Dec 13 2013 8:08am

What’s Your Most Comforting Read?

Maybe you've had a rotten day week month. All you want to do is sit down by yourself and read, but it can't be just any book.

A new book might disappoint you, so you want to choose something that you know will be excellent, but not too angsty. Something you've read before, maybe a few times. And something with enough drama to keep you interested, and also be satisfyingly romantic, so when you finish it you let out that wonderful sigh of satisfaction.

What do you choose?

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Jordan R
1. jrojrojro
If I'm looking for feels/distraction, I'll reread the first few books of the BDB series - you can tell when you look at those paperbacks that they've seen some use! I've ended up rereading Neanderthal Seeks Human a couple of times even though it came out within the last year. It's just so funny and sweet and swoony! That's my new if-I-need-a-laugh book.
2. carmenlire
Sometimes When I'm having a rough time or in a bad mood, I want a story that I know really well. Macgregor Groom's comes first to mind--particularly Ian's story. Other favorites, though, include Jude's Law, or an LK or JQ historical. Julie Garwood's medieval novels are great too.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
My comfort reads are--probably not surprising, given the image I put in the post--Mary Balogh's books, especially the earlier traditional Regencies. Even though they are not so comforting, since her angst level is high, but they're such solidly satisfying reads I know I can count on them to deliver drama and romance.
4. Kareni
I have a variety of comfort reads. Over time they've included
Mary Balogh's Slightly Dangerous, LaVyrleSpencer's Morning Glory, Elizabeth Lowell's Tell Me No Lies, the J.D.Robb series, and some Star Trek novels (Yesterday's Son, Time forYesterday, Uhura's Song, and Ishmael). More recently, Thea Harrison's Dragon Bound and Oracle Moon, Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega novels, as well as some Lisa Kleypas, and Courtney Milan books.
Lorraine Seaman
5. jsmom2
Amanda Quick is my go-to author for comfort reads. Deception is my absolute favorite as I do love me some Jared, Viscount Chillhurst, but she has so many great feelgood stories to choose from.
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I have a keeper library chock-full of comfort reads to cover any and every occasion. From funny to angsty to historical to sci-fi and all other genres in between, I've got a book in my shelves perfect for that!
7. JacquiCode
Pride and Prejudice. Dorothy Sayers' Gaudy Night and Busman's Honeymoon. Lisa Kleypas Travis books. Meg Benjamin's Konigsberg series. Robyn Carr's first three Virgin River books. Slam (J.L. Merrow).
8. Tammye
Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie and the Pride series by Shelly Laurenston.
Kim Haynes
9. kahintenn
The Proposition by Judith Ivory. If you haven't read Ivory, you are really missing something wonderful!
Rachel Powell
10. JMercy
Shelly Laurenston's the Pride series, particularly the Mane Squeeze, always cheers me up when I'm sad or angry. Nalini Singh's Slave to Sensation is another favorite, as is most of Kerreyln Sparks vampire series.
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