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January 2014 New Adult Roundup: Start the Year Strong with Muscle-Bound Men

Torn from You by Nashoda RoseSome heroes are attractive in their own special way—whether it's their sexy scars or awe-inspiring smarts or generous hearts. And some heroes are just plain pretty to look at. The heroes topping the new adult bestseller lists this month are of the muscle-bound variety. From cage fighters to football players, these men ooze sex appeal and reel women into their beds with their hot bodies.

Nashoda Rose's Torn from You and its prequel novella With You feature a hero who is both a rock star and an underground M.M.A. fighter, encapsulating two female fantasies into one sexy protagonist. The hero Sculpt, a.k.a Logan, agrees to teach the heroine Emily self-defense in With You, and Emily discovers her raw physical attraction to the tattooed bad boy. In Torn from You, Emily is kidnapped and held captive by an underground sex operation. She thinks that Sculpt is there to save her, but she soon discovers that he's one of her captors.

Wrecked by Priscilla WestThe hero of Wrecked by Priscilla West is also an M.M.A. cage fighter, but Hunter “The Hammer” Jensen made readers swoon not only because of his alpha male qualities but also because of his intelligence, charm, and fondness for kittens. Lorrie, the emotionally scarred heroine, went away to college in order to escape the trauma of her mother's murder and her father's subsequent suicide. She never intended to fall in love, but Hunter draws her into his world and becomes an irresistible distraction.

Another sexy M.M.A. hero is Seth Marc, the hero of Too Consumed by Skyla Madi. Seth and his girlfriend Olivia first hooked up in Consumed, and the sexy sequel gives readers a glimpse of the couple's life after they admitted their love for each other. Seth is preparing for his first professional fight, and Olivia's willing to do anything to strengthen him, even deny him sex. Her resolve doesn't last long, however, and readers were pleased with how steamy the story was and how unwavering the couple's love for each other is, despite the challenges their relationship faces.

Pure Temptation by Eve CarterFinally, another book featuring an underground fighting ring is Pure Temptation by Eve Carter. The heroine Daniella Carrington works at a sleazy hotel to pay her bills. When one of the guests dies unexpectedly, she finds a briefcase with $250,000 in it. Because her grandmother's ill and can't afford medical care, Daniella takes the money and hops on a bus to a beachside town in South Carolina where she meets John Connors. He's a sexy, Harley-riding bad boy who may be more closely tied to her past than she realizes.

It's not just M.M.A. fighters who draw readers' attention. N.F.L. players are pretty hot, too. Drew + Fable Forever by Monica Murphy is a follow-up novella. It picks up where One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend, the first two books in the series, left off. Sexy Drew Callahan has been drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, and he has to deal with the pressures of fame and fortune on his relationship with his new wife Fable. Fable has the responsibility of raising her troubled teenage sibling Owen and is forced to spend long periods of time away from Drew, as well as deal with the media attention of being the famous football player's wife. Readers were grateful for this heartwarming glimpse into Drew and Fable's life together.

Between the Raindrops by Susan SchusslerAthletes aren't the only sex gods out there. Rich and famous actors are pretty appealing as well, and Jonathan, the hero of Between the Raindrops by Susan Schussler, is a hot commodity. Because of his celebrity status, however, he doesn't trust people. He meets twenty-year-old Sarah Austin online and uses his anonymity to establish a real connection with her. He longs to make their relationship happen in real life, but he's worried about how she'll handle the media attention, particularly from the paparazzi.

Finally, motorcycle club books are a growing subgenre within new adult literature, and the bad boy heroes of these tales are always physically fit, tatted up, and dangerous. Duke, the embattled hero of Thrash by J.C. Emery, has a checkered past, but what he feels for the heroine Nic is real and overwhelming. He's willing to fight to keep his motorcycle family together. Jase, the budding hero of Seven Sons by Lili St. Germain, is youngest in a family full of sociopaths. His father Dornan and his older brothers stole the heroine Juliette's virginity when she was fifteen years old and murdered her father. Now Juliette, who calls herself Sam, has infiltrated Dornan's motorcycle club and wants revenge, but she'll have to keep her old feelings for Jase from re-emerging and weakening her resolve. Seven Sons is the first novella in a series.

Which book are you fighting for this month?


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