’s got. “Huh,” Clio drawls as the Jumby leaves her abruptly. “Did I just agree to a threesome?” She smiles coyly and is more than ready to follow through if they say yes. Which means JumbyJulia is back in the game! She picks up Clio’s knife and, pretending to be Julia, calls out to Kathy that “they” are hurting her. Kathy runs into the room and before Bo or Dyson can intervene, JumbyJulia slices Kathy across the throat. Delighted laughter fills the room as JumbyJulia stalks out of the cottage while Bo rushes to Kathy’s side. Blood spurts from Kathy’s throat complete with squelching sounds. Nifty. Someone had a lot of fun with that in post.

Ian and a sober Clio crouch with Bo on either side of Kathy who is sprawled on the floor unconscious and bleeding. Clio hastily advises that the peony plant can stop the bleeding. “It’s the healing plant of the gods and it grows in the forest.” Bo sends her off to find it. Suddenly, Bo screams in pain and doubles over. Dyson crouches next to her; she grabs his hand and he supports her. Dyson: “I’ve got to get you out of here; you’re dying.” Gasping against the pain, Bo points out that it’s Kathy who’s dying. “You don’t understand; when you jumped from that train, you got sick. You need help!” Dyson explains. “She needs help and it’s my fault! Help me fix this, okay?” Bo pleads. “I can wait.” Not so quick to accuse him of cock blocking now, are ya?

She tells Ian to keep pressure on Kathy’s wound and he implores them to get Julia, “I can’t lose them both!” Dyson helps Bo to her feet as she moans in pain. “On death’s door and still helping humans,” he muses with affection. “At least you’re still you.” Really, at this point, that alone must be a huge relief.

Doctor Lauren and Crystal sit on the floor at the foot of her bed more than halfway through the six-pack and laughing. “Why can’t we just erase everything?” the doc wonders. “All the bad shit that’s ever happened to us or that we’ve done and just forget it all?!” Don’t worry, sweetie. The way this show goes, you’ll probably get another clean slate soon enough. Crystal says this would let her forget the horny bastard who grabbed her ass. “Forget the wedding dress and combat boots that I wore all the way through freshman year as a statement.” Actually, with those long legs of her, that I can totally see. Crystal raises the stakes by adding that she could then forget the hit and run she committed that she’s never told anyone about before until now. “Actually, it was three.” She and Doctor Lauren laugh because committing multiple hit and runs is hilarious. Doctor Lauren tries to match Crystal’s confession level. “Okay. Okay. Okay. Forget the master that I had for five years who kept me in indentured servitude.” Hey, you volunteered. TWICE. I can’t even at this point. This confession, however, stops Crystal in her tracks where confessing to three hit and runs didn’t even faze her. The doc manages to shrug it off as the beer talking, “I guess I ran out of bad shit to forget,” implying that she made that last bit up. But the mood’s been broken and Crystal now somberly wonders if they could forget all that stuff, “what would we have left?” They look at one another and then Crystal finally goes full in for the kiss, which Doctor Lauren whole-heartedly returns. And they’re off! Sexy, sexy lady times! Wow, that is some wig tape Doctor Lauren’s got going on there as even their enthusiastic loving fails to knock her wig askew. Peaks plumbed and reached, Doctor Lauren and Crystal laugh their way through the aftermath. Doctor Lauren kisses Crystal passionately. “You know I would’ve been fine with just beer and pizza,” Crystal says. They laugh some more. “Now she tells me,” the doc jokes. They canoodle some more in their afterglow. For once, the doc actually looks unburdened and happy, which is a sure sign this isn’t going to end well.

JumbyJulia screams her way through the Garden of Evil and More Evil. Dyson runs up and tosses the possessed girl to the ground. “So what’s the plan?” he asks Bo as she joins him. “Time for me to introduce myself to this Jumby,” she says. She pulls Julia up by her shirt and succusucks the Jumby down. Julia falls back as Bo lunges up to her feet. Gasping hard, she reaches for Dyson and stares straight ahead as the Jumby draws her into a vision. There’s a flash and suddenly Bo is in daylight and standing under a long stone bridge. She turns around slowly and catches glimpse of someone. “Wait. You?” she says, as though she recognizes the woman standing there who is dressed in 19th century plantation garb.

The Jumby tells Bo that she shouldn’t be meddling in things that “don’t concern you.” Gesturing to the jumby’s outdated clothes, Bo snarks that she clearly hasn’t been out in the world for a while and offers to bring her up to speed. “Hi. I’m Bo. The Unaligned Succubus. How are you? Just a couple things about me:  I like leather, having a good time, and in case you haven’t noticed? I always meddle in things that don’t concern me. And if you don’t stop torturing these innocent people, I’m gonna crack my foot off in your retro ass!” The jumby takes issue with Bo accusing her of torturing the Jenkins and to prove her point, she takes Bo’s hand and shows her how long ago, Ian’s ancestors tortured her to prove to her fiancé Noah, also an ancestor of Ian’s, that she was a witch.

Bo watches with horror as the scene plays out before her and the jumby. The jumby survived the water torture because she is, by her Fae nature, an elemental. “An Elemental ain’t no witch!” Even after being shown her otherworldliness, Noah still loved her and defended the jumby to his family. “My Noah saw what I really was and he still loved me.” When Noah’s family tried to shoot the jumby, Noah jumped in front of the shot, which went through him and into her anyway, killing them both. Remind me to skip their family reunion, yeah? Bo watches the two lovers with painful empathy. “They left us separate. Forever.” Noah and the jumby fall to the ground, dead and apart for eternity. “And I ain’t never gonna rest till every one of them Jenkins is dead,” the jumby vows.

