Jan 23 2014 8:30am

Best Near-Miss Moments in Romance

Not as well-known or iconic as North and South (it has a distinct lack of Armitage), but Wives and Daughters is also by Elizabeth Gaskell with a romance at its heart. It also has, in this filmed version of the book, one of the best near-miss moments ever. It seems as though everyone is too late for happiness, and yet—and yet, thank goodness, it works out.

What are your favorite near-miss moments in film, television, or romance novels?

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Glass Slipper
1. GlassSlipper
I love that scene in "Wives and Daughters," yet it always feels incomplete to me. I wanted them to kiss, but that wasn't possible. And then all Molly says in the conversation is "Yes. Yes. Yes." Gah!

I love the train scene at the end of "North & South."

The end of "Persuasion" (Ciaran Hinds' version), definitely.

The carriage scene near the very end of "Fanny Hill."

The end of "Love Comes Softly"

The end of "Northanger Abbey"

The end of "The Abduction Club"
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