Jan 24 2014 8:11am

Have You Ever Reread a Book Immediately?

Many people reread books (and since that post was written, I have joined the ranks of rereaders), but lately people have mentioned they loved a book so much that as soon as they finished a book they began to read it all over again.

Have you ever done that? What book(s) did you reread immediately?

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Julia Broadbooks
1. juliabroadbooks
I reread a fair amount and if I really love a book, I do reread it right away. Off the top of my head, Lisa Kleypas' Smooth Talking Stranger, Charlotte Stein's Sheltered. Carolyn Jewel's Lord Ruin.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@julibroadbooks--I did the same thing with Sheltered, plus Cara McKenna's Willing Victim and I started to reread Anne Bishop's Written in Red, but didn't get all the way through.
Julia Broadbooks
3. juliabroadbooks
Sometimes I bookmark scenes and go back to reread those bits. :)
4. Cate
The Guernsey Literary &Potato Peel Pie Society.....I loved it so much,I just jumped straight back to the beginning & read it all over again.
5. Kahintenn
Firelight by Kristen Callahn. It's the first in her Darkest London series, and for the longest time I had no idea what was really going on, but I stuck with it and figured it out...great book/series. I reread it immediately with greater understanding and enjoyed it even more.
6. bri_in_nj
I can't remember a specific one, but sometimes I find I am reading so fast because I am pulled into the story, that I miss some of the finer details. In that case, I do re-read rather soon.
7. Lauralee
Years ago, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley was the first book I re-read immediately, and memorably because I stayed up all night to finish the first time around! Then restarted it the next evening and paced myself a little better.

Recently, I re-read Three Little Words by Susan Mallery almost immediately. I read that book first in the Fools Gold series, went back and read the first two in last summer's batch, and then re-read Three Little Words. Enjoyed it much more the second time around having an idea who the other characters were.
Milena Mutter
8. love_tea78
Yes, The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Epic love story set during WWII
9. Traci Olsen
I re-read the Twilight Series immediately. Then I re-read it again about a month later. Haha! I got a little obsessive.

I've also re-read Seers of Light from The Light Series by Jennifer DeLucy almost immediately. I may have a thing for angsty vampires ;)
Regina Thorne
10. reginathorn
Oh, yes!!! Off the top of my head, I've reread A Storm of Swords immediately after I finished because I was pretty much going "um, WHAT?" for most of those 900 pages. Also, I recently re-read The Game of Kings and turned around and read it all over again, and I read Dorothy Dunnett's King Hereafter three times in a row inching ever closer to the heartbreaking ending (no spoilers, but it's based on Macbeth, so ...) Another book I reread was The Other Wind, the final volume of Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea books, because I was just not ready for that world to be over! And also Mockingjay, which I actually read three times in a row the day it came out. Heh!

Sometimes I reread because I'm just not ready to give up the fictional world and need to bask in it for a little longer and sometimes it's because everything suddenly clicks and I GET it and I need to go back and look at all the subtle clues planted early on!!
11. Lammie
I realize that this is a bit obsessive, but I was newly unemployed and had a lot of time on my hands: I discovered the Outlander books and read all 7 in a row, and then started over and re-read them all again. It was nice not worrying about my troubles for awhile.
Alexandra W
12. parasolprotectorate
@Lauralee if I'm ever asked for my single favourite book ever, The Mists of Avalon is it! Reading it the first time was a huge commitment, so good on you for reading it a second time!

Can't think of any book that I re-read straight away, but I do tend to go back to favourites to read my favourite passages.
13. Kareni
I'm a chronic rereader. Sometimes I reread for comfort. Other times, because I read so quickly, I reread to catch details I may have missed the first time. One book I can remember rereading almost immediately (at least in part) was Joanna Bourne's The Spymaster's Lady. In that case, I needed to reread to determine how the author had carried off something important about the heroine. (I won't be explicit as I don't want to ruin the experience for anyone reading the book the first time. It's a book I highly recommend.)
Cheryl Sneed
14. CherylSneed
@Kareni - yes, I reread The Spymaster's Lady immediately as well, for the same reason. It's all there, once you know about it. Great book.

The other book that comes to mind is Adele Ashworth's Winter Garden - that opening scene when the h/h meet takes on a whole new meaning and depth once you've read the entire book and know everyone's motivations. One of my Top Ten books.
Lege Artis
15. LegeArtis
Oh, yes!
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - I think first time romance simply grabbed me, so I reread it immediately 'cause I wanted to pay attention more to all those historical details and accuracy that are Gabaldon's trademarks as well.
Shadowfever by KMM- Barrons. That is all.
Not romance, but I reread immediately The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss simply because I loved it so much.
16. EvangelineHolland
Yes! Sometimes not the entire book, but the parts that resonated with me.
Nikki Hilton
17. nikkiphilton
Yes! The last one was Shadow Woman by Linda Howard. I've also immediately reread Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas, several by SEP, and several more by LH.
Carmen Pinzon
18. bungluna
I'm also a chronic re-reader. The first book that I ever re-read right after finishing it was "A London Season" by Joan Wolf. I still have it and re-read it once a year, at least.
19. superherolza
I reread a lot of Guy Gavriel Kay's book. His language pulls me in. I feel like I am the characters. When the book ends, I feel this immediate sense of sadness because I don't want to leave the world he's created. The last book of his I read was River of Stars. I immediately started the first page again.
Jordan R
20. jrojrojro
I bought the first 6 of the BDB books all at once. I read them straight through and then went back to read them all again skipping Phury's book. I loved him as a character, but I HATED that book for some reason.

Whenever a new Patricia Briggs or Ilona Andrews book comes out, I usually read it first in one afternoon and then do a slower reread right away.
21. carmenlire
The first NR I read, The Villa, I reread immediately. LK's Dreaming about you. A book has to be beyond phenomenal for me to reread it immediately and then I usually only reread bits and pieces.
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