Bo wakes with a harsh gasp and bolts upright back on the couch in the cottage’s living room. She reaches out to clutch Dyson who holds her hand against his chest. “They killed her! Your ancestors killed her,” she cries out to Ian in accusation. He and Julia cradle Kathy on the settee as Clio applies the herbs from the forest to Kathy’s throat. Bo explains how Ian’s ancestors killed the jumby and her fiancé, another Jenkins. She is in agony as she continues to experience the jumby’s emotions. “Oh God!” Bo cries, clutching Dyson’s arm as he supports her. “So much anger! So much pain! She’s never gonna stop!” She grabs Dyson’s hand again and groans as she tries to keep the jumby from taking over. Ian doesn’t understand why the jumby is making him pay for what his ancestors did. “Because the past always comes calling,” Dyson says fiercely. “She’s trying to take over!” Bo admits and screams some more. “Fight her, Bo!” Dyson implores.

Back at Doctor Lauren’s flat, Evony blinks her newly restored eye, hilariously rolling it around in the socket and I don’t know if that was a CGI trick or one of the wonders that is actress Emmanuelle Vaugier. I’m going for the latter. With a whack to the side of her own head, the eye finally settles in place. Heh. “Not bad,” she approves as, behind her, Massimo cleans up from the procedure. Make sure you get the nooks and the crannies there. Doctor Lauren is not going to like coming home to a mess. If she comes home. “For a human,” Evony caveats. Massimo says he is always at Evony’s disposal. Evony likes this idea and scoops in for a kiss to seal the deal, startling Massimo. “What was that?” he asks, not without some hope. Evony muses that she had a lot of time to think, imprisoned as she was in a cell behind Vex’s desk and realized something very important. Massimo wants to know about her epiphany. “That I’ve been far too nice,” Evony concludes. She’s certain Bo was somehow behind her capture. Actually, it was Hale, but whatever.  “It’s time somebody finally put her in her place.” Massimo interjects that he already did that. Evony is intrigued. “She’s gone,” Massimo crows. “I helped Tamsin get rid of her. For you.” Seems Massimo’s been working on his own plans while Evony was AWOL and now he wants to come back and live with her…again. “Oh, honey,” Evony croons. “But then where would I keep the dogs?”  Visibly crushed, Massimo rallies to ask what Evony is going to do now. “With Bo gone?” she says with a huge sigh as though a weight has been lifted. “Everything.” Exeunt The Morrigan. Massimo, left behind again, doesn’t look happy about that.

At the cottage, Bo violently and loudly, struggles to keep the jumby from taking her over. “Separate forever!” she shouts. “Separate forever,” she repeats when Dyson asks what she means. She now knows what has to be done. “Before they were married, they were killed; they were buried separately.” Bo sobs the words as the pain of the revelation takes her over. “If we…” but the pain cuts her off. “If we what?!” Dyson shouts. “Oh, I know! I know!” Clio chants, jumping to her feet and bouncing in excitement. Heh. “If we bury them together, then it will end the jumby’s need for vengeance.” Dyson looks totally perplexed by this conclusion. “Come on,” Clio chides. “You’ve been around for a thousand years and you’ve never read a romance novel?” Nope. He comes by that love-you-forever-no-matter-what hero complex au natural. Also, shout out to H&H? I think so! “Wow,” Clio grudgingly admits to Bo while crossing her arms. “You are a lucky girl.” But Bo doesn’t need Clio to tell her what she already knows. She orders Ian and Julia to take Kathy downstairs and lock themselves up. When they’re gone, she tearfully begs Dyson to go and find the jumby and Noah’s remains. “Just please hurry!” Dyson refuses to leave her. “I just found you! There’s no way in hell I’m gonn—” Bo grabs his face and kisses him deeply. HALLELUJAH! And all the people of the land rejoiced! Well, most of them do. Watching, Clio petulantly crosses her arms and pouts. HA!

Bo in Lost Girl 4x03After a few long moments, Bo pulls back. “Do you trust me?” she asks Dyson. “Yes,” he replies emphatically and without hesitation. “Then trust this: I can fight her but you have to go. You have to hurry. Please just go.” She’s sobbing outright now, physically struggling against the jumby’s possession. Without any more argument, Dyson leaps up and he and Clio run from the cottage as Bo howls with agony. Suddenly she goes silent. Bo raises her head, her eyes now an overall cloudy white as she cants her head and smiles. Uh oh. Jumby Jumby.

Out in the Garden of Evil and More Evil, the camera pans up on the bottom half of a boney mouth and then onto a skull as Clio picks up a femur and asks Dyson if it’s “her leg bone or his leg bone?” “Doesn’t matter,” he replies without looking up from tossing bones outta one grave and into another. “It’s all going to the same place.” Clio pitches in and asks if this is how Dyson’s dates with Bo usually go, “digging up graves and trying to save human lives?” “I’d be lying if I said this didn’t have some semblance of nostalgia,” Dyson admits. Clio thinks they got all the bones and asks if all of “his bits are with her bits.” Dyson palms a pair of wedding rings from Noah’s pocket as he agrees that the two bodies are combined now. Which is good as JumbyBo makes the scene, stalking forward with purpose to attack Dyson. He tells Clio to help him hold Bo down and even wolfs out as he struggles to contain JumbyBo. “Oh ho. I’m going to enjoy killing you both,” JumbyBo crows as Dyson and Clio force her to kneel between them next to the communal grave. Dyson orders Clio to hold JumbyBo still and pulls out the rings. “You were never married!” he shouts. “That’s why she’s still stuck in limbo. If we marry them, maybe it will end the pain,” he explains to Clio. He forces one of the rings on JumbyBo’s finger and puts the other on his own. At the sight of the ring, JumbyBo becomes transfixed and immediately calms down. She quietly asks Dyson where he found the rings.

