Jan 3 2014 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Football Hotties from Matthews, Cruz, and More!

Mark Sanchez

With the Rose Bowl just barely finished (and Michigan State the winner) we've had football on our brain for a few days. It got us thinking about some of our favorite (and hottest!) professional football players. So to celebrate the great American pasttime, we're making these hot football players our beefcake this week!

Share your favorite football players in the comments!

Cam Newton is looking pretty good in those Under Armour ShortsDon't hide your face, Victor Cruz!Why so serious, Jordan!

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2. Deeroma
Id like to add a Beefcake to this post. He is not a USA football player but a Rugby player for England. They play with a ball that looks like a Football in the U.S. Meet Ben Foden...

4. Deeroma
@MFrampton, WOOHOO- He is beautiful!! Rugby season starts soon! hehe
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