Jan 9 2014 8:14am

Do You Have an Anti Reading Twin?

We've discussed reading twins before—people who share your taste in books—but do you ever buy books based on an anti-reading twin?

Someone who you know has taste so diametrically opposed to yours that you know you will love what she hates, and vice versa? And if you do, do you know if she does the same thing to you?

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Julia Alaric
1. Julia Alaric
Absolutely! I know she doesn't know, and definitely doesn't do the same to me because I don't post my book ratings, but there's a user on GR who has a shelf of things she considers "more boring than watching paint dry" that I use whenever I want to find something I'll really enjoy. Her ratings are, for all books in general, mirror images of mine. I find it fascinating!
Julia Alaric
2. Helena J
What a wonderful idea! How did you find her, Julia Alaric? Did she give that review to a book you loved so you checked her out and realised it wasn't an aberration? Love it!
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
I have a few people who have tastes that don't align with mine, but not one whose is always opposite. I like the idea of going through Goodreads to find someone who could be your anti-reading twin!
Pamela Aares
4. PamelaAares
It's interesting-- I sometimes meet people who say they don't like romance (yes, I try not to roll my eyes and check to see if they have a pulse). When I loan them a book by one of my favorite authors (along with a warning that they don't start reading late at night if they want sleep), usually within a day or two they are hooked and astonished. So a possible anti-reading twin is converted to the power of romance...

It continues to amaze me that some readers who have never picked up a romance have the "oh, those books attitude". I agree with Katharine Ashe who said it's a remnant of societal discomfort regarding women truly enjoying sexual and emotional freedom.
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
I used to read Mrs. Giggles' reviews to find new books. Anything she gave a D to and derided that sounded interesting to me usually hit the spot. Not always, though.
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