Taking a piece of cloth from the grave site, Dyson wraps it around their joined hands to hand fast them. He starts to solemnly recite wedding vows. “I take you, to be my lawfully wedded wife,” he says in THAT VOICE while staring into Bo’s face. “To have and to hold in sickness and in health and even in death.” Bo looks up at him in wonder and their eyes lock. “Do you,” Dyson continues fervently, “take me, to be your…” But here, Clio gently interjects with emphasis and not without sympathy: “Noah.” Dyson stops and looks blankly at Clio for a moment before he realizes how he got caught up in the moment. After a frustrated exhale, he rallies to complete the ceremony and save Bo. “Do you take Noah to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold in sickness and in health.” He pauses before the kicker. “Even in death?” JumbyBo’s face is suffused with love and happiness. “Yes,” she says. “I do.” Dyson and JumbyBo gaze at one another as everything holds still. Bo gasps and collapses, held up only by Dyson’s clasped hands and Clio support at her back. A blue light wafts from Bo to hover over her. Another blue light rises from the grave to hover over Dyson. The images of Noah and the jumby take form within the lights and they embrace. Entranced, hands still clasped, Bo and Dyson gaze up at the spirits with wonder. Clio stumbles to her feet and cranes her neck up at the sky. “What are you guys looking at?” she asks. “You can’t see them?” Dyson says without looking away. Bo watches as the spirits slowly lay down together in the new grave, but Dyson now only has eyes for Bo, holding her upright as she watches the spirits merge and float down, leaning forward, his body language silently monitoring whether she’s all right. Behind them, Clio gets her pout on, arms crossed again as she watches Bo and Dyson experience what only they can see. Together, they watch the jumby and Noah finally fall to eternal rest together.

Bo comes back to herself slowly as Dyson watches her intently. Her gaze falls on their hand fasted hands. “Wait.” She looks up at Dyson with confused awe and then back at their clasped hands. She chuckles and smiles, delighted by the idea, almost afraid to hope it might be true. “Are we…?” “Ready to go home,” he gently counters. Bo is only too happy to hear that idea. “Oh, hells yes,” she Kenzies. “Yeah,” Dyson agrees. He unties their hands and helps her to her feet. Bo looks at him a moment and then turns toward Clio, keeping his hand in hers to pull him up next to her. Dyson wraps his arm around her and all three of them head back to the cottage.

Fresh from her game-changing night with Crystal, Doctor Lauren struts her bad self into the diner and cheerfully greets Ronnie the cook. He gruffly orders her to get the ringing phone. “Some yahoo’s been calling every ten minutes or so asking about some Karen.” That wipes the good mood off the doc and fast. “Says there’s a big reward for information,” he adds. Doctor Lauren stares at the still ringing phone as though it might bite her. “You gonna answer it, Red?” Ronnie asks. The doc excuses herself to go to the washroom and heads right on out the back door.

At the cottage, Bo and Julia hug it out while Ian and a revived and bandaged Kathy watch from the doorway.  Julia is walking Bo out while rambling on Kenzi-like about her “kicks” having gone all ghetto. “Do you want to borrow my kitten heel fly boots? They are trés gorg and might make this homeless person nightie thing you’re rocking look more like an actual fashion choice.” Dyson stands sentinel just inside the laundry line border as Bo fondly assures Julia she knows the girl will be okay because she’s got balls as big as Bo’s best friend. “Who’s a girl,” she reassures when Julia frowns. Bo advises the teenager not to be so hard on her parents. “One day you might have to face your own demons and they might come in handy.” She hands Julia her phone number just in case and tells her to come find Bo if she ever needs her. Bo joins Dyson who gallantly offers his elbow which Bo silently takes and they walk away together.

Doctor Lauren pounds on Crystal’s door and the waitress opens it in robe and towel, fresh from the shower. The doc rushes in, packed bag in hand. “I need to leave,” she says in a total panic as she looks out the window to see if she’d been followed. “Town. I need to leave town.” Confused, Crystal tries to understand what’s going on. “I can’t explain!” the doc shouts. Crystal offers to go with her but the doc just asks her to promise that if anyone comes looking for her, Crystal will pretend she never met Doctor Lauren. Crystal reluctantly promises. They kiss passionately. “For luck,” Crystal says. “I really hope you find some soon.” She goes to open the front door, but the doc quickly asks for an alternative exit and Crystal leads her out the back.

