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First Look: Beth Yarnall’s Wake Up Maggie (January 21, 2014)

Wake Up Maggie by Beth YarnallBeth Yarnall
Wake Up Maggie
Samhain / January 21, 2014 / $2.50 digital

Rearranging your cheating boyfriend’s family jewels isn’t a crime—unless your boyfriend is an Arizona state senator. And he happens to have a bullet in his chest.

Caught at the scene of the crime, Maggie Mae Castro is the only suspect, and the only one who saw the senator’s real killer—the skank ho he was cheating on her with.

FBI Special Agent Clive Poole has been shadowing the senator’s every move for nearly a year. He’s wanted Maggie from afar and knows she didn’t kill the senator, but with temptation close enough to touch, it’s now his job to protect her from danger.

Maggie finds herself falling for a man who knows everything about her, from her juvie record to her shoe size. But when they learn the senator was not what he seemed, and Maggie becomes the target of not one, but two killers bent on hiding their secrets, keeping Maggie safe is going to be even more difficult for Clive than sticking to his “hands off” policy.

The first in Beth Yarnall's Maggie Mae Misadventures serial novellas, Wake Up Maggie wastes no time tossing cosmetics specialist Maggie Mae Castro into comedic adventure crazy. Discovered standing over his body, Maggie Mae doesn’t win any points with the police when seen viciously kicking her dead lover, an Arizona senator, in the balls at the scene of the crime. The man was cheating on her when he was murdered, after all.

Rushed to the top of the suspect list, Maggie knows she’s up to her Prada purse in major doo doo. But an attitude as tough and long-lasting as her shade of lipstick and a heart as tender as her kitten heels won’t be enough when Maggie becomes the target of the real killer, putting her straight in the cross hairs of FBI Special Agent Clive Poole.

Poole’s had the recently deceased senator under surveillance for more than a year, but from the first digital feed, he hasn’t been able to take his eyes off the curvy, sassy Maggie Mae. Now assigned to protect her 24/7, Poole knows absolutely everything about Maggie Mae’s messy life and virtually nothing about the vulnerable woman caught smack in the middle of its deadly fallout.

This novella is all Maggie’s show, and not just due to the first-person POV. She may not know what’s happened to her life or why she’s suddenly dodging a murder rap and rapacious press, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to sit back and take it.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen back there.”

“You’re not married, are you? Because that would just be the cherry on top of my giant, craptastic sundae.”

He held up his bare left hand.

“Well, that’s something, I guess.”

“I’m sorry—”

“Don’t. Okay?” I grabbed my purse. “Thanks for the protection, the fantastic make-out session, and the coffee. See you around.”

As I walked past, Super Agent grabbed my wrist. “Sit down. Please.”

“I don’t need this. I’ve got enough going on with an angry mob of reporters, my sudden national notoriety, oh, and that other little thing…the murder rap hanging over my head.”

“I need your help.”


But the chemistry between the two can’t be denied…and Maggie Mae is not the kind of heroine who’s into self-denial.

“Stop looking at me like that.”

I blinked innocently up at him. “Like what?”

“Like I’m a bacon cheeseburger slathered in PB and J.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Agent Poole.”

“God, you have a smart mouth.” His gaze dropped to my mouth.

My lips parted and my breathing sped up. His did too. The steamed-up car windows suddenly felt intimate, as though we were all alone in the world. He reached for me, grasping the back of my head, and pulled me to him. Our lips met on my low groan. This felt right, his body up against mine. It felt right and hot and oh, so intense, I thought I’d melt right there in a puddle of need and want. He made a deep-throated sound and bent me back to lie down.

All the years I’d had my old Pontiac, I’d never been so grateful for bench seats.

Fast and frisky, Wake Up Maggie is an entertaining romp that launches this series about the adventures of Maggie Mae Castro, a gutsy broad of a heroine who takes crap from no one, gets inappropriately hot and bothered by her bodyguard, and is ultimately determine to do right by the man who wronged her…if she doesn’t get killed trying first.

Learn more or order a copy of Wake Up Maggie by Beth Yarnall, available January 21, 2014:

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