Jan 15 2014 1:47pm

Lora Leigh Shares an Ultimate Sins Snippet!

Secret Sins by Lora LeighYesterday on her Facebook page, Lora Leigh released a short excerpt from Ultimate Sins, Book 4 in the Callahans series, coming out in September:

“Oh baby, I thought you knew me better than that,” he drawled, allowing his lashes to drift partially over his gaze to hide the full effect of his intentions. “I know you as well as I need to know you.” She tossed her head like a feisty little mare.

Well hell, that was okay, because he was just the stud for her.

Read the rest at Lora Leigh's Facebook page!

And stay tuned to H&H's Lora Leigh Collection for the latest news, including the cover for Ultimate Sins (the cover above is for Callahans #3, Secret Sins, out now).

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