Arm in arm, Bo and Dyson stroll down an empty road, Clio following in their wake. “You’re in an awful rush for a sick girl,” Dyson teases. “I just can’t wait to get into bed,” she teases back and they both laugh at her clear double meaning. “First things first,” Dyson decides. He stops and steps back from her as Clio digs something out of her back pocket. Dyson casually invites Clio to “do that ear thing” and cure Bo’s transcendental sickness. Instead, Clio grabs Bo from behind and puts a knife to her throat. “Whadya think you’re doing?” he asks, decidedly unconcerned. Clio says she’s taking what’s hers. “Money talks and your buddy Vex has boatloads of it.” Dyson keeps his place as Clio drags Bo away. “Do you really think you’re just going to walk away with her?” he asks still displaying no real worry. Clio warns that if Dyson tries to follow them or stop her, “I’m gonna let the transcendental sickness eat her insides and then I’m gonna leave her in a hot and bloody succubus mess.” But she misunderstands Dyson. “I don’t mean walk away from me,” he drawls, amused even as the distance between them grows. “I mean walk away from her.” Now Clio is confused. “Last time I check, jumbies were elementals too,” Dyson crows. Bo finally reacts, taking Clio’s wrist and twisting her arm up and away from Bo’s neck until Clio bends under the pain. “That’s the thing about helping people, Clio,” Bo snarls pushing Clio back. “Sometimes you get paid back with a little thing called karma.” She shoves Clio again as, nonchalant, Dyson strolls in their wake to catch up, content to watch Bo kick ass again. Bo explains the jumby already cured her and while she’d been inside Clio, the jumby saw her plans to betray Bo to Vex. Clio insists it was just business and Bo, finally losing her temper but good, grabs her wrist again. “Do you have any idea how sick and tired I am of being double-crossed and lied to and generally dicked around?” Behind her, Dyson’s brow furrows; he has plenty idea of how sick she is of that crap. “You picked the wrong girl to screw over because I like to make everything personal,” Bo finishes.

She whacks Clio across the face backhanded, follows up with a right cross, and finishes with an elbow to Clio’s nose then grabs the elemental up by those ridiculous sleeves. “What are you?” Clio gasps. “She’s your worst nightmare,” Dyson says with pride. To prove it, Bo succusucks Clio down but stops before she kills the Fae. “Dying with a smile? That is much too good a fate for you.” She drops Clio on the road like so much road kill. Harsh. Effective, but harsh. Bo brushes her hands off and turns back Dyson. “Did you get a little medieval while you were away?” he lightly teases. “I dunno,” she answers. “Maybe.”  Bo is breathing hard; that beat down took the last of her waning strength. She collapses against Dyson. “Hey,” Dyson says softly as he catches her up. Taking his hand, Bo leans into him as he holds her. “So. Vex, huh? Man, can that guy just pick a team already?” Dyson, with affection: “You’re one to talk.” Show, sometimes you out meta your meta.

Bo puts her head on his shoulder as they walk. Dyson gazes down at her. “God, I missed you,” he says, love and longing naked on his face. Bo meets his gaze and takes a beat to take in all she sees there. She smiles softly. “I missed you too,” she admits. They smile and gaze into each other’s eyes for one precious, gorgeous minute. “Take me home?” she asks. “You got it,” he promises. That was just lovely and long, long, long overdue.

Bo and Dyson ride in an old sedan that, judging by the shards of glass on the dash, Dyson broke a window to steal. They thump over some tracks which jars Bo from her reverie. She looks at Dyson and leans over to nuzzle into his shoulder as she takes his hand. Dyson smiles down at her and lifts their joined hands to play with her fingers. Looks like he hasn’t quite been able to take Noah’s ring off his finger yet. Bo murmurs how she can’t wait to see everyone.  “Kenzi and Hale. Trick and…” she trails off as she starts to fall asleep. Dyson tells her someday they’re going to have to talk about what happened on that train. Puzzled, Bo raises her head. “What train?” Confused, Dyson takes a moment and then chuckles. “I don’t know.  I don’t know why I said that.” Bo pats his leg and tells him not to worry as she reclaims her place on his shoulder. “I will figure out what happened to me one way or another. You can be sure of that.” Dyson glances down but, seeing she’s totally knackered, gently kisses her forehead and leaves it alone.

Lauren in Lost Girl Season 4 episode 3Country music plays as Doctor Lauren walks down the road in her four-inch-heeled boots that apparently are as perfect for hitchhiking as they are for waitressing. Wait, she’s on the run but she’s hitchhiking? Appears so as a car that looks disturbingly like the one Dyson is currently driving comes around the bend. The doc turns around to stick out her thumb. Show, you’d better not wreck my Team Badass reunited bliss this fast. Fortunately, it’s a red herring as the car pulls over to reveal Crystal as the driver. The doc laughs with relief to see her. “I am not going to get rid of you, am I?” she jokes. “Not that easily. Hop in, partner,” Crystal says. The doc jogs around the front and gets in the car. “You know what? I am really happy to see you,” she admits, slamming the door. “And I’m really sorry,” Crystal replies. The doc can barely ask “for what” before a man reaches around from the back seat to chloroform her. Her shrieking is muffled by the cloth over her mouth and she struggles to no avail as the man drags her over and down behind the back seat while Crystals sits in the driver’s seat and stares straight ahead.

Now here comes Bo and Dyson in their stolen car. Still holding hands with Bo’s head still on Dyson’s shoulder, they both look over to see only the back of Crystal’s head as they drive by. There’s no sign either of Doctor Lauren or her captor who must, by now, have dragged her out of sight given how Crystal is looking into the back seat of the car. As they drive on, Bo gazes back over her shoulder as Dyson repeatedly checks the broke down car in his rear-view mirror. “Do you think we should stop and help?” Bo wonders half-heartedly, almost rote. But getting Bo home remains Dyson’s primary concern especially over helping some strangers. “Whoever that is can fix their own flat tire.” Unable to muster up anything more than that token concern, Bo drops her head back onto his shoulder with a grateful sigh and they drive off to Faeville and home.

End credits.

Next week: Episode 4, “Turn to Stone”


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Suzanne Metaxas
1. SuzyM
It is good to see Dyson and Bo back together again, but I wanted so much more for their first reunion! I truly need some Bo Dyson happy time!

If anyone is a big KHR fan they may have recognized that the Wife in the cursed family was the same actress that played Paul Shepard's sister in The Untitiled Work of Paul Shepard :)
Susan White
2. whiskeywhite
Ah, Kiersten, your details are delicious. I missed the Keds with the nightgown.

Girl, you don't want to see Canadian “cottage country”. Ravenous black flies riding mosquitoes the size of small ponies.

Linguistic interlude: "Amber" said 'ketchup' not 'catsup' because "Amber" is secretly a Canadian.

Speaking of details, @Suzy, while I am a big KHR fan as you know, I did not recognize Paul Shepard's sister. Who looks at the women in a KHR film ;-)? Of course, ZP was ummissable in that film.
Suzanne Metaxas
3. SuzyM
@whiskeywhite I watch them enough times to notice everybody :)

I noticed the keds and attributed them to Anna having just given birth not to long ago. Your insides are not ready to run in heels after child birth!
Dr. Lewis' Lover
4. Dr. Lewis' Lover
First of all, I laughed out loud with the sencences that you put under the pictures, they're hilarious! Thanks for another detailed recap, they really help me to notice things that I've missed while watching the show.

Second of all, I LOVE The Morrigan and I LOVE Emmanuelle Vaugier, they should give that character more screentime, a spinn-off or something lol. Btw, Massimo is not her son right?? And, is he human?? Really?? That was surprising. If he is I don't understand why they Fae didn't go after him but they did go after Kenzi and Lauren. And why were they at Laure's place? I asume that they don't have enough decorates to shoot in a different house or something, because it doesn't make sense at all. What's the Morrigan doing in a Light Fae compound? And the Karen thing hidden there, really? Did the Morrigan hire the guy to get ot or what was he doing there exactly? (sorry for all the questions)

It was very cool to have Anna Silk back, Imissed Ksenia a lot though, and I missed them both together! I hope they reunite for good in the next chapter. That's why I think that I wasn't exited for the new "case" about the boddy jumper.

It was good to see a little team badass together, but I don't know why, their relationship feels a little unbalanced to me. I mean, I feel like Dyson is totally in love with Bo, but Bo doesn't need him that bad. I mean, of course she loves him, but she can do without him and "dude", as Kenzi would say, the man is totally in love with her and I hate to see him suffering like that. As I said, his life being everything about Bo would be a total mistake. I hope that if they keep then together they do it for good (like S1 good) , but I had enough of a suffering Dyson, so if they're not, give him a storyline for himself, the man deserves it! :(

About Lauren,... I usually love ZP's acting but I don't like her as "Amber" -she's borring to me. I'm glad she's been kidnaped if that means she isn't gonna wear that wig anymore. I also wanna know what kind of thing she uses to stick it to her head lol. Her relationship wih Chrystal doesn't feel very organic to me, I like Ally Liebert and I like that Lauren has had another (short as it looks) love interest, but I don't know why I just don't see them together. The bedroom scene was hot though (makes me think about how stupid it is that Bo and Lauren's scenes weren't as passionate as this one, I know theirs was more of a "love story" and bla bla but they did awesome hot scenes with AS and KHR who have asewome bed chemistry and nobody doubted that they loved each other, so I agree that the "candle thing" between Lauren and Bo was stupid and this scene with Chrystal proves it).
Dr. Lewis' Lover
5. nypinta
"Linguistic interlude: "Amber" said 'ketchup' not 'catsup' because "Amber" is secretly a Canadian."
I don't get it. I say ketchup. I'm American. Are we supposed to say catsup? Because that's not happening.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
Dont ask me. I say "fake tomato sauce with a kick." Doesnt everyone?
Susan White
7. whiskeywhite
Just to show how anal I am, I researched this. Apparently, 'ketchup' is the most common spelling in the US now (and around the world, including Canada) with 'catsup' sprinkled here and there in the US with more predominance in the American South. 'Catsup' is actually the older form and is based on an Asian word -- which exact word is debated -- because the sauce type originated in Asia. Kiersten is clearly a traditionalist. I abbreviated the explanation to make a Canadian joke. My bad.
Susan White
8. whiskeywhite
Good explanation about the Keds, @SuzyM:
I noticed the keds and attributed them to Anna having just given birth not to long ago. Your insides are not ready to run in heels after child birth!
The show does occasionally take account of the actors' comfort. Remember way back in in the good ole days of early Season 2, in "Mirror, Mirror" when Dyson was on the floor of Bo's bathroom frantically giving her mouth-t0-mouth resusitation? If you look carefully, he has a folded towel under his knee to prevent the floor tiles from killing his knee.

Can you tell I don't feel like working?
Dr. Lewis' Lover
9. Char
Loved this episode. I love a great ghost not ghost story. It was action pack and that scene with Lauren and her girl in the bed was HOT. Hotter than Bo and Lauren. This was a scene straight from VeX. I'm with you @ Dr Lewis Lover.

And I loved how Dyson did not save Bo. He let her handle it.

I too missed Kenzie.

Why didn't the body jumper jump in Dyson?
Dr. Lewis' Lover
10. nypinta
@Char That's a good question. I wonder if it couldn't because he's a shifter. He's sort of already occupied with his wolf... hmm....
Dr. Lewis' Lover
11. TheGardner
Oh God that wig and can we please talk about that shirt, hideous. Was she trying to coordinate matching the stiching with her hair? Her hitch hiking outfit was just as bad; they are called sneakers Lamber, much better for the running away.

Ugh this episode, slightly better than the last one, which isn't saying much. KHR's acting was again terrible(What happened to him, yikes!?), and everyone else invovled with the FOTW story line wasn't much better. The entire tortured ghost Amittyville Horror haunted family wannabe didn't work for me at all. I did enjoy watching Bo take out Jenny Schecter(appologies to MK, but I am always going to see her sitting on a bench in front of an aquarium in her checkered shirt talking to manatees) with one punch, ha!

For all the bitching that is done about "Doctopia" at least we never had to sit through some lame, cheesy, cornball, fanservice faux wedding. Dyson came off as borderline obsessive, trying to insert himself into the husband role while Bo was focused on the fae spirit. Again I could simply have just been to annoyed at the God awful acting(that goes for AS too, not just KHR, MK was OK in that scene) to buy into the romance of it.

For the most part I liked the Lamber/Crystal interaction, even though it felt rushed. Lauren and Kenzi are my favorites so I love to see them get to be happy and judging by the way she zipped in to work the morning after practically singing "I Just Had Sex", she was happy. But since this is TV, it didn't last. Oh well, bring on the drama.

I have watched this episode in it's entirety 3 times(twice when it first aired, then once again on SyFy) and should I ever feel compelled to watch it again I will most likely stick to the Amber/Crystal scenes and the Bo/Julia ones. Everything else can be flushed down the toilet.
Linda Losik
12. LindaL
Good recap and thank you for all the details that Imissed, like the sneakers! :-)...and YES, it is about time that Bo and Dyson are back together again.

Loved how Dyson told Clio (with great pride): "She's your worst nighmare!"
Susan White
14. whiskeywhite
Once again, clear as a bell there on your views, @TheGardner. I agree that the wedding scene was fan service, EA said that was the intention in an interview. But Dyson has been thinking about marrying Bo since 1.12, "(Dis)Members Only", so it's reasonable that he might get carried away in the moment (I know, I know. Give it up, buddy).

I too enjoyed Lauren having some fun and affection and meeting someone who was clearly into her, and appreciated her. Re: the shirt-- she's hiding out in a cheezy diner in a small rural town. You want that she should be wearing Ralph Lauren? (No pun intended, OK maybe a little now that I've noticed it.)

"Why the ghost can’t get into the cells doesn’t seem to merit explanation." Excellent point Kiersten.

“No phone calls. No letters. No correspondence of any kind for five long years...". I had forgotten these words between Evony and Massimo. It does certainly suggest that they have a long term relationship, but the question is, what kind of relationship. Is he her son as has been speculated? A former lover/client? A body shop specialist she's used previously?

Didn't think of this:
“You kinda look like that girl in that video in health class giving gross birth.” Heh. Nice meta shout out to Anna Silk’s recent birth-giving before filming season four.
Reminds me of a film I saw at Expo 67 in Montreal. I almost fainted. One reason I never had children.

I absolutely love the idea of monkeys burying people in the woods of southern Ontario.

What's with ghosts and neck cracking? Is this a reference to a horror movie I never saw? (Which is all of them.) I've seen it in clips from various horror movies.

I've written elsewhere at length, so won't repeat it here, about jumbies as a Caribbean, not southern US, folk tradition, usually portrayed as stilt dancers. It's true that they are ghost-like spirit figures, but not body jumpers. The tradition comes from West Africa where it is still alive.
Susan White
15. whiskeywhite
I, too, was impressed with Emmanuelle Vaugier's eye rolling.

Clio to Dyson: “You’ve been around for a thousand years and you’ve never read a romance novel?” It seemed clear to me that she was pointing out that he doesn't get romance because he couldn't come up with the idea of burying the two lovers together. Then Clio says to Bo: "You're a lucky girl" which I thought was a snark about his lack of romance. No? Granted, he apparently comes up with the idea of the jumbie wedding on his own.

I too thought that Bo's beatdown of Clio was (unnecessarily) harsh. I also agree that the "I missed you" scene between Bo and Dyson was lovely. A fan has made a beautiful poster of that scene, from a distance with the road stretching out behind them to the horizon. (I don't know if the 'long road' reference is intentional.)

In the car, Bo lists the people she's looking forward to seeing again. Not including Lauren. Did she just fall asleep before she finished, we are no doubt meant to ask ourselves. It might, of course, have been indelicate for her to mention Lauren in the circumstance, as she's snuggled up to Dyson.

I, too, initially thought it was Bo and Dyson's car that approached Lauren the hitchhiker. "No!" I admonished my TV. Apparently I was heard because they don't come along until later. Can you imagine if it had been them? "Hop in, Lauren. We're just heading home."
Kiersten Hallie Krum
16. Kiersten
@whiskeywhite - Clio delivered "you're a lucky girl" sincerely and almost a wee bit enviously so I did not at all take it to be snark, rather her reluctant admiration that Dyson, whose never read a romance novel, comes to his dedication and committment to and love of Bo naturally rather than it have been informed by a romantic culture he's read about, which is why he doesn't immediately get a romantic trope like burying separated loves together to ease their tormented, and in this case vengeful, spirits
Nusi Dekker
17. NusiD
Count me as another admirer of Emmanuelle's amazing ability to roll one eye independently of her other eye. I have only seen three other people able to do that in my life (and I am old enough to get a senior discount at movie theaters, eh), Buster Keaton, who is long dead, the guy who played Igor in Young Frankenstein, also now dead, and an actress in a sitcom several years ago who I can't remember the name (maybe it was EV in a guest role). It's like being able to tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue. A friend did it in front of my own eyes, so there was no trickery involved, and the only time in my life that I've seen it done live. Anyway, it's a very unique talent.

I think that Crystal was somehow contacted by the Morrigan shortly after DL saved that Fae from choking, because she became a lot more sexually aggressive towards DL when she came in for her shift the next morning and seeing DL arranging the condiments in her OCD way. Her explanation to DL of why she was "here" was a bit hinky. She can't get a job as a singer so she takes a job as a waitress in a greasy spoon so she can make enough money to buy a chicken farm? Bwahahahahaha!! I guess she was appealing to DL's desire for anoymity, hidden away from the Fae and bad humans and the authorities. And DL fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. I'm glad, though, that DL got some good times before the betrayal.

I can also see why SyFy moved LG to 10 pm. Am MA rating is not enough to keep the kiddies from watching on a standard cable channel. That sex scene would have been cut almost anywhere else. Also, LG is the only show I've seen that uses the word "shit" so liberally. (I've since heard the word a couple of time on "Defiance", "Helix", and "Orphan Black").
Susan White
18. whiskeywhite
@NusiD, when you put Crystal's story that way, it does sound less convincing. :-) Didn't they edit out a "shit" from an early (US) episode of LG? Or were you speaking of the Canadian version?

Glad to meet a fellow senior's discounter. I wonder how many of us there are lurking among the faens?
Dr. Lewis' Lover
19. TheGardner
@whiskeywhite - On the run or not, there is no excuse for that shirt/wardrobe. She looks like she belongs in the People of Walmart calander I have on my desk. As for Dyson, I remember that scene in 1x12 where he was playing with his wedding ring and I thought it was weird then too. He and Bo had been together for all of five minutes and they were both incredibly immature at that point and this guy is thinking about marriage, um WTF? I guess this is my fault because I don't read romance novels, sorry. ;-)
Linda Losik
20. LindaL
@TheGardner: I don't really do romance stuff that much myself so I do understand the WTF moment but they were undercover as a Married couple so of course they had to have wedding rings. I took the playing with wedding ring as he just wasn't used to wearing it and it made Dyson feel uncomfortable with all that the ring meant…after all wolves do love their freedom! And you are being very, very kind about the blouse. I cannot remember seeing anything I instantly hated more than that blouse, well, maybe platform shoes but then I am a klutz!

Re-watched 403 last night and I have a question for everyone: is Massimo human? Or was Evony referring to the new eye? Massimo is the only one that is referred by what he is…considering it is considered bad manners to ask what species an individual is. Massimo is really terrified of her.
Dr. Lewis' Lover
21. nypinta
Yeah, Massimo is human. Lots of debate on his relationship to Evony though. Is he just a claimed human that she uses? Some think he's her human son. Others think he was once her lover.

Dyson might have enjoyed his freedom, but in the flashback his best friend is quite happily married. So wolves dont' necessarily prefer being free. I think he was looking at the ring in Dis-members not because he was thinking marriage, but because Bo was the first person in a very long time that had him thinking of a more committed relationship. The marriage in this episode was to unite the elemental and her human love. Dyson didn't pick the situation Bo got herself in. So how that equates to Dyson forcing himself in the postion of husband baffles me. Because the two episodes aren't related in anyway. In the first they were undercover and he even resisted getting involved in the case at all. In this he (like Bo has several times) went to great lengths just to find her and this was where he did so and she inssited on fixing her mistake in letting the girl out and getting posessed.
Suzanne Metaxas
22. SuzyM
SyFy just posted the preview for next Monday :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh3oiZbtg2k Dyson/Bo fans fasten your seat belts :)
Susan White
23. whiskeywhite
@TheGardner --"(Lauren) looks like she belongs in the People of Walmart calander I have on my desk." Right!! You hit the nail on the head. Is that not the point? (OK, I little rural chic wouldn't hurt I guess. I hate the shirt too.)

Since when is Dyson too immature to contemplate marriage? Bo, yes. I know that you think he needs emotional development, but come on. He's 1500 years old. He's been around, as Lauren so helpfully pointed out to Bo. And @nypinta has a good point that he's familiar with happy marriages among pack mates.

Perhaps @nypinta is right that "he was looking at the ring in Dis-members not because he was thinking marriage, but because Bo was the first person in a very long time that had him thinking of a more committed relationship." Certainly. But why not marriage? What's the practical difference between that and 'wolves mate for life'?

Having said that, I don't think they should be contemplating marriage, in no-divorce-for-a-1000-years land. Or ever for that matter, but that's just a personal preference (sorry, @SuzyM). (I don't read romance novels either.)

I've never been a fan of the "Dyson as playa" theory, if that's what 'freedom' implies. He certainly dates (that word sounds so silly for a 1500-year old man) and has tequila influenced hot tub encounters with nymphs at parties. But he also tells Bo in "(Dis)Members" that he has "been through more relationships" than she has. So he is a relationship guy.

I disagree as well that wolves love their freedom. Respectfully, that is
a current romantic myth. Wolves are pack animals and while it is true
that they do not necessarily mate for life as previously believed,
mates do form lasting bonds. Dyson pointed out to Cayden that he didn't make a success of the "solitary life", he just found a new pack.
Dr. Lewis' Lover
24. Char
OMG:@SuzyM- that was a fantastic you tube for Bo and Dyson. I'm loving the hot steamy ridiculously rauncy voodoo that is going on in that segment. I can't breathe! Will rewind that part on my DVR multiple times. :)

Im really glad that they brought more Far into each storyline. But my question is Where is Daddy? Why didn't he notice that his daughter leapt from the train? Why a death train?

Mossimo is human. I didn't get that impression in Season 3. It can't be her son. Didn't they kiss or almost kissed? It had an erotic vibe to me.

@nypinta---Yes. I agree it was the wolf. she jumped into Dyson, the wolf would have killed her.

Wonder where Lauren is going this time? The light or Dark Fae?

@whiskeywhite and nyptia Dyson has only loved 1 woman. He has messed around with different women but never has he loved a woman. Thats a big deal for being 1500 or 16 years old. that emotion inside makes a lot of people crazy. But no wedding bells until endgame. And I mean Dyson and Bo.
Dr. Lewis' Lover
25. TheGardner
@nypinta - I said that Dyson "inserted" himself into the role of the husband. He got caught up in his own emotions to the point that Clio had to remind him he was playing a part, not actually marrying Bo.

@whiskeywhite - My comment on immaturity was not about Dyson's age or that he wasn't evolved enough to consider it. I was talking about him in the confines of his relationship with Bo, which at that stage was new, like been together a couple of weeks new. The Norn and Aife ruined any chance to watch them grow as a couple so when they broke up the relationship was still at a high school level.
Nusi Dekker
26. NusiD
I don't think that Massimo is Evony's son either. I think that he is the Dark Fae equivalent of Doctor Lauren. That is, he cures Fae ailments by mystical means instead of medical. The Morrigan has been trying to figure out a way to get DL over to the Dark side for years (maybe the 5 years that she ignored Massimo). She did provide the means for DL to save her comatose girlfriend, prompting DL to threaten to leave the Ash to work for the Morrigan. When Evony escaped Vex's prison, she went to DL's apartment looking for her, knowing that DL was no longer welcomed by the Light Fae, to get DL to work for her. Not finding her there, Evony put in motion the means of finding where DL was hiding. She also needed the Dark Fae "doctor" to fix her eye so she had to resort to calling him back after so many years. I think that Massimo's relationship with Evony is the same as the graffiti artist's in that S2 episode where the sonata tried to pit Evony and Vex against each other. He is under Evony's spell and is compelled to do anything for her. He told her that he "got rid of Bo" for her.
Susan White
27. whiskeywhite
So, you meant, @TheGardner, that Bo and Dyson's relationship was immature, in the sense of being so new (why didn't you just say so, woman?). Normally, I would totally, totally agree with you, if this were real life. But this is romantic fantasy. Precisely because Dyson has been around for a long time and has had many relationships, we are meant to believe that he knows, after even their short time together, that she is "the one." The gazing at the wedding ring happens just a day or two before Dyson declares his lifelong love and commitment to Bo. So surely he must already know when he studies the wedding ring (unless he has some big revelation between those two events, for which there is no evidence).

As I have ranted on about before, this is one of the key beliefs of the ideology of romance (oh, no there she goes again!) that "the one" for you is out there somewhere, you just have to find them. And the show certainly uses that idea. (There's another example but I can't cite it because it would be a spoiler.)

Plus, as they have repeated a few times on the show supposedly "you know when you're in love" (Kenzi says this to Dyson in 4.01, "In Memorium", and he agrees). Furthermore, the assumption is that if it's true love, you'll also be correct in identifying "the one" (divorce statistics being a bit of a sticky wicket for that belief).

In the most recent episode of "Sherlock" he publically admits how rude and obnoxious he is (during his best man speech at Watson's wedding). It occurred to me that I am perhaps being rude in so consistantly running down the whole idea of romance on a website devoted to romance novels, etc. However, unlike my head, my gut loves romance so please take my criticism in the spirit of your best friend often being the one who is allowed to point out your weaknesses.

Good thought, @NusiD, about Massimo being the Dark Fae's human 'doctor'.
28. drusilla_doll
@Whiskeywhite: I loved your rant. I often roll my eyes at some of the more trite conventions of romantic fantasy. That said, I'm still a sucker for a good romantic story if executed reasonably well with characters we can grow to love and root for.

There were some really good moments in this episode. It wasn't all fantastic, but I did like the reunion and how they worked together as a team again. It's always cute when he's cheerleading how awesome and badass Bo is. Loved loved loved the image of her resting her head on his shoulder, ready to go home. If nothing else comes from this momentary togetherness, it does make a beautiful symbolic wallpaper.
Susan White
29. whiskeywhite
Oh phew, @drusilla_doll, I'm glad I'm not boring everybody with my rants. Me too, total sucker